Adam Lambert confirms album cover 'deliberately campy'

Adam-Lambert-album-cover-520 Adam Lambert has taken to Twitter to assure us that the cover for his debut album, For Your Entertainment, which Slezak dutifully dissected last night, is, purposely,”ridiculous.”

“Thank you to those who appreciate and understand that the album cover is deliberately campy. It’s an homage to the past. It IS ridiculous,” he wrote this morning. “For those that don’t get it: oh well… Glad to have gotten your attention,” he continued. “Androgyny. Rock n Roll.”

Apparently happy with the response from his followers, he also offered details about what we’ll hear on the album, due out Nov. 23. “The upcoming single was produced by Dr. Luke!!” he added. “There is also a song called ‘Soaked’ written by Muse! Also a tune called ‘Music Again’ written by Justin Hawkins of the Darkness!” (That last bit just made me happier than it had any right to.)

Lambert, who was photographed by EW while recording earlier this month, told us then of his goal for the album. ”I wanna rock; I want people to dance, I want people to cry, I want people to smile and laugh,” he said. ”And I wanna play dress-up!”

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  • Marge

    It IS fun. I love it. It’ll sure catch shoppers’ attention in a Wal-Mart aisle, lol.

    • Kevin

      Gay guys (aka the people who would actually gawk at this cover) do NOT shop at WalMart LOL

      • HD

        Yes we do.

      • crispy

        Gay guys shop at Target. Only we call it Tar-zhay.

      • Telly B

        Yes we do. I shop at Wal-mart all the time. Big deal.

      • Mike

        Ah, stereotypes, gotta love ‘em. 1) Yes we do shop at Wal-mart when it’s necessary (and shoot me if I ever say, as someone else suggested, “Tar-zhay”). 2) Not all of us would “gawk” at this cover. I can appreciate campiness, but I don’t find feminine-looking guys attractive at all. I’d be much more inclined to “gawk” at Kris Allen’s cover.

      • santabillie


      • Kevin

        I’m sorry to hear that Mike, Telly and HD….that’s unfortunate.

      • crispy

        Ah, internalized homophobia, gotta love it.

      • Strepsi

        crispy: +10
        mike: Fail
        Adam: FTW

      • Tarc

        Gay guys shop everywhere… and wouldn’t necessarily gawk at the cover. (Incorrectly) Stereotype much?

      • @Kevin

        Kevin, boy oh boy, what’s the deal with you hating on the gays? I sense some jealousy here! Get a life you idiot! Speaking rudely about someone you don’t even know in real life is very upsetting, don’t you think?

      • Ben

        I thought you guys shoped at Costco!!
        you mean “Modern Family” was wrong???

      • Lindajean139

        So Kevin, since you don’t shop at Wal-Mart where do you shop? Assholes R Us?

      • karenC

        Actually most of the gay guys I know (my son is gay, 28 and a Human Rights Activist) choose not to shop there unless absolutely necessary. The HRC in 2008 gave Walmart a rating of a red 40 on a scale of 100, down from a yellow 65 in 2006. It was among 54 companies that scored 45 or lower in HRC’s 2008 Corporate Equality index, which assigns ratings to 519 large companies. HRC said that the USA’s biggest private employer has “more work to do in furthering equality.” It advised gays and their supporters to shop elsewhere. One issue was Walmart’s changes in policies and also refusal to offer domestic partner benefits to its gay and lesbian workers. Target TGT rated a green” 80, meaning that “consumers should make every effort to support these businesses.”
        It’s not always about fashion or good taste.

      • Applepowder Cheeks

        Gay people = WalMart’s Cash Cows

    • Sarah

      I love how he dismisses people with taste as if we’re all idiots. “Ha ha! Glad I got your attention!” His head has swelled to five times its original size in the months since Idol. What a maggoty douche.

      • Jess

        Sarah, I’m afraid you’re right :(

  • Sansei

    Seriously, I love this guy. Glam rock baby!

    • nope

      this guy isn’t the New York Dolls. He’s just a mainstream pop artist which = suck

  • Bobby’s Robot

    Glad he’s not taking it too seriously. Better this than some smoldering Zoolander pose.

    • kiblerfaeri

      if he does Zoolander in a campy way too, then bring it on.

    • Sarah

      This IS a smoldering Zoolander pose. The only thing funny about is that he thinks he’s being ironic and edgy, when really he’s just showing his lack of taste and inability to innovate.

  • chiara

    i just think he’s a genius, a music god, he’s just perfect! and the cover….ART.

    • I know art

      But that’s the thing… he probably meant it to be “ART,” got the reaction, and now it is deliberately “campy.” I’m not offended by the androgeny, just the crappy design. That is some 5-year-old with Publisher graphic design.

      • ART

        IKR? It looks like it was designed by my little sister. Bleh.

        Having said that, I do realize he intended it to be campy because he had said beforehand numerously that the cover is “completely OTT” and he said on the first day of Idol his performing style is sometimes “campy” and that he doesn’t take himself seriously so others shouldn’t either.

      • Clue

        Am sure Fuko the senior Art Director at Sony wouldn’t take 2 kindly to your remark. She has designed many incredible album covers, this one included. See it got your attention.

      • caar

        I agree with you. I don’t believe for one minute he deliberately wanted it to be campy and ridiculous. I don’t think the cover is getting the attention that he thought it would.

      • To caar

        Shows how little you know about Adam. Of course it’s getting the attention he thought it would – he’s said time and time again that it was going to be over the top – and it is. Trust – there in nothing about him, his image or this CD that isn’t calculated.

    • nope

      hahaha american idol sucks and your taste = suck

      • nope

        And I know this because I suck (and well from what I’ve been told)

    • Maureen

      “A music god.” Um, let’s hear the album first before we put him up in the ranks of people like Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley or Bob Marley.

      • Terry

        You’re on. Listen to him and then decide. A CD cover doesn’t mean anything.

    • karenC

      If you had read all Fuko’s Tweets while she was working on this cover you would know that after meeting with Adam her biggest concern was that TPTB would want to play it safe and would not like the direction they wanted to take it. She submitted 200 changes before this final one was approved. She now has her Twitter account protected. Perhaps because her tweets were being published elsewhere on the internet (I’m guilty). If you don’t like the cover that is fine, but you cannot say Adam did not intend it to be campy and OTT.
      @carr perhaps you need to check the definition of “ridiculous” that Adam intended. See urban dictionary for current use meaning: “Where something is hot, cool, or off the hook” That is exactly what Adam was going for! ;D

  • Lindajean

    Lol!! The guy is brilliant! He always has them talking. Love the cover. Very retro yet modern. Makes you talk and makes you remember.

    • nope

      the 80’s sucked except for early punk rock.

      • ophu

        Early punk rock was in the 70s.

      • Clue

        Actually its 70’s Glam Rock and it didn’t suck!

    • Jess

      Lindajean, to me, that just shows how hollow he is if all he wants is for people to talk about him. Attention doesn’t = success or money, especially when a lot of it is negative attention and it can distract from his talent or his music… I just fail to see how that makes him “brilliant” :|

  • nutti80baby

    Album cover is cool very glam

    • nope

      as cool as all the throwaway records at the goodwill and salvation army combined. only rock’n’roll matters and the stuff is disappearing in more ways than one.

  • Karena

    I can’t get his version of Mad World out of my head since the moment I first heard him sing it. That’s the sign of a great artist-anything he does on his album or on the cover is fine by me.

    • marie

      They’ve been playing pieces of Adam’s version of Mad World on General Hospital and everytime they do it’s stuck in my head forever. lol I can’t wait for Adam’s album. I know it will be fantastic. Can’t wait for the 1st single too.

  • talkin’

    Heavens to besty if it wasn’t “deliberate”.

  • NickRhodes

    I used to look like that too…picture it….Arcadia…1985..So Red the Rose

    • dp


      • dp

        JK! funny. good comparison. that and Bowie. relax people. what do you expect? whatever it is, he’ll do the opposite so don’t bother “expecting” just’s all fun.

  • crispy

    2012 and that atrocious cover were two steps back, but Muse and The Darkness… holy crap, two BIG steps forward!

    • Nick T

      Don’t forget Lady Gaga!!

    • nope

      wow, muse and the darkness. you are dumb.

    • Carly

      Another Kristard!

  • Luke

    Oh wow, MUSE? That’s amazing. And the Justin Hawkins reference makes a lot of sense with that cover.

  • Dead or Alive Freak

    Yes its Duran Duran all the way…pick up RIO and love it today

  • tal


  • Euryth

    DuranDuran are true legends…will the Glambert be around 30 yrs from now??…I bet he’ll be some 55 yr old fat Boy George…you think?

    • C

      He definitely has it in him….but Boy George just isn’t as talented (please don’t hurt me 80’s fans!)

      • marjorie2009

        Well Adam definitely has more talent – a glittery planet size.

      • Laura

        But I do really want to hurt you. :P

      • juju

        Boy George may be crazy on a cracker, but he is (or was) definitely talented. Adam Lambert? Magic 8 Ball says “future uncertain.” On the issue of the cover, I think it’s silly and stupid more than out-there or interesting. I still think it looks like Katie Couric got glam pictures at the mall.

  • Autumnstar1205

    I adore Adam and I love the CD cover for what it is. He is a smart and talented man.
    Being a child of the eighties, um, yeah, I “got” it immediately, and thought it was brilliant, and I love his smurf-colored hair, too!
    When I listen to his CD I will most likely rock, smile, and laugh, but I’m a lousy dancer and I hate to cry. I might even go heavier on the eyeliner tomorrow!

    • YR

      SMURF! LOL!! OMG this IS starting to get entertaining…

      • marjorie2009

        Yes, what do you expect. The album title is “For Your Entertaiment” Good that you are enjoying it. See how fabulous and fantastic Adam is. You haven’t heard the single yet and your are entertained. God i can’t wait to get the album.

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