Have you ever felt 'betrayed' by an actor?

demi-moore_lIn a new W magazine cover story interview, Demi Moore speaks candidly about her position in Hollywood (which is currently on the indie scene, see: a role opposite Parker Posey in the upcoming Happy Tears). She also talks about her decision to “step back” and semi-retire to Idaho after starring in and producing G.I. Jane. “I think G.I. Jane got hit because I was paid $12 million to do Striptease,” Moore says.In a sense, Striptease was a film where women felt I betrayed them. G.I. Jane is a film where men felt I betrayed them. The focus went on that paycheck.”

Have you ever felt “betrayed” by an actor? It’s a strong word that reveals just how seriously we take entertainment. The first betrayal that comes to mind might show you what you value most. For me, the betrayal is Vince Vaughn in Fred Claus and the value is comedy. After Old School and Wedding Crashers, I trusted Vaughn to know both a funny set-up and how to keep the laughs going for 90 minutes. There’s nothing worse than watching a comedy that starts with a great concept (Vaughn as the black sheep brother to a Santa Claus played by Paul Giamatti), but falls flat repeatedly. You feel betrayed because you can’t believe that anyone thought these jokes were funny on the page, which could mean that the film was greenlit with a half-assed script that producers assumed would get better on set (because look at the actors cast, they know funny!). A more recent betrayal in this vein, Nia Vardalos in My Life in Ruins. I read the reviews, but I assumed that with my freakish tolerance of/affection for romantic comedies, I’d enjoy this more than the average person (or critic). But no. Not funny. At all.

Your turn.

P.S. Do not rent or buy Fred Claus.

Photo credit: Striptease: Kerry Hayes; G.I. Jane: Everett Collection

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  • Torin

    Arnold Schwartzenneger comes to mind right away. Becoming a governor denied us a True Lies 2 and who knows how many more action movies. This makes me angrier because there are no dominant action movies stars anymore because so many actors choose to do kid flicks (Dwayne Johnson), romantic comedies (Gerard Butler) or crappy action movies (Jason Statham, Vin Diesel).

    • Chris

      Not to mention he’s been an awful governor.

      • Rabid


      • darclyte

        Honestly, I think it’s difficult and somewhat unfair to label a Governor as “bad” these days. The economy nationwide has tanked and states like California and Michigan really took the brunt of it due to the collapse of several of their major industries. It didn’t matter if the Governor of California was a Republican or the Governor of Michigan was a Democrat, circumstances collapse around them in large part due to things they had no control over.

    • Mags

      But Arnold did kids flicks, too. Though I can forgive him because he blessed the whole world with Kindergarten Cop.

      • Brent

        Great Governor!
        Great Role Model!
        Great Man!
        From Conan to gov of CA what a story.
        Only wish constitution would allow him a run aginst Obama, I think he would win.

      • Krusty

        Brent, as the governa of Cally-fornia I say to you and da people of Cally-fornia dat I would not want to be in President Obama’s shoes you know with da pressure and da withdrawing the troops delaying and being da fall guy for da economy dat my good friend George messed up for 8 years (whisper whisper) Oops scratch dat last vun Brent…

      • Sara

        Yes, I was hoping we could get into an irrelevant political debate!

  • Barb

    David Duchovny and Julianne Moore in Evolution. Seriously, why?

    • Elizabeth

      That was a fun movie… stupid, but fun.

      Actually, I “broke up” with Chris O’Donnell after “The Bachelor”. It wasn’t until I caught an episode of NCIS: LA that I decided I might be able to “just be friends” with him again. I mean, it was a little sketchy after “Batman & Robin”, but there were a lot of guilty parties in that one.

      • aimee

        Ugh, I actually tried to watch The Bachelor the other night on cable–AWFUL.

    • Q

      WHAT?? I loved this movie!

      • Mil0

        I did too!

    • Daniel

      Evolution is a movie that when I come across it on cable I’m fully vested. That movie is great for me.

    • Stephen

      Thank you! Nobody remembers what an incredibly awful movie this was. It was ruined even more by DDs acting (atrocious).

    • t3hdow

      I can’t side with you here. While Evolution wasn’t exactly original (it felt like a hybrid of Ghostbusters and Men in Black), it was hilarious. I’m a little miffed it got less attention during its theatrical run.

  • Karen

    Couples Retreat. Betrayed by the entire cast… sigh. I went to a screening for free, but somehow, I still want my money back.

  • tggolden83

    Not any particular actor, but I felt betrayed by the new Star Wars episodes and the new Indiana Jones…also I felt betrayed by the Broadway revival of All my Sons for making me endure Katie Holmes in the midst of Christian Carmago, Patrick Wilson, John Lithgow and Dianne Weist…not fair.

    • Dustin

      I completely agree that George Lucas is the director who I felt betrayed me with the new Star Wars, but as far as actors go, I would have to vote for Megan Mullaly going for broke in “In The Motherhood”. She was a poorer Karen with much worse lines…

      • Q

        I feel not just betrayed but angry at George Lucas. He destroyed the happy memories of my childhood!

      • I-Man

        George Lucas betrayed everything Star Wars the moment he made Han shoot Greedo first in the Cantina Scene in the Star Wars: Special Edition.

      • Courtney

        (to above) I agree 100 percent.

      • SF Writer

        I hope you meant to say that he made GREEDO shoot Han first. It’s always been established that Han shot first in the original release. Then Lucas decided to change it in the ‘Special Editions’ to having Greedo shoot first to make Han look like less of a scoundrel (he really didn’t need to, Leia’s redemption of Han was a nice plot point of the Original trilogy). Then, after we, the fans, blew a collective gasket, he went back and made it so that BOTH Han AND Greedo shhot at the same time. It’s all a big mess that would have been better had he just left the d*mn thing alone.

    • Lala

      Can’t they just re-do Star Wars I-III — or pretend like they never existed??? Pretty please?! I’m scared to watch Indiana Jones IV, I think I’d be better off just watching the originals again.

    • Waterland

      What new Star Wars? The last one was released in 1983. That’s MY reality, and I reject any other.

  • Mary Q. Contrary

    I still can’t believe both Ralph Fiennes and Holly Hunter did Maid in Manhattan. The whole film, if you can call it that, was a trainwreck, and I want to believe that at least one of them thought about getting off before they reached the station.

    • el

      Holly Hunter wasn’t in Maid in Manhattan.

    • Sailor

      Holly Hunter was not in Maid in Manhattan. You are thinking of Natasha Richardson.

      • John

        Holly Hunter was in Little Black Book. Completely different betrayal.

      • Jeff

        Both Holly Hunter and Kathy Bates were in Little Black Book, playing second fiddle(s) to that great thespian, Brittany Murphy. That wsa truly a sad day

      • Dani

        Little Black Book was an awful movie! Bad choice for Holly Hunter.

      • a/c

        I thought Little Black Book was a cute movie. But I did wonder why two Academy Award winners were in it…

    • My name is Mud

      Not HH but J.Lo.

    • Mil0

      Can’t blame Ralph Fiennes for trying his hand at a romcom lead. (And he’s been smart enough not to repeat the mistake.) You can blame whoever was in charge of that movie though. Romcoms have to have likable leads, and RF is not that. A great actor, yes, likable? No.

    • b

      Yeah, but Fiennes just did it because he needed something lighthearted in between the movies he usually makes… hadn’t he just done Red Dragon before that? I personally gave him a pass for Maid in Manhattan because of that.

    • sparks

      I guess you did actually see Maid in Manhattan…it wasn’t Holly, but Jennifer Lopez..Soupy movie yes, but fun to watch.-

      • Mary Q. Contrary

        Whoops. My bad. But I would never, ever mistake Holly Hunter for Jennifer Lopez. I was thinking of Natasha Richardson. It never even occurred to me to be surprised about Jennifer Lopez doing that one. It’s right in line with the rest of the schlock she does (excluding Out of Sight, duh).

  • Cliff

    John Turturro in Transformers 1 and 2. I usually like his performances (especially in O’ Brother Where Art Thou), but he was absolutely awful in the Transformers films.

    • El 2

      See, I didn’t as much feel betrayed in the first one, because it seemed like a fun treat when he showed up. But when he signed up for the second one, I began questioning the existence of a higher power.

    • Marc

      Everyone was absolutely awful in the Transformers films.

      • Richard

        Including the Autobots themselves!

      • Glenda

        The Transformer films were just awful period. Should have remained animated.

    • Harry K

      Agreed! Terrible! He should stick with Coen Brothers’ films.

  • Jeff

    Definitely agree with the latest Indiana Jones movie. Felt most betrayed by Spielberg and Ford for making me wait sooooo long for such a lousy concept/movie. I mean… the monkeys alone made me want to scream in anger.

    • Juniper

      Thank you!!! I was so sad when I left the theater… I love Indy and those stupid crystal skulls were ridiculous.

    • CCS

      Seriously – aliens, ugh!

    • Martha

      Totally agree, and what a waste of Cate Blanchett!

    • clay


      • Leila

        Yeah, but that movie was redeemed by the entrance of Karen Allen. I was so afraid Spielberg was gonna put his wife in it.

  • MWC

    Every Nicholas Cage movie from the last 10 years. Does he just say ‘yes’ to whatever is offered to him?

    • TheObserver

      The man is broke he needs the money! especially in this economy….

      • Monique

        Yeah, poor guy can’t even buy a castle anymore. Damn economy.

      • Carrie

        He needs to pay for his cheekbones….they look younger and younger as time goes on.

      • mike

        Except Adaptation!!

      • TheObserver

        Lord of War and Matchstick men were good as well

      • m

        Hard for me to feel sorry for a guy whose problem is that he can’t stop buying islands and such long enough to pay his taxes! On topic: I don’t feel betrayed so much as that certain actors have sold out. I really respect the ones that I feel haven’t. I might not always agree with the choices that a Johnny Depp (for example) makes, but so far, I feel he hasn’t sold out. Same for Leonardo DiCaprio & some others. It’s hard to gripe about what someone breaking in does.

      • Idon

        He definitely needs more money for a better toupe!

      • PixxieTrixxie

        I was thinking Nicholas Cage also but I still enjoy all his movies – even when they are bad. It’s part of the fun. The man really has no standards when it comes to choosing parts.

    • CagedIn

      I am a huge Nic Cage fan, but totally agree he hasn’t put out a good movie in a while. Loved the first National Treasure, but the second was a waste of time. matchstick men and Lord of War were also decent movies, but no comparison to the days of The Rock, Con Air, Face/Off, or Gone in 60 Seconds

      • jared4ever

        I remember when it seemed like he was the coolest and most indie guy in Hollywood. He had it all and he sold it all away for crappy action flicks and a big paycheck. Huge betrayal!

      • Andy F

        Not usually one to apologize for the erstwhile H.I., but: WeatherMan. Very good Nic Cage and an engaged Michael Caine (who’s never betrayed me, just himself with Jaws IV).

      • nunnya

        I loved Weatherman.

      • Sara

        I also loved FAMILY MAN.. that movie always touches me.

      • Oboe

        Don’t forget Valley Girl! It’s sushi, dontcha know.

    • April

      I agree- sometimes I wonder why Nic Cage ever rose to the level of stardom he is at. But, to me, the one exception to this is “Knowing”- which is AWESOME and completely blew me away. He just happens to be in it, that’s all!

  • bondfool

    I felt betrayed by Mel Gibson’s DUI/Anti-Semitic Rant etc.

    • rick james

      i actually liked it

    • Juniper

      Hahahaha!!! That and the anti-Semetic undertones of “Passion of the Christ.” Oy veh.

      • someone

        If you know anything about scripture, Jesus was crucified by the Romans, not the Jews. Therefore it could be argued as being inaccurate and not anti-semetic.

      • Juniper

        Hahaha, I actually DO know that, and there’s been such a tendency in the history of the Christian church to paint Jews as “Christ-killers” to gloss over horribly anti-Semitic behavior, which Mel Gibson conveniently ignored. Perhaps, considering his arrest, it throws light on his directing choices.

      • Kristen (means “follower of Christ”

        Pilate gave the Jews a choice of which condemned man they wanted to free. They chose the muderer rather than Christ. If the mob mentality had not prevailed there might be one fewer major monotheistic religions today. Either way, that is the reason that the Jews were refered to as “Christ killers”. As for Gibson, he is just a pathetic old man who needs to go away.

  • dan

    pretty much anything deniro and pacino have done in the last 10 years is unforgivable.

    • Karen

      I completely agree. I read an article a few years ago that wrote, ‘Remember when Robert DeNiro being in a movie meant something?’. While that line hurt it was so true.

      • Chris

        Add Jack Nicholson to this list. And maaayybe Christopher Walken.

      • TheObserver

        did you not see The Departed? Jack’s still got it..okay?

      • TheObserver

        oh…and the could do a 90 minute still shot of Walken with no audio and I’d watch it. the man is himself is that entertaining (go watch fatboy slims ‘weapon of choice’ on youtube…educate your mind)

      • Jelana

        Christopher Walken and Michael Caine are both in a special category. They do some of the worst drivel imaginable, but their good stuff makes it worth it. I don’t get a sell-out vibe from them. They just do everything. Samuel L. Jackson might be in this group as well.

      • TheObserver

        Re: Jelana – *Church*

      • Chris

        Jelana I totally agree with you! Walken’s cameos in anything are usually the only part with watching. He never disappoints.

      • m

        As much as I like Walken, he’s not the most selective guy. I’d argue that Nicholson has often played parts in the same operatic, overblown way. Not always, but often.

      • UncleWalty

        dunno…DeNiro and Walken are usually good even when the material isn’t, something you can’t say about Michael Caine, or Al Pacino for that matter.

      • Yoja

        If you are looking for good Christopher Walken footage, find his reading of Lady Gaga lyrics on youtube. Hilarious!

      • WWWeaves

        Morgan Freeman is also in this category. I think of them as actors who feel driven to work constantly. I don’t know what their reasons are. (Children, ex-spouses, deprived childhoods) But I respect the ethic, and only see the films I think I’ll like.

    • LovelyDove

      Did you miss “Rigtheous Kill”? I love that movie!

      • LovelyDove

        meant…”Righteous Kill”…

    • leo

      I would agree wholeheartedly – only ‘out’ for both is that I think they might have both had twin babies late in life and may have sacrificed their reputations to pay the bills…

      • leo

        I was talking about DeNiro and Pacino BTW

  • Sarah El

    Anyone who agrees to be in Spider-Man or Pirates of the Caribbean 4.

  • martin

    I was betrayed by Will Smith. I had to walk away when every movie he was making involved aliens or some catastrophe. He should have stuck to television comedies. That’s where he shined.

    • mscisluv

      I love Will Smith, and I personally think he makes pretty smart choices in regards to his movie roles. The one huge slip up (but I’m not sure I would call it a betrayal) was “Wild Wild West.”

      • m

        For all involved. Did they actually see the script before they signed, I wonder? That was horrible.

      • gael

        especially because he turned down the role of Neo in the matrix to do Wild Wild West.

      • Jess

        Wild West? Really..?? That was exceedingly more tolerable than Hancock…what was he thinking when he signed on to do that puppy?

      • daisyj

        I find it intensely amusing that Eminem did a song for the soundtrack of that movie.

      • KathD

        Kevin Kline is another fantastic actor that got dragged into that mess. He actually said he signed on because he had never made a “movie without a script” before. (I think he was being sarcastic…)

    • BlackIrish4094

      Will Smith sucks so bad.

      • Alan Smithee

        You’re so right! That why he only get nominated for Oscars (2) rather than winning them. This is sarcasm for those that can’t tell.

      • BlackIrish4094

        Because Oscars never get things wrong like Marisa Tomei for Best Supporting actress. Oscars are politics and Will Smith is safe but a mediocre actor. This is not sarcasm in caser you can’t tell, Will Smith bee-atch.

      • Carrie

        To Alan Smithee…um…Halle Berry and Julia Roberts both have Oscars.That is a travesty. Will Smith is very non-threatening to white America and that’s why he’s always in the movies and probably why he has ocsar nominations.

    • Richard

      Poss. I, Robot 2 & MiB III … ?!?

  • Cat

    I felt a little betrayed by Natalie Portman and Milos Foreman with “Goya’s Ghosts”. Have you seen that? It’s, like, the worst movie of the 2000s.

    • GGG

      Oh geez, that was AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!

  • huhu

    reese witherspoon. she was so funny and sharp in freeway, pleasantville, election. and then sweet home alabama. ew

    • Liz

      Reese Witherspoon? Are you cracked out? Walk the Line? She was amazing as June Carter Cash and a decent singer as well.

      • Alan Smithee

        She won her oscar for Walk the Line. Rendition was good, too.

      • rtererererer

        The article is about a particular film, not the artist’s work as a whole.

    • SH

      True. But i know many people who like sweet home alabama surprisingly. I believe Four christmases was much worse anyway.

      • TrissaLynn

        I know people that like Sweet Home Alabama too. I just don’t get it. What are they seeing that I don’t? All the over-the-top southern accents were enough to make my ears bleed.

      • Alex

        Legally Blonde 2 was a travesty, too. Not that I wouldn’t expect anything with a “2” tacked on to the end of the title to not suck. But seriously, Reese, have some standards.

      • nooneinparticular

        @ TrissaLynn –

        I totally agree with everything you say about ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ . I feel the same about WAITRESS as well.

  • Officer Farva

    I feel betrayed by George Miller and his travesty of casting anyone but Mel Gibson (admittedly, he is a whacko d-bag now) as Max Rockatansky for Mad Max 4. Seriously, that film is destined for failure. I hope it is a crushing disappointment and George Miller can go back to making boring penguin movies (an Oscar!?! Seriously!?!)
    Also, George Lucas would be there for the Star Wars prequels, but then again he has since shown himself to be a complete “lady of the night” when it comes to that product. The first three are still classics (Carrie Fisher’s bored acting and ewoks aside), but George Lucas has ensured that no one ever looks forward to anything he comes up with again.

    • Lola

      I think Mel is smart to stay away from that trainwreck waiting to happen

      • Officer Farva

        Actually, without Mel it is assured to be a trainwreck.
        It would’ve been cool to see how the future progressed in the 20 years since Thunderdome. It could be a really epic vision of civilization emerging in the ruins of the past.

    • KXB

      Gorge Lucass ALWAYS sucked and any of you who based their childhood on what he did are mingery tools that should grow the F up already!!!

      • Esme

        “Mingery tools”–love that Limey slang!

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