Gilles Marini talks about his 'Brothers & Sisters' character, Luc: 'Well, why should I not be here?'

Giles-Marini-Brothers-Sisters_lAfter a few years of one-episode stints on shows like Passions, Criminal Minds, Ugly Betty and Dirty Sexy Money, French actor Gilles Marini truly broke out in last year’s Sex and the City movie as Dante, the Naked Guy. For the past few weeks, he’s been charming Brothers & Sisters fans — and providing a much-needed vitality boost for the downtrodden Walker family — as Luc Laurent, the sensitive-artist lover opposite Rachel Griffith’s Sarah. When I talked to my favorite Dancing With the Stars runner-up on the phone last week about his upcoming role on nip/tuck (he’s in two episodes beginning Nov. 18), we wound up talking about Brothers & Sisters a bit. The actor, who’s humbled and shocked by the number of fans who Facebook or email their urgent demands to see more of him on the show, is overjoyed that Luc’s story line has been extended four episodes beyond Marini’s original five-episode commitment…with the possibility of more. In tonight’s episode, “The Wig Party,” Marini appears only once — but don’t freak out! The actor’s own schedule was to blame, and he’ll be back for much more. “It gets to something much deeper and more dramatic the next week,” Gilles promises. “It’s major. Everyone will be on a cliffhanger of no way, what just happened, no no no! It’s pretty deep and I cannot wait for people to see it.”

EW: Do you think you’ll get to stay on the show for a long time?
Right now, four more episodes, that’s the minimum. I think they’ll leave it open and we’re gonna go day by day. For me, it’s so hard. I’m on Brothers and Sisters, you know? It can’t get better than that. Everyone there is acting royalty. It’s been an American Dream, the whole nine yards. The character Luc is great, rings a lot of bells to me. He’s very spontaneous and he’s in love with Sarah, inside and out. Sometimes it’s hard for her to believe it. In Europe, he’s a painter and he’s doing pretty well over there. He doesn’t need anything from anybody. He has no agenda. He just loves her! He’s like, ‘Well, why should I not be here?'”

You had a pool scene [in Oct. 25’s “Last Tango in Pasadena”] that reminded everyone of your role on Sex and the City, and then you even did some ballroom dancing. Did you like going back to those previous roles?
You know what, the writers decided to put it out there, and what I liked about it was that they put it up in a really light way, as kind of an homage. It was fast and it was funny. It wasn’t like Sex and the City. Nothing will be like Sex and the City ever. The writers on Brothers & Sisters are very smart to put things that you already know are my strengths, then scratching the surface and finding the layers. Obviously, I was very happy to do the tango stuff — there were some moves in there I had never done on Dancing With the Stars.

Maybe if Luc and Sarah get married, you can do a special foxtrot-slash-rumba at the wedding.
I hope we do much more than that! If we get married, it would be awesome. What a great story line — Sarah finding love with someone so different from what she ever had before. Someone for real loves her. In life, it happens sometimes that you just meet good people.

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  • aisha

    he should play alcide on true blood

    • Leo

      yeah he’d be great – I like Gale Harold for the role also, or the actor who played Luca on ER (his name is escaping me – Goran Visnic I think)…but Gilles would be a great choice as well!

  • LR

    I think he is great on Brothers and Sisters!! Hope they keep him around longer than 4 more episodes

  • Candice

    “In life, it happens sometimes that you just meet good people.”

    Few people are as good as Gilles. He’s handsome, an excellent dancer, a fine actor, and incredibly humble, sweet, and genuine. What’s not to like? He’s really too ‘current’ for Brothers & Sisters and deserves wider exposure in films. But that being said he is already a joy to watch on B&S, so I hope he becomes a permanent cast member!

  • wope

    I’m glad to hear he just loves her, I don’t want his storyline to turn into something like “oh no he has someone else and he’s been faking his love for sarah”. That would be so annoying, it’s true it’s nice to see a storyline where the guy IS nice without ulterior motives.

  • Andrea

    i think gilles is growing on me now. i thought that on brothers & sisters he would just be the hot and horny french guy that just so happens to stick around for sarah’s sex life. but he’s actually turning out to be a really sweet guy who’s always there for her and her family. i wish i could find a french guy like that!

  • Janeway

    Please let’s see more of Gilles. I love his character. Not only is he incredibly hot, but he is really sweet and good for Sara. Hope they keep him around a long time.

  • lisa dias

    I think Gilles is the hottest thing I ever laid eyes on. hot hot hot

  • PJ

    I love his character and Sarah deserves a happy love story! He brings a touch of lightness and joy that is missing in other parts of the show. I hope he becomes a regular character.

  • KelBelNV

    I just fell a little more in love with Gilles myself just now. What a wonderful man and I love him on Brothers and Sisters! Producers, write him in permanently please!

  • Alex

    Geez, just what this overpopulated show needs: another secondary character! And the man can NOT act. Yes, he’s gorgeous to look at. But the cast on the show is first rate. How can they lower the bar so much? Who’s next: Britney Spears and Kanye West?

    Oh well, judging from the falling ratings the producers are desperate to get some attention. Lots of crotch camera shots and shirtless Luc should do the trick for a few episodes.

    Sad, sad, sad. But hardly surprising. The show lost its way when they fired Jon Baitz (the creator of the show), and it jumped the shark when Rebecca was de-Walkerized in order to avoid incest with Justin. Last season continued the decline with Holly taking center stage (why???), Tommy got crazy and then booted from the show (why???), Kitty lost her brain and became baby obsessed (why???), Kevin lost his wit and became Robert’s errand, etc. etc. etc.

    Oh well, thank God for Mad Men and Showtime.

    • Elaine

      Then don’t watch it!!

    • julia

      Alex I think You have a complex . How could You compare kanye or britney to Gilles . You must be out of your mind He’s a great man with many talent and an incredible story and yes a good actor too. it’s sad to see someone like you watching Man Men or showtime . Last time I’ve checked it required a brain , something you clearly miss. You must be so frustrated with your life that you can’t even see the magic of this show . It takes us into a great ride where love, passion , life and the most important thing “family” is well portray. You have no idea what you are taking about . “Oh well, thank God for’ people like you they make us laugh …..

  • Arllys Sueverkruepp

    Great show, great cast made even better with Gilles Marini on it. Make him a regular cast member and it will be even better. Yes of course he is great to look at but he brings so much more to the screen, he can act and he makes his role very believable. Love it and want more and more of it. Thank you ABC and the writers.

  • Davey

    Marini is so much more interesting than some of the other characters on the show. I hope he remains on the show for a while. And what is the cliffhanger? Maybe Luc finds Holly dead at work? Anything to get rid of that annoying character.

  • Cassie McCrimmon

    For certain Gilles is easy on the eyes,but a believable actor in such a sweet role…..I suspect we see close to the real Gilles (toward is wife and family) in the romantic lover he plays. The more I have seen and heard of G. the more I believe he is a remarkably nice person. I feel, for me, he makes B & S. The rest of the show is so serious it’s somewhat dismal. I vote for a permanent place for Giles!

  • da

    Love Brothers & Sisters, and love Gilles! A great match; hope the producers keep him on permanently. Would like to see his character continue to develop, and really become a member of the Walker clan. They need to keep him dancing and shirtless as much as possible too!

  • Eleanor S

    Alex, if you hate Brothers & Sisters so much, why do you keep watching it? Stick to your show and leave this show and its fans alone. Gilles is the best thing that ever happened to B&S and the whole Sunday night TV. I’m surprised “Desperate Housewives” did not snap him up first.

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