Carrie Prejean threatens walk-out on 'inappropriate' Larry King: Cringe-worthy? Great TV? Both?

Former Miss California USA Carrie Prejean threatened to leave an interview with Larry King on Wednesday, going as far as removing her mic and sitting in silence on her satellite set in Washington. Prejean was on CNN’s Larry King Live to promote her new book, Still Standing, which she told King was for Americans who believe their beliefs are under attack and was written to address the double standard that she believes conservative women face from liberal media who “get away” with targeting them. After discussing the issues in the book, and whether she disclosed the solo sex tape she’d made as a teenager for her then-boyfriend to the pageant, which he said has a moral code (she pointed out to King that the tape had nothing to do with why she was fired, it was because she allegedly missed appearances and was difficult to work with), the subject turned to why she settled with the pageant when the issue of religious discrimination was so important to her. Prejean said she was not allowed to speak about the confidential mediation and agreement. King pressed her to explain why she couldn’t talk about her motive for the settlement, and she said he was being “inappropriate.”

Larry continued “inappropriate King Live” by going to a caller, at which point Prejean turned to someone off-camera and whispered “We’re gonna have to leave,” and began removing her mic so she could not hear the caller — a gay pageant fan from Detroit who wanted to know what advice she’d give gay friends who helped her achieve pageant success if they wanted to wed — or the host. “I think that you are being extremely inappropriate right now, and I’m about to leave your show,” Prejean said, as King tried to figure out what was happening. She eventually put her mic back on, and he cut to commercial. She said she threatened to leave because she was told she would not be taking calls from viewers.

A rep for Prejean has not yet returned EW’s request for further comment.

Forget politics, this is great cringe-inducing TV. (We think CNN’s Anderson Cooper would back us up on that.) Do you think Prejean handled herself appropriately?

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  • wakeforce

    Any thinking person would be able to defend her position. It is inappropriate for her to go on a talk show and not answer questions. Ms. Thing went on CNN for free publicity for her ghost-written book. Anybody that defends her is a complete moron!

    • Julius

      Agreed; she clearly has the IQ of a chair. What else would she be talking about in an interview, if not her own stupidity & hypocrisy plastered in the media? Cute cross necklace, though, very chic.

      • Daniel

        Come on now why must you insult innocent chairs?

      • Julius

        @Daniel – you know, I was thinking that, and was going to substitute with “mustard” …then realized mustard’s pretty awesome so delegated back to chair. Perhaps “amoeba” ?

      • I-Man

        Stephen Colbert’s interview with the Table was quite informative. The Table would own Prejean in a one on one showdown on the Talk Show circuit. :)

      • Tarc

        Infound it amusing that all Prejean did was show America that the so-called left media was actually quite kind to her: she’s clearly dumb as a box of rocks, and that’s all her own doing.

      • macho

        @Daniel… lol at the whole chair thing… lmbo

      • Heather

        I think her IQ would be closer to that of a cheese sandwich. The chair is relatively intelligent as it provides comfort for someone to sit… A cheese sandwich will eventually cause constipation and pain…

      • Sergio

        Insulting chairs is totally out of line. Chairs at least have have a purpose. Her book has a purpose as well, but as a coaster, it is just now that practical. She is a total hypocritc, and I wonder what jeasus would think about her porno and her implants.

      • MsSuniDaze

        Julias…your being very inappropriate. I have many close chair friends who are very intellegent. I can’t understand why she would go on a ‘liberal’ talk show and then basically attack the host who was asking basic questions. She wrote a book, what is he supposed to ask? What she loves to do on Sundays? It was almost like she was trying to make her point. Really who removes their mic in a fake huff and sits there on camera? I think she’s more like a balloon. Full of air which will eventually deflate soon.

    • Enough Already

      seriously, has she never seen Larry King’s show….duh, telephone calls are his schtick…..aren’t her 15 minutes up already….

      • Mom

        Not as long as she keeps releasing sex tapes of herself and walking off talk shows….

      • SATC

        well…shes was too busy taking nude photos, breast implants and making sex tapes.

    • Elizabeth

      Go away Carrie, just go away…

      That’s one of those “personality quirks” I love about the high and mighty: they can be all judgmental, but when they get called out, hooo boy, back off, who are YOU to question them…

    • KEH

      She is a pagent contestent of course she likes attention, I could say the same about people who write on EW and those of us who post here.. we like to be seen and heard.. So its joke for anyone to judge her on that.
      She also was mistreated by Perez hilton not by the question which I think was fair, but his childish rants after the fact. Perez Hilton made her a celebrity.. you don’t like it.. blame him.
      What I love is the kool aid drinkers who ignore the fact that he basic stand on Gay marriage is the same as President Obama’s .. And I disagree with both of them being lbertarian .. I support legal gay marriage.. I don’t like the rude behavoir of some that share my calling etc. it only slows the education process. Needed bring the public on board as a majority people share Carrie and Obama’s view still.

      • wakeforce

        Obama and others who share the same position would be able to articulate that same position. MS. Thing should be thanking Perez Hilton for making her a tabloid staple. She wouldn’t have been able to write her book of lies or get booked on tv shows because of it.

    • Lin

      To ‘Wakeforce” and everyone else who replied: I am so sick of you liberals and conservatives arguing with each other. Carrie said what she felt like saying –there are many Larry King guests who will only answer certain questions on air and who say they will not respond to callers, so Carrie is not unique. I don’t agree with everything she says but she is entitled to her views — go re-read the Constitution and grow up! And, by the way Perez Hilton is a self-serving jerk — that’s what my gay friends who have real class call him! Touche.

      • BlackIrish4094

        The Constitution doesn’t deal with behavior on a talkshow, dimwit. She is entitled to her views but if you go on a show like that you don’t get to pick and choose what questions you will get unless you are a lot higher up the entertainment food chain than she currently is. so maybe you should grow up if you think this is a free speech issue. What a moron!

      • Margo

        Why did she go on a talk show if she didn’t want to answer questions? And why go on Larry King, who is known for taking calls from viewers, if you don’t want to take calls from viewers? World leaders come on Larry’s show and take calls. Why is she above that?

      • James S.

        Sorry, Lin, but Ms. Pray-john doesn’t get to espouse her negative, homophobic and, frankly, religious nutwing views on national television and then turn around and act like a victim simply because she doesn’t want to defend herself. The time has come for her to pay the piper, so to speak, and she ain’t got a dime on her. Maybe now she’ll learn not to mouth-off in public. That’s what MY gay friends with class would say.

      • wakeforce

        Tahnk you, BlackIrish. I was going to respond, but the beauty of this site is that when someone uses a stupid argument, there is always someone who turns it on its head. Lin, I think Perez Hiton should have had his a** handed to him after the Will.i.Am incident, but ms. Thing should still thank him for keeping that dumb blond hoe in the spotlight! Touche!

      • oregonbird

        Um… when you have friends, who are gay, you do not, absolutely not, refer to them as “my gay friends”. Because… they are not your friends as a result of being gay. Also, of course, this is as much a tell as a chatroom misogynist claiming the right to hate women because “After all, I am a woman!”

        Sure you are, sweetie. And yeah, sure you have gay friends. Um. Not.

    • Lori

      I’m actually glad she showed her true colors. How disrespectful of her! “Larry, Larry” She should be calling him MR. King. I sick of these hoe bags making sex tapes and profiting from it.

    • Fran

      Carrie P, Sarah P, & the republican P – all seem to be so out of touch & just disconnected. It is so sad. The level of immaturity & hypocracy is just unreal.

  • anton

    Notice that none of her indiscretions are ever HER fault. I gave an incoherent answer in the Q&A portion of a beauty pageant and lost? It’s the gays’ fault. I posed for nude photos? The liberals are attacking my religious beliefs. I made a sex tape. Again, you hate me because I’m a devout Christian. No, Carrie, we hate you because you’re a hypocrite. Please go away.

    • Sabrina

      I like you, anton.

    • cicerodan

      I second that

    • TheObserver

      so when she was filming herself performing a sex act, that wasn’t inappropriate? I’m so with Anton on this

      • Bob

        The left wing media machine hypnotized her way back then, and forced her to make that video against her better christian judgment. They also snuck into Prejean’s mother’s womb 23 years ago and lobotomized her.

    • Emily

      Anton rocks

    • alex

      anton is my hero

    • Lisa

      Well said!

    • kiki

      Well said, how hypocritical of this woman.

      I am a Christian, and I wish she would quite saying she is playing on my team, we don’t want her!!!

      Seriously, Christian…a sex tape, and posed for nude photo’s. What quote in the bible allows all this, I must have been absent from Sunday school when they covered this topic.

      Signing a morality clause in her contract with her past? She should be grateful they are not hauling her dumb blond ass to court!!!

      • To Kiki

        Kiki you are so right… I wouldn’t want her in my camp either. Carrie is a hyprocrit who got caught – see how fast she dropped her lawsuit.

      • Katie

        Kiki – I get what you’re saying. Just be careful with that. What in your past could be used in exactly the same way? Maybe the difference is you’ve acknowledged (and atoned for) them coherently and have changed your ways. I wonder if what you were trying to point out is that she doesn’t appear to be overly contrite (or even able to intelligently discuss!) any of her morally-questionable actions in the past.

      • Margo

        It’s not Prejean’s past that is the problem, or that she claims she is a Christian. It’s that she talks about how much she hates porn, nudity, and women exploiting their bodies to get ahead. So when she won’t acknowledge that she made mistakes, such as the sex tape and nude photos, it comes across as hypocritical. To her, it’s bad when others do these things, but if anyone questions her about doing these things they are out to get her. If she admitted she made mistakes, and says she learned her lesson, then maybe she could be the role model that she wants to be. But you can’t pretend to be perfect, and claim all your mistakes are others people’s fault, and then tell others how to live.

    • rachel

      yes! i like that she wants her voice to be heard, but signed a confidentiality agreement to settle her pageant law suit. so which is it? voice heard or money?

    • Daniel M.

      Great Comment.

  • caro88

    She is so dumb! she could of just said : i just wanted to get it over with” and thats it! and keep promoting your stupid book! But no! you want more media attention!

    • John

      Note to caro88 at 10:13am:

      You wrote, “she could of”. I find it amazing that you refer to her as dumb, when even a 2nd grader knows that, grammatically, it should be, “she could have”.
      Before you refer to someone else as dumb, perhaps you should first examine what’s lacking in your own neck of the woods.

      • kope

        John – desperate much?

      • snarky44

        Hey John……zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

      • Julius

        Yo John! If you busted out that English textbook, you’d also notice that you used too many commas.

      • Kate

        Actually, Julius, his commas are on point.

      • BlackIrish4094

        Thanks for the english lesson. The web is where speliing and grammar come to die, dumb@ss. Oh, and I purposely substituted the A before you correct me.

      • Bmind

        Oh, and John, as an editor, I feel I should point out that commas and periods go inside of the quotation marks. Also, “your own” is redundant. And it’s quite confusing to compare someone’s lack of intelligence to a location in the woods. Just saying. You seem to have an appreciation for correcting others.

      • James S.

        Nice smackdown, Bmind. Very nice.

    • besimon

      Could of or could have – who cares? Your post is right on. Carrie came in second because she doesn’t know how to answer questions. And she’s showing that she still doesn’t know how to answer questions. She’s a PR mess.

      • Laura K.

        Ordinarily, maybe it’s not worth pointing out. However, it’s pretty ironic to begin by saying “She [Ms. Prejean] is so dumb,” and then continue with an obvious grammatical error. And John didn’t even point out the lack of proper capitalization to begin the sentence! I’d say that shows admirable restraint.

      • Marie

        That was a stupid move. She should have decided if she wanted to walk of or stay on. And not take the mic off and just sat there like a dumb hick!

      • James S.

        True, besimon, she IS a PR mess. But she’s also pure schadenfreude joy!!

  • CO

    Larry I LOVE YOU!! My dad and I adore you! She is s spoiled snob who is getting so much attention and she loves it! It is really sad actually! I am sure that little stunt was planned from the time she sat down! She gives the pageant industry a terrible image and I feel sorry for her!

    • snarky44

      Hey Laura K……zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!

    • Mom

      I agree. I think she’s selling a book and it’s no coincidence this “sex tape” came out now. She clearly had a plan with whomever she was speaking off camera, unless that person is a lip reader. We’re being played. As for making pageants look bad, Patsy Ramsey set the bar for bad pageant publicity. Prejean will have to commit mass murder to beat that.

  • Lauren

    maybe he kept pressuring when he shouldn’t, but that’s larry king. he asks hard questions. She should have been aware before accepting the interview. she was being way immature about this whole thing taking the microphone off and not answering anything? That’s ridiculous

    • Tom Brazelton

      Larry asks hard questions? He’s the king of the softball interview!

      • John

        My thoughts exactly Tom–King is not a tough interviewer. If she feels pressured by him, she should just quit the press tour for her book now.

      • JR Cruz

        Girl is hot, but shes a snob – Wut can you do? She’s rich and beautiful and she wants to be more richer – typical gold-digger mentality if she has any mentality… Hannity & Colmes, Glen Beck, and O’Reilly not making attacks on Liberal Woman? They do it all the damn time.. They probaly do a better job than olberman does on palin. What a dumb broad

    • Nayeh

      Larry King does not ask “hard” questions. His “interviews” are a joke. He doesn’t prepare in advance and might as well be a publicist for most of his guests.

  • Mark

    So now “authors” are patterning their behaviour after Chyma from “Big Brother”? Too bad there wasn’t a hot tub close by she could have dramatically tossed the mike into.

    • Nan

      Oh, now that is funny, Mark. Chima is about 100 times smarter and more articulate than this skank.

  • Hannah

    Please, no more. Let this woman skulk off into the obscurity she sooooooo deserves.

  • dusen

    Holy cr*p, she is a tool. Certainly reinforces the dumb blonde stereotype.

    • Julius

      “Tool” is the perfect word.

  • Katie G

    If you’re going to have public opinions on hot topics, you’re going to have to learn how to defend your position. this applies to everyone, not just dumb blond conservatives. How is it that she is a victim?

    • Luddite

      You mean you didn’t know that for Carrie Prejean, the right to free speech also means immunity from criticism?

      • Amanda

        I am so glad that someone has mentioned how she allowed to say whatever she wants, but if anyone makes a statement in opposition of hers or asks her a question she does not like that they are “attacking” her.

      • tracy

        Let’s face it, she (or rather, her publicity team) is following the Bush PR strategy of no criticism or accountability, even in White House press briefings. If you’re going to put your opinions out there, liberal or conservative or whatever, have the balls/ovaries to defend them. There’s a reason why people use the phrase “courage of your convictions.” I don’t buy Prejean’s version of Christianity, but either way, the gospels don’t promise followers an easy road. Can you imagine Jesus getting mad at all the criticism and pouting?

    • jodipo

      ha! too true, I guess She has “Sarah Palin” syndrom… go and shoot off your moth and when someone calls you on your BS they are picking on you. What a twit

  • rerun

    Usually think Larry King is a tool but did a good job here. Whoever buys her book is an idiot.

  • EJ

    If she was told she wasn’t going to have to talk to callers, then she didn’t have to talk to callers. It’s that simple. Why should she hold up her end of the bargain if Larry King didn’t?

    • stryker

      Carrie, is that you?

      • x


    • Sluggo

      How do you know she was told she wouldn’t have to talk to callers? If she wants to hawk her book, it pretty much comes with the territory. I believe it’s called for tat.

      • EJ

        It says this in the article above. “She said she threatened to leave because she was told she would not be taking calls from viewers.” Does anyone even read these articles before they post a reply?

      • Margo

        She did claim that she was told that she didn’t have to take calls, but it doesn’t mean the show actually agreed to that. Obviously nobody from Larry King’s show knew anything about it. They were taking calls, which they wouldn’t have done if they had agreed to not take calls. Wouldn’t be the first time Prejean blamed someone else for her problems.

    • Westport

      Oh, gimme a break. Taking callers is what Larry King DOES.

    • Daniel

      One of the enduring features of Larry King Live is … CALLERS.

  • Ronen Newmark

    She makes me laugh. She believes in the classic falsehood in this country that a girl with looks opens her mouth, anything that comes out will be instant inspiration. FAKE! She got fired from the EASIEST job on the planet, and NOW because she’s just too hot to WORK for a living, she wrote a “book” about morals and courage? Because it’s “courageous” to walk out on a respected Journalist talk show? Even with reports that she called her ex-boyfriend and asked him to back her up on the lie that she was underaged when she made her video? HYPOCRITE! She shouldn’t have titled her book “Still Standing” but rather “Still Running Away if you call me out on my Bull*$%#” much better title. When the book fails to make her easy money, she’ll be doing porn in no time. Aint foolin NOBODY honey.

  • Ronen Newmark

    She believes in the classic falsehood in this country that anytime a girl with looks opens her mouth, ANYTHING that comes out will be this instant inspirational horsecrap for “women’s rights”. FAKE! She got fired from the EASIEST job on the planet, and NOW because she’s just too hot to WORK for a living, she wrote a “book” about morals and courage? Because it’s “courageous” to walk out on a respected Journalist talk show? Even with reports that she called her ex-boyfriend and asked him to back her up on the lie that she was underaged when she made her video? HYPOCRITE! She shouldn’t have titled her book “Still Standing” but rather “Still Running Away if you call me out on my Bull*$%#” much better title. When the book fails to make her easy money, she’ll be doing porn in no time. Aint foolin NOBODY honey.

  • Sluggo

    Why are all bible toting, right wing women such stupid hypocrites? (I’m looking at you too, Sarah!)

    • Daniel


    • Westport

      I think it applies across all genders, actually.

      • Sluggo

        I apologize. (I’m looking at you Mark Sanford!)

    • leftwing and proud

      because the right wing does not encourage their advocates to think for themselves. their message is: we do the thinking. we decide what’s ‘right’. you toe the line. end of story.

      • Laura K.


    • TheObserver

      Hey! no fair! not all christians are crazy nutjobs! it just so happens in america if you’re a crazy nutjob who calls themselves a chrisitan and you have a decent rack you can find a platform in visual media

      • Katja

        Agreed. This kind of generalization is harmful, no matter who you’re talking about. Some conservatives/some very religious people are actually very intelligent and can clearly state their reasoning and you can have a great debate with them because they know their stuff; same goes for liberals or unreligious people. I can’t stand when people say “all the conservatives are stupid” or “all the liberals hate religion and values”. Here’s the one generalization I like: anyone who says those kinds of things is being an idiot.

      • Katja

        But yes, this particular woman is an utter moron.

      • Mom

        Oh, sorry, Katja. Let me be specific: I’ve never met a Christian who can discuss their deep belief in mythology with any sense of reality. Arguing from a position of “because God said so” is hardly rational, so be definition Christians have a hole in their thinking somewhere. Prejean is a classic example: she’s a Christian…who sends sex videos, bleaches her hair and gets breast implants so she can walk around almost naked and “inspire” others, and shares her faith-based belief that her god is the decider in the lives of millions who don’t share her beliefs. I’m ordering my implants and learning how to sext now!

    • stevenjaba

      The human race gets into trouble as soon as we start making mass generalizations about an entire group of people. Every group on the planet – every religion, creed, orientation, etc. contains individuals who are poor human beings and those who are excellent human beings.

      The effect of these kinds of generalizations is dehumanization, and the ultimate outcome, is violence.

      I find the growing tendency in the US to make generalizations about those different from us to be very disturbing. Let’s all be better than that – instead of thinking of ourselves as superior to those with a different point of view, let’s listen. Then agree to disagree.

      • BlackIrish4094

        Amen!! There is no more discussion or agree to disagree it seems in this country. Only you’re with us or against us mentality.

      • mmmm

        sounds like a very liberal point-of-view… that’s the problem, people who are fundamentalists, no matter what they base their fundamentalism on, will not be open-minded to others…

  • Syd

    So so obviously had something to do with the release of this “sex tape” to boost book sales and fire up “controversy” for her book tour. The fact that this chick has become the poster child for the conservative christian right wing bible-whackers shows just how desperate and irrelevant they are.

    • Westport

      “Desperate and Irrelevant.” Now, THAT’S what she should have titled her book.

    • Katie

      She’s not my poster child. I didn’t claim her.

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