'New Moon' kiss: Steamy (and uncomfortable?)

Question: Do you ever get uncomfortable watching steamy kisses in the movie theater? It happens to me. I have an irrational fear of someone looking at my face instead of the screen, and my expression appearing too focused, like I’m watching the movie too hard. After viewing the teaser below of Bella’s and Edward’s birthday liplock in The Twilight Saga: New Moon, I know I will be squirming in my seat come Nov. 20. It’s Robert Pattinson’s tortured groaning…

Bonus question: Is there any scene from New Moon we haven’t seen a preview clip of?

OUR APOLOGIES: Summit Entertainment has pulled the clip from YouTube. Again. Ain’t copyright a nuisance?

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  • Jennifer

    Steamy? He looks like he’s gonna hurl.

    • Corrie

      I agree with Jennifer they look like there about to cry

  • Beans

    The groaning is quite uncomfortable. And don’t freak out, I’ve read the books, I understand it’s consistent. Doesn’t make it pleasant to watch.

    • anon

      True, it is weird. I think he should have growled like the 1 time he did when he was in Twilight!

    • kristine

      I know, why does Rob always have to overdue the tortured side of edward? By new moon he was enjoying kissing bella.

  • Chris

    Yeah, the moaning gets to me too. It’s very erotic. Now that I’m in the privacy of my room, it’s all good. As long as I’m not watching with my mother in the theatre, I’ll be good there too.

    • iloveyou

      hahaha same !

  • Ruby

    I concur with Jennifer…I love me some Rob, but man oh man is the acting in these movies painful or what? I’ve never seen a more depressing kiss in my life. The one from the first movie was way hotter. This was more uncomfortable than steamy.

    • Ruby

      Also, Kristen Stewart’s raised eyebrow request…what is up with that? To quote the book, she does look like the bad guy in a bad vaudeville taking advantage of the virgin.

      • Mireya

        Hahaha. That’s exactly what I was thinking.

      • Maiv

        Yeah, her raised eyebrow in the trailers really bothers me

      • DJ

        Yo, I thought it was sexy. Not gonna lie. And I’m a girl.

      • kristine

        The raised eyebrow is so annoying

      • BilbrosB4Hos

        and she’s shaking her head “no”, along with that raised eyebrow…booooo….

    • Penelope

      definitely depressing

    • michelle

      It’s supposed to be depressing, they are on the verge of breaking up and they can both sense it.

  • Teri

    Of course he’s acting like that ’cause he wants to kill her! It’s appropriate for how the books describe it…get over it. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.

    • Heather2

      Agree. It’s not supposed to be romantic and sweet.

      • Maureen

        “It’s not supposed to be romantic and sweet.” Umm, isn’t that exactly what a kiss IS supposed to be? :-/

      • Heather2

        Yeah, I guess so if you live in fairytale land where everything is sunshine and rainbows and there’s not conflict going on behind a kiss.

    • Jill

      How will I know if I like it or not if I don’t watch it? This is a blog for ALL opinions. Get over it.

    • BilbrosB4Hos

      But by this time, he’s better able to control himself, according to the books…should be a moan free kiss.

  • Loranat

    Hasn’t someone on youtube put all the clips together for the movie – yeah there would be some holes, but man, they are showing everything!

  • Heather2

    I disagree with a couple of you. I think that all of the scenes in Twilight were uncomfortable and the chemistry was not near as impressive.
    If you have read the books, then then the emotions portrayed by both characters are spot on. It is supposed to be a tortured, weird kiss. Edward is getting ready to leave her, and this is his final kiss with her in his eyes. Bella is forcing herself on him in an attempt to make him forget the Jasper incident. Everything is very urgent and crucial during this scene. And I for one think Rob and Kristen nailed it. Their acting and chemistry has much improved. But for the love of all that is holy, make the spoilers STOP.

    • dlk


    • Michelle

      Here, here! With you sister!

      • Shelley

        Thank you Heather2. I am glad someone has read the books.

    • robpatfan

      Heather2, you are spot on!! I agree 100%

  • Tracy

    I think the kiss is hot. I am on the fence about whether or not he is still overplaying the torture. I’ll reserve judgement till I see the movie, but…. he and Kristen have amazing chemistry. I won’t be going with my mom so I won’t have to worry about my seat squirming. LOL

  • Heather2

    And why are we complaining that Robert is moaning?

    • Kalie

      Haha. Agreed. When I saw the clip, I was definitely thinking that it might be uncomfortable to watch in the theater. I’m going to see the movie w/ my sister and then my mom, and I’m sure I’ll see it again w/ friends. It was a little uncomfortable to watch them kiss in the 1st movie because they practically attacked each other, now he’s moaning? Some people are going to crack up because it sounds like his discomfort is coming not from his blood lust, but from somewhere down south.

      • Heather

        “From somewhere down south” RFLMAO

        Well, it probably is. haha

    • beck

      I like you…you’re funny and I agree with you most thoroughly :)

      • Heather2

        I guess you are talking to me. Someone has to have a sense of humor on these posts, cuz some take it way too seriously.

  • Ashley

    I think the scene is supposed to be uncomfortable. At this point Edward is planning on leaving and Bella is sensing that something is off with him.

    • Anna

      Agree. I don’t think he’s groaning in an erotic way (which would be nice HA HA). I think at this point, he already knows he has to do and he’s struggling with the decision.

  • telly

    lol..i found did it did strange things to my girly bits..they played the scene perfect..tortured robward..and the moan/groan..fhawt bb..the ones who dont get that kiss..must be teenyboppers..again..hawt!

    • mtnlaurel

      Telly I agree 100%.

    • iloveyou

      omg same ! hahahah

  • Leslie

    Awkward yet hot. I’ve never read the books, but knowing the context of the kiss from Heather2’s post helps alot.

  • Ruby

    Oh, I get where they are going with this, I just don’t think they pull it off. But I’ve always said the actors and director have all the cornballness of the books to work with so of course the movie reflects that times 2.

  • Heather2 you are spot on

    It was perfect. And I agree, enought with the spoilers already!

    • Heather2

      Thanks. Not that I don’t love Rob and Kristen smooching, but we have had what 5 clips in the last few days and are getting another one on Friday? Ugh.

      • Kim

        lol I understand everyone’s point, that we’ve seen a lot of clips, especially from scenes at the end, but I don’t get people complaining about it. You don’t HAVE to watch it. Maybe you just can’t help but watch it when you know it’s there. :-P

        Also, I agree, everyone who thinks the kiss isn’t exactly as it should be doesn’t understand. That’s how it is supposed to be, he plans on leaving her and she knows he’s upset, and also, she just wants to kiss him without him pulling away right away for once.

      • Heather2

        I agree with you. But it’s kinda like putting Rob in front of me and telling me not to touch him. The temptation is just too much. :P

  • fred

    Its perfect but then old Mandi loves a good dig at Rob dont you Mandi.

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