Ian Somerhalder politely declines your request that he bite you

vampire-diaries-somerhalder_lWe remember Zachary Quinto stopping by our offices early in Heroes‘ run, and telling us that he’d actually noticed people switch sides of the street so they wouldn’t have to walk by Sylar on the sidewalk. That’s the reaction you get when you play a villain. When you play a bitchy villain, like Ian Somerhalder does as The Vampire Diaries‘ deliciously evil Damon Salvatore — who just made EW’s list of TV’s Best Bitches (in the issue on newsstands tomorrow) the fans cross the street to get to you.

The actor says fans have asked him to bite various parts of their bodies. His response? “I generally just have to smile and politely decline because there are major problems associated with randomly biting people in the street,” he says. “One of them is legality. Another may be the fact that they’re extremely young and their 6’4″ father’s standing there with a baseball bat. Or that they’re married. Or that my lovely and wonderful girlfriend is standing next to me going ‘Uh-uh, it ain’t gonna happen.'”

I can see how having an actor who embodies a bad-ass vamp pretend to bite you would be a thrill (and a great photo), but I can’t imagine actually approaching one and asking him to do it. Anyone out there care to explain it to me?

How about guessing who else made our list of TV’s current best bitches?

Photo credit: Quantrell Colbert/The CW

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  • paige

    if you rent the first (and only) season of HBO’s “tell me you love me”- you can see his penis lol

    • crispy

      LOL. A close friend of mine lives in the same condo building in Atlanta as Ian Somerhalder. I’ve been asking him to send me pictures. (BTW, you must be a different Paige than the one who defends Twilight. I like lower-case paige much better!)

      • jen

        hi- I was wondering if you knew the name of the condo complex where Ian is staying? I live in Atlanta and have been hoping to catch a glimpse of the Vampire Diaries crew while they’re here!

      • crispy

        Yikes! I’m not sure I should be abetting a stalker… but it’s just off Peachtree!

      • paige

        Hi crispy! it is I, the lower case paige and I am NEVER to be confused with the PAIGE that defends Twilight… (I’m also the one that defended you on the Meryl Streep / Alec Baldwin cover post)

      • crispy

        Long live lower-case paige!

      • paige

        btw- i was here first… that twi-geek better changer her name!

      • Vampire Hunter

        There’s like 20 on PeachTree lol

      • Amelia Jessica

        is there more than 1 peachtree appartments complex or just one?

    • TheObserver

      So we were the two people who watched that series..hmmmm

      • Ceballos

        Three…I actually bought it.

        It’s sad because the DVD says “Complete First Season” back when HBO was still thinking about bringing it back.

        I’m thinking of crossing out the “First” and replacing it with “Only”…”The Comeback”-style!

      • paige

        i thought it was a great show with amazing performances… plus a whole lot of full frontal… HI CEBALLOS!

      • Ceballos

        Hi lower-case paige…

        Since I have no life and I’ve been trolling these boards for, literally, years, I can confirm that you were, in fact, here first.

      • Ceballos

        Also, I think you summed up “Tell Me You Love Me” perfectly. “Amazing performances…plus a whole lot of full frontal.” (Unfortunately, that quote isn’t on my DVD.)

        While I love her on “Lost”, “TMYLM” was also the place where I was introduced to the wonderful world of Sonya Walger….’s breasts. (Somewhat less wonderful: the world of Jane Alexander’s breasts.)

      • TheObserver

        Agreed I thought it was excellent…don’t know why they did not renew it

      • lower-case paige

        She DID have great boobies… The cast was uniformly excellent… remember the H-job scene in the pilot— oooooh

      • Ceballos

        To lower-case paige:

        Funny! But if anything, the other person should be forced to go by Upper-Case Paige since you were here first.

      • paige

        sooooo true (as you usually are)!

  • beelkay

    Another reason not to do it would be GERMS. Ew.

  • Ben

    There is no logic in the world of Vampire fandom. Just look at the “Twihards”. *Shudder*

    • Scott


    • Ann

      It’s not fair to generalize. Not all fans of “Twilight” act like crazy people. I hate the name Twihard. It just sounds so dumb. I usually like vampire stuff, but it would never even occur to me to go up to an actor and ask him to bite me. That’s bizarre.

  • pauch

    I hate to use the R word because it people always relate it to mentally disabled people who can’t help that disability but I just have to…people really asking an ACTOR who just plays a character on television, they’re seriously retarded.

    • pauch

      ^ to get bitten (added after the word television). Yes it bothered me that much that I couldn’t complete my thought..lol

  • Anne

    He has a girlfriend!?!?!? Well, she’s a lucky girl…

    • Danielle Martin

      She is definetly the lucky woman on the planet!

      • Missy B

        He’s taken =( Oh, that woman better be really beautiful (and I mean Eva Longoria, Heidi Klum, Angelina Jolie and Olivia Wilde all-in-one beautiful xD) … and as for the “Would you bite me, please”-thing … hmmm, some people have hard time making the difference between fiction and reality =)

      • Gabby

        “He’s taken =( Oh, that woman better be really beautiful (and I mean Eva Longoria, Heidi Klum, Angelina Jolie and Olivia Wilde all-in-one beautiful xD) …”

        Even though it was meant as a joke, comments like this tick me off. What matters is that she’s a good person, no? Who knows, maybe he doesn’t deserve her! Lots of times these pretty boy actors can be major douches, but they’re good at masking any arrogance with their charisma.
        I will never get why our society can’t wrap its shallow head around the fact that good looks are superficial and do not make you special or a better person. They just mean more people will want to screw you.

    • amanda

      I know. My world was just shattered by those words. Hopefully I will get over it by re-watching seasons of Lost…

  • Danielle Martin

    Ian is absolutely gorgeous, the ultimate man of my dreams! However, i’m happily married and Ian is happily taken so it’s disrespectful to ask him to bite you. Some people just can’t decipher between the character Damon and Ian, the actor.

  • CindyC.

    Love Magically Delicious (my special name for Mr. Somerhalder for years…) here to be sure, but the question was who do we think also made the list of Best TV Bitches. My guesses: Pam or Tara on True Blood, Dwight Schrute on The Office, Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl, and anybody on Grey’s Anatomy…

  • Lulu

    I LOVE Ian Somerhalder, because he is really outstanding and I am absolutely in love with the character Damon Salvatore. He is so brilliant and genius, it’s really fantastic and Ian plays his part to a T As much as I would love to meet him and take a piture with him, I would never ask him to bite me. That is just way too far, lol.

  • TheObserver

    The whole vampire biting thing is a play off the act of penetration/intromission…thats the appeal of a vampire biting you and sucking on your blood, but while I wish Ian the best with his allegedly lovely G/F, if ever they should part ways, he is welcome to bite me anytime, or to do with me the thing that biting is a metaphor for *wink*

  • Nightstar

    Ian is most definitely Eye Candy! I loved him as Boone in Lost (which I hated the fact that he died) and I am loving him in Vampire Diaries.

  • Snarf

    Love Damon. Hot, evil and a bitch.
    My guesses for the Top 5 bitches currently on TV? (Besides Damon)
    Holly (Brothers & Sisters)
    Sylar (Heroes)
    Evelyn Harper (Two and a Half men)
    Ben (Lost)
    Adele – Dollhouse

  • BLM

    People are insane! Asking a perfect stranger to bite you is crazy! Just because Ian Somerhalder is on a TV show doesn’t mean that he is your friend.

  • Zoey

    That’s crazy! Yes he’s beautiful and he’s sexy, but how insane are you to ask for him to bite you? Fiction. Reality. I’d charge across the street for a picture though. Can’t pass that up.

  • CandyMaize

    You know … it’s one thing to HOPE to get nibbled on .. another thing to ask for it ;-)

  • Amy

    People really are a bit nuts. As much as I probably would enjoy Ian biting me (Or Paul Wesley, James Marsters, David Boreanaz, or Robert Pattinson- to name a few other sexy vampire men) I can’t fathom actually going up to one of them and sincerely asking a complete stranger to bite me. I know you guys mostly hate Twilight, but I enjoyed the first 3 books (and Robert Pattinson) and am not a crazy, annoying and obsessive fan. Back when the first movie was coming out, there was a great interview with Pattinson on a radio station (z100) where he was discussing his response to the, “Will you bite me?” question. It was hilarious. He said something along the lines of:

    It’s really frightening. These young girls- they want me to seriously bite them. Like, they want me to hurt and kill them. I always say, “No..if I bite you that will really truly hurt you. They don’t get it.”

    I laughed so hard. He sounded utterly bewildered and shocked. Oh our crazy, sexually repressed society makes me laugh.

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