'30 Rock' recap: The chuckle hut

Could last night’s 30 Rock have been any more meta? Jeff Dunham, basically the anti-30 Rock, guest-starred as an appeal to “middle America” — wait, as a character who was going to be TGS‘s appeal to middle America. Or…something. Anyway, let’s chow down on the part of the pig between the tail and the anus and count down the ten best lines from last night’s “Stone Mountain.”

“You’re not going to find him in the people’s gaypublic of drugifornia!” — Jack, who I guess wants me to stop using the Mr. Show line of “the altered state of drugachusetts”

“I will eat a bowl of cherries and ghost meat in his honor.” — Tracy, who’s definitely not in Philadelphia on business

“I wasn’t sure if you were participating in this year’s pumpkin-carving contest, or if like last year, I should go jump up my own ass.” — Kenneth, who stared down Jenna in the most perfect way

“Although when the Parcells first came to America, they lived in a town called ‘Sexcriminalboat.’ Do you think that’s Cherokee?” — Kenneth

“I met J.J. Abrams once, and he said the island was just Hurley’s dream.” — Jenna, confirming something I think we’ve all wondered about

“All of human kind has one thing in common: The sandwich.” — Liz, who probably does a great “Rocket Man”

“We kiss each other, get into vans, black out…” — Cerie, who’s engaged, but not on Halloween

“Don’t look at me like I’m a football game!” — Jenna, who can read faces

“When did you find time to eat a diaper you found on the beach?” — Jack, who despite the insults still brought Liz ginger ale and Pepto, which…is nice

“All God’s children are terrible.” — Liz

Also, I love that Kenneth showed up again in a costume. This is my new favorite running bit.

What’d you think, PopWatchers?

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  • Brian

    Goat meat, right?

    • E.

      Nope, it was ghost meat… because he was honoring the death of the morbidly obese guy who inspired Pac Man (or something like that). That was the joke!

    • Sadie

      No, ghost meat is right. It was a response to hearing that the guy who inspired Pac Man had died.

      My favorite line — when the hotel clerk asked Liz and Jack if they had a beagle with them. That is my new euphemism for passing gas.

      • Betty

        Yep – best line, especially the sound effect prior to! Had me rolling.

      • Brian

        Oh, right, because that’s what Pac Man eats in the game. I thought it was a nonsequitur. Thanks, guys.

  • Elizabeth

    My sister decided to go with “All God’s Children are horrible” as her inspirational quote of the week, since Glee wasn’t on.

    She’s a teacher…

    And the various Parcells in Stone Mountain were great! I thought it was kind of funny that Jeff Dunham was playing the part of the new talent with his show now on the air.

  • HD

    I’ve enjoyed 30 Rock in the past despite its widely inconsistent humor but it’s time to pass the torch of Best Comedy to Modern Family or Cougar Town or The Middle. They have something that 30 Rock has never possessed, and again, that is consistency. I’m over this show now.

    • Ann

      So, you’re saying that Cougar Town and The Middle have remained consistent for, what, four episodes? There’s an accomplishment!

      • HD

        6 episodes and yes, within those 6 episodes it’s been more consistent than 30 Rock has been in 4 years.

      • Chris

        Well duh, cuz its only been 6 episodes. Way to miss the point.

    • Zee

      They’ve managed to keep the “she’s a horny middle-aged woman” gag going for four episodes? What a feat.

      • HD

        I agree.

      • Sara

        Thats not what the show is about at all. Its about coping with being newly single and a mother and still, you know, a woman. I think Liz Lemon would heartily aprove of Cougar Town. In fact, I bet she watches it on her treadmill…while drinking wine.

    • Tomm

      Umm, lets see where these new shows are in 3-4 years before making bold proclamations.

      Too many want to say “Jump the Shark” for anything, so they can look cooler than their friends.

      • HD

        30 Rock has written itself into a corner of absurdity that I don’t think it can or wants to write itself out of.

    • Brian

      30 Rock’s been consistently hilarious and compulsively rewatchable since the beginning.

      • Tim

        I second that emotion, Smokey. The best television about television on television. Terrific cast. Excellent scripts. Season 4 is just hitting it’s stride!

    • bob

      I still think 30 Rock is much better than The Middle or Cougar town, or even Modern Family. 30 Rock is far far superior.

      • HD


      • HD

        Sorry everyone, I’m a douchebag.

    • Rich

      I chuckled a bit at this week’s Modern Family… but Kenneth’s speech about Stone Mountain and the Chuckle Hut made me laugh at loud at least 3 times. Point goes to the veteran.

      Also, while I loved Scrubs and loved Bill Lawrence, I can’t bring myself to watch anything called “Cougar Town.” Sorry.

    • EL

      Buh, bye

    • Locklky

      Yea? — oh my.

  • Tomm

    This ep was good in that it featured the recurring characters who the apst year were usually in the background or not at all.

  • BLM

    The cherries and ghost meat line was so funny! I also liked when Jack was consoling a sick Liz with a broom. Jack’s a jerk, but he’s still kind of a nice jerk in an older-brother sort of way.

    • Isembard

      That’s a great description of their relationship actually: very brother-sister. Love it. Nice to see a show in which the leads are NOT interested in each other, so cliched that.

  • couchgrouch

    absurdist brilliance from start to finish.

  • dave

    Thanks for the quotes Margaret! But it wasn’t Pepto and ginger ale…it was Peppy Bismilk and Schwupps Ginny Pale!

    • Tiffany

      YES! because everything down there was just slightly off!

    • Ceballos

      I think you mean, “Why is everything a little different?!” (I loved that!)

  • MrFord

    I like this line by Jack, “I participated in the birthing of a foil! (Tears) They named him Jack. He was delicious!”

    • Rich

      “Foal”… but yeah, great line.

      LOTS of great lines in this one. Best ep (of the 3) this season.

  • Sheeba

    Tracy Morgan is killing this show. Get rid of him now.

    • Allison

      Yes! Please… I’m ready to stop watching this show because of Tracey Morgan. He’s HORRIBLE. His acting is like that of a fifth grader.

    • LC

      I thought I was the only one that felt that way. He is NOT funny just extremely annoying. He yells instead of talking. I’ve never liked him on this show.More Liz and Jenna pls.

  • Sina

    No Jenna is killing the show. She is not funny. The first season she was really funny because she wasn’t on all the time. So when she did pop in, it was funny. Loves Tracy. Is that guy Jeff Dunham that funny in real life or did the writers write his lines. I was crying over the stuff he said about Liz. WHen he said he wouldn’t *** her with Elmo’s **** I was laughing so hard. Then the gag about Jack’s head. He was so funny.

  • Another disappointing season

    What gives? Season one was great. Season two was pretty good. Season three and four are garbage and not that funny.
    This show is way overrated!

    • GoMe!

      then read a book…

      • jcb28

        what, people can’t express their opinion?

      • thin

        People aren’t allowed to respond to other people’s opinions?

  • Tim

    Still the best show on television. Betty White and Tracy Morgan need to work together more!!!!

    • pop

      yes please!

  • GoMe!

    I was a tad worried after the season premiere, but this show is officially back! And Jenna and Tracy are 2 characters that are so underrated! They are my favorite characters and the show would not be the same without them!
    “Read my face…” lol!

  • Joe from Astoria

    I was so hoping for a quick jump of a scene from the Rapping Grandma movie starring Betty White and Tracey. And this was the first time I ever laughed at Jimmy Fallon. If there’s a weak link, I think it’s Jenna, or more specifically, Jane Krakowski. I wondered what would have happened had they kept Rachel Dratch rather than have NBC force Tina Fey to throw her under the bus.

    • LC

      I think Jenna is a more believable than Tracy. Tracy is just silly. I always find myself laughing at Jenna she’s not over the top like Tracy.

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