'90210' recap: A new face and a new friendship

After last week’s breakup-heavy episode, last night’s 90210 was all about forming new bonds (so much so that there was very little Adrianna in the episode and no Navid). There were Liam’s new gal, Teddy and Silver’s new friendship, and Annie and creepy Jasper’s rejuvenated romance, and that’s nice and all, but without Liam’s blackmail, Jen’s bitchery, and Jasper’s knife-wielding ways, this episode was a major snoozefest for me (your regular recapper, Jennifer, had the night off). Since the episode was big on couples (low on this season’s wonderful drama), I’ll share with you where our couples, new and old, stand from last night.

Liam, now sans juicy tape-recorded evidence, took front and center last night with his new, so obviously soon-to-become-romantic relationship with Ivy, a beach babe with killer surf skills who just joined the West Bev surf team—and also looks a bit like Estella Warren to me. But like any good scripted plotline, it wasn’t all lovey-dovey when they first met. The two got into a minor fender bender that left a dent in Liam’s car and took a fin off Ivy’s board. Since Ivy is such a chill beach bum, she didn’t really apologize, but anger-prone Liam went off on her with sexist remarks that seemed a little extreme if you ask me.

These two continued like this for the rest of the episode and it all seemed like a lot of immature disses in surf speak. He might as well have pulled on her braids and ran away giggling. Could they make it any more obvious that these two will eventually (and by eventually I mean next episode) hook up?

Also facing some trouble with the opposite sex was Dixon and his older-woman squeeze Sasha, who refused to take their relationship outside her apartment, for fear that someone would see her canoodling with the young’un. (Can someone please tell me why she’s with a high school kid with a ’90s box cut?) Dating someone within the confines of an apartment wasn’t really Dixon’s thing, and when he broke things off with Sasha, she wasn’t afraid to call him out for playing her. It seemed like these two were done-zo and Dixon could return to his normal West Bev life, but not just yet and I’ll get to that in a bit.

When it came time to hit an adult story line, we saw the gap between Debbie and Harry grow even further apart thanks to Kelly. Last week Harry mistakenly called Debbie “Kelly” in a boozy-haze and to make it up to her, Harry planned a lunch for just the two of them at the school the following day. Sweet, right? Well, that plan went right down the drain along with his honesty when Kelly, distressed about her mother, the cancer, and Silver, came to his office for some venting.

So Harry then lied to Debbie, telling her that he’s swamped with work and of course Debbie showed up with a kind of sad-looking brown paper bag lunch only to find Kelly and her hubby sitting down to lunch. The nerve! When Harry finally called Kelly to explain his wife’s “ridiculous” theory that she has a crush on him, the two awkwardly paused, knowing the truth. These two are just as boring as Ryan and Jen. Shall we move on?

Unlike her parents, Annie was finally out of her dark and dismal mood and full of life (and love!) with Jasper. The two have reached that point when they call each other “babe,” so things have gotten pretty serious. (“You got my neurons firing on all cylinders,” he said. Jasper’s a film and science nerd?) In fact, things have gotten so heavy between the two of them that Jasper named Annie his muse and wanted her to star in his indie film. She wholeheartedly agreed and her first task was to shoot a scene that involved stealing a car (in the movie and for real). That was when I made a far-fetched connection that stealing a car would lead to talk of a hit and run, which would lead to Jasper revealing that he knows Annie is the one who killed his uncle. I got all excited but it was all for naught. They really did just steal a car and drive away with it. Boo.

Far from indie film shootings was a Halloween party, where things came together for both Liam and Naomi, but in separate ways. After Liam lost a competition (and limited-edition surfboard) to Ivy, she challenged him to an impromptu re-match that took everyone from the Halloween shindig to the beach with Teddy serving as moderator in vampire duds. It kind of looked like a scene from Saved by the Bell when the gang worked at the beach club—everyone in campy gear, coming together to watch two people they might not even know, duke it out in the Pacific.

Ivy ended up losing her balance while showboating her almost-win, so Liam was crowned ultimate champion of their personal battle. Rivalry aside, they were able to hug it out in the end, which is when Naomi saw them, got jealous and broke up with granola Richard for her actual crush, Jamie, no matter how much Richard could’ve helped her get into CU. I will miss Richard, though, with his green-isms and “you owe two-thirds of the electric bill” talk. He was good for laughs. But no, Jamie is way more Naomi’s speed, and I’m not saying that just because of his abs. After their heart-to-heart about Naomi’s gramps and CU, he really did seem like a better fit. He’ll need some sort of crazy back story or jealous streak to make his a worthwhile story line, but that can wait for now.

The redeeming part of the episode came with Silver and Teddy’s unexpected platonic union. The two had gotten off to a rocky start earlier this season and it seemed like things would continue in that direction when they were assigned to work together on a school project. Silver, who agreed to finish it all herself to avoid working with the Ted-ster, ended up flaking because of all the Jackie drama. But Teddy swooped in, took the blame and tried to prove he was a nice guy. I get that he can be a good guy, but why was he willing to take that much heat for Silver?

Still, it wasn’t until later in the episode, when Teddy revealed to her that his mom had passed away from cancer three years ago, that Silver finally gave him a chance. It was actually a sweet moment, topped only by the sweeter moment when the two of them hurled tennis balls from the rooftop to let out their aggressions. Just like Silver had felt, Teddy’s act of compassion made me like him for once and helped me forgive him for his “Is it over over?” question that he asked Dixon earlier in the episode about his break up with Sasha. (Seriously, guys don’t talk like that.)

The Silver-Teddy bond seemed to be the only refreshing aspect of the episode. Let’s just hope the writers don’t pair them up romantically. It would surely stir things up but for now it looks like we’ll have our hands full with the bombshell Sasha dropped at the close of the episode. She’s pregnant! Surprise Dixon; now you have to tell your parents about the older woman and a bun in the oven!

What did you guys think of the episode? Do you like Liam and Ivy together? How about the budding friendship between Teddy and Silver – yay or nay? And minus the Lady Gaga outfit, how lame were West Bev’s Halloween get ups?

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  • Vivi

    Oh sh*t, that girl was meant to be Lady Gaga? I thought she was just some random space chick.
    Anywho, I liked this episode. Alot of humor mixed slightly with drama. Just the direction of where “90210” is heading this season. I did miss Navid, though. Crazy Jen? Not so much.
    Personally, I can’t wait for Teddy to be voted off the gang cause the actor trying to convince the audience that he is some 16yr old dude was not working then, is not working now and will not be working in the future. The ish gots to stop! But I will say, I do like the friendship route of Teddy & Silver. Not every male & female gotta hook up, y’know.
    Dixon impregnating Sasha? Honestly, didn’t see that coming. But what I do see coming is Sasha obviously lying about this. The girl is seriously desperado.

    • Brado

      Oh Honey, take an English class.

      • Anonymous

        What’s wrong with her post?

      • Em

        to anony. the girl used alot instead of a lot. coupld other minor things, but it was a pompous comment brado made anyway.

      • DW

        Most people also don’t put asterisks between paragraphs for no reason.

  • bb

    Ivy might be the worse character on television. The actress is also pretty bad and looks way too old for high school.

    • Anonymous09

      i actually like ivy. it was her first episode on the show. so what i would do is give her a chance before you trash talk her.

    • Mary Q. Contrary

      I didn’t mind her that much, and I actually thought she convincingly seemed like a high-schooler, but she is overdoing the surfer attitude and speak. If she just took it down a few notches to a more realistic level, I’d be much happier. BUT, please writers, never again give someone a line like the one ivy spouted off about hanging out with Ray LaMontagne and Ben Harper. It was ridiculous.

  • DSA124

    Did anyone else notice the total lack of continuity during the surfing scenes? Crappy, Manly Ivy’s hair was dry when coming out of the ocean, and then wet, then dry. So bad. I think Jasper is totally setting up Annie. Sasha is lying, how come when he spoke to her earlier in the day, (even if she took a pregnancy test in between) wouldn’t she have said, I’m late, or something. So if she is pregnant that makes no sense.

    Where was Navid?

    • Anonymous

      The hair is your problem and not the fact that a high school has a “surf team”?

      • Drayche

        you must not be from Cali but in fact schools have had surf teams for years in So Cal. My school did in 89′

      • Cali Native

        Just wanted to agree – California High Schools – especialy those that are within 5 miles of the Pacific ocean – usually have surf teams – and water -polo teams, too

      • zouie

        As do Florida high schools near the beach…at least mine did in the 90’s

  • Stacy

    I think it is kind of bad when the girl who is supposed to be older than everyone (Sasha) looks younger than both Teddy and Ivy.

  • Wills

    Sorry, show it’s OVER over for me. Bye!!

  • Levente

    I didn’t realize I was such a big fan of Adriana until she wasn’t around nearly the entire episode. I was actually excited to see her appear! Can we pretend she is Dixon’s sister and get rid of Annie?

    • DW

      I’d much rather see Annie being crazy than Adrianna pining over Navid. Adrianna is only interesting when she’s high.

      • Jenna

        LMAO! @ at the Adrianna comment. And yeah, I really like crazy Annie. She’s much more fun to watch than the rest of them, I think.

  • VyVy

    I can’t believe Sasha is pregnant isn’t she supposed to be the out of college about 24 you would think she would be on something, or be dixon was using something…idk, unbelieveable I hope she is lying or has an abortion….im not ready for dixon to be a daddy…lol

  • Katie

    Ivy was so lame and predictable. Bor-ing.

  • GS

    Not digging Ivy unless she drops the dumb surfer girl act and starts acting like she has some sense. Don’t like wimpy Liam. Annie and Jasper just don’t fit for me. Miss Navid and Ade. Do not miss Jen at all. She needs to go away. The Sasha being pregnant thing did make me go “WTF” at the end but I don’t think she is. She is seriously disturbed to be dating someone that young anyway. I liked the Teddy/Silver friendship. I’m digging the season though. Much faster paced with better storylines this season.

  • NE

    I can’t take 90210 anymore. It’s so boring and stupid. Goodbye 90210-hello Melrose Place.

    MP is actually good and about adults.

  • Sina

    Hate Ivy. Hate the long wait in between Nia knowing the truth about her sister and Liam. Hate Anne on an island by herself no longer friends with Silver. Hate Dixon’s hair. Hate the grown ups. Like Teddy/Silver. Loved everyone trying to guess who Liam was. Hate that girl is pregnant. Who sleeps with a h.s student with no protection.

    • Anonymous

      Your post is a complete hot mess… your sentences don’t make sense and you have the character’s names wrong. Do you mean Naomi instead of Nia and Annie instead of Anne?

      • Sina

        Sorry, I didn’t know I was taking an English class. I like to call her Nia and I made a mistake and forgot the “i” in Annie. Oh the horror!

  • Pam

    DId anyone notice that Dixon looked liked the bartender, Isaac Washington on the Love Boat in his Halloween costume last night, even though he was supposed to be some basketball player?

    • Sophie

      I did. For a moment I thought he was going to the the trademark hand salute. And yes, I said it one Teddy looks older than everyone else at 90210 and stands out because of it. He should be a CU senior trying to seduce Naomi. I like the Debbie/Harry/Kelly triangle. Debbie is so boring and kind of wasteful in the show. Kill her and let Harry have a dating life where his kids freak out or something like that. BTW, where is Kelly’s son? She doesn’t even mention him. If they are going to have Kelly have a son and worse of all make Dylan an absentee father(which he WOULD NEVER DO) then at least have Kelly mention his name once. Or perhaps Dylan demanded Kelly to let his son live with him.

  • Lucinda

    “He might as well have pulled on her braids and ran away giggling.” Doesn’t EW have editors who review these posts anymore? The past participle of “run” is “run,” not “ran.” Run, ran, have run. Mistakes like this in a professional publication make me crazy.

    • Jenna

      whoa. get back on the meds sister. don’t want your hormones to ran crazy, do we?

  • Annette

    That character Ivy is so fake at being a surfer. Her acting is pure crap. Seriously that’s how they talk but she sounds like she came out of the midwest or something.

  • Rachel

    Memo to 90210’s casting department: Teddy is clearly not in high school, even a senior. Ditto for Ivy. Please TRY and cast realistic looking teens. Thank you.

    As for the episode, will we ever get payoff for Liam hooking up w/ Jen?? I liked Naomi/Liam and miss them as a couple. And it’s about time something was made of Annie killing the guy…give us a bone! e

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