'Glee' previews for tonight: Is there such a thing as too many teasers?

I look forward to new episodes of Glee with enthusiasm that borders the unhealthy range. The “Sweet Caroline” clip from tonight’s Glee was pretty rad, but now there are a slew more teasers. Um, is it 9 o’clock yet?

So it looks like getting slushie-ed is a major part of tonight’s ep…

Yep, it is.

How long are they going to play the Emma/Ken marriage storyline?

Speaking of marriage….

What happens when Mr. Schu and Sue swing dance? Amazing things, PopWatchers.

And here’s that Prachel clip again of Puck asking Rachel to make-out:

Have we entered the “too many previews” phase of Glee for this week, PopWatchers? Is there such a thing?

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  • Julia

    No such thing.

    • Ericka

      true that.
      but didi anyone one else notice the Puck/Rachel story thrown into a curve ball a good curve ball but a curve ball no less. the last clip on her with the two of them in her bedroom i had to do a double “what” on that. Can’t wait until tonight. hurry up 9 o’clock!!!

    • Dug

      I’ll second that agreement! You can never have too many Glee-views!

      • Via

        Idk, I’m kind of glad I stayed off this thread yesterday. For me, half the fun of watching Sue & Schu’s swing dance was the total shock of it. So unexpected! I love Glee as much as the next person but I think a teaser should give you just enough to tune in; not make you feel like you feel like you’re watching a rerun by the time it actually airs.

  • apuluvmanjula

    I’m still catching up on previous episodes, so yes. One teaser for an episode I won’t see for a few days or weeks yet is fine by me.

    On an unrelated note, while I don’t usually pay attention to this sort of thing it has been bugging me since I started watching the show: Puck seriously needs to grow a full head of hair. And every time he comes on screen, I say “ew”.

    • Tookie

      Agree with you about Puck.

    • pool

      I think Puck is hot, especially with his mohawk.

    • Katja

      I love his mohawk! Honestly, the kid would be gorgeous with or without it.

    • Alex

      hey is the hottest guy on there!! Finn is so ew! seriously lol

  • Sara

    Definitely no such thing. You would think it would take something away from the show, but I find myself wanting to watch more and more each week after all the teasers I see!

  • Collin

    There is definitely a such thing for me. I haven’t seen the previews, as I live in France and watch the show online, But I am not gonna watch the youtube vids, b/c I hate when shows, or even movies, give away all the best lines before the airing. This happens all the time in trailers. When you’ve heard a line 100 times, it isn’t funny in the film (sometimes). Good topic though!

  • Yolanda H

    Because I’m addicted to Glee, I’d have to say that there are never too many teasers for the show. Having said that, if there were one more teaser up there, I would literally have no need to watch it tonight.

  • flicketyflack

    Cannot WAIT to see Sue and Mr. Schu swing dancing!

  • Dduellman

    Glee could be on every day and with teasers 24/7, it still wouldn’t be enough.

  • Emmy

    It would usually bug me, but I can watch this show over and over for some reason.

    • sbwm

      Same here. I don’t know why. But over and over – clips, episodes. Doesn’t bother me a bit. Love it in fact.

      • Sara

        Here, here. I love this show. I can’t wait until the season is on DVD. I will watch it everyday and it’ll still be as delightful as the first time I watched it.

    • Melinda65

      Usually, I don’t like spoilers for favorite shows and will only check them out for those I watch casually. But I love the Glee spoilers, particularly for the songs. I watched the “Somebody to Love” YouTube video from the Fox upfronts (until it was removed, darnit) over and over before the episode, and still got goosebumps when I watched the aired version.

  • Alex Q

    Honestly, I’m SICK of “Glee” previews. Yes, I absolutely adore the show, I understand the excitement level these stir up. But I honestly don’t think any “Glee” previews are enticing new viewers to watch by now. I want to be surprised in a giddy school-boy kind of way when I figure out what the next tune to be performed is… and not already know all of the musical numbers from the internet. Give us the regular preview at the end of each episode, possibly slip a few tracks out to iTunes before Wednesday night. But seriously, let me have my hour of true mindless bliss free of spoilers provided by Fox!

    • Lauren

      I agree. I feel like I’ve seen the entire episode already — and frankly, I probably have, if the rest is more fake pregnancy stuff, which I Tivo through because it’s RIDICULOUS.

    • Nikki

      Okay Alex and Lauren…. then WHY WOULD YOU CLICK ON THE LINK TO GLEE SPOILERS!!! Seriously I can’t stand the people that go searching for spoilers and previews and then complain about them! It is absolutely hypocritical! I am totally with you PJ!

      • Dug

        Completely agree with you Nikki! It’s pretty obvious that these clips are ALWAYS to be considered spoilers, and if you want to be surprised, don’t watch them! It’s your choice! so don’t complain!

      • Alex Q

        I normally watch the previews… when there’s one, and when it used to be a snippet of a song. But clicking on the previews, and finding SIX?!! Things have gotten a little ridiculous. Regardless, hilarious episode tonight, next week looks beyond stellar.

      • Khristina

        OMG- Give me a break Nikki! Where the F are you getting this “Spoilers for Glee” Info? Not one word in the link for this story says spoilers. A teaser isn’t the same thing as a spoiler. You should stop and think before babbling inane rhetoric. Seriously, I can’t stand people who start spouting moronic statements when it’s clearly obvious they don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. Yes sweetie, I’m talking about you. ;-)

  • PJ

    If you think there’s too many previews, there’s a pretty simple solution – don’t watch them.

  • Michael

    I avoid these teasers just like I avoid soundtracks to films before I see them. As beautiful as Somebody to love was, I think that it would have been even more powerful(especially Mercedes glory note) had I not hear it so many times in the thousand previews I saw on TV before that eppy. I like to be surprised, so I wish the previews were limited to plot progression and not the musical numbers. Can’t WAIT to hear sweet caroline and puck, but I’ll do so for the joy I get when viewing it on TV.

    • Charles

      I agree, Michael. Many of the most moving songs, from “Don’t Stop Believing” on have come out of nowhere and wouldn’t be nearly as effective if I already had heard them. But I’ve stopped watching the “Coming Next Week” previews at the end of all my other shows also. Just got too tired of the plot surprises and best lines being ruined for me. I just want to see it all in “The Moment”, not out of context in a preview or fuzzy YouTube window.

  • bob

    No way, there can be as many as they wish. I choose not to watch them, but I enjoy the huge push Glee is getting.

  • Flyer

    That flip in the Schu-Sue dance number is awesome! Way to twist what looks like the start of a conventional pull-through-the-legs move into something else entirely!

  • Melisa

    No such thing as too many teasers for me either. Also, who else has preordered the Glee album from iTunes? I ordered mine today!

    • Nicole

      Ordered it yesterday!!

    • Melinda65

      I pre-ordered it from Amazon weeks ago. I read somewhere that there are plans for five of them. Five!

    • jason

      on disc 1 the last song is “defying gravity”. does that mean we get to hear that on the show?!?!?! i’ve been waiting for this moment on the show, i hope they actually perform it on the show and it’s not just something they did for the CD

      • Maddie Shook

        Defying Gravity is next week! I am SO pumped

  • Sandra

    I think it’s the smart way to go while the show is still finding its legs. Sure, the Gleeks love it to death already, but there’s still plenty of room for new viewers, and what better way to attract them than through an abundance of promo clips? I’ve actually been quite enjoying the mini spoilers – it gives me something specific to look forward to on Wednesday nights.

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