Kate Gosselin probably can't answer these questions

Kate-Gosselin_lTLC is billing next week’s Jon & Kate Plus 8 as “You Ask, Kate Answers,” in which Kate Gosselin will answer viewers’ lingering questions. Okay, I’ll bite: Is there actually anything left that we don’t know about Kate Gosselin?

We know the details of her marriage, we’ve watched her parenting skills, we’ve seen her get surgery, we’re in the process of watching her get divorced. We’ve seen her at some high highs and strange lows. We’ve watched her substantively change, and in the process we’ve sort of changed, too; First we loathed her, then we sympathized, then we sort of just winced as she and her soon-to-be-ex-husband aired all their dirty laundry on any news outlet that would have them. It wasn’t that their personal business was particularly tawdry. If anything, it was disappointingly banal, its own self-perpetuating cliche about fame and ambition.

My question, I guess, is less for Kate and maybe more for you and for me then: What is it that makes Kate Gosselin a person of interest? Why do we watch her shows, why are we following — and in doing so, creating — her story? What part of ourselves do we see and are we afraid to see through the lens of a Jon & Kate fame cycle?

I’m guessing you have some questions of your own, though, PopWatchers. Right?

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  • madeline osborne

    “Why DO we watch?” Simple! Plain nosiness. Just like slowing down to gawk at an accident on the side of the highway. Humans are nosy. We want to know the most mundane details of anything that captures our fancy. When it is then in the focus of a television camera, the nosiness then becomes an all-consuming addiction.

    That’s why Reality Shows have become so mainstream on almost every televised network, as well as some Internet sites…

    Even boring, bland, people and situations become something to follow and opine about. And, if ANYTHING of “interest” happens, like a divorce, or, heaven forbid, some idiot with an oversized Mylar balloon that escapes, it evolves PAST “reality tv,” and now becomes “NEWS!” The fact that the Gosslins’ adventures manage to make it onto the newscasts of many stations is testament to our innate nosiness.

    • stephanie

      i liked there show back before all of the drama started but i dont watch it any more it almost makes me sick to watch it now dont they know they are only huting the kids.

      • KimR

        I liked the show too, before the drama. It was clear Jon wanted to get back to regular family life at the end of last season. Just as clear was Kate’s desire, fake tan and all, to continue toward greater fame. It was at the cost of her family. We all watched the show, we saw how she was. I used to say that if she is this horrible to Jon ON camera what must life be like OFF camera! Man.
        I won’t go into all that we’ve seen since the new season began. Now, all of a sudden, Kate is warm and fuzzy? Getting messy with the kids? Yeah, okay, tell me that is not for the camera & public opinion.
        Now I can’t even watch the promos for the show. The kids shouldn’t have to be divorced on the air. Kate says they love the crew. Well, that’s was we call life. People come and go, it is normal. What is not normal are cameras following you around as children, including the papps. Sick. They need to be rescued. My 2 cents.

      • Ginger

        I like the J&Kplus8 because they show everything (reality) The good, bad and ugly. It has now become a different kind of reality, but none the less reality (divorce) 1/2 of us are also divorced. Honestly this divorce make me not feel so bad about my own. Their children reminded me of my own, bossy Kate and child (snake) Jon remindes me of myself and ex. I like that Kate is herself even if some people are going to rag on her. No one is perfect LOL except for the Duggars and I love that show too. TLC did do a great job in keeping it as real as possible. I hope they continue even if its Kate plus eight I think its entertaining and a great way to support all those precious children.

      • Allie

        me too, kim and stephanie. i don’t watch any of the new episodes because of the drama. i liked the show before all of that. now i don’t watch it anymore.

      • Ceceila

        I enjoy this show! I dont get caught up in the tabloid drama. Its a good clean show and the kid are darling and Kate is such a good Mother!

      • Mircat

        Totally agree with you Stephanie and KimR. I used to watch but no more. I was growing weary of watching Kate verbally abuse Jon a couple years ago. As for her Q&A show, who could possibily believe she’ll answer truthfully? She’ll answer to win pity votes, make herself look good, and Jon look bad. It’s the nature of divorcing people and control freaks. I’d only be interested in what she had to say if she said she was getting a real job, buying her clothes at Sears, and not going on any more freebie vacations.

    • Sydney

      I watch this show! I like it and NOTHING any of you say can change that!

      • BlackIrish4094


    • Giselle

      I love this show! Go Kate and kids!!!

    • Stacy

      I think you said it perfectly!

    • walt

      I’m really just more concerned about the motorcycle that O.C. Choppers built for Jon. Ask Kate if she has it now.

      • capecod60

        you can bet Kate has his motorcycle! TLC is keeping it under lock and key-for Kate. I feel for Jon and the kids. I haVE WATCHED IT FROM DAY ONE-kATE WAS ALWAYS A B____!

    • dblb

      madeline osborne, that was a great description!
      It’s amazing how much I’ll watch if you’re willing to show. Most of us spend our time masking the boring minutia, hoping to look a little more interesting or charming. But these people are willing to show all–which I have to say is fascinating. It is train wreck TV and whether it’s inherent human programming or something weird in our culture, I can’t stop watching.

    • Good Point

      That is a great point, “it is no longer reality tv, but news”. What is our news really even about today? Nothing.

  • Jenna

    Will your millions be worth it once your children stop talking to you?

    • Kathy

      I agree!! Also Kate, is the ambition for fame really worth destroying your family? Are you happier now that you have cash and fame? Think hard. Pictures tell a thousand words.

      • phil

        Yeah with 8 kids and a lost, dead-beat, thieving husband I don’t see why waitressing can’t pay the bills.

        Whatta greedy broad…


        Imagine the babysitter, alone.

        8 kids x $7.50/hr (minimum, lols) = $60 an HOUR.

        PS – Kate’s a hottie.

      • Lauren

        I agree with Phil. I think Kate is a good mom who has A LOT of weight on her shoulders. I applaud her for maintaining a career and making something from nothing. She has a family of 9 to provide for – not something most of us can related to. She is ambitious,hard working and… HUMAN. Yes, she chose to have her life (dirty laundry) aired to masses. And if that is how she provides for her family, so be it. It’s really none of our business. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Who are we to judge?

      • Khristina

        Wow Phil…it’s clearly apparent you have no idea how the babysitting thing works. If you pay $7.50 PER child for your daycare…then I have a Nigerian uncle who will pay you many thousands of dollars to help him get access his millions.

      • Phil

        does not equal

    • stephanie

      seams like that is all they care about is the money both her and jon they are selfish and think of themselves

    • Elle

      Being poor sucks! Poor Kids stop talking to their parents too.I think tis will always be a close family just not with Jon because his kids will hate him forever for doing what he is doing to their Mother.

      • Janet L

        The kids aren’t going to hate Jon for what he’s doig to their mother, they’re going to hate him for what he’s doing to THEM! Out posing for a romantic buggy ride with a homewrecker while he should be at home with them is what’s hurting the kids.

  • aps

    well, i can honestly say that I don’t care much about her. I used to watch the show, but that was purely for the absolute adorableness of those kids. once all this stuff happened, I pretty much stopped watching the show, even the reruns of much older episodes. it’s not that the kids stopped being cute, the adults just got to be too annoying and I didn’t care to be subjected to all the drama when I wanted cuteness.

  • Catherine

    I don’t watch. I can’t think of one single show that I would waste my time on and yet this garbage is all the various stations offer us. My satellite hasn’t been on in months and in March it will be shut off. I won’t waste electricity on it.

    • Zettie

      And yet you waste your electricity and time reading and commenting on this article…

      • Emmy

        Yes! An article explicitly asked her opinion, and she gave it. Horrors!

      • Zach

        And she’s not the only one. A high of 9.8 million viewers is a lot for a cable reality series about a family. But most people aren’t watching this crap – like most subjects in the news, the media over-sensationalizes the Gosselins. Give it time and no one will care anymore, just like they never did BEFORE the divorce.

        It is sad though that 30 Rock struggles to get 6.3 million viewers in its premiere compared to Jon & Kate’s 9.8 million. Watercooler is watercooler, but too many middle Americans just don’t have taste.

      • John

        Zettie, I have no problem with Catherine’s down-sizing to save money, yet continuing to have an opinion. She sounds efficient to me.

  • barbara

    There divorce was not any different than mine or many others I know..anger at each other, terrible things said, and after many years, it is not even important. But I and my friends weren’t on TV or being watched by neighbors or friends…
    We are all so nosy about any one else to make our own situation better and not as bad as “theirs”…shame on us for making it easy for Jon especially to act like an AXXXXXX and Kate to carry most of the load and responsibility. So she gets her hair cut and some people don’t like it. Oh, well! But it is all on TV. Shame on them, shame on us. Now, find the off button on your TV and love your own family, not someone elses.

  • Alex

    In just 2 years no one will remember Kate or what’s his name. They will simply fade away a lot faster than old actors from the past did during the 30’s and 40’s just like the lady who wrote above people are curious and once that wears off it is on to something else and I can say thank goodness when that day arrives…..

  • Matthew

    Because spreading your legs is all Kate has done? Nice.

    Only an ignorant man…

    • B

      Are you confusing Kate with the Octomom? Kate wanted kids – that chick wanted fame.

    • john

      are you gay Matt.

    • tony

      are you mature john

    • L

      No, she didn’t just want kids. That’s what she wants everyone to think, though.

    • BlackIrish4094

      Why, that’s all she did. You sound like an ignorant man yourself. I’m sorry, did it take skill to become pregnant or take fertility drugs after she already had twins. You are a dolt and embarrasment to men everywhere.

  • Matthew

    And where there is one ignorant man, another follows.

    You’re disgusting.

    • PF

      If by “another follows” you meant yourself then I agree. GL in life.

    • Greg

      Matthew, it seems as though you’ve made more than one comment about “ignorant” men. What is your deal? It appears as though you have a man’s name, yet you seem to be labeling our entire gender as being ignorant. I think you should probably look up “ignorant” in the dictionary and then take a good, long look in the mirror. For extra credit, you can also look up “self-loathing,” “psychotic,” and “ignoramus.” I agree with PF… Good luck in life. You’ll need it.

    • BlackIrish4094

      Also look up man, you may not have testes, lol…

  • brebelle

    Maybe if Jon Gosselin had done his job in the bedroom, she wouldn’t have been so cranky.

    • sandra john

      Maybe, if Kate had not been so embarrassingly mean to Jon on the show, and, perhaps more accommodating in the bedroom, this show would have had a different ending. What is important now are the kids. They are the innocent victims. They love both parents unconditionally, and my heart goes out to them. Their parents are selfish people who care only about the money and what it can do for THEM!!! I will never watch the show again and I hope Jon sees that it goes off the air SOON. We have enough problems right now, without going through a nasty divorce. Get a life, both of you, and think of those children who never asked to be born!!!

      • Jane

        What are you talking about? If Kate was better in the bed room? Really??? Wow Im glad Im not you. YOU better go and please your man or he will leave you! Hurry go, fix him breakfast, give him sex,let him hold the remote. God forbid you get any pleasure. Ha Ha this mentality cracks me up.

    • Janet L

      Maybe Kate wouldn’t have had to be so embarrassingly mean to Jon if he didn’t just stand around with his hands in his pockets with a blank look on his face? They both have their faults, neither is “better” and the odds were stacked against them the moment Kate conceived sextuplets.

    • jam

      how or why would you make a comment like that? Sounds to me like Jon wasn’t the one not giving it up! And if you were married to an ice queen how often would you want to give it up???

  • B

    Richard – are you serious? DO HER DUTY? You’ve got to be kidding me.

    About the topic at hand – I, too, used to love this show. I think it’s sad to realize that someday the kids will be able to look back at all of this and realize how immature both of their parents were. I think it is for the best that the show is ending; it will be good to let these children live a normal life for awhile. I do hope we get a chance to see how they’ve grown someday in the future.

  • Paula

    Richard, you are a jerk. “Lay down for a few minutes to do her duty, even if she is not enjoying it.”??? Would that be alongside washing your socks, picking up your dirty drawers, cooking your meals, washing the dishes and picking your beard hairs out of the sink? How about doing all of the housework and child care, ’cause I’ll bet you think THAT’S her duty too! What have you done for your wife lately (if she hasn’t left you already)? Do you do YOUR duty? Do you make sure that “the duty” is as pleasurable for her as it is for you? Could you tell if it wasn’t? Do you care? Because I can tell you something bubba – it’s not a “duty” when we enjoy it. Make her a meal, clean up the mess and give her as much pleasure as you expect for yourself and you’ll have more action than you know what to do with you dumb jerk. My man certainly does…

    • PF

      Get over it Paula. You think she does her own housework anytime recently? And c’mon…. bet you are not married anymore yourself since we are engaging in irresponsible speculation. All take and no give I’m guessing. What man wronged you in life? Get over it. The rest of us have.

      • Jane

        You are delusional any women with 8 children and 2 dogs is a busy women. Heck she didnt even sleep the first few years of their lives. Dont worry about Kate she gets the job done and probably better than most men. She will support her Children and make sure they have everthing the world can offer and dont worry about her love life or ability to love.She has 8 children that she loves more than herself! You have never been a mother so you are not even allowed to have an opinion on that!

    • BlackIrish4094

      Not defending Richard but what you are saying is untrue. There are many relationships where the effort, love, affection, etc. flows only one way or in an unbalanced way. It’s unfair sto say if a man did the right thing all women would be perfect. C’mon… Oh and anyone can have an opinion on motherhood regardless of sex, you ocmment on John fatherhood I’m sure.

      • jam

        Jane, who are you to tell someone that they cant have an opinion? Grow up!! Everyone is allowed an opinion!! If you are married I feel sorry for your husband since he is a male and shouldn’t have an opinion and if you are divorced I can see why!! Come on you aren’t the only one to have a view and just because you don’t like someone else doesn’t give you the right to tell them that they are not allowed to have one!! Grow up!! Kate is not all that and a bag of chips!! And women need to start seeing that!! And Jon is no prize either!! I feel for the kids!! And as a female and a mother of two I AM ALLOWED TO HAVE AN OPINION ON THIS!!!!!!!

    • jam

      Paula, kate goes to a tanning bed travels all over the world basically for free has her own body guards and probably hasn’t broke a nail in the last two years! She spends more time on book signing tours and going to the beach than she does on house work!! And stop banging on guys!! I am a female and I love to have sex with my husband any time and anywhere he wants and I DON’T CONSIDER IT A JOB!! AND IT ISN’T ALWAYS ABOUT IF THE MALE GETS PLEASURE EVERY TIME OR THE WOMAN GETS PLEASURE EVERY TIME!! It is about being connected and sharing passion with the person you love!!

  • Brian

    Do you give them coverage because the public interested or does the public read it because you cover it? I’ve never watched the show but I read these articles, mostly to wonder to myself if Ken Tucker is really that interested in it or if he watches because he’s assigned to it, and how the answer to that question colors his opinions of legitimate television.

    • JA

      Amen brother!

  • Cat

    I used to watch the show until June, then stopped because from that point I could not stand to look at his ugly face or listen to his whiny voice. If/when “Kate Plus 8″ does go ahead, I will definitely watch that. I’ve always been fascinated by multiples, and I greatly admire Kate who is a strong, intelligent, independent, highly organized, fiercely determined woman. I’ve dealt with crappy men in the past too and I’m rooting for her 100%. She’ll look back and say “what was I thinking?” (when she married the twit). She’s probably saying that now and has been for a good while.

    • brian

      let’s be real here, first of all she should have kept john and second what man will want her with all that baggage….except the money of course….she should have tried harder

      • john

        I agree she is very used goods, she might as well become a lesbian. :) Jon go sow you seed elsewhere

    • JDN

      Women burned by men who have not healed from the hurt should be careful about making comments. It makes them sound ignorant, especially if they have not considered the whole story. Have you considered the whole story?

      • IllinoisMom

        OK JON, the initials aren’t a very good disguise…..Get over your midlife crisis, go crawling back to your respect and dignity

    • BlackIrish4094

      You are fascinated by multiples. Are you an idiot?????

      • Em

        Why is that odd to you? I’m a twin, and when people find out, they pepper me with questions. It gets a little tedious, but I never thought their curiosity was idiotic.

  • Kim S.

    It’s the car wreck thing. You know you shouldn’t stop and look, but you just can’t help it.

    And I don’t watch anymore. It is boring without the interaction between the Jon & Kate.

  • Janice

    Ok who is in control of “keeping it clean” Richard Morefield your a creep. Steve what you said is just plain stupid. You two put together are just about as bad as Jon Gosselin. I watched because I thought it interesting how a couple could manage 8 kids(multiples) now I see that they can’t. And I stopped watching. I do like Kate and I hate Jon. Love the kids.

    • Phil Hefner

      Kate who?

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