'Survivor Talk': Liz calls Russell a 'male chauvinist pig'

We’ve seen Survivor: Samoa‘s Russell Hantz demean and degrade every single woman on his tribe. His latest victim, Liz Kim, thinks she knows why: He’s a “male chauvinist pig!” Those are just a few of the strong words the latest Survivor loser uses to describe her former tribemate as she joins Josh Wolk and me on the latest edition of Survivor Talk. How does Liz feel about being called so dumb that she was lucky to be able to walk? Why did she help vote out all the other women, leaving her such an easy target to be eliminated? And will she ever recover from the embarrassment of losing every single challenge known to man?!? Liz answers all in a very candid chat, and isn’t above taking some shots at herself for how she played the game. That’s good—because we aren’t above taking some shots at her either! Click on the video below and strap yourselves in for a bumpy ride. And for all the latest Survivor scoop, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @EWDaltonRoss.

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  • Randy

    He is not a chauvinist pig, he is a genius. He is clearly making himself into a villain with the way he talks about the ladies. I bet in the real world, he treats women much better than that. But he knows how to make himself a star on the show. I also think he will win the whole thing. He has played the game masterfully.

    • Larry

      I wouldn’t count on that.

    • Debbie

      If it walks like a pig & talks like a pig — It’s a pig!!

    • Kim

      Russell is disgusting and offensive. For me what is really creepy is not so much the way he plays the game, but the disturbing glimpses we get into the way his mind works in those individual interviews. He’s not only sexist, he’s also a narcissist and possibly a sociopath!

    • Leo

      to their face he probably doesn’t treat them like that but behind their backs – absolutely he does, and not just to women, either. I’d also bet he talks that way to his wife which is sad.
      I agree he’s playing cold and smart and it will get him to a certain level in the game but I don’t think he can win. He’s starting to get more arrogant and less careful. People are on to him even if he isn’t aware. His ego will get him in the end, mark my words!

    • McCoy

      A genius? His plan is to disrupt and demoralize his own team. The result – losing again and again. Doesn’t sound so smart to me.

      • ichorwhip

        Thank you! If in fact it was his plan, which is looking more and more half-baked every week. When he had the gall to complain about his tribe losing challenge after challenge, I had to think he didn’t exactly know what he was doing. What was with all the sabotage before ER? Thought you wanted to destroy Foa to get to Galu, but now I’m not sure. He lies to everybody including himself.

      • Anna c.

        That plan might’ve worked better if he waited til the merge.

  • Bobby

    He may be a pig,but he’s still in the game Lizzy.

  • Winston

    Copied from the recap comment section:

    Glad the Talk is up so fast. Last night, before bed, I was thinking about possible skits you would do, and I was stoked that you guys did the whole Shambo fake leader thing!
    I also liked Liz’s comment on “Russelling the feathers”. Sorry to see her go, she missed the merge by one. Looking forward to next time on Survivor Talk!

  • Leo

    I thought Liz was fair to herself -admitting she made wrong choices – and she had a good awareness of who she could have aligned with in hindsight and who wouldn’t have flipped on Russell. She seemed more likeable in this interview and I’m relieved. I thought I heard a rumor at the beginning, on this message board, that she was accusing her ouster as being racially motivated but I don’t get that sense in this interview.

    • KarlHall

      Liz wasn’t referring to Russell as being racially-motivated, she was referring to Ben… who called that other girl “ghetto trash”. She knows her terms, and Russell is an MCP, a snake, a diabolical slayer, and nothing more.

      Liz was my favorite to win… oh, well. With Russell around she didn’t stand a chance.

  • Jason

    Funny how she bashes him for calling the girls dumb, then refers to the alliance as the “Dumb Ass Girl Alliance.” Then says that Ashley was so dim she even said she trusted Russell at TC, when she said just last night that she trusted everyone on the tribe. The minute Russell told her it wasn’t her, all of a sudden she was positive she was safe, but now she says she didn’t trust him? Oh well, the Russell Show continues.

    • Anna c.

      Ashly WAS dim. she might be the most naive person I’ve seen in awhile.

  • WTF

    Russell is the ONLY reason to watch Survivor this season. Everyone else is a BORE! His villainy makes it interesting. I hope he goes all the way to the final two. He’s the new Richard Hatch.

  • Laura

    Liz was perfectly happy to work with and keep Russell when her head wasn’t on the chopping block. She’s conveniently forgotten that both Marissa and especially Betsy tried to get her to align with them and vote out Russell but she blew them off. I don’t like Russell but I’m kind of pleased that Liz’s pure self-interest and inability to strategize bit her in the ass.

  • Captain Canuck

    Polarizing? how is he polarizing? That would suggest that there are people who feel strongly on both sides. The man is a douche. We all agree on that. He is a unifying figure.

  • Flora

    I liked Liz, sorry to see her go.
    Wouldn’t mind seeing Russell go to the end. The way the game’s going, he’s one of the very few people who deserve it.

  • Buzz

    Oh they are just building him up to take a gigantic fall..it’s seems obvious… someone is going to see through his shenanigans eventually … but who? I don’t know …
    They also seem to be setting up Shambo for a reversal of fortune situation as well…Final two maybe? We know so little about the characters on the Galau (sp) tribe except for Shambo and maybe John(? dude who has immunity idol)

  • Mac

    Russell is a snooze. I really wish they would focus on some other people.

    • AnonymooseBlog

      Russell is the only interesting person out there right now!

  • sosgemini

    Glad to see Josh getting more questions in. Dalton’s cocky, I am super survivor insider, attitude is starting to wear on me.

  • missyae

    After everyone sees what happens after the merge you can remove that villain tag and put genius there instead.

  • Justathought

    I too think Russell IS a Sociopath. He only cares about himself and shows no feelings at all for any of the other players beyond what they can do for him. He lies easily and repeatedly, and talks about throwing the other players in the trash when he is done with them. He schemes and brags and constantly shows his contempt and disregard for everyone else. Don’t count on Russell being a “better person” in the Real World. He would just hide his real self better. I hope his snarkiness on the show comes back to bit him when he returns to his real world life. He is a snake-in-the-grass and NEVER TO BE TRUSTED!!

  • Jay

    It the same old same old with Russell, he evil, his team lose, he make a evil plan tat someone, they leave, he smiles, the credit role…dosn’t make survivor anymore better…just make like sooo depressing >.<

    • JayCan’tType

      Dude, lay off the weed. This isn’t fill-in-the-blanks.

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