'Community' recap: And it was good.

Just like that, Community was back in tip-top form, delivering one of its sharpest episodes thus far. So much for last week’s moldy sandwich! Yesterday’s show, “Debate 109,” should become a rubric of what the series needs to do each week to succeed. This episode limited the exposure of Britta, who is appealing so long as she’s kept to the sideline. It introduced a new and deliciously memorable character in the form of Jeremy Simmons, the wheelchair-bound champion debater who quotes German poets while weeping. And it stayed true to its main characters, even while deliberately reminding us of how stereotypical they are. Adding the tantalizing possibility of a Jeff-Annie romance just made the whole enchilada that much yummier. And hot.

For this Friday the 13th, let’s recap the 13 best lines from last night’s episode, in chronological order… go!

1. “This is wrinkling my brain,” Troy says while watching Abed’s seemingly prophetic film. Then the actor who’s playing Troy in Abed’s film says, “This is wrinkling my brain,” to which the real-life Troy responds, with increased alarm, “That’s wrinkling my brain!”

2. Professor Whitman (the always appreciated John Michael Higgins) tries to convince Jeff to join the school’s debate team: “I am offering you an opportunity to spend the night drinking from the cup of life, rather than romancing your nether regions in front of the E! channel.” Yet another sly reference to Joel McHale’s other gig.

3. Dean Pelton: “The best compliment our sports program gets is that our basketball team is really gay.”

4. Troy while watching another one of Abed’s films: “Why am I crying? Was I accidentally listening to ‘Come Sail Away’ by Styx again?” Troy is rapidly becoming the funniest character on Community for me.

5. Pierce: “Jeff, I think your shirt’s trying to get out of your pants.”

6. Professor Whitman: “By Zeus, what sort of jackassery is this? We’re in the middle of a championship debate!”

7. Not a quote, but the Annie-lets-her-hair-down-and-magically-transforms-into-an-even-more-adorable-young-woman scene must be mentioned. Between Community and Mad Men, Alison Brie is having quite an exemplary year, and she could be on the verge of stardom much sooner than anyone anticipated.

8. “I will not be pitied,” Pierce exclaims before stepping into a drum and falling into a cornucopia of instruments. Epic fail.

9. Jeff arguing for the inherent evilness of the human species: “I would respond: ‘There is none righteous. No, not one.’ Now, I realize Mr. Simmons’ quote was from the great Franz Wickmayer. Mine was just from a simple desert handyman… named Jesus.” By the way, is Franz Wickmayer an actual German poet? Am I misspelling the guy’s name? A part of me thinks the show’s writers used that name specifically because they were amused by the idea of people struggling to Google it.

10. During the debating montage, Jeff mentions Abu Ghraib as an example of mankind’s evilness. Simmons’ rebuttal: “Apu from The Simpsons.”

11. Another one of Jeff’s arguments on the behalf on mankind’s depravity: “Ketchup is a vegetable!”

12. The slo-mo shot of Simmons ejecting himself out of his wheelchair and gracefully floating through the air, arms outstretched while bracing himself to be caught by Jeff… well, that’s an image you don’t see every day.

13. Annie: “He was horny, so he dropped him. Man…is…evil!”

So, PopWatchers, are you with me? A significant upgrade over last week’s episode, right? Where do you guys fall on the show’s philosophical debate: Is man good or evil? And raise your hand if you’re in favor of an Annie-Jeff relationship.

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  • Stephanie

    I thought it was really good especially cos there was hardly any Britta (although yay for her kicking her cigarette addiction-hope it sticks!) But I’m now shipping Annie and Jeff-how cute was she with her hair down and how hot were they together?! And I loved the ending tag! All in all, a very good episode.

    • Phnam Ngyuen

      i have to be in agreeingment with this commenting. the way the birtta acts is not like other on this show. may be she is not having the training as such of the others on that show.

  • Noon

    Why don’t people watch this show?!!


    • NicWin

      It just keeps getting better. I am really loving this show right now.

      • RK

        Agreed. The show is really starting to build — I love any Human Beings mascot reference.

    • dave

      tried to watch the first 2 episodes and it was the worst show I ever saw…

      maybe it got better, but I won’t waste my time. I couldn’t get past the 20 minute mark in the second show

      • EL

        Good – stop wasting our time too.

      • liz

        Then why on earth are you reading the re-cap? Slow day at the office? Felt the need to be a douche?

    • BP

      I fricken love this show. I LOL’ed so much during this ep. The cast is perfect. One gripe: more Abed please!!!!!!

    • Ken

      Because it is on NBC, and Jay Leno is slowly taking the network down with his dismal ratings.

  • liz

    Funniest show on last night by a mile. I am really beginning to love this show. I was worried the Jeff/Britta thing was going to be the focus of the show; I’m glad they are detouring that obvious drama. I’d like more of John Oliver. Chevy’s still got it.

  • kim in kentucky

    the real question is, would Jeff have tried to catch the guy IF he had not been standing right in front on him? Would he had moved/reached out to catch the guy?

    • cicerodan

      I was hoping he would let him fall because he didn’t like him but then we wouldn’t have gotten the Anne-Jeff kiss after.

    • GHR

      I kinda thought that the guy just launched himself right into Jeff’s arms – Jeff would have to have gone out of his way to not catch him. Great episode. Much laughing out loud.

  • tim

    Every week this show gets better. For being on such a short period of time, it has begun very strong.

    Oh… and Annie…….so hot!

  • loralie

    I loved the episode. Abed is the best part of his show…his delivery with the always tilted head, makes him seem clueless while we all know he is the smartest of the bunch.

    I really thought Jeff was going to see what Jeremy was doing and not catch him and proudly exclaim “Man is evil” standing over Jeremy. I was also unsure of the Annie/Jeff romantic story line, but I ended up really wanting them to get together. Here’s hoping that thier awkward romantic exchanges continue! Love this show!

  • Via

    Glad you recognized Troy because his character was my MVP of the night. He kills it w/the smallest of lines; just thinking about the way he stood up and yelled “GET HIM,” when he thought Abed was a ‘soothsayer’ is making me laugh. And when I saw they were going to ‘go there’ with Annie I was rolling my eyes a bit until I realized.. wow, she is hot w/her hair down and cardigan off, lol. I’m definitely more on board w/her and Jeff vs Annie/Troy and Jeff/Britta – they just have natural chemistry and the others feel forced. This ep had so many high points b/c every character was utilized in the best possible way. From the bit parts to the majors, if someone was onscreen then they were bringing it.

  • M

    Um, no one else mildly creeped out by the fact that Annie is supposed to be a year out of high school and Jeff is “not forty?” No one?

    • Jill

      Yes! I mentioned this to my husband during the show. It’s not necessarily creepy but it did seem to just come out of nowhere.

    • cjscott

      No, I agree. As cute as it may be, I couldn’t stop thinking that he could possibly be almost 20 years older than her. That’s just a little creepy! :)

    • AD

      I agree; I kept doing the math in my head. It’s creepy, just like the 40 something and 20 something romance in Grey’s Anatomy between Dr. McSteamy and Little Grey. Like the Chaquita and (formerly) Al Bundy in “Modern Family”. Hollywood portrays what it lives and the rest of us just accept it…

      • Heat

        Eric Dane and Chyler Leigh are only 10 years apart in age.

      • meimei

        Actually, McSteamy is 30 something and Lexipedia is in her mid 20s.

        Not creepy at all. They’re hot together.

    • Allie

      I think that’s part of the joke.

      • Paul

        Why is that creepy and “cougars” are somehow not? If Sex in the City isn’t creepy, then neither is this

    • Isembard

      I think he’s just in his early thirties, isn’t he? It did occur to me, and yeah, every other time in the history of television, I’ve been creeped out. But they are so cute together. (Plus, let’s face, it wasn’t really going to happen anyway.) I just kept think, “lucky, lucky girl”. LOL

    • RK

      Well, at least she is doing better than Peter (Mad Men).

      • DL

        Pete and Trudy can dance circles around Annie and Jeff

    • al

      i totally agree… but he is a hound-dog after all and annie is of age. i think jeff knows it’s inappropriate… that’s why it was adorable and appropriate he patted Annie’s head.

    • Noelle

      No. not really. I mean, if it were real life and he actually looked like he was 40, I’d be a little creeped. But he doesn’t look anywhere near forty.

      Plus, I think that gives the storyline a bit of pizazz. I mean, Britta and him aren’t together because Britta’s annoying and (for some odd reason) doesn’t want him. But Annie and Jeff aren’t getting together because of an actual legit reason (they’re debating whether it;s appropriate or not).

      So no. I think that the storyline is great regardless of the age difference.

    • KRibbons

      They’re actually only about 12 years apart. Not too bad. Plus his character is prob supposed to be a little bit younger than his actual age (38) so maybe he’s, like, (35). So… I LOOOVE the romance

  • The Dude

    I really like the show but I just don’t understand all the Britta hatred. I think the actor playing Britta is doing a decent job.

    • GHR

      I’m glad the focus is off of her -her character isn’t strong or likeable enough to play center stage.

    • Sarah

      I know! I like Britta and the actress that plays her does fine. Community is my favorite show because of the way the actors work together.

    • Noelle

      I don’t hate her, but I definitely agree that she shouldn’t be center stage. I feel like her acting isn’t all that strong, but I definitely think she belongs on the show.

  • Jill

    Loved it! I was a little confused about Annie; didn’t she like Troy just last week? Not sure they need a romance, I like them all just as friends. And Pierce when watching Abed’s movie: “who is the old guy?”

    • EL

      Annie is a very insecure person, so it was in character for her to latch on to the next guy who shows any interest.

  • Kerissa

    It’s all about Jeff and Annie now. Joel McHale and Allison Brie have very good chemistry.

  • Elizabeth

    “jackassery” – loved it!!

    I think all the girls (and maybe Pierce and the Dean too) all have a little thing for Jeff, so I wasn’t completely thrown off by the little back and forth between Annie and Jeff.

    Wonder what happened with the werewolf and Shirley?

    • BeaAnn

      I liked at the end even Abed seemed concerned about Shirley and the werewolf!!

    • BinderClip

      have a crush on Jeff “and maybe Pierce and the Dean too”


  • Cris

    I think this show gets better with every episode, and it’s right up there now with 30 Rock as my “can’t miss” shows every week.
    Love Annie … she’s absolutely adorable and I’m glad they’re letting her character blossom a little.
    Also, kudos for McHale’s doubletake after the “drinking from the cup of life rather than romancing your nether regions in front of the E! Channel” comment.

  • Haha I love the writing on this show. The football episode esp:

    Jeff: You gotta play football it’s in your blood

    Troy: That’s racist

    Jeff: Your soul?

    Troy: That’s racist

    Jeff: Your eyes?

    Troy: That’s gay

    Jeff: That’s homophobic

    Troy: That’s black

    Jeff: That’s racist

    Troy: DAMN!!!

  • AGirl

    You completely missed the funniest line of the show: Tell me my future, you Middle Eastern Magic 8 Ball!

    • Jill

      Oh yeah! Yvette Nicole Brown is so funny.

      • Noelle

        I’m loving her so much in this show! lol. Definitely a favorite.

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