David Tennant gets a pilot: If anyone can save NBC, it's The Doctor, right?

Anyone who’s had the pleasure of seeing David Tennant as the titular Doctor Who — from seasons 2-4 of the BBC’s most recent incarnation of the classic British show — knows the man can do anything: Free the Ood, make Billie Piper swoon, foil the Daleks‘ plans to pretty much destroy the universe. But now the dishy Scotsman is taking on an even more daunting task by shooting a pilot, Rex Is Not Your Lawyer, for (dun dun dunnnn) NBC. Seriously, with not-so-hot ratings for its “all-Leno, all-the-frakkin-time” strategy, the peacock sometimes looks like it’s halfway across the rainbow bridge and about to frolic with the dodo. As of this moment, in fact, my DVR has only two NBC series (The Office and 30 Rock) set as “series recordings.”

A Tennant-led Rex, however, could change that. The IMDb pages for writers Andrew Leeds and David Lampson don’t tell me much, but the show’s premise — a panic-attack-prone attorney teaches his clients to represent themselves — sounds like it has the potential to showcase Tennant’s dramedy chops, and bonus points will be distributed if his debonair accent doesn’t get lost in baggage on its way across the pond. Watch the opening of the wickedly good Doctor Who episode “Midnight” (and find the remainder of the episode after the jump) and tell me if you think NBC deserves a rousing chorus of “right on chaps!” and “cheerio!” for signing Tennant to a deal. I, for one, think (or at least hope) this move signals a turnaround for the network. And I say this as a die-hard Southland fan. You?

(BTW, even if you’ve seen “Midnight,” stick around to the 0:57 mark for a classic Doctor quote: “Taking a big space truck with a bunch of strangers across a diamond planet called Midnight: What could possibly go wrong?”)

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  • Sara

    I approve, especially if Billie Piper gets a guest spot.

  • Jessie

    David Tennant is an amazing actor. I am an avid fan of “Doctor Who” (great episode to post by the way) and will miss him in the next season.

    I wouldn’t even care what the NBC show was about. You tell me David Tennant will be in it and I will tune in to watch.

    • Sara

      Agreed! He’s one of those actors I’d watch in anything. (Like Alan Tudyk – I was iffy on watching “V” last night and then found out he was in it!)

    • jmo


      • J

        100% Agree!

    • Fran Anderson

      I am with you 100%. Tennant is absolutely amazing.

      I have to say I am a bit worried, not because of him but because of the current climate on TV. It seems like the execs have no guts and will not stick behind any of the shows they decide to put on and seem incapable of giving new shows the PR they need to get noticed.

      I will miss Tennant on Doctor Who, but this is at least a sliver of hope that he will get the attention he deserves post-Who.

    • A

      I totally agree. Tennant has been a wonderful Doctor, and hopefully NBC stands behind this new show.

    • Laura

      I completely agree!! David Tennant in something = me watching.
      Also, I am super excited that he is FINALLY coming to the U.S. and doing a high-profile show! (well, I guess NBC is sort of still high-profile…) Here’s hoping the show doesn’t suck, and he stays on my TV for a long time to come! Also, here’s hoping they let him do a Scottish or British accent, because his are killer.

    • maddy

      Michael! I didn’t know you were a Who fan also — that makes me love you all the more. I feel so sorry for those in the US who haven’t been exposed to the marvel that is David Tennant. I hope this show does for him what House did for Hugh Laurie.

    • gomergirl

      me too! anything with him or nathan fillian. i’m there!!!!

  • madeleine

    Forget Doctor Who. Tennant has done so much more and there are many non sci-fi loving fans of his that wish he was known for his acting and not just being “The Doctor”. Check out BBC’s Blackpool.

    • John

      I heard his Hamlet was amazing, too, and being shown by PBS next year!

      • PJ

        And will be released on DVD so watch your PBS listings in the new year for the Great Performances schedule.

      • TJ

        His Hamlet WAS amazing.

      • Kelmar

        Tennant’s Hamlet on PBS? Can’t wait! I was so sad I couldn’t see it in London!

      • maddy

        Ditto on the comments about Blackpool. And yes, his Hamlet was amazing, I had the pleasure of seeing it. And his performance in Love’s Labour’s Lost was just wonderful, but it got overshadowed by Hamlet. I really wish they had done a filmed version of that as well.

    • Ana

      Agreed! Tennant’s DI Carlisle in Blackpool is the most wonderful character and could serve as his audition piece for just about any genre of program. Plus, he’s GORgeous!! Tennant is a magnificent actor. I’ll watch him in anything. Here’s hoping the pilot attracts the necessary support from intelligent network execs [assuming……?] and that there is a decent PR push to let the viewers know of the program, and that it goes out in a decent timeslot!

  • Melinda65

    Love, love David Tennant, even if it did take a while after Christopher Eccleston for me to accept him as The Doctor. However, I’d like for him to use his own Scottish accent in the role rather than his DW accent or an American one.

    I would love for NBC to turn its fortunes around and lose its role as a punchline (or punching bag) because it would benefit us, the viewers. As a TV junkie, I love the thought of having more good shows to choose from.

    • orville

      I was a little hesitant to accept Tennant at first (because I loved Eccelston so much), but he won me over. I hope they let him use his own accent too. Love a Scottish accent.

      I hope the show goes for a little Eli Stone-ish whimsy–he’d be great at that.

  • Yadi

    YAY!!! More David Tennant!!! I will miss him as the Doctor but If there is still a chance to see him in anything else. I am there. Especially anything he can use his witty humor in. He’s amazing!

  • Vicki

    He could read the phone book and I would watch.

    • Susan

      Well, at least all the way through the “As”, at least….

  • Jackie

    SOOOO happy. This made my day. I will watch him in anything. I’ve been getting my fix watching Masterpiece on Sundays!! I can’t wait for this.

  • Lisa

    This news MADE MY WEEK!! I am so excited, I can’t even tell you. It nearly makes up for the fact that his run as the Doctor is almost over. I’m waiting for David Tennant to become as big a star in the US as he is in the UK. (Shades of Hugh Laurie)

    And excellent choice of episode.

  • Linda

    Excellent news. I’d watch him in anything. I do hope he gets to use his own accent, but I doubt it.

  • YBGuru

    Fan-TAS-tic! Please, NBC, bring Rose, Martha, and Donna on for guest shots. Maybe even Captain Jack.

    • WK

      Especially Captain Jack!

  • dmblb

    I love David Tennant with a love so pure and strong. The thought that he’ll no longer be the Doctor, makes me want to sob. But life must go on, so this is great news. Except—I’m afraid. Will they make him contort his mouth into an American accent? I’m sure he can pull it off. For gosh sakes, the quintessential Brit, Hugh Laurie, pulls it off weekly. But I worry about the quality of the show and how involved the brain trust of suits at NBC will be. I really want it to work for him. It would be great if he had a large audience here.

    • maddy

      Yeah, I’m most sad that we will probably get a generic american accent instead of his brilliant sounding natural scot. And I wish that the show was on cable so that it would have more leeway in its storylines. But it does sound an interesting premise, and I have little doubt that David can make it work if the writers give him anything decent at all to work with. I’m totally jazzed

  • Kate

    That was a really good and disturbing episode of Dr. Who, in this week’s rerun on Comcast’s DVR the episode with Queen Victoria (and her founding of Torchwood) and the werewolves, you get to hear Tennant’s actual Scottish accent rather than the British one he generally has (which is pretty fun too). His brogue is pretty clear (he enunicates better that Craig Ferguson) so that would be fun. And yes, while Rose I would understand Billie Piper is probably on a CBS contract with her Showtime show (where is that anyway?), Donna and Martha would rock and that actress who plays Martha would fit with NBC’s definition of attractive.

    • PJ

      Scottish is British. His Doctor accent is English.

      • WK

        Ah, but he used his own Scottish accent in that episode. But you’re right, the Doctor’s English accent and Tennant’s Scottish accent are both British.

    • Michele

      “That actress who plays Martha” is Freema Agyeman – and she’s already successfully starring as a layer in her own right in the UK version of “Law & Order”.

    • TJ

      Martha is played by Freema Agyeman and she is on Law and Order:UK (which makes me think of NBC with all it’s Law and Orders)

  • Jeffery2010

    When – when – when!!!??? NBC can’t do this fast enough. Leno’s show is a disaster and Tennant is fantastic!

    • sara

      I agree NBC needs to kick the show into high gear and get David Tennant on screen soon.

  • Brooke

    Please please don’t remind me that we’re down to our last few Tennant episodes with The Water of Mars and the Christmas special this year. I’m sure I’ll come to appreciate the new Doctor (I was unwilling to accept Eccleston leaving at first, after all), but it’s going to be sad.

  • No Daisy

    I have been waiting forever for this news. My love for David Tennant knows no bounds. This man has so much talent and charisma, I just hope the rest of America sees it. He is the perfect mix of sex and geek and when you add on that Scottish accent, yum!

    • ecg

      DT may be considered a ‘geek’ when not acting…due to his glasses, preferred mode of casual dress and exuberance in sharing his personal fan-boy interests. But I would not usually consider him to be one when acting in character, unless, the character truly is a ‘geek’.

      The gentleman can truly handle a variety of characters and roles ranging from serious (Einstein & Eddington) to comedic (various, including Doctor Who, various variety shows, Casanova) to dark (Secret Smile) to deranged, and yes to geeky (Learners). He’s also done various roles in the past of characters with mental problems of various extents (Takin’ Over the Asylum, Recovery, in audio format Medicinal Purposes).

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