Jonathan Jackson's 'General Hospital' return: Everything you hoped for?

On his first day back in Port Charles, Jonathan Jackson found himself squarely in the middle of all the drama, thanks to a love triangle and parental strife. The star’s return to his role as Lucky Spencer today probably gave some longtime fans comfort as they witnessed his easy rapport and familiarity with Rebecca Herbst, who plays Lucky’s childhood sweetheart, Elizabeth. Liz and Lucky are planning to remarry after a decade marked with betrayals, breakups, and longing. The big hiccup is that Liz is pining for Lucky’s half brother Nicholas.

But Jackson’s reprisal might also make some start looking at whether his chemistry works for these now-adult characters who, let’s remember, are supposed to be parents of two children. There’s no fighting it — Jackson brings an entirely different dynamic to the role than the previous (older) actor, Greg Vaughn, did. Today, Lucky is a police officer with a major ax to grind against his father — he’s no longer the little “cowboy”  Jackson played originally. It might be too soon to ask, but how do you think Jackson will do back in the role he originated?

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  • Cinders

    Despite his attempts at growing facial hair, Jonathan Jackson still has the baby-faced look of a teenager, while Rebecca Herbst, who is already older than him by five years, looks so much mature than he does.

    • serious about my soaps

      did you even watch the show? I have noticed that the only people who want to ~pretend~ that Rebecca Herbst and Jonathan Jackson are not the hottest couple on GH are usually Jason / Liason fans.

      get over it! I hope the writers do the right thing for this SUPERCOUPLE Liz and Lucky and change the paternity of BB jake. He needs to be a spencer. PRONTO!

      • Autumn

        You know, that whole paternity of Jake thing could have been a switch by someone in the organization, to make Jason more of a target. He could truly be a Spencer after all…it’s not totally out of the question. After all, the whole Ethan-being-a- Spencer thing is less believable.

      • serious about my soaps

        Autumn, that’s a good idea but let’s keep the washed up old as dirt mob stories out of it. I would love it if Helena had something to with the switch :) you know how she loves to mess with the Spencers

      • Lola

        Jake is truly a Spencer because Lucky is his “real” dad. Maybe it’s because I’m adopted, but I think that we should be careful about the terms that we use. My parents aren’t my “fake” parents just because they adopted me and I’m not their biological daugther.

      • manders

        serious about my soaps… i watch gh every day and i do not think that liz and lucky are the hottest couple. i’m not a liason fan either.

      • sdm

        I have to agree with Manders…I’m a long time gh fan (22 yrs. and not a liason fan or a jasam fan) and I was not impressed with the return of JJ today. He still seems like a teen to me, but it is early yet I’m sure we will see in the next weeks gh’s attempt to make him look and sound older (which IMO they need to do).

      • Kati

        ya what ever

        that’s not true

        not true at all

        just because some fans like certain character couples together means nothing

        frankly, there are more people who have their own opinion wanting the female character with some one completly different same goes with the male character

        the writers and the powers that be gave greg v poor storylines

        just because some want liz with lucky does not mean others dont want liz with patrick

        never say never

        gv we are never saying we dont support you

        gv you rock

        gv played out luckys adulthood not jj

        gv congrats on everything rock on

      • Sina

        Seeing as how Lucky never submitted DNA to get tested I don’t see how the paternity of Jake could have been switched. You need two samples to switch something. Liz went into Jason’s penthouse to sneak some DNA from him and got it tested.

    • Glory

      I concur, Cinders. I think they “changed” Lucky to suit an older more mature GV…now THAT characterization will need to be changed, somehow, to suit JJ.

      • Kati

        nope its the opposite

        the Character NOT the actor, the character lucky is Not a real person- the Character lucky is NOT a child.
        the character lucky is NOT a baby
        the character lucky is NOT man recently turned 18 or 21
        the character lucky is older that those
        the character lucky is involved with other characters romantically linked and not
        the character lucky has 2 children

        the character lucky is gv

        gv thank you for showing us the real lucky
        we want to see a current storyline you gave fans that
        thank you gv!! we support you gv!!

    • Kati

      liz(rebecca) and gv lucky are a match

      liz and jj lucky are childhood crushes

      now currently the character lucky is an adult

      an adult should be playing him

      jj lucky is way waay waaaaay too young

      i noticed liz and gv lucky look to be the same age

      the new lucky jj is new cuz he has Not played him for Years

      the new lucky is younger a lot younger

      in the storyline aren’t the character liz and lucky basically the same age

      now with no Greg Vaughn liz is older

      GV we support you

      btw what’s going to happen 6 months from now?

      jj has a 6 month “contract” (a site says)

      hmmm what happens after 6 months

      jj leaves

      what about lucky then?

      • Eri

        Greg Vaughan couldn’t act to save his life. Get over it.

      • sdm

        Some sites are reporting that the Spencers will be leaving town for awhile in 6 mo. so no need for a longer JJ contract.

      • Kati

        gv did act.

        which actor portrayed the character lucky’s drug addiction? jj or gv?
        gv portrayed the character luckys drug addiction.
        which actor portrayed the character luckys romance with maxie?
        gv portrayed the character luckys romance with maxie.
        which actor portrayed the character luckys injury and stand up appreciation at a co characters death?
        gv portrayed the character luckys injuries and stand up apprecation for another characters funeral.
        which actor portrayed lucky during the metro court?
        gv portrayed lucky during the metro court?
        who portrayed lucky during lulu and before that carlys break down?
        gv portrayed lucky during their break downs.
        who portrayed lucky for emily’s departure?
        gv portrayed lucky for emily’s death.
        who portrayed lucky during luke’s health scares?
        gv portrayed lucky while luke was having health issues.
        who portrayed lucky during nik,jerry, robin, emily, patrick problem soon after the metro court?
        gv portrayed lucky during the robin, nik, jerry, emily, patrick problem after the metro court.
        who portrayed lucky during the hospital re-building this past winter?
        gv portrayed lucky this past winter during the re-do of the hospital.
        did gv or jj portray lucky for jake’s paternity?
        gv portrayed lucky for jake’s paternity line.
        did gv or jj portray lucky during nik’s line after emily’s departure?
        gv portrayed lucky during nik’s health issues after emily died.
        did gv or jj portray lucky finding out ethan is a spencer brother?
        gv portrayed lucky finding out he had a spencer brother, ethan.
        did gv or jj portray lucky protecting lulu from jz?
        gv portrayed lucky protecting lulu from jz.
        did gv or jj portray lucky helping family from liz house fire?
        gv portrayed lucky helping family during fire at liz house.
        did gv or jj portray lucky during 2008 autumn saving son?
        gv portrayed lucky in 2008 autumn saving son.
        did gv or jj portray luckys romance with sam?
        gv portrayed luckys romance with sam?
        did gv or jj portray lucky during approx. 2006 hospital health scare?
        gv portrayed lucky during 06 hospital illness issures.
        who portrayed lucky during his adulthood life experiences lessons?
        gv portrayed lucky during his adulthood life experiences lessons.

        clearly gv can act.

        gv we support you!!!

        congrats for all your success!!!

        fans are excited for you!!!!

        gv you rock!!!!

      • JJisLucky

        Kati….i don’t o played Lucky during all of things you mentioned….know why???? Cuz it wasn’t memorable…It’s ok can see GV on 90210….I hear it’s grrreat??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!



      • Kati

        JJisLucky clearly it was memorable. due to those events and others is why the character lucky is the way he is today. no thanks to jj.

        all the thanks to gv

        thanks gv we support you!!!!

      • Pnuts

        Kati GV sucked. He was so not believable. JJ was a good actor and played a very believable Lucky. But maybe we should let their accolades speak for them.
        JJ – 6 Emmy nominations, 3 wins.
        GV – 0.
        Dude Jacob Young was a much more believable Lucky than GV. He was Lucky for 3 years and earned an Emmy for the role.

        The proof is in the pudding. GV thumbs down!

    • Ginger

      I think RH looks young for her age. I don’t understand why ppl are complaining about JJ’s age. RH and JJ both look young.

    • What A Dopey Show…


    • Shasta

      I guess they thought giving JJ some stubble and scruff would make him look older. Instead, it just makes him look kinda dirty. Distracting! Shave it off, I don’t care if he still looks 12!

  • Dana

    I thought he looked as young as he always did.Although I liked it when he played Lucky, I think Greg Vaughn was the right age and looked it.

  • damn

    Today was my first time watching IN YEARS and you know what I noticed… I mean, other than the mega chemistry between Liz and Lucky? The old leads look really bad. What happened to the days when Jason and sam were hot? They r used and abused. Time to put them on the backburner!

    • Jenna

      Yeah Jason has realy aged the last year. Nicholas too.

      ….It cool if the real Emily came back now too– Amber Tamblyn.

      • Clarissa

        Yes, please get rid of that awful Natalia person!

      • superso

        yes! it would be awesome to have all 4 of them back on the show together. although, amber tamblyn’s emily would probably have never been with sonny. and better yet, jonathan jackson’s lucky would never have been with maxie… it’s fun to think about past storylines with different actors, isn’t it? i watched today and was as giddy to see the original lucky and liz as i was when i first started watching gh. we will have to see how lucky deals with this love triangle.

      • Kati

        not sure ’bout that

        sb and ty have been portraying jm and nc for sometime now

        their acting is amazing same as their appearance!

        oh and actors and actresses portray characters as their lines say

        if a storyline is mediocore the actors portray it that as its written that way

    • Kati

      what chemistry?

      liz thought about nik the whole time with detailed memories, too of nik Not lucky

      ya there was chemistry alright between Nick and liz

      • don’t be a hater

        so that doesn’t mean there’s no chemistry between liz and lucky. the liz/nik S/l was written before Jonathan Jackson confirmed return. I think you would have to be a big hater to deny the chemistry.

      • sdm

        Chemistry does not always mean sexual chemistry and RH and JJ both have chemistry you can tell see visably on screen when they are together. It means as actors they mesh well together ie. chemistry.

      • Kati

        its about acting not hate.
        its has nothing to do with hate.
        the character lucky had an actor portraying him for severa years.
        many fans appreciate gv and gv as lucky.
        the wondering comes from know gv was a steady actor he portrayed gv for over 5 years in a row.
        gh let him go Out of the blew when the actor and the character were involved in a story of their own.
        there are 7 days in a week
        5 weekdays and 2 weekend days
        gv worked thru a friday showed up to work monday was told your done we letting you go.
        the way they did it after jj was off the show for more years then gv portrayed lucky.
        the letting go was rude.
        his acting was is will stay amazing.

        acting wise gv was magnificent

        jj hadnt event portrayed lucky as adult till tptb let him go

        let go=tptb dont want u for no reason
        gv was let go

        fired=tptb thinks an empoyee was wrong

        gv not wrong

        gv we support u

  • Jenna

    Hmmm… changing Jake’s paternity down the road could be interesting. But have they already done the whole Jake needs some kind of transplant that only Jason, his bio-dad, can provide?

    There’s no Lucky better than JJ. It’s going to be interesting where the love triangle goes now with the orig. Lucky.

  • Laura

    I loved it! Thought he was great. I miss GV too – but I’m hoping in JJ’s hands Lucky will be less whiny.

    • Kati

      lucky whiny when??

      liz is whiny

      examples of whiny lucky???

      liz whiny choosing nik or lucky or jason

      • Ginger

        GV’s Lucky whined a lot especially when he’s jealous (e.g., jason and patrick)

  • Andrea

    JJ was great, especially as the episode progressed. Today alone, Lucky’s IQ increased immensely over GV’s dumbed down portrayal (which was not entirely his fault)

  • Keri

    I know JJ’s “look” is certainly younger and different than Greg Vaughn. But still, he looks much more like the son of Luke and Laura. And he’s supposed to be a young dad in his late 20’s. I think he can pull that off nicely. After all, he might have a baby-face, but he IS in real life a married father himself.

    I was already rooting for these two today. Before, I was almost wanting Liz with Nikolas if only for some passion in her life. JJ has made me a Liz n Lucky fan again for the first time since I was a teenager and he left the show!

    • Paula

      I thought he was great. He reminded me a lot of Luke actually and I thought that they picked up right where they left off. Jonathan was the reason I watched the show when I was a teenager and it was thier relationship and thier chemistry that kept me watching. I think that they will be great. He is an amazingly talented actor.

      • Theresa

        I totally agree with you. I couldn’t believe it when they said he was coming back. I never thought there was a chance Jonathan would come back. The chemistry between he and Liz was definitely still there and made me wish all the more he never left. Greg Vaughn never seemed like Lucky to me, or even a Spencer at all. btw – bring back Aunt Bobbie!

    • Margaret

      Amen! Let’s work on the writing and get back to the Lucky JJ portrayed. GV’s portrayal was whiny and spineless. I love JJ and am excited again. I used to fast-forward through anything with Lucky in it.

  • Meg

    I was so excited to see him on the show. He was the main reason I started watching when I was a teenager. I think the key from now on will be the writing of the character. Make him the “real” Lucky again!

    • Rosa

      JJ was the reason I watched GH a LONG time ago. I remember his first day. I stopped watching after he left. I guess I’ll have to start watching it again, now that he’s back.

  • amanda

    Johnathan Jackson IS Lucky. I could never get used to seeing that other guy in this role. Glad JJ is back

  • Tiffany

    Jonathan Jackson did an excellent job, you were rooting for him the entire episode. Not that you weren’t rooting for Greg, it’s just that there’s so much history with JJ as Lucky and the sincerity in his voice and demeanor makes you want him to win back the girl. And TPTB needs to end this Liz/Nik thing, because you’re going to lose the JJ/Lucky fans now that we’re back for JJ!

    • Sina

      It’s called a soap. Just wait until Lucky finds out about Liz/Nik affair and blows up. Now that Jonathan Jackson is back, you know we will get some real good acting scenes when Lucky snaps on them. I’m all for the triangle.

      • Kati

        gv would have been perfect

        jj lucky is too young. he looks like an 18 yr old. the character lucky is not an 18 yr old.

        gv lucky was amazing with the drug, metro court, emily’s death, jake paternity, georgie’s death and reaction with maxie holding comforting her, romance with sam, helping lulu through her breakdown last summer (gv lucky and gf were amazing, great mother son chemistry…now for gf to disrespect gv lucky is a shame), gh rebuilding this past winter…other…etc storylines

        the above and so many more storylines were among the Great work gv gave gh

        gh gave nothing back

        gv we support you

        shame on gh tptb for letting gv go

        fans aren’t letting go

      • well well well

        GV doesn’t have that acting chops that JJ has. Gh head writers aren’t gonna care when first ratings come zooming in for Liz and real lucky.

  • Jenn

    JJ was and always will be Lucky! I love Greg Vaughn but he just wasn’t Lucky and that wasn’t his fault. I am so looking forward to his interaction with everyone on the canvas. He’s just so darn adorable and at ease. This is the 1st smart thing TIIC have done in a LONG time! Thank you!

  • dawn9476

    No because he has come back to this lame Nik/Liz/Lucky triangle.

  • Mark

    I’ve noticed that has been posting a lot of stuff about soaps lately. I just found out Louise Sorel is coming back to Days Of Our Lives this Friday as Vivian Alamain. The Buried Alive storyline was one of the most memorable things I ever seen on a soap and Louise Sorel nailed it. Can you talk about her comeback please?

    • bootsycolumbia

      They’ve only been posting stuff about GH. I’d love it if they started a soap blog so fans of other soaps could weigh in on their favorites! :)

      • HAZ

        They also posted about Eric Braeden and Y&R. I think we should be happy that *any* of our soap news makes the mainstream press. Kudos to EW for recognizing that soaps are part of the “Entertainment” world!

  • Chelsea

    LOVED IT! Totally different vibe is right. It finally felt like Lucky came home and that Elizabeth had romantic love for Lucky for once instead of being with him out of duty (which it felt like with GV).

    • Kati

      gv lucky as a police officer was rarly seen on the job.

      tptb wrote it that way.

      gv lucky would have been fantastic in current police storylines on the show

      tptb choose the stories

      • NicWin

        Kati, get over it. Actors get recast all the time on soaps. No one liked it when JJ was originally recast. It happens. Bitching constantly about it isn’t going to change anything. Give JJ a chance.

  • Lizzie

    LOVE IT!!!! Awesome, amazing, better then I expected and I expected a lot. :D One enormously happy fan here.

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