'Paranormal Activity': Three super-scary alternate endings (SPOILER ALERT!)


If you have not seen Paranormal Activity yet and don’t want to know how it ends, DO NOT read any further.

Before Steven Spielberg suggested the finale you see on screen in the current cut of the super low-budget horror flick that’s taken the box office by storm, writer-director Oren Peli considered a handful of other options. “There were a lot of different endings that were shot,” says Micah Sloat, who costars in the film as Katie Featherston’s dubious-about-the-supernatural boyfriend. “We could probably do a chose-your-own adventure DVD of the entire movie, we have so many separate story threads didn’t make the final cut of the movie for whatever reason.” Here are three of those endings.


In the original, Katie returns to the bedroom, bloody, in a trance, and holding a knife. Time passes until a neighbor drops by the house to check on them, only to find Micah’s dead body. She screams, calls the cops, they come, and after encountering Micah’s corpse, they climb the stairs and find Katie in the bedroom. She snaps out of the trance as soon as the cops shine a flashlight on her. She comes toward them. Then, when a door slams (the demon at work, again!), a startled cop shoots her dead. This one was available on Youtube earlier this week, but has since been deleted by Paramount.


In this version, which the actors say “really disturbed audiences,” Katie goes back to the bedroom after the melee downstairs. She grins at the camera — and slits her own throat. The demon then leaves her body, and Katie falls lifelessly to the floor.


A possessed Katie corners Micah and bludgeons him with his precious camera, while viewers watch from the camera’s POV. This version of the ending was so complicated — not to mention brutal — that Peli never actually shot it.

For more on Paranormal Activity, including why the film almost didn’t make into theaters and details of the seven-day shoot, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly on stands now.

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  • James

    I have to say the ending that’s being used in the movie now is a bit of a letdown once she kind of lunges at the camera. The audience I was part of seemed to want more, but the lead up to it is still so incredibly creepy that I still get chills thinking about the movie at 2 am.

    • Ryan

      UGH! i just saw the movie last night (i know.. i didnt keep up with the trends :P) but it was freakin crazy. i hated that cliffhanger ending though. it makes it seem so real i actually googled what happened.. i really wish paramount would have stuck with the cop ending. but instead of the chick just dying. the demon should have jumped to the cops body and made it seem like the demon lived on and got to kill more and more people.

      • Ryan

        and the throat cutting ending was too dumb.. its like oh… well thats cool. an 1 1/2 of my life wasted to watch some crazy chick kill her self… Yippee!

  • Clayton

    The Throat ending sounds really good/gross/creepy. But I liked the ending in place in the actual movie

  • jade

    the second ending seemed scary.

    • Deaveon

      both that stuff was creepy

  • Adam

    I think the cop ending would have been pretty good as well, I heard that it was about a day and a half that passes after Katie kills Micah and just rocks back and forth over his body as the camera fast forwards 36 hours, until the neighbor shows and notices them.

    • ugh

      yeah, EW is really late on this, and they got a few of the endings wrong. and the cop one is sooo much better than theatrical. it’s much more fitting in the tone of the rest of the movie

      • Glory

        I watched the cop ending on youtube and I thought it dragged (drug?) out WAY too long. The theatrical one was much better. But I do find the one where the demon rises out of her body sorta interesting.

      • Yesenia

        I watched a bootleg with the cop ending- disappointing. she rocks for about 5 minutes then the cops come in and search for 2-3 minutes then she wakes up from the trance with a knife in her hand. she is disoriented and keeps calling out for micah while the cops tell her to drop the knife then gets shot.

      • LT

        I saw the cops one and yes, she is sitting beside the bed for like an entire day rocking back and forth before you hear someone walking in the door, discovering the body and then minutes later the police come. I saw the theatrical ending on youtube. I think they should have mixed both of those together.

    • katia12

      I’ve seen that version, and she isn’t over his body, she returns to the bedroom while Micah’s body is down stairs. I found it creepy. :’]

    • annie

      thats not true, In the cop one, she goes downstairs screams, and mikah comes to her aid, WHile there both screaming she brutaly kills him then stomps violently upstairs…rockes back and forth (while mikahs body is downstairs) from 5 am to 10 at night, and when the police point the flashlight at her she wakes up from the trance confused!

  • alex

    what is the actual ending in the movie? i’m not going to see it and just curious for context. since this is already so spoiler, i’m assuming it’s ok to say..

    • alex

      meant- what is the ending in the theater version

      • alex

        theatre version –
        katie disappears downstairs, screams for micah, who runs down… there is an obvious struggle.. then silence.. then sounds of heavy footsteps coming back upstairs.

        micah is thrown into the room very suddenly, then katie walks in possessed, all jerky walking, and then lunges at the camera – goes black.

        “police found micah’s body, katies whereabouts unknown”

      • peace

        i watched the movie and “alex” you r so wrong katie comes into the room with blood on her shirt see there you got your story all twisted so shut up if you dont know what your talking about so ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

      • David

        PEACE: The theatrical ending does show her throw him into the camera and everything ALEX mentioned. The original ending was the one you just described which Steven Spielberg suggested they change to the one ALEX mentioned… you are both right…sort of.

      • Breyuanna

        Actually Da One In Da Movie Is When She Returns To Her Room And She Slits Her Throat

        Da One On Dvd Is When She Killed Him Threw His Body At His Lil Camera And Den She Lunges Towards Da Camera,

    • BIRDIE


      • Jason C

        How does it leave you scratching your head? I loved the ending, it’s the first time I jumped in a theater since the girl crawled out of the TV in The Ring.

      • abbas

        the reason i think they cut that ending is cause last week they released that they’re going to make a sequel.

  • sally

    The end was lame. They should have just had her kill him and walk back out the door – no camera/eye contact, so it was still intact, but maybe lying on the floor to show there had been a struggle. That ruined the whole thing.

    • t.p. pierson

      I think many of the comments that express dissatisfaction toward the movie’s ending are missing the point of that final shot. When Katie gets down on all fours and hovers over Micah’s body then looks up at the camera then attacks it make perfect sense because through out the entire film Katie repeats that the demon does not like the camera. The ending which many think is the demon coming after the audience, is actually the demon ridding the house of the two things it hated most…Micah and the camera. I felt that the ending was very effective and true to the story.

      • RJ

        That’s what I got from the ending too… still though, I was one of the people in the theater that was waiting for more after the ending. The build up was so good, and the ending just seemed so abrupt.

      • Danny

        Hard to judge for certain without actually seeing the option, but I think I prefer the current ending too. It’s not just that Micah is thrown into the room, but he’s thrown AT THE CAMERA! And when Katie lunges at the camera her face morphs for just a split second into a demonic visage (it’s so quick it’s subliminal, but quite chilling for those who notice it).

      • CMB

        I totally agree. You had to pay attention to what she was saying about the camera and the demon not liking it.

      • bluah

        I think most of the people that were dissatisfied understood the plot. That’s not where the disappointment was coming from, and no one is suggesting a hole in the plot. It was simply the pacing. The best story and script in the world can be a victim of bad directing. It’s not what happens, it’s how it happens, especially after the buildup.

        It would be like paying money for a boxing match, and watching the loser go down at the first punch.

        If they wanted to keep the ending they had, it would have been more satisfying if Micah had put up more of a struggle, or if the demon had ripped Micah’s head off and thrown it at the camera, followed by his body… or something else similarly interesting happened. There was so much build up, and then… a body, a goofy smile, and a black screen with words.

        The simplest way to put the problem is this: the demon tracking footprints and dragging the girl out of her bed was WAY more over the top and interesting than the end of the movie.

      • Tink

        As far as those being dissatisfied…all I can say if, Americans are so accustomed to gore and blood, that they can comprehend the simplistically terrifying. I’ve never been to a movie that I was truly disturbed by, but this movie was my first.

        The whole point of this movie is that is wasn’t gory. You didn’t have the protagonist barging in with a big butcher knife or a chainsaw and making mince meat out of everyone. That’s not what made it terrifying. It was the thought that these are things that could have actually happened to people before. You hear all the time about haunting and such, and if you research the movie at all, you’ll find the the writer/director actually did extensive research on hauntings and demonic possession himself before writing the script.

        The idea that she slits her throat in front of the camera or gets shot by cops in front of the camera doesn’t coincide with the rest of the movie. It was all about being able to bring chills down your spine without one drop of blood, one gory scene at all. Just fear itself. I think it’s very fitting that Mikah was killed off-camera. It would have detracted from the movie itself, in my opinion.

        And I agree with others, Katie had repeatedly stated that the demon doesn’t like Mikah waving the camera around. So it got rid of the two things that it didn’t like the most, very effectively.

        Again, it was the only movie that has (not just scared me), but ever truly disturbed me, even up to an hour after we’d left the theatre. I, too, had to go home and google the story to ensure it was just a story. I probably won’t ever watch it again, but I will give the writer props for making a truly chilling movie.

  • jr

    arguably THE stupidest movie I have EVER SEEN. asked for my money back from the theatre manager. she said I wasnt the only one and gladly gave me free passes.

    • BIRDIE


      • Nik

        I didnt see the theatre version, I saw a bootleg my friend had, (the cop version)I think they did a great job. Someone diving at the camera to destroy it seems like something you’d expect from a fiction story. However, with the cops coming in and doing what they would have normaly done, it keeps the whole ‘is it real or is it fake’ feeling going. I’m very impressed and was not disappointed at all. For those of you who were disappointed, to each their own.

    • jr is an idiot

      that’s doubtful.

    • jb

      You are not supposed to get your money back after you don’t like something and sit through the entire thing! That would be like eating an entire meal and then asking for your money back. You are a cheapskate!

    • KEVIN


      • mark

        Nik, you missed the whole experience by watching it on bootleg. you dont get the same traumatizing feeling that u get from watching from the theatre with lots of people

      • kyle

        false mark. i watched the bootleg and was quite pleased. im sure it was excellent in theatres but i would rather not watch it with a lot of people. theres more security when you have others around you. ecspecially 70. plus there is always people who dont wanna buy into it will distract themselves by laughing or making fun because they are literally scared to be scared. could possibly ruin it for others. not saying that this was the case with you im just sayin that watching at bootleg can still give full effect as it did with nik and myself

      • Pauly

        I think that jr jerk is BSing. You are absolutely correct, it is stealing & if the theater manager had half a brain, he/she wouldn’t have refunded that crybaby.

      • Pauly

        Message to Kyle: I had the same creepy experience you had with the bootleg. Everything you stated took the words right outta my mouth. I borrowed an ultra clean DVD version that my cousin got a hold of. I woke up at 3:46am on a Sun. & couldn’t sleep so I played it. I live alone & it was dark. Also being so early I had really sensitive senses. It creeped the hell out of me. Later that night I still thought about it & I even awoke a little after 4am & not able to go back to sleep. It’s true, the theater you get the loud volume but you’re surrounded by folks. When you’re alone, your mind starts playing tricks on you. Cheers.

      • Shadow

        To Kevin and Pauly:
        Are you retarded? He didn’t get his money back, he got free passess!! And just because he wanted his money back don’t mean he was a crybaby and plus the manager said alot of people complained so it wasn’t just him!! So stfu and stop picking on people for false information, and for you not reading properly, I’m pretty sure that some of your relatives didn’t like the movie either and complained a bit but that doesn’t make them a crybaby wether they wanted their money back or NOT!!!

    • julie

      couldn’t agree more it was by far the most rediculous movie I have ever had the displeasure of sitting through.

      • kyle

        learn how to spell…then you can critique

    • Stephanie

      This was one of the most boring and stupid movies I’ve ever seen, and it angered me to know that I wasted money on it. The trailers make it seem terrifying, when in reality, what they show on TV is the only “scary” part of the movie, and since everyone has seen it already, it’s no longer a surprise. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone.

    • Natalie

      I laughed at the comments who said they asked for their money back just think about it. This film was made by an amatuer director on i think what was a £14,000 budget. Plus the fact of the movie was to make it as realistic as possible without it seeming ‘acting’. Even more so filming from an actors point of view is more interesting than these stereotypical crap horror films that you know would NEVER happen in real life. So all said i think this is one of the best horror films ever produced. :)

      • Pauly

        I agree dead-on with you Natalie. I thought this flick was totally realistic. The acting was so great that it didn’t seem like you were watching a movie but incidents that really took place. I guess these hate critics prefer to watch garbage like Scream or any of those Hollywood predictable films but I have to say this was one of the greatest films ever made. And it did what it promised, it creeped me out to the point where I was waking up in the middle of the night in the dark messing with my mind. No other great horror film like The Exorcist, The Shining; etc. has ever done that.

    • SHAUNO14

      Why share that with us!! oh you asked for your money back to prove you wearnt scared but really you were freaked out…its ok its only a movie!! but sleep with the light on! these things normally happen to non believers! Amazing film!!! Learn that!!!!!! p.s you were scratching your head because you didnt understand it so why did you go?? the demon hates micah and the camera and OH IT DESTROYS MICAH AND THEN THE CAMERA!!! yeh defo head scratching!!!

    • hardfu


    • nat

      ooo yeee course she did cz there happy to give muny bk on a film they didnt make arent they how dumb r u no1 actually believes this idiot

  • Maria

    I don’t think it was scary at all. When it ended, I was starting to enjoy and that was it.
    I am disappointed

    • hardfu

      this movie isn’t meant to be “horror movie” scary, its about tension and building upon it with subtle yet chilling ideas. its hard to even classify this as a horror movie because all the scares are more psychological, its not ur straight forward “man with a machete who’s gonna kill u no matter how fast you run as he walks calmy after you.” the only other real comparison is obviously the original exorcist. the movie itself really has no scares at all, its the pacing and how the movie gets into ur head putting doubt into ur basic foundations and making u think, humph now what if this did happen? try to watch movies for what they are, i know everyone is of course going to have they’re own opinion, honest with themselves or not, but dont just classify a movie as “not scary” because it wasn’t your kind of “scary” movie.

      • Mike

        I’ll be honest this movie scared the crap out of me. Even though I know it is not real, it makes you feel like it is; as if you are watching a reality show. The ending made it seem more like a joke. She looks a the camera with a demonic grin. Either way I had to put somthing funny on after watching it to calm my nerves. CRAZY!!!

  • Dark Dot

    I’d love to see an alternate ending: the complete rehaul of the whole second half. How do you expect me to dote upon a horror movie when I’m laughing and rolling my eyes for the last twenty minutes? Ugh.

    • brighteyes00

      For me it was more of a subtle freak -out. My sister and I were laughing throughtout the movie, because they never turned a light on when they’d go through the house and we both felt Micah could’ve manned up and slept by the door..lol. It still scared me though in really subtle,creepy way. I didn’t think it was that scary until I had to go into my house alone at midnight while my husband went to 7-11 real quick….. I waited for him on the porch like the coward I am.

  • Kari

    Well obviously they didn’t use the other endings because a second is in the works. With Katie still being out there it leaves it open-ended. Although the second ending would have scared the crap out of me.

    • Johnathan

      Kari, I agree with you. Maybe they chose the ending they did BECAUSE it was open ended. Gives them an option of whether they’d like to do a sequel or not.

    • Pauly

      Yeah, A sequel with Katie again but they still have that option whether she’s killed or not. The rogue Demon supposedly hops from little girl to little girl until they get older then the demon torments them & finally possession. They would’ve just had to worry about finding new actors. Plus she killed Micah so a sequel with Katie wouldn’t get very far. She would just get grilled by law enforcement throughout and that wouldn’t work.

  • alicia

    I wish they would have made the house burn with them inside. I think that would have tied everything together.

    • Julius

      Ooo that’s a good one! Maybe with Katie standing over Micah’s body as the house burns… yeeeshhh! So bored by the theater version.

    • RJ

      that would’ve been EPIC

    • cas

      That’s what I was thinking! Like Katie killed Micah, comes back into the bedroom covered in blood and with the ouija board in her hand and then it sets on fire and everything burns down. Maybe a the end you could skip ahead a few yesrs and have someone else finding a burnt pick of katie and micah in their cookie jar or something.. perpetuate the cycle

      • JB

        I agree but then how could they have retrieved the stuff he filmed?

  • Al

    The Spielberg ending is the worst.

  • KFed

    I can’t believe there were options other than the really lame, really obvious, ending we ended up with.
    This movie is easily the least scary “scary movie” I have ever seen and heard plenty of “was THAT IT?” comments as I left the theater.
    Thumbs down.

  • Jeremy

    the cop ending is great. when the neighbors come to check on them, she stops rocking back and forth and it seems like the demon left her and killed the person that entered the house. and i guess the cops came b/c the lady that entered the home never left….

    • Rebecca

      If you watch the time at the bottome though, she comes in and sees Micah, then twenty minutes pass before the cops arrive. She left the house to call the police, no one would report her missing after twenty minutes.

      • ugh

        the alarm caused them to come. the cops would be much more urgent if their neighbor had told them there was a dead person. instead, they were just like, “hellooo? anyone home?”

        I think it’s left to the imagination though, but i like to think it killed her because when the neighbor comes, Katie stops rocking, and then starts again when u hear the slamming.

      • Glory

        I’m with you, Rebecca. Me and my bf both thought she left the house and called the cops.

      • Pete

        i dont think its the alarm. when she comes in you hear her pressing buttons (im guessing it was the alarm)

    • kiesha

      The friend did leave. You heard her scream and then the door slammed. The cops came because the alarm system went off when the friend entered.

  • Dan

    There is actually a 4th alternate ending as well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yETgkSZxmrE

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