Stephenie Meyer on 'Oprah Winfrey': About that original 'New Moon' ending...

Stephenie-Meyer_lTwilight saga author Stephenie Meyer gave her one and only interview in the run-up to New Moon‘s Nov. 20 release to Oprah Winfrey this afternoon. And from the screams that met Oprah’s introduction—”I understand we have some Twilight fans in the house”—it was clear that Meyer was on home turf. At this point, her back story is familiar to even casual observers: Exhausted, stay-at-home mother of three who’s never even written a short story dreams about a vampire boy and a human girl one night and just runs with it. But it was only during this chat with Oprah that I realized how much Meyer really hits the talk show’s sweet spot when it comes to female-centric stories about reconnecting with yourself. Said the preternaturally youthful looking Meyer about raising kids: “A lot of who I was and my crazy imagination…that person was on the back-burner.” The rest of the segment was as you’d expect: Complete box sets of the novels were given away willy-nilly to gasps. Robert Pattinson’s allure was discussed to screams. (“He smells great,” said Meyer. But that’s not what we heard.) And Oprah noted that the reason she read Twilight in the first place was because the girls at her South African school had urged her to, pronouncing it “delicious” reading.

Meyer did reveal one bit of news: That her original ending for New Moon was much quieter, until her mother urged her to jazz it up some. The result? Meyer moved up the first confrontation with the Volturi, which is now her favorite sequence in the movie.

Did you watch the interview? What did you think? And are you now more or less excited for New Moon?

Update: In response to your comments: I also noticed they teased the question “Would there be a fifth book?” and then never answered. A rep at Harpo Productions has now responded to our query about the teaser, explaining the question was a victim of time: “It’s a live show, so sometimes they don’t get to every question.” (See Harpo’s full response.) The answer to the teased question is now included in a video clip of additional questions for Stephenie Meyer on Oprah’s website.

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  • Dee

    I love Stephenie and enjoyed the interview, though I did wish she’d have touched on Midnight Sun, regarding when/if it will be finished!

    • BilbrosB4Hos

      She is not going to finish, someone leaked it and she got upset – she has talked about that elsewhere. You can read it (unfinished) at her website if you haven’t already.

      • Lilly

        thank god…
        The world doesn’t need more twilight books.

      • Caitlin

        She has a note about the leaking on her website. she mentions she might go back and finish it another time but that for now it is set aside. I have read what she released and it is incredible. i wish she would finish it as well

      • Andrea

        Nah, she’ll finish it eventually.

      • Heather

        She has to finish it. She is under contract with her publisher and they have a note on the subject that that is her next project. To finish it for publication.

      • TSF

        Midnight Sun is so good she should totally finish it, the part that leaked isn’t the whole story or the really good parts either

    • Dave

      Ok, great, now get your crayons and go back to the institute.

  • Maci

    Ophrah said that the answer to the question, “Is there going to be a 5th book in the Twilight saga?” was up “next”. I don’t think there was an answer, was there?

    • barb

      thank you Maci – I was waiting for it too! did i miss something???

    • cc

      there is video answering this ? on basically SM says she isn’t sure if she will write more, but knows how Bella and Edward’s story will end if she decides to write it.

    • Carlie

      Smeyer said she’s done with vampires.

  • Tricia

    It was okay. I guess all die-hard Twilight fans loved it.

    I was disappointed they didn’t even touch on the Breaking Dawn controversy and the “Don’t Burn It, Return It” mov

  • Tricia

    It was okay. I guess all die-hard Twilight fans loved it.

    I was disappointed they didn’t even touch on the Breaking Dawn controversy and the “Don’t Burn It, Return It” movement.

    • Caitlin

      What Breaking Dawn controversy?

      • BilbrosB4Hos

        That it was a crappy book. The first three books were well liked, but Breaking Dawn bombed.

      • DW

        Bombed critically, yes, but has somehow still sold 80 gajillion copies and remains in the top 10 of the fiction bestseller list. People have no taste.

      • kaloalo

        yup that book sucked butt – i could go on and on and on but i won’t
        i was one of those people who bought it but i still didn’t like it

        i’m glad she changed the ending to new moon – that was the only part i liked in the 2nd book…the rest of the book was pretty dull

      • Heather2

        MFS anyone?
        And Leah not getting her happy ending? WTF?
        And Meyer needs to get over the MS thing. Start typing!!!

      • Carlie

        DW- You sound like an immature twitard.
        really? really?

      • :D

        was that really necessary carlie?
        really? really?

      • BilbrosB4Hos

        Carlie! DW’s on your side! Let’s not have “friendly fire” tragedy here!

      • C

        Oh, man. Breaking Dawn was just awful. Just. So. Awful.

        I have no problem with the rest of the books, though.

      • Amanda

        Carlie- You have no room to talk about another person’s maturity when you call them a “twitard”. I also find the term “twitard” incredibly offensive. I would think you people would be a little more creative and not use a derogatory term that insults a group who has nothing at all to do with Twilight.

      • Christina!!

        all you people who are bashing bella, stop it, this is a book we are talking about, and btw, edward isnt a regular guy, if u had read the books u would have relized that, so the fact that bella dosent want anything else but a futre with edward, is perfecly okay, she knows what she wants. whats so bad about that??

      • Lola

        I didn’t realize that there was a Breaking Dawn controversy. All of the books seemed the same to me. They’re all equally good or equally bad depending on your point of view. For people who have actually read the books, why is Breaking Dawn so much worse than the others?

  • yeahandalso

    isn’t oprah a show for adults? Its so sad that even adults can’t be bothered to read adult books any more. The Twilight series is great if you’re 12, but for grown women to be freaking out about it is kind of sad

    • coco

      the books are for anyone of any age who enjoys the supernatural and the romantic…don’t be so judgmental.

      • Laura

        I agree. I don’t even like Twilight, but a lot of my friends (who are adults) do.

      • DW

        the books are for anyone of any age who enjoy terrible writing and weak-willed heroines….don’t be so judgmental.

      • bk

        Weak-willed heroine? What books did you read? I loved these books where the heroine is strong, not a sexual object but a person who is respected and loved. Truly novel is this post-modern cynical world.

      • BilbrosB4Hos

        DW, glad you could make it! What would any Twilight story be without a couple healthy haters turning up? :)

      • coco

        thank you bk… Edward is the ultimate gentleman, vampire or not, and that is what is so appealing to all generations

      • JM

        Edward is a controlling stalker with passive/aggressive tendencies. Bella threw every thought of anything other than Edward out of her head the second she met him and sacrificed any idea of being her own person to do and be what Edward wants. She is the farthest thing there is from an independent, strong woman. These books are terrible examples for impressionable young girls.

      • bk

        Wrong – Bella is not controlled she makes her own choices. Whether you agree with her choices, they are hers and no one forces her to do anything she doesn’t want to do. Edward’s main weakness is he is never able to tell her no. She gets exactly what she wants. She makes demands and he gives in.

      • Abby

        Bella is the worst female in a book ever…

      • bk

        Why? because she has a brain and knows what she wants. The horror!

      • Abby

        No, Because she makes dumb decisions and lets herself be manipulated and saved by other hot guys.
        And her little sob fest in New Moon- pathetic.

      • bk

        Never mind, this (your comments) is so not worth the conversation. I wanted you to understand it’s you not the books.

      • Zoey

        Bella IS a horrible female character. She has no ambitions other than being with Edward forever. She makes her own choices, but she adamnatly refuses to even consider anything other than a future with Edward. How is that a good female character? One who decides to center her life around a guy instead of herself?

      • Sal

        Bella started to realize just how much of her life revolved around him, and how much she was missing (i.e. ignoring all her other friends) and then she just ends back at square one. I think she’s a terrible female character.

    • judge much?

      I know TONS of adults that have read these books, much like TONS of adults read Harry Potter. Get off your high horse.

      • Jane

        why does someone always mention HP in a twilight article?
        You mention HP and then somehow people get offended.
        Please… keep the two stories separate, since they’re nothing alike.

      • PinkSwan

        JM wasn’t comparing the books. He was simply stating you can be an adult and still like books geared towards kids/teens.

    • Maiv

      I think a huge amount of her adult readership is moms of the younger kids who read this…so it’s pretty much perfect for Oprah’s demographic

    • Lola

      Have you even read the books?

    • mtraptor

      I think adults miss out on a lot of great stories when they dismiss “young adult” fiction. Twilight, however, is not one of those.

    • Angel2480

      Well, I am a 41 year old mother that started reading the books just to make sure my daughter didn’t spoil anything for me. (She’s terrible about that) I liked Eclipse the best out of all 4 books and I think the books work because they appeal the teenage girls and to the people that remember BEING teenage girls. However, if the Cullens were not vampires I would have never read them myself.

      • :D

        okay, i think you should stop…your embarrassing yourself. lol

      • Zoey

        Of course, because that is exactly how I am. I’d LOVE to devote my life to a guy and throw everything else away.

      • Donnatxrn

        Ditto! I do see why most guys/boys dislike the series, they could never ever hold a candle to Edward. It would be great if they could maybe take some pointers, instead they shut down and get defense. Boys will always be boys. 41yr MO2

      • Sofia

        ROTFLMFAO. Pathetic.

    • Seana

      Actually, the books are for anyone who is a fan of bad writing.

      • joypooh


      • XFEver


    • nadine

      Really? How about all the adults that read Harry Potter?

      • sarah

        First of all, the books could hardly be less alike. The only reason they get compared is because they’re both popular in the same demographic. As for why adults read Harry Potter, maybe because it has a plot, and morals. Something that Twilight is lacking. I own all the Twilight books, so I’m not saying that Twilight doesn’t have its own merits – it’s a good rainy day book, but I certainly wouldn’t look to it for a role-model heroine, or a nice, plot-driven book.

      • WTF

        Adults read Harry Potter because it has things like morality, symbolism, foreshadowing, plot development, character development and continuity. Oh, and an actual CLIMAX. Things Twilight, near as I could tell when I read it, lacked. They are also GOOD BOOKS regardless of whom they’re aimed at. I’d rather my daughter be like Hermione Granger than Bella Swan any day of the week. Hermione actually demonstrates her intelligence, whereas Bella is “just so totally smart because she, like, reads Wuthering Heights!” Hermione also didn’t mope around when Ron snogged Lavender; she got proactive! :-)
        HP will be read for decades from now by children all over the world. I’d be shocked if people still cared about Twilight six months after Breaking Dawn is released.

      • Rebecca

        I agree with Sarah and WTF!!
        Harry potter FTW :)

      • XFEver

        I don’t like HP at all, BUT technically they’re very well written, it’s just the style that does nothing for me.

        Twilight on the other hand, reads like poorly-written wish-fulfilment vampire fan fiction written by pre-teens.

    • JM

      “isn’t oprah a show for adults? Its so sad that even adults can’t be bothered to read adult books any more. The Twilight series is great if you’re 12, but for grown women to be freaking out about it is kind of sad”

      As an educator, I couldn’t disagree more. This series has served as a catalyst for a passion like I have seen with no other book series. These books are enjoyed by people of all ages, as the writing style appeals to a wide variety of readers. These readers range from the teenage years to the young adult to the older adult population. In addition, they are novels that can be read and absorbed by avid readers and reluctant readers; therefore, an instant connection has been made among readers of all backgrounds. There becomes a common bond. I have personally witnessed this, and it has been extraordinary! Students are reading more now than they ever have before. After they finish this series, they actively seek out comparable books. The reading continues, which is a huge success. So, no matter what your opinion is of the series, it is hard to argue with the fact that it is a positive thing that this series has rekindled a love of reading in many people – young and old. I personally think it’s wonderful that mothers are reading the books their children are reading. I think we need more of that! Think of the great discussions that can take place, and it all revolves around reading – one of the most fundamental and important skills a person can possess! I think that bonding experience is priceless, and I think it’s shame that some people view it as a waste of an adult’s time to become actively involved in our children’s lives. I know my students seem to appreciate the fact that I have read them and that I am willing to discuss the stories with them.

      • momof3

        Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of how they view this series and it’s author. In my opinion, I enjoyed Stephanie Meyer’s writing and I think she has a wonderful imagination. I love the comment that JM wrote,”So,no matter what your opinion is of the series, it is hard to argue with the fact that it is a positive thing that this series has rekindled a love of reading in many people – young and old.”
        I can definitely relate to this. My oldest daugther who is 19, is an avid reader and she is the person who introduced me to the Twilight Series. I used to read a lot but put reading to the side for many years. I just didn’t have time to read raising three children and having a full time career as a Juvenile Probation Officer. My two youngest children are now 8 and 10 and I am finding it easier to do many of the things that I had stopped doing (exercise, reading). I was hesitant abount reading the series because I thought it was just for teenagers. My daughter convinced I should try it and that I would enjoy it. Within less than a months time, I had completed the series. Since then, my love for reading has been rekindled and I have read many, many more books. With my job, I find reading to be a good way of relieving stress. So yes, I am glad my daughter convinced me to read this series. I look forward to reading the work of all the many different authors that are out there.

    • melinda

      I think it’s ridiculous to say that this series is only for 12 year olds. I’m a 31 year old mother of 2 and I love the series. I think this series appeals to all age groups. When I went to watch New Moon(for the 1st time) at the theatre there were people of every age group there. as well as both men and women. There were people from the age of 4 to literally 80. This little old lady sat in front of us and she was 80 if she was a day. I hadn’t read a book since the lovely bones, years ago. and since reading the twilight series I have a whole new love of reading again. It brings me joy to get away from “the real world” and have a moment for just me. It makes me a better wife, mother, and a better me. In my opinion if u like it, read it.

  • Renie

    I think the interview was cut short because of the segment with Robin Givens.
    I was interested to hear what SM had to say about Chris W. and the film. Also wanted to hear the Q & A. It didn’t happen.

    • barb

      seriously..wht happened to her support of Chris and the new moon movie?

    • bk

      I thought the interview seemed to cut off and felt Stephanie was short changed.

      • BilbrosB4Hos

        I did too. Who the eff really cares what Robin Givens has to say anyway? Annoyed.

      • @ BilbrosB4Hos

        That’s so rude. maybe some viewers DID care what Robin Givens says.
        Just because YOU don’t’ doesn’t mean OTHERS don’t

      • BilbrosB4Hos

        Really??? I could get in my Delorian, travel back 15 years, and still have trouble finding Robin Givens fans.

      • babedoll61

        BilbrosB4Hos…Rude? yeah, that was a little rude. Hilarious? OMG Yes!! Too funny!

      • Fatima

        What’s more important? The author of some poorly written books, or a tremendously moving segment about domestic violence and a fairly surprising admission from Oprah that she though she handled it poorly? You all need to get your priorities straight. Disgusting to insult a woman who has gone through that much.

      • Fatima

        On that note…it makes sense you’re a Twilight fan. You don’t know a THING about what makes a real woman. Worship Bella and her weakness and then insult a woman who stood up to a monster. Vile.

  • Caitlin

    I’ve read every single book in the series, and I think it’s overrated. With that said, I’ll probably end up going to the movie, even though the first movie sucked.

    • Lisa

      I’ve read all of the books, too. I have a few friends who read them after their teen daughters did. As light entertainment, they were fun to read. Best comment I’ve heard yet about the book was about Edward by one of my friends. She jokingly said, “Every husband should be a little more like Edward.” Cracked me up! There isn’t a married woman out there who has read these books who doesn’t understand that sentiment!

      • joypooh

        I’ve been happily married for fourteen years, have a thirteen year old and a two year old, and I’m VERY HAPPY my husband is NOTHING like Edward.

    • Samantha

      She jokingly said, “Every husband should be a little more like Edward.”

      A controlling, manipulative stalker? No thanks.

      I like my husband just fine the way he is.

      • WELLDUH

        Lisa was just trying to say that she found it funny that her friend said that. Also, when she says a little more like Edward don’t pretend you don’t wish your husband was FRIGGIN HOT.
        The books are good (not amazing)but i don’t believe we should be ripping each other limb from limb for what might add up to a foot of trees.

      • Lynn

        If Edward’s most desirable asset is that he’s “FRIGGIN HOT” then that doesn’t speak well for Meyer’s skills at character development.

  • grace

    Yeah Oprah said stephanie was going to say something about a fifth book? She didnt even ask her about Breaking dawn or what she was planning on doing next? Very disappointed!!!!

  • Chelsea

    They aired the same portion of the interview twice…and never included the portion where they were supposedly going to show a preview of New Moon and discuss a 5th book…wtf?! Who isn’t doing their job….

  • Maci

    I was not really impressed with the Oprah interview, there were so many other questions that could have been asked. I read the series and it is not just for 12 year old girls, there are a lot of insinuations that 12 year old girls would not understand. It was an addictive and sexy read.

  • Karen

    For some reason on todays show it repeated the 1st part of the interview instead of showig the second part. Therefore we did not hear anything about New Moon or find out whether or not there was to be a 5th book. Can you please fill us in on that?

    Thanks, Karen

    • Raven_Moon

      It sounds like you local affiliate messed up. Do they re-air “Oprah”? (Mine does) It could have been a tape or the Master Control Op could have messed up. Anyway, no they never mentioned a 5th book.

  • BilbrosB4Hos

    What kind of a jacked up teaser was that??? I certainly didn’t hear whether there was going to be a 5th book…I agree that the interview was kind of a let down for those of us who know her story and the books, but I will say that I just talked to someone who doesn’t know it and they thought it was really interesting. So I guess they kept it basic for the newbies.

  • Marianne

    I felt that it wasn’t that great of an interview. Oprah went over like all of the stuff that we already familiar with.

  • BilbrosB4Hos

    Just went to Oprah’s website and *kind of* got the answer…

    Basically she just said what she’s always said, that she’s kind of done with vampires for now, doesn’t see a 5th book anytime soon.

    • BilbrosB4Hos

      Actually, to expand on that – if you go check out this and other videos from Oprah’s site, she’s doing a much more in-depth interview with someone off camera. It’s pretty neat.

  • April

    Thought I lost my mind…I was like “Did they say if there would be a 5th book and I missed it?” wtf is right.

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