New 'Avatar' trailer: Coming into explosive focus

Avatar has been a hard film to wrestle with. When those first looks at this winter’s 3-D spectacular-spectacular dropped a couple of months ago — the teaser trailer and Fox’s Avatar Day — the footage was met with either huzzahs or harrumphs. James Cameron’s return to sci-fi filmmaking is so eagerly anticipated that everyone pounced on the first morsels of Pandorian goodness, trying to process it in one large bite, myself included.

Now that we know, to a certain degree, what we’re in for — blue aliens on a lush world doing battle with humans with big guns — it’s possible to take in the newest trailer and make some more reasoned judgments.

Like, it seems as if Giovanni Ribisi is playing the Carter J. Burke role from Aliens — the corporate stooge willing to do anything for a profit margin. And that Stephen Lang, as the jarhead in charge of the invading human forces, would make a pretty awesome Nick Fury. And that Cameron still knows how to blow stuff up — to orchestrate chaos — with the best of ‘em.

There’s no way to know if Avatar‘s going to be as triumphant as we want it to be or if it’ll give truth to the statement Cameron made in The New Yorker‘s exemplary profile, “If you set your goals ridiculously high and it’s a failure, you will fail above everyone else’s success.” What do you think? Does this new look at Avatar make you more hopeful that you might’ve been before, or are you still in the wait-and-see camp?

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  • Bill

    Haven’t been that excited about this movie. But this is one impressive trailer. Now I’m excited about seeing it.

    • Billy Zane

      Thumbs down. This movie is going to be a monumental bust. Not groundbreaking in the least – the CGI is on par with recent star wars trilogy. Hugely disappointing.

      • Applepowder Cheeks

        Who is James Cameron?

      • Nick T

        So far, this is an animated film with a pretty original surface that is incredibly banal on almost every other level…but it’s a only a trailer I guess

  • Bill

    this looks horrible

  • Brian

    Bill is of two minds.

    • j


  • Laura

    So now that we know the plot, we can clearly see that this movie is Dances With Wolves and Ferngully – except with spaceships and aliens. Lame.

    • Blurg

      You said it PERFECTLY.

    • Monique

      Yeah, exactly what I was thinking. Looks like standard, preachy, patronizing fare to me.

      • jared

        I was thinking it just looked like crap. I noticed they don’t mention “The Abyss” and THAT’S the Cameron film it looks most like.

    • Black Button

      First of all, Dances with wolves was awesome. How dare you even bring in the insinuation that it could be anything other. Secondly the only thing it shares with ferngully is 2 seconds of footage that involve machines tearing down trees. Just watch this video and you will see that there’s no hope in trying to change my mind.

    • Lauren

      Circle gets the square. DING!

  • Rica

    Still looks like a video game to me.

    • Lisa Simpson

      That’s exactly what I was thinking while watching it, bad CGI and all. And it looks extremely predictable.

      • Laura

        That is what I don’t get. I’m sure this had a HUGE budget, but why do the blue things (sorry I know that makes me sound retarded but I know nothing of this movie) look so fake. It’s ridiculous. Is that on purpose or do the filmmakers really not realize how fake and stupid the blue things look?

      • schmic

        The trailer doesn’t do justice to the IMAX 3D footage on Avatar Day. We’re watching the trailer online, and it’s two inches big. When it’s 3-stories tall, and jumping at you in 3D, and you can see every pore on the creature’s face, it’s breathtaking!

  • crispy

    Everyone said the same thing about too-high expectations when they were marketing Titanic. And that movie flopped.

    • paige

      big time flop!

      • Juice

        So floppy.

      • Cashmoney Antiquity

        Floppy bits for all to enjoy!

    • paige

      floppity flop flop

      • j

        Dark Knight was the only flop that could ever come close to this flop.

    • Anne

      you’re kidding right?? titanic is still the only movie to make over a billion dollars in the box office. it’s the number 1 grossing movies of all time. that’s not a flop

      • anon

        yes. they are joking.

      • paige

        really anne??? I had NO Idea!!! thank you captain obvious, you can sit down now waldo

      • Al

        Anne you must have missed the day they taught sarcasm….

    • Billy Zane

      Take a look at the Titanic trailer on youtube. Pretty impressive. This movie looks like a big budget SMURFS.

  • Dave

    Anyone who thinks this looks horrible is not a fan of scifi movies. Thus you opinion is irrelivant. Cameron’s body shold be enough for notonly true fans of scifi, but fans of cinema itself.

    Now I’ll get off my soap box for a while.

    • Jar Jar

      Don’t be silly. I’m a fan of sci-fi, and I think this looks terrible. I can’t imagine even renting this one.

      • Joe

        This trailer is sick. I didn’t like the teaser but, this one… wow. Gave me goosebumps. Looks awesome!

      • Ted

        This trailer is sick. I didn’t like the teaser but, this one… wow. Gave me goosebumps. Looks awesome! It’s funny to see all these negative comments when I’ve been to two other websites where I have yet to see any criticism.

      • crispy

        You wouldn’t rent a James Cameron movie? Sorry dude, you’re no sci-fi fan.

      • jeff

        your name is jar jar. you should have no say as to what scifi looks good.

      • ME

        Horrible was Jar Jar Binks, you retard! Horrible was that stupid Star Wars 1, that garbage made to childreen and retard people,loosers like you.

    • Chris

      “Hey, you got Halo in my Warcraft!”

      “No, you got Warcraft in my Halo!”

      • darclyte

        Dead on, Chris!

      • Maureen

        Haha! That comment made my day! ;)

      • Zack B

        Definitely resembles Draenei vs. Master Chief…

  • Beans

    I think it looks weird and fantastic. I can’t wait.

  • It looks very mediocre….

    I thought the CGI was supposed to be groundbreaking?
    I thought the Hulk was a more believable CGI character than these blue guys.
    Why can’t anyone match or best what Peter Jackson did with Gollum?

    • informed

      You should do more research twit face. The technology created to shoot it is ground breaking! The Hulk…realy? Meh! And who in the hell do you think is creating the Navi? Weta Digital in Wellington, New Zealand. The same Peter Jackson owned company that did your precious Golum. Not only the same company but many of the same artist, you no talent uniformed heckler.

      • Temp

        I think that is the point. Though it is the same tech and same artits, it still doesnt come anywhere close to matching or besting what Jackson did with Gollum….so you can only assume that is the directors fault. it’s sad such a good company is doing this work but the cgi still isnt anything better than what we have already seen. Definently not groundbreaking, I would even agree the Hulk seemed more real than what we have seen of these blue dudes so far

      • Billy Zane

        Dude – just face the reality. This movie is going to be a monumental bust. Not groundbreaking in the least – the CGI is on par with recent star wars trilogy. Hugely disappointing.

    • Laura

      I agree, and I don’t quite get “informed” point. The blue guys look so fake. They might have been made by the same people that made Gollum, but Gollum was awesome, these blue guys look like terrible video game characters.

      • Chris

        I saw LOTR III on TV the other day, and Gollum looked as CGI and fake as anything. Nowhere near as photorealistic as I remembered from the film. Same with Titanic–some of the sinking scenes that were so visually stunning in the cinema looked cartoonishly bad when I saw them later on TV. I’m not a photography/film expert but I suspect that there’s some visual downgrading that happens when you see CGI online or on TV. I suspect the Naavi or whatever they’re called will look much better in the actual theater.

        But even if I never believe in them, I still want to go see it. 3D woo hoo!

      • schmic

        Right on my friend! I saw the Avatar Day footage, and comparatively, this trailer does look fake. Watching this footage in IMAX 3D is breathtaking! This movie is going to rock!

  • Renee

    Yeah, I’m not too jazzed about the look of the film, but the plot is intriguing. I want to like it a lot more than I do.

  • gael

    i love james cameron, and i was going to see this movie because that man knows how to make an experience, no matter what he’s shooting, but i hadnt been completely sold on the merchandise from the earlier trailers.
    THIS changes everything. this is bloody brilliant and if you cant get by the graphics, then what kind of movie watcher are you not to admit the truly revolutionary. go and watch a movie about your boring life in the suburbs and let us who appreciate true imagination get swept away by one of the greatest filmmakers of the century.

  • paige

    I dont understand why, if James Cameron is shouting out the films he directed, why he left out The Abyss???? anyways- I’m excited to see anything in IMAX 3D so ill be there regardless if its good or not.

    • crispy

      I didn’t even notice that… and I friggin love The Abyss!

    • Kelsey

      I noticed that, too! I think they really plugged the films that are an integral part of popular culture — Aliens, Terminator, Titanic. But they had True Lies, too, so … I’m not sure.

      • paige

        I assume to enhance his “action” library… which i guess is ok but i figured he’d wanna throw the abyss in there for good measure– its not like i’m asking for Piranha 2 lol… btw- I was never a huuuge fan of James Cameron but I do gotta say, that man KNOWS action. seriously, Michael Bay & Brett ratner should take lessons… I thought the first half of Titanic was a gigantic overwrought cliche but damn that second half was amazing tense suspense. And I dont gotta even elaborate why Aliens is the best action movie ever made…

      • Anna

        I happened to LOVE True Lies! For serious

    • gael

      the abyss is the most UNDERRATED of his movies. its fabulous but no one ever remembers it

  • Bob

    It looks overly complicated. It didn’t keep my interest at all.

    • Brian

      Hey, everyone, watch out for Bob. Bob doesn’t like complication. Keep it simple for Bob. Bob’s not interested in it. Bob.

      • paige


      • My TV

        Why does Bob have that creepy smile on his face all the time?

      • crispy

        Bob won’t stop staring at me.

      • paige


  • Steph

    Erm…I loved Terminator & Titanic but this looks…unoriginal. Yeah blue aliens- Ooh! But this is like when the white settlers took the land from the ‘savage’ Native Americans. And the whole love story seems a tad bit too familiar(hello John Smith & Pocahontas) I thought the CGI would be amazing- like when we see the avatars laying on the tables(primarly seeing their feet) and as they are flying on the creatures- awesome, but close ups looks..fake. The eyes look cartoonish. And, I’m sorry, but Sam Worthington cannot hide his Aussie accent. I’m not excited to see this, but if the word of mouth is excellent then I’ll change my mind. But I think they are trying to overhype a movie that may end up disappointing. My opinion anyways.

  • Luana T. from Tulare

    Finally saw the trailer Tuesday night and it really good. Can’t wait for it to come out in December…definately going to see it.

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