'Glee': Kristin Chenoweth to return! Plus, is Julia Roberts a Gleek?

We have even MORE Glee news to deliver, PopWatchers: Emmy winner Kristin Chenoweth (Pushing Daisies) will reprise her role as the boozy glee alum April Rhodes for at least one episode in 2010. (Listen to her sing “Maybe This Time” in the window below.)

Plus, Glee has gotten the stamp of approval of one of Hollywood’s biggest stars: Julia Roberts. Co-creator Ryan Murphy, who is currently filming Eat, Pray, Love with Roberts in Bali, tells EW, “We’re on location here and she’s watched episodes and has quite enjoyed them.” I could totally see Roberts being a major Gleek.

And finally, Murphy also says that he’s planning on using the whole NBC/Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade snafu into an upcoming episode. Look for the glee club to get denied from having a float in the spring festival parade thanks to the villainous Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch), standing in for NBC.

What do you think about all this Glee goodness, PopWatchers? Excited for Kristin Chenoweth to return?

For more on Glee, be sure to pick up EW’s cover story on the series, on newsstands now!

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  • graeme

    Great to hear Chenoweth would be back. They should get her back on a full-time basis. It is the only time “Glee” has totally gelled and she gives the show that spunk and starpower it needs.

    • BlackIrish4094

      Show is great without her, what are you watching bonehead?

      • Angelus

        Bonehead? Wow. An insult straight out of the Flintstones.

        Show is good, could be GREAT with Chenoweth on as a series regular. There’s always room for improvement. Now, if only they’d get Idina Menzel on there. One can dream.

      • Michael

        No need to be so insulting. I’m beyond gaga for the show, but it’s clearly flawed and very sloppy at times. I, for one, could give a crap less, but the KC episode, by far, was the most cohesive one of the lot. The show is still finding its footing…but I love it in all of its imperfections…and there’s no need to be bashing anyone who might not be as enamored with it.

      • teris

        I concur. “Glee” is not Kristen Chenoweth’s show. Sure, she was great as April but the everyday cast they’ve got is spectacular in every sense of the word; Broadway alums, talented actors and the hilarious Jane Lynch! Who could want anymore? I say we stick to the special guests but don’t try to fit someone else into this already perfect mix for more than a couple of episodes.

    • mscisluv

      I think Chenoweth is amazing, but I thought the way they put her on the show was silly and just lazy. A former student who can re-enroll in the high school in her 30s? Huh? It would have been so much better (and provide ample opportunities for her to come back) if they made her a competing Glee club director.

      • C

        Agreed! I hated the way they chose to include her. I, too was hoping she could be someone like the director of vocal adrenaline or another rival somehow so that she could easily come back whenever she (or the show) wanted. I love Kristen Chenoweth to death but I was not fond of the character (her lines) or the way she played it. Somehow I came off disappointed, a reaction I NEVER expected considering I love Kristen and Glee is my new favorite show. How did they mess that up?!?
        Super excited to see she is making another appearance! Can’t wait to see what songs she sings this time!!

      • Meredith44

        Agreed as well. I disliked how they introduced her. Actually, while I enjoyed that episode overall, I didn’t particularly care for her character. In fact, I’m not all that excited that the character is coming back. Oh well.

      • Kat

        Maybe she still can become a competing director – you know, get her life together, get a job as a chorus teacher, Will & Glee take her too lightly because they remember the old April, and then WHAM her group slays them all. You never know.

  • Proud Gleek!

    Love everything about this show!!! Now all we need is for Rachel’s mother (I guess she’d have to be a surrogate since I think they’ve said Rachel has 2 dads…) to be played by Idina Menzel!!!!!

    • Alex Q


      • Gina

        And one of her dads should be Taye Diggs!

      • Monica

        I LOVE that idea!! my gleek heart is all a flutter…

      • C

        Best. Idea. Ever.

      • orville

        Oh my God, Gina. Taye Diggs as one of the daddies and Idina Menzel as the surogate? The only thing to make that even better is to have Hugh Jackman as the other daddy.

    • Bridget

      Don’t tease me! lol

      I would definitely tune in to see Idina Menzel.

  • matt

    i’d rather see Amy Sedaris in the role. i mean, i like chenoweth, but wasn’t she just doing a watered down version of Strangers With Candy?

    • CCGuy

      Can Amy sing? I’d love to see her on any show…

    • Suntrap

      It may have been the same premise as Strangers with Candy (older woman returns to high school to graduate), but the characters are in no way comparable. Jerri Blank is in a category all her own.

  • Lacy

    Can we work the Pie Maker into it too? wishful thinking….

    • Ashley

      I agree. Oh how I miss seeing Lee Pace every week.

  • Susan

    Glad Chenoweth is coming back! She was a delight on Glee. I think this show is perfectly cast the way it is.

  • allie

    I am sooooo sad about them not being in the parade. I am going to the Macy’s T-Day Parade for the first time and I would LOVE to have heard them sing!!!

    • mscisluv

      You do know that no one sings live during the Macy’s Parade, right? Just thought you should know.

  • Aprilcot26

    Love. This. Show.

  • Andie

    When will Idina Menzel be on as Rachel’s mom? Can she have a diva-off with Kristin Chenowith?! These are my dreams.

  • Cole9219

    I love how Ryan Murphy is getting back at NBC with that episode!!! That is so cooooooool!

  • Oskar

    We need Idina Menzel in there somehow. You guys do notice how much Rachel looks like Idina right? They already got Kristin Chenoweth part of the show, and the character of Rachel (Lea) is going to be singing Defying Gravity in the next episode. Is it just me, or is it just NATURALLY OBVIOUS to have Idina show up now? More obvious would be to have Idina, Lea, and Kristin all in the same episode, singing the same song. And then have Kristin and Idina sing “For Good” from Wicked. That would be the icing on the cake. The big Gleeful Cake.

  • Philomena

    Love Chenoweth on the show- she’s so much more appealing playing a slutty type than a goody goody. maybe due to her childlike size- it’s a hoot thinking of her as a call girl or hooker. With her voice, they should make her a permanent part of the cast. Julia Roberts a Geek? If you cut her hair off, gave her a men’s do, and horn rim glasses, she’d look more geeky than a pencil pocketed engineer than the real thing.

    • mscisluv

      Uh…not a geek, honey, a Gleek. They’re saying that Julia Roberts is a fan of Glee.

  • chichi

    If there is a Jebus, please make Jennifer Holiday Mercedes’ mother!

    • Kristina

      HOLY CRAP. Best. Idea. Ever. I really want to hear Mercedes sing “And I’m Telling You.” Amber Riley sang it for her audition so they should put it in the show.

    • Monica

      Oh yeah, I love this idea too!

  • LibbyP

    I’m not a Chenoweth fan. She ruined Pushing Daises for me. She just seems smug, no matter the role. Anyway, I guess my thought is, “eh.”

    • John

      I felt the same way about Chenoweth UNTIL Pushing Daisies. Then I started really enjoying her on there, and her Emmy speech pushed her all the way back into my heart.

      • Laura K.

        I appreciate Chenoweth’s talent, but I didn’t like her on Glee. Maybe it was just my distaste for the “Last Name” number, but for me it was the worst episode so far.

  • andspark

    why thanks for the spoiler in the headline. please be kind to the people who get you via rss and STOP THIS CRAP!

  • Jackie

    Cheno grates on my very last nerve. The “Look at me I can sing this really really high note and I’m going to do it everywhere!” act got old about four years ago. I also still hold a grudge from her appearance on the 700 Club.

    That being said, not much can keep me from watching this show, so of course I’ll tune in.

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