This week's cover: 'New Moon' Exclusive: Which of Robert Pattinson's costars does he find the most difficult? His hair.

1076-new-moon_l“I swear to you I’ve never experienced anything like this. It’s every single day,” says New Moon star Robert Pattinson of the constant on-set fuss surrounding his character Edward’s signature mane. During a break from shooting Eclipse, the next film to be adapted from Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight novels, Pattinson — sitting alongside costars Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner — recounts the continuing saga. “In Twilight, they wanted me to have extensions down to my hips.” (“He’s a liar,” Stewart interjects playfully. “He doesn’t remember. He’s remembering how they made him feel, but they were just, like, down to here [pointing to her shoulders].”) Pattinson continues. “So I told them ‘Look, that’s just not going to happen.’ I said, ‘It looks like this already, I’ll come to set like this.'”

“I sound so stupid, but in a lot of ways the hair is 75 percent of my performance,” the 23-year-old actor admits, his locks now comfortably hidden under a Yankee’s cap. “So in the second one I said, ‘Listen, I need to tone down the hair. Let’s make it a little more real, a little bit more…Method,'” he says with a laugh. “And then in the third one, I’m doing fight scenes and there’s a strand going down my forehead and they’re like, ‘We need to do it again because no one will recognize you! No one will know who it is!’ I have to look like the poster at all times. Just in case they want to use any clip for the trailer. Any clip at all! There were about five people in different departments who, because of my forelock, ended up in tears.”

For more of our interview with the stars of New Moon, plus a look at which actors they view as role models, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands November 13.

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  • Patti

    I am so sick of this movie. What is the EW demo anyway – 13 year old girls?

    • How many Twilight related articles can EW do in one day?


    • kh


    • Buzz

      No they are salivating for the vampire -human crossover market

      • I just threw up a little in my throat..

        I wonder if my mailman will steal this copy like he usually does for his young daughters?

    • Heather2

      I’m surprised that any of you Twilight haters even come on here anymore. You constantly threaten to cancel your subscriptions and not come on her anymore. Where’s your follow through, cuz I’m waiting.

      • crispy

        I did cancel. I still read the website though. Why is that so difficult to imagine?

      • BilbrosB4Hos

        It’s difficult to imagine why you read THESE articles online if you cancelled your subscription due to Twilight coverage.

      • Heather2

        If you morons hate Twilight so much why do constantly continue to come on these articles voicing your hatred. Oh, wait, I know. Because you have an opinion and everyone has the right to express it.
        Some of us really like the saga and are appreciative to EW for what they do to support the series. Why can’t you just move on and stop being so rude and raining on our parades? Is that too much to ask?

      • crispy

        Bilbo, I didn’t read this article. I just looked at that awful cover and vomited on the keyboard.

      • Heather2

        So why do you come on, crispy? Mister Holier Than Thou and so above all this Twilight stuff? Just curious. I am such the lowly creature right now, I apparently need someone like you to be my role model. :(

      • crispy

        TV recaps, music news, Doc Jensen’s Lost coverage, Owen and Lisa’s movie reviews… but mostly to waste time at work. I’d be happy to be your role model, but I’m not currently accepting new clients.

      • BilbrosB4Hos

        Crispy, I love to hate you. Kisses. By the way, I noticed that you DO seem to know the Twilight stories pretty well. Did you read them?

      • crispy

        Yes. I rooted for the Volturi.


        The reason Crispy is hating on Twilight is because he obviously has nothing else to do with this life except go on the internet and read the articles and then complain about them. Get over yourself Crispy and stop hating.

      • Heather2

        Crispy, we have something in common: LOST. Well, pigs do fly, and there is ice water in hale.


      • Kat

        Amen to that! Why do haters even bother coming in here??? Just to hate?? Find something better to do please! Go to something that will make you smile!

      • Quinci Watts

        haha that was hilarious to me. seriously, who thinks of something they hate and subscribe to it? they must really not have lives… cause i know i don’t really think of the things i don’t like.

      • lower-case paige


      • Savannah

        Haha this reminds me of the song “F*** You” by Lily Allen. “Do you really enjoy living a life that’s so hateful? F*** you, f*** you very very much. Cause we hate what you do, and we hate your whole crew so please don’t stay in touch. F*** you, f*** you very very much. Cause your words don’t translate and it’s getting quite late so please don’t stay in touch.” :) I hereby dedicate that song to people like crispy.

        Twilight is a hot topic right now so get over it and just ignore it if you don’t like it. You’re just begging for attention by posting hateful comments. It doesn’t even get to me anymore, I just feel pity. You’re really pathetic.

      • dave

        Lmao I love you crispy!

      • Ok Plot of Twighlight. Dude is a over a hundred years old, still goes to high school where suprisingly noone notices he has been there for oh, idk, DECADES just so he can hook up with 17 year old high school girls. Am I the only one who finds this creepy?

      • BilbrosB4Hos

        Sigh…the haters I hate the most are the ones who don’t even know the story.

      • Stephenie

        I agree with Heather…go away if you don’t like it…okay? Thanks…

      • Berly

        Dear …
        You say no one notices he’s been in high school for decades…well that would be because they move around every few years. So people won’t notice. He doesn’t ‘hook up’ with 17 year old girl’S’ because he’s NEVER found anyone worth it. He believes he will be alone forever. He has never settled. He’s never had sex and never been in love…Ohhh…so creapy. Please. Don’t try and make it something it isn’t. Wrong plot there … but nice try. Oh and try and find another teen anything that doesn’t focus on SEX! Good luck! High morals…how sinister that Twilight franchise must be. So EVIL!!!

    • SUCKS FOR YOU!!!!

      Are you guys serious??? So what if they are putting Twilight news on this magazine…this is the only hot thing out there right now instead of hearing about stupid news like John and Kate plus 8 or any of those other idioitic shows and movies that are out right now…and maybe if you old farts weren’t so ignorant maybe you should pick up the book and read it, its actually very good. I know so many people older than 30 that are interested in these books and movies. Maybe its time to sign up to those old people magazines and get over the fact that its not your ERA anymore!!! OH and get ready because this is not gonna die down for another two years, yup there are still two other movies coming out and you’re stuck hearing about it!! awww sucks for you!!!!

      • Heather2

        RFLMAO .. bravo and well said. These old fogies need to get a life. Because Twilight is going nowhere no time soon.

        SUCKS FOR ALL OF YOU!!!!

      • Barb

        Now, Ladies. Keep in mind that many of the adults love the Twighlight Saga Books and movies)as well. I am well over thirty and I enjoy reading articles about the series and (big surprise) I like seeing the pictures of Robert Pattinson. We might not care about their personal lives as much, but we can all appreciate the fact that he adorable. (Although I must admit that it is odd for me to agree with my twelve year old daughter that he is “hot”. LOL) Don’t let a few grumps ruin your fun. This is a great series and I am counting down the days to the premier of New Moon!

      • Abby

        I completely agree with all the Twilight LOVERS….why come on here and read the article if all your gonna do is hate on it and put it down…. I’m 23 years old and I’m pretty much obsessed with the Saga. I didn’t think I was going to like it at first but once I saw the movie I was completely hooked and went out and bought the books…. Now I read all the Fanfiction stories on . Stop raining on our parade just because all you haters don’t like it. I absolutely can’t wait to see New Moon on the 20th and then the following two movies because Rob confirmed last week in an interview that Breaking Dawn WILL start filming in the fall….Can’t wait!

      • S MOORE

        I am over 40 and I already have my tickets the 12:01 showing of New Moon. I have read all 4 books and waiting on Edward’s side of the story.

      • Bookend

        I find your comment a tad confusing. You rant about older people hating on Twilight, then say you know many older than 30 that love it. I am in the older and love it category. I have a life outside Twilight, but enjoy a little supernatural down time, too.

      • karen

        hun, I ‘ve read the books, and they are not good. Meyer has many plot holes, and her characyers are 2 dimantionals.

    • Sam

      jealousy! not just teenagers love Twilight. They books are amazing!

      • lovely1

        i agree twilight is very good i actually just finished eclipse and reading breaking dawn very good!

      • Lucas

        i would hardly call them Excellent or Amazing. sorry but in truth they are very poorly written. and the movies suffer for that.

        but I do applaud the movies for the transparency about the industry that has happened because of them. never have we had so much debate about the Paps getting into someone’s life in a negative way as we have from the photos of Robert clearly unnerved on the set of his movie in NYC where he was being fan stalked constantly. never have we had mentions of the long hours, hard work that goes into making a movie. much of the world thinks that it’s all fun and games and free toys and huge paychecks. it’s not. And it’s good for kids in particular to see this just as much as they should see that their idols aren’t godlike but kids like them. and let them see that at the end of the day sometimes you have to be able to laugh about things. like Robert and how the books paint him to be this perfect looking creature so he has to be spit and polished, pressed and perfect hair ALL the time. so he gets fussed at. not unlike his Harry Potter costar Tom Felton who has to have weekly rebleachings cause his hair is not that light naturally and Draco can’t have roots showing

      • Moe

        I think the word “amazing” is an exageration. If you want to call it “good” then that will be acceptable but not “amazing”. I think you guys can agree on that fact.

      • Kellie

        the book’s aren’t even good, let alone amazing. very poorly written.

    • maria

      Patty I am 31 years old and cannot wait for the movie to come out! It is just exciting for people of all ages who have read the books and love the story to see the characters come to life on the big screen. I do feel and probably sound like a 13 year old when talking about the books and the movies. Can’t wait got the 20th!!!!

      • Cin

        I just realized why I love Rob so much. I too am in my thirties and in the beginning I thought he was to young to see as a heart throb, but now I just think he’s awesome. He reminds me of all the goofy boys that I was too stuck up to talk to when I was younger and stupid. I wish I had a man like that now. Also, he’s good looking, but if you look at press pics of him compared to the magazines, it’s obvious he’s airbrushed. He’s attractive more for his personality than anything.

      • maria A

        hey Maria im maria to i’m also 31 and absolutely love the twilight saga i can’t wait till the 20th myself

    • twilight

      ok this goes out 2 all twilight haters. if u hate the movie soo y dont u go on another website and talk crap somewhere else cuhz its not our fault dat u ppl have no taste. so go FREAK OFF!!!

      • Hey, dumb @$$

        This isn’t a place for text messages, you can use correct grammar.

    • laura

      nope …. 36 weeee!!

    • Allison

      I read the books and I liked the books. The below comments are mostly ridiculous. Who really cares that much? No matter your opinion or ranting comment the bottom line is the books are everywhere, the movies are still to come out and all the hype deserved or not by your opinion will continue for quite sometime. Stephanie Meyer did a good job. It doesn’t matter is you like her or her books/movies. It doesn’t matter if you like the characters or the actors. Who cares? Go find something better to do, something MORE POSITIVE to do other than spread your hate and discontent. Basically GET A LIFE and STOP hating or get educated enough to write your own successful book and turn that book into a franchise. My guess is that will never happen for you because you are too busy criticizing others because again you need to GET A LIFE. I am off to live my life. I don’t have anymore time to waste on silly I hate TWILIGHT nonsense. Have fun all your negative complainers. Maybe if you complain enough they will pull all the books from shelves and cancel the rest of the movies and all the press that comes with it! GOOD LUCK!

    • Allison

      I read the books and I liked the books. The below comments are mostly ridiculous. Who really cares that much? No matter your opinion or ranting comment the bottom line is the books are everywhere, the movies are still to come out and all the hype deserved or not by your opinion will continue for quite sometime. Stephanie Meyer did a good job. It doesn’t matter if you like her or her books/movies. It doesn’t matter if you like the characters or the actors. Who cares? Go find something better to do, something MORE POSITIVE to do other than spread your hate and discontent. Basically GET A LIFE and STOP hating or get educated enough to write your own successful book and turn that book into a franchise. My guess is that will never happen for you because you are too busy criticizing others because again you need to GET A LIFE. I am off to live my life. I don’t have anymore time to waste on silly I hate TWILIGHT nonsense. Have fun all you negative complainers. Maybe if you complain enough they will pull all the books from shelves and cancel the rest of the movies and all the press that comes with it! GOOD LUCK!

      • Alexis Baldwin


    • Ian

      Agreed! Enough is enough.


    • mugain

      It’s pretty funny how ignorant people can be. If you’ve read the book, you’d realize what an amazing story it really is. Yes, the movies are a little corny, yes, the hoopla over Rob’s hair is silly…but people NEED these kinds of magic stories in their lives. Grow up and have passion for something instead of ridiculing something you don’t even understand.

    • dawn9476


    • joel

      Emma Watson looks great in that picture. i cant wait for the deathly hallows.

    • Berly

      No, the demographic is not 13, but I suppose not everyone would understand that. A good love story MUST only be for young teens after all.
      It’s the week before the release of New Moon, it’s going to be everywhere, take a breath and it will be over soon. If you don’t enjoy it, turn off your computer, tv and radio. That should help.

    • First time for me, people:

      I got my copy of EW in the mail today and threw it right into the garbage without even opening it.

      • Good for you

        haha, kudos to that. I kept mine, but I stapled the actual pages of the article together so I don’t have to accidentally flip to it when I read the rest of EW. I think this is maybe the 3rd EW Twilight cover in 5 months. The hype surrounding it does get beyond annoying.

        and @How many Twilight related articles can EW do in one day?
        Thu 11/12/09 9:32 AM


        100% agree. Loved the cover story on Paranormal Activity 2 weeks ago, though.

      • BilbrosB4Hos

        OMG, tell me you seriously stapled the pages together.

  • crispy

    Wow, a free New Moon poster too? Entertainment Weekly has finally completed its transition into Teen Beat.

    • Zoey

      Indeed. And all you Twi-hards really need to get new insults. Ooooh, we don’t have lives! Big whoop. Most of us only drop in and decide to throw in a comment to point out the flaws in your logic. So we get a kick out of it. A little sadistic, but hey, it’s healthy to let your cruel side out once in a while. Tell me, does it hurt your a** sitting on those high horses all the time? Is it nice having that stick up there?

      • Savannah

        You know, not all of the Twilight fans are those obsessive idiots that just go “omgz, rob is soo hott” all the time. I, for one, didn’t even like the first movie. I don’t understand why Twilight is like the only book people hate on. Just because it became a huge thing? Have you ever stopped to think WHY it is what it is? Because the books have a great plot. Because it keeps people up all night reading them. That’s what the traits of a good book are. Sure some people didn’t like them, maybe even hate them. But compared to the people who loved them, they’re pretty much nothing. Even if you didn’t like it, all you have to say is that it’s not your taste, and you didn’t enjoy it. Why stir up all of this hatred for something so pointless? It’s a movie. Oh my god that’s so terrible.

  • CW

    I’m starting to wonder if it was a mistake to renew my subscription. I’m so over the Twilight coverage.

    • bjr

      I completely agree. My subscription is up right away, and im really considering not renewing. Sad cause i’ve been getting it for 16 years. EW what are you doing!

      • crispy

        FYI: You have to actively call and cancel your subscription. They changed their policy last year… it now auto-renews you when your subscription is up. I learned this when I decided not to renew after the infamous Twilight Director’s Notes cover.

      • Thanks Crispy

        I’m calling today!

      • Kelly

        You can also do it online. You can either cancel at the end of your billing cycle or immediately and they refund you. It’s at the bottom of the main page under “Magazine Customer Service.” I am finally free of Twilight Weekly!

      • Thank you Kelly!

        I only wish this would send a message!

      • LJM64

        It’s called making a profit….and this is the stuff that is selling right now….you did wake up in America this morning didn’t you? And the beauty of that is you can choose to see or not see the movie, choose to read or not read the books, choose to read or not read EW, choose to respond or not respond to this blog.

    • KMD

      I have actually decided to not renew mine due to Twilight being on every third cover. I can’t take anymore. EW used to be hip, now in my eyes, they are as irrelevant as these movies.

      • Angela

        hip? who uses that word anymore? o wait i know, old people think they are better than this generation. im sure when you were into your star track stuff you would hate it when people dissed on it. Please give us the same courtesy you would want. no ones telling you to leave hate comments. if you hate it so much then don’t look it up and then leave comments about how much you hate how its taking over. The Twilight saga is going to be around for a while so i would get over it.

      • crispy

        Who uses hip? Uh, pretty much everyone involved in HIP-hop.

    • strickens_girl

      Already canceled mine.

      • Hey, Angela

        Who uses “dissed” anymore?
        Welcome to 2009.

  • AA

    Really EW, really? Enough already, please, we beg you, stop with the Twilight overkill.

    • Amen to that

      Your first three words were exactly the first three words of my email I just sent to EW. Can’t wait to read the editorial section in 2 weeks!

  • alexgirl

    LOL love the comments before me. I guess everyone is trying to keep the paper publishing industry alive at all costs. And I like Robert Pattinson, but the poster is really too much.

  • juan

    im soo sick of twilight, please.

  • I am definitely not resubscribing…

    I am so over Entertainment Weekly now.

  • Matt

    I had been considering becoming a subscriber again. Then I see yet ANOTHER Twilight cover and focus and am reminded that it would be a waste of my money.

  • april

    YAY! I’m 28 years old and I’m as excited as a schoolgirl about all the Twilight action. The rest of you folks just need to vent your frustration elsewhere. Perhaps through some organization? I’m sure there’s something that’s been formed by now. Go now, go away.

    • I think you added a 2 in front of your 8 there by accident…

      Ha Ha.

      • karla ortega

        you’re rude. she’s aware that she sounds childish, hence the “excited as a school girl”

    • Scott

      LOL, by frustrations do you mean “our opinions”…? Cause last I checked we could voice our opinions here.

      I’m in agreement with everyone before me save the few fans so far (or one fan, I guess). Enough Twitlight.

      • Heather2

        God, you are so original with the “opinions” comment.

    • kope

      You may be 28 but that doesn’t make you any less retarded for being excited about the 100th Twilight cover of the year.

      • K

        Dude out of line. Retarded? Everyone has a right to their opinion. Let the fans be fans and the unenthusiastic can say what ever they like but there is no need to attack someone like that. Especially with your choice of words. Everyone is all about freedom of speech as long as its in line with their opinion.

      • Mike

        what’s with using the word retarded? I didn’t realize the 7th graders were allowed to comment on this site. Time to stop using words that hurt people with special needs. It’s not about being P.C. It’s about having a little decency for a population of people asking you to stop.

    • Coop

      April I’m with you, I’m 29 and there is just something about the Twilight Saga that is interesting. I have read all the books and they just kept getting better and better. There is nothing wrong with everyone having their opinion, but to keep repeating the same comments over and over and over about “why is Twilight on yet another cover of EW”, well it’s probably because it’s and Entertainment magazine and right now the Twilight Saga is HUGE!

  • Sierra

    OMG I love this article! I’m 15 and I know a ton of people in my high school who are in love with this series, as am i. This has really made my day. 3 people crying over his HAIR?! lol that’s ridiculous, it’s insane, it’s.. so rpazz fanish. lol that’s hilarious

    • Fatima

      There’s your new demographic, EW. I’m sure Owen and Lisa are proud.

      • BilbrosB4Hos

        Yeah, shocking that a prestigious news outlet like Entertainment Weekly would lower itself to cover the biggest movie of the year.

      • Heather2



      • crispy

        LOL. You are smoking some good crack. New Moon is hardly the biggest movie of the year.

      • BilbrosB4Hos

        No, really – box office, I don’t think anyone will be able to compete. Time will tell on that one.

      • Biggest Movie of the Year

        *wipes eyes*

      • Just wait and see

        My understanding is that in my city it’s already sold out for opening day, seems like a pretty hefty box office to me… I’ll wait to watch it on DVD at some point…

      • But you’re going to ruin BillikesHos box office results…

        You should really go opening day with all of the other tweens.

      • BilbrosB4Hos

        I’m going to! Bought my tix as soon as they were available. I AM scared of being trampled by tweens though…or having their screaming drown the dialogue and being left with images of KStew lip biting for 2 hrs…so I’ll probably see it twice – BOOYAH! More for the box office! lol

      • Hahahah

        “Biggest movie of the year”? Really? You REALLY think it will beat out the first Twilight by $200 million and beat Transformers? Or even $100 million and beat Harry Potter? And Avatar isn’t even out yet. And FYI, both Transformers and Harry Potter were ALSO all sold out at midnight and on opening day. It’s not that unusual, you just think it is because you choose to only look at Twilight.
        I don’t deny it’ll make money, it will probably top the $191 million of the first one.
        But it is, BY FAR, NOT the “biggest movie of the year,” unless by “biggest” you mean over-hyped and over-saturated in the market.

      • crispy

        I hate to say it, but Transformers is the biggest movie of the year… by box office standards. New Moon will perform well, but there’s no way it’s going to make $400 million in less than six weeks.

      • BilbrosB4Hos

        Let’s check back with each other on that, shall we?

      • Katie

        Bilbros, I admire your pluck, but I do not think New Moon will improve THAT much on Twilight. You realize it’d have to do like $200 million better to beat Transformers, and $100 million better to beat Harry Potter? I just don’t see it happening.
        New Moon may get to $250 million, but $300, $400 million? Highly doubt it, not with so much other holiday competition coming up.

      • BilbrosB4Hos

        Katie, I love the book series, but I think the Twilight movie was somewhat ghastly. From everything I’ve seen, from trailers to Chris Weitz’s talented work in other movies, I truly DO think New Moon will be a bazillion times better than Twilight was.
        I think it could possibly beat Transformers and Harry Potter. The early ticket sales have been remarkable. We’ll see. I’d prefer that it be less popular becuase, as stated before, I’m not looking forward to fighting the Twi-tweens on opening day.

      • Katie

        “I think it could possibly beat Transformers and Harry Potter. The early ticket sales have been remarkable.”
        And the early ticket sales for Transformers, Harry Potter, The Dark Knight, Star Wars, etc. have ALSO been remarkable. I remember people bleating about how remarkable Twilight’s early ticket sales were, and it still only made $191 million, a good number, but peanuts compared with bigger franchises.
        Do you have any OTHER argument besides early ticket sales?

      • FYI

        Harry Potter 6 took in like $22 million at midnight showings, The Dark Knight took in $18 million, Transformers 2 took in about $16 million and Harry Potter 5 took in about $12 million.
        The first Twilight film had $7 million its opening night.
        Oh, and Twilight has one big strike against it when it comes to topping movies like that at the box office. It doesn’t have the benefit of IMAX and 3D showings, which bring in increased ticket prices and more revenue.
        As has been said, New Moon will make a LOT of money, but probably not THAT much. For it to beat HP6 as top-grossing film worldwide, it would have to improve upon Twilight by a staggering $500+ million globally.

      • Kelsey

        Bilbros, I’m not sure early ticket sales is that good of a reasoning for why it will beat Transformers and Harry Potter when both of those movies ALSO had huge early ticket sales.

      • BilbrosB4Hos

        Sighhh…again, check back with me in a week or so…I think it’s going to be a big deal.

      • Kelsey

        So in other words, you know the early ticket argument is bunk because it can also be applied to the films you think New Moon “has a chance” of beating.
        OK. :-)
        HP6 made $22 million at midnight, and Transformers 2 made about $16 million. HP6 actually broke THE DARK KNIGHT’S own midnight record of $18 million.
        Twilight made $7 million at midnight. If New Moon beats the above three films in midnight grosses, I’ll give you a point. Until then, early ticket sales is a moot point.

      • DW

        Bilbros, can we have your contact info so we can easily point out how delusional you are once the box office receipts roll in?

      • BilbrosB4Hos

        Yes, please forward your fan mail to me at Crispy’s bedroom…with the exception of the New Moon premiere, I’ll be there indefinitely…I wish I wasn’t made to dress up like Bella though. That’s messed up.

      • crispy

        LMAO. That actually made me laugh out loud, and I usually just quietly smirk.

      • BilbrosB4Hos

        I DID peg you to be a smirker…a smug, snarky, smirker. :)
        Crispy: “You don’t belong in my world, Bilbro. I hate Twilight. I can’t be with you.”
        Me: “If…that’s what you want…” (curls up in the bracken and sobs)
        But you’ll be back…can’t wait to thud into your sparkly chest.

      • dave

        Please, Bilbros. Are you serious? No doubt the film will be a box office success, but the biggest movie of the year? Definitely not. More than Transformers? Nope. More than Harry Potter? Nope. More than Up? Nope More than The Hangover and Star Trek? Possibly, but I wouldn’t even count on that either.
        Don’t make wild assumptions like that. You’re just going to feel stupid about it later. You’re delusional.

      • BilbrosB4Hos

        Okay, Dave. Let’s get something straight. I will not feel stupid about anything I say on this EW message board…ever.
        My point was that the movie will be big. The series has a huge following. EW and the other magazines cover it because it’s a big deal. The last thing I want to invoke is some crazy geek box office battle here. Take your transformers and go home.
        And this isn’t me being delusional or wild…take out your retainer and I’ll show you wild.

      • DW

        Bilbro, you can show me wild any day!

      • dave

        Oooh Bilbros, threatening me on the Internet!

      • BilbrosB4Hos

        Dave, I am totally NOT threatening you – internet or not, it’s not my style. I’m a lover, not a fighter. And I lurve lurve lurve geeks. I’m just having fun with you, don’t be so serious.

      • crispy

        Hey you two, get a room!

      • BilbrosB4Hos

        Sigh…alright Dave, I’ll be waiting for you in Crispy’s room – Bella wig, check! Brooding, pouty demeanor, check! Chucks, check!
        I bite my lip in anticipation.

      • DW

        I think I have a crush on Bilbros. My hatred for Twilight combined with his/her passion for it would create sparks that could burn crispy’s room down!

      • BilbrosB4Hos

        Love you much, DW.
        Haters are the best. I love the sparks. I could troll the Twi-hard sites, but what’s the fun of sitting around with a bunch of girls as crazy as I am? What, so we can argue about who thinks Edward is the dreamiest?
        Dissenting opinion makes the world go round. Kisses to the haters.

  • Ray

    I personally lovee the New Moon coverage. Keep it coming EW! =D

  • Jenn

    I would like to second every other comment. Really, EW? Another Twilight cover?? Stop pandering to the lowest common denominator in your readership. There are plenty of grown-ups who could give a hoot about anything to do with the poorly-written, atrociously-acted mess that is Twilight.

    • bk

      Lowest common denominator? Wow – how smug of you. I think Hollywood and the magazines that follow them have been pandering to the lowest common denominator and it is not girls and women who like love stories. It is action movies with no plot or character development. Just some good explosions, car chase scenes, violence and T&A. Sad, sad, sad.

  • Telly B

    “wild Uncensored 3- way interview”?

    Wow EW, your journalistic standards are truly on the up, eh?

    • Aces High

      Hahah evidently!

    • tinap

      wild and uncensored means that you will be reading a lot of the f-word. if you’re 10, that’s crazy!

    • Nate

      “3-way interview”?? that’s really sad. At least I know now not to bother opening my mailbox tomorrow. I too am up for renewal, they have been sending me countless notes but I think this relationship is over.

    • may

      haha tinap..thats funny because its true! and these kids are so dead eyed and monotone that i don’t think they are capable of being “wild and uncensored”

    • michka

      They just watched Gossip Girl last episode obviously and the three-nothing-else-but-hoax that occured in.
      What Kristen always seems annoyed? Get over yourself, girl, seriously.

      • Rod Johnson

        I’d like to bang that smirk off her face.

      • BilbrosB4Hos

        Ugh. That was sort of gross.

  • Jess

    Get a grip people … you’re going to cancel your subscription over a Twilight cover? No magazine is going to put exactly what you want in every issue.

    • Aprilcot26

      It’s not *a* cover…it’s ALL the covers. Some of us actually have standards for what we consider entertainment and Mr. Pattinson’s hair does not fit the bill. Clearly EW doesn’t have those same standards anymore.

      • crispy

        Totally agree. EW used to do lengthy, in-depth feature articles about serious entertainment issues. It really was the TIME magazine of entertainment. Now it’s all pictorials from the set, who’s dating who, John and Kate drama, and softball questions about Rob Pattinson’s hair.

      • REALLY…

        If you look at the magazine racks, all of the tabloid rags have these Twilight simpletons on them. I would think EW would want to at least try to be different.

      • karla ortega

        haha…”serious entertainment issues” jeez people what do you expect when you’re not reading literature.

      • crispy

        Since you asked… if I was the managing editor of EW, I’d still put Twilight on this week’s cover. Only the story wouldn’t be “OMG, Rpattz’s hair!” It would be “How Twilight Killed Feminism,” and we’d interview women like Camille Paglia and examine how Stephanie Meyers’ Mormon upbringing influenced Twilight. Serious + entertainment + issues. See, that wasn’t so hard.

      • I remember the days…

        When EW was the “Time Magazine” for entertainment. They’re slowly evolving into People and US.

      • BilbrosB4Hos

        Crispy, you’re insane…probably a smart person, but insane. Why don’t you use your supersmarts for good instead of evil? Find something more meaningful to get fired up about and fight?

      • maria

        To crispy and all the other haters, please get a life, volunteer your time to a good cause and leave us the twilight lovers be!! it does not matter how many comments you write and how many times you say that you will cancel your subscription. We do not care!!! We will continue to be happy to see another cover with about the saga and you will continue to be miserable about it. Love all the haters who cannot restraint themselves to comment about the awesome serie!!!!

      • crispy

        If I volunteer to teach proper English, would you be my first charity case?

    • Fatima

      A New Moon cover right now would have been appropriate had it been the only cover this year. Instead, we’ve had about a half dozen in the past year. It’s overkill. I nearly died when it was the fall movie preview cover.

    • Lynn

      It’s not A cover, it’s like six covers in the past year and a half. NOTHING else, including movies THAT HAVE MADE MORE MONEY, has gotten that many covers.
      The coverage is completely disproportionate to the hard numbers. The first movie made $191 million — less than The Dark Knight, EVERY Harry Potter movie, Transformers, most Pixar films, EVERY Pirates film, EVERY Shrek film, EVERY Spider-Man film, etc. Be realistic. It’s not even in the top 10 franchises, for God’s sake. So why is it being treated like it is?

  • Andy F

    EW, there are only so many weeks in a year’s subscription. Please quit it with the Twilight covers.

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