First Look: Claire Danes in HBO's 'Temple Grandin'

temple-grandin-danes_lIn HBO’s February biopic, Temple Grandin, Claire Danes worked with an amazing cast that included Julia Ormond, David Strathairn, and Catherine O’Hara to tell the true story of the scientist whose own autism allowed her unique insights into the behavior of cows and other livestock. But Danes says she was just as charmed by her bovine costars.

“They had long lashes and were so sweet,”Danes recalls. “They were referred to as the HBO Cows because it was cheaper for HBO to buy them than rent them. So I dressed on Halloween as an HBO Cow. With an extension chord as a tail.”

Photo Credit: Van Redin/HBO

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  • Crystal

    Wow. She looks just like Dr. Grandin in that pic. I was afraid that they would try to glam her up, which would be out of character for this very interesting individual. I will be very interested to see this.

    • Chad Concelmo

      Yeah, she is the spitting image. I can’t wait for this. I am such an admirer of Grandin. Her books are amazing. :)

  • blah

    did you mean “extension cord”? a “chord” is something you play in music.

  • irony

    Aww, how sweet. Did she play them some nice music, cut their throats, and then eat the HBO cows after the movie was done, all they while telling them how sweet they are (er, were)

  • Bea Elliott

    Grandin feeds to people what they want… A mouthpiece for the industry that NEEDLESSLY slaughters 10 billion animals a year. As we know, meat is not “necessary” by any means. Yet, people want to believe that everything is rosey for the animals, at least in the final moments of their miserable lives. It’s a “machine” that operates on an (dis)assembly structure. And nothing stops the line… unless an inspector shows up, and then, maybe not even: Slaughterhouse by Gail Eisnitz

    It’s a fantasy to think that there’s any such thing as “kind” or “humane” killing. All living beings fight for the life they possess. And none have the “right” to take it from the Other.
    Go Vegan

    • Kathy

      You so totally miss the whole picture

    • Ham Burger

      Bea, your comments makes me want to eat a big, fat, juicy burger made from good ol’ American Beef!

    • Angela

      Bea, read something useful, humans were eating meat ONLY for 1000’s of years before we ate vegetation. Get an education.

    • Angela

      Bea, read something useful, humans were eating meat ONLY for 1000’s of years before we ate vegetation. Get an education.

    • Angela

      Oh yeah and Bea, Temple is AUTISTIC, your ridiculous.

  • Daniel F.

    Claire Danes is playing someone with autism. Husband Hugh Dancy just played someone with Asperger’s. I wonder if she went to him for acting tips at any point. ;)

  • Lori

    My son is 6 years old with autism, Temple Grandins book Thinking in Pictures was the first of many books related to autism that I have read, I enjoyed hearing about her view point, very interesting. Can’t wait to see this movie, When in 2010 is it going to air??
    Dean’s mom

  • Kathy

    I have a grandson with Autism and Temple Grandins books have helped explain a lot about this disorder that otherwise would not been answered. Who better to explain and clear up any unanswered or grey areas than someone whoz there, living with Autism and/or Aspergers. Ms. Temple Grandin Thank You for all you have said and done and all your books. I also can not wait to see this movie. Best wishes for continued good health.

  • mary sitts

    the movie is released feb 6 on hbo my daughter jenna plays little temple grandin

  • beverly

    Yes, it is true that eating beef is unnecessay and according to all the latest scientific evidence “The China Study” is also not particularly healthy, but people eat beef, they like beef and they are likely going to continue to eat beef, so why not at least try to avoid the senseless torture, abuse and “accidental” slaughtering of totally conscious animals by creating a more humane and dignified death. Everything dies, especially prey of the carnivorous animals that we love (dogs, cats, coyotes, lions, etc. If things have to die, at least human beings should have the decency to prevent the incredible documented cases of sadistic practices that take place in slaughterhouses today. And yes, veganism is healthier, but let’s fight the battles we can, not do absolutely nothing by trying to intimidate meat-eaters into not eating meat. It isn’t going to help the animals around the world by giving lip-service or a few abstaining.

  • Megan Christian

    I Too am an Individual with autism. and I would Love to see this Movie about Temple Grandin.

  • Sally Rankin

    The music for the movie – does anyone know where it came from? I’ve heard it before in another movie.

  • Burt

    Oh for the love of Pete, Temple has Aspergers, NOT autism. Get it right media! Aspergers is NOT autism. Autism is NOT Aspergers. This is so out of control. WTF?

  • E.miller

    Where do they go?

  • Harry

    Grandin is a cutie! But as for having autism. Don’t think so. For sure autistic like symptoms and behaviors but nothing like what we see on the severe sides of autism. You tube has some videos of severe autism that are pretty educational

  • M

    Um, @Burt – Temple herself says she has autism, in her own biography on her own website. One of the criterion that differentiates Aspergers from Autism (and they’re not as different as you might think) is that the child is hyperlexic: that is, speaks and often reads early. She wrote: “I have read enough to know that there are still many parents, and yes, professionals too, who believe that ‘once autistic, always autistic.’ This dictum has meant sad and sorry lives for many children diagnosed, as I was in early life, as autistic. To these people, it is incomprehensible that the characteristics of autism can be modified and controlled. However, I feel strongly that I am living proof that they can.”

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