Jeff Probst blogs 'Survivor: Samoa': episode #6

Rain is a double-edged sword on Survivor. It gives and it takes. Read the full post.

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  • ctiger

    I love that you provide behind the scene footage for us in your blogs!! I agree with canceling the challenge – no need to mess around when someone’s life is on the line. One question – how long were the other team members blindfolded before they were allowed to take them off?? Was it just a minute or two, or were they forced to stand there, unmoving, with their blindfolds on for much longer??? I don’t agree that everyone should have gotten pizza. I like that nobody did.

  • Carly Jo

    I would like to see the contestants who have left the game due to medical reasons have a second chance at Survivor at some point in the future, maybe in the next season if they are physically capable. Russell was a strong player and had the most heart of anyone that I have ever seen play this game and I for one would like to see him come back.

    • notluvin

      Russell may have had a lot of heart but he was a terrible leader. Picking the blankets instead of the tarp to cover your camp was stupid. He catered to the wimpy girls instead of doing what was best for the whole team. And is it only me or did his voice sound like a girl most of the time?

      • D

        He was high pitched for such a burly guy.

    • Anne

      Oh, interesting suggestion, Carly Jo, that would be interesting to watch!

    • D

      I feel like if they couldn’t handle it the first time, they shouldn’t get another chance. Unless maybe include one or two of them on an all-star season.

      • dohrayme

        Exactly! Someone such as Mike B, who’s 62, is going to get more robust? Sheesh. I prefer to see a whole new group anyway.

  • Sue

    Great decision as always. If I ever am on a deserted island, I want Jeff to be the one making the decisions for me! But.. should have given them the pizza.
    AND I can’t believe it – but little Russell is starting to gain my respect! Still scary but I like it. He is really wanting to fix the camp and not let the rain bother him but he is not getting support.

    • laini

      I agree. I’ve grown to like Evil Russell over the past few episodes. He really is the only one working on his tribe.

    • sdm

      Oh, I hate to admit this, but me too.

      • D

        me three.

    • Athena

      Damn it, I’m even beginning to like the sparkle in EvilRussell’s eyes.

  • JAM

    When Mike was removed from the game due to medical reasons, they DID still vote someone out that week. Last year, as I recall (and maybe I’m wrong), when Joe was removed from the game, they DIDN’T vote someone out that week. It seems inconsistent to me….

    • bob


  • Alex

    I agree on letting everyone have the pizza, but they still should have made Galu vote someone off. When Mike was taken out of the game, Fao Fao still had to vote someone out.

  • Matt

    Thank you Jeff for your insight to this episode. It was a great episode and your blog this week was very informative and interesting. I do have a suggestion in case there is another serious medical emergency in a future season. I would have liked it if you put a little note at the end of the episode that said something like “Russel was suffering from severe dehydration and made a full recovery” so that the audience knows that he is OK. He was such a likable guy and it pained me to see him like that. After the drama I wanted to know what happened and how he was doing. Anyway thanks a bunch for this blog and have a great week.

    • sdm

      Well they kinda did do that. At the end instead of the evicted survivor speaking it was Russell talking about himself leaving the game and his medical issues, so in a way they were letting us know he was ok.

  • Beth

    Awesome blog, Jeff. I felt so sad watching Russell go down. What a fighter he was. I hope he doesn’t feel like he quit, he did anything but.

  • Zak

    That was the most dramatic episode of Survivor i think I’ve ever seen. Close second — Jenna leaving to be with her dying mom on All Stars. What makes this one more dramatic is how much the contestants were already enduring due to the weather and the fantastic tribal council at the end of this episode. It’s amazing how much drama there was without even a vote.

    Great blog, Jeff. Thanks for the insight.

    • a fan

      While Jenna leaving to be with her Mom was definetly a dramatic moment no way does it beat Mike falling into the fire.

  • TheCommish

    “I am happy to say that we have since figured out a better way to do double eliminations.”

    Jeff, is it really that difficult to come up with the idea of an immunity challenge where the losers need to vote off TWO people instead of one? Just sayin’…

    • North

      Perhaps the idea they thought of was a double challenge (back-to-back), or something else we haven’t thought of. Just sayin’…

      • puppy dog

        I think it would be fun if they had the person who was voted out of the losing tribe pick a person from the winning tribe to take with them.

      • D

        I like back-to-back better.

      • KD

        Puppy Dog, I wouldn’t want to see someone on the winning tribe go when someone on the losing tribe gets voted off, BUT I think it would be great fun (and payback) if the person voted out on the losing tribe got to take someone from their own tribe with them when they went. Oh my God–think of the added strategy involved in voting/politicking around camp!

  • jeff

    where did the bananas come from??

    • Anne

      Banana tree??????

    • Big Dave

      Dude, it’s the tropics. Bananas grow like weeds.

  • Tennisfan

    Jeff — Really appreciate this blog — your descriptions of what happened and Russell’s responses are very heartfelt. I’m glad for the decision to edit out some of his reactions — I’m glad that incredibly difficult time was left mostly private for him (except for us getting to hear your impressions) — what a fighter he is! Also, I really appreciate your insight into the decisions that were made for this episode as well as the game as a whole — now it makes a little more sense why you made Foa Foa still vote someone out after Mike left due to medical reasons earlier this season. I’m glad no one was voted out last night, and great that it was a surprise to them at council — definitely did seem to lift spirits! Also very glad to hear the Survivor team has devised a way to avoid tribes in the future voting out a member after winning a challenge – hurrah!
    Love the blog, love the show.

  • Some Guy

    Well there goes Milli. Sigh. Bummer I liked him. Now all I have to root for Kaiser Soze. Get in there dave!

    • Kim

      Why would you call Russell Milli, is that as in ” Milli Vanilli”?

      • duh

        nothing gets by you, eh kim?!!

      • beelkay


  • TErRi

    I like that Shambo still remained sweet by saying those nice things about Russell even after him not being nice to her. As far as Russell, I am glad he is okay but karma …..
    What’s up Ilonka!!

  • Michael

    You guys messed with the games. You should have declared the Foa Foa tribe the winner. It was the right thing to do.

    Earlier in the game there was an evacuation and a tribal and you held to it. Why not now?

    So it is tough, they signed up for it didn’t they? I mean my god why not just give them milk and cookies and clothing and tarps at this point. The integrity of the game was compromised. I know you all don’t see it but those of us who are not getting a check from Burnett see that the game has been totally changed.

    I am very disappointed as you let the cat out of the bag that Foa Foa wins immunity next week.

    God Jeff are you guys just getting tired of the show and mailing it in? If that is the case you will not mind if I find something else to watch.

    Totally disgusted with Survivor.

    • Tennisfan

      How on earth could they have declared Foa Foa the winner of that challenge? It wasn’t over and Galu was down a player on the verge of death!

      • Tom

        Yes the challenge had to be stopped and yes Russell was the top priority, but Foa Foa should have been declared winners.

        When your opponents, for whatever reason, can’t complete the course, you win.

        Jeff does a great job and had to call it in a tough spot, but I’m surprised Foa Foa didn’t kick up more of a fuss.

      • puppy dog

        Win by default of course. If Galu isn’t able to finish the challenge for any reason, they should be declared the loser. I’m feeling the same way, Michael. It’s so one sided it’s a joke.

      • D

        It’s called a walkover-common in sports.

    • KarenR

      they might not have let the cat out of the bag…maybe they’ve merged??

      • tdunf

        or galu won and russell is talking to that woman at the foa camp.

      • Michael

        that is the galu camp’s beach.
        If I am wrong I am wrong but looking at it again that is galu’s beach.

    • KD

      The game changes with every season–the players change it and the crew adapts to that as well as trying to keep it fresh. I disagree that they have compromised their integrity. It’s a living entity–sometimes they’re making it up as they go, and that’s what keeps it interesting in my opinion.

    • scooter

      Michael: Amen, brother.

  • Kara


    I was so worried about Russell… his breakdown showed the intensity of the situation and the game. Ian my son said “He will be back, maybe on an All-Star show”. I too think everyone should have shared the pizza.

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