'Project Runway Talk': Shirin discusses her surprise ouster and coping with Irina

PR fans, I really wish I could offer you a different guest on this episode of Project Runway Talk — perhaps someone whose name rhymes with … oh, I don’t know … Schmistopher or Schmogan? It is criminal that the petite gal from Texas and not — eh-hem — someone else had to sit on our couch yesterday morning and talk about how on earth she was ousted this early. That said, Shirin was the perfect guest. She was gracious, funny, lively, and Dalton and I had a blast meeting her. If you’re curious about what she thinks of Irina (hint: not an act), getting critiqued by Tim Gunn, and her future in upscale witch costumes, click on the video below. And look out for a special appearance from the Half-Breed herself!

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  • peter

    whatever….christopher and logan are good….IRINA is rude and nobody that is rude deserves to win. IMO

    • life’s not fair

      Peter, Irina may be rude, but she certainly seems to be the best of the bunch (though most of them are pretty talented). As far as rude people not deserving to win, this is the fashion industry…I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the worst people seem to make it to the top regularly…see Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld and Andre Leon Talley.

      Shirin definitely didn’t deserve to be cut though. She was right up there wth Irina in talent. Nicholas and Logan? Not so much.

      • Nicolars

        Irina, talented? Her designs are very middle of the road. She could maybe design for Sears or Kohl’s, but I don’t see her having a future in fashion outside of that.

      • gracie

        I’m with Nicolars. IMO, Irina should consider herself very lucky to have landed in this season, when her competition is relatively not-so-terrific…if she’d had to go up against christian or about 40 other designers whose names I can’t remember, she’d likely have been booted off by Episode 3. And she is just soooooo hilariously hideous in every other respect (no beauty, no wit, no warmth, no humor, no – well, anything other than an overly swelled sense of herself) – I’m starting to think it has got to be an act. Scripted by Lifetime. jmho

    • Jhade

      shirin is fun and sweet.. she’s a great designer!.. irina is a good designer but she is boring and a bitch *lol* shirin is much better in and out :D we love you shirin!!

  • C.J.

    Oh, come ON!

    You know that a ton of ‘Project Runway’ fans have to wait for the episode to post Saturday morning on myLifetime.com. Thanks for spoiling this week’s episode for me, EW.com! >:-(

    • Kristina

      Yeah, that’s why I waited until I saw Thursday’s episode today to watch this video. Sorta easy to avoid spoilers.

      • C.J.

        But usually EW.com is good about not having major spoilers on their front page. I start the day off each morning with EW.com, so I was super-surprised to see this week’s results as a headline. And such a tragic spoiler, too!

    • gerritv

      Why don’t you let EW.com know what your viewing schedule and I’m sure they’ll change their publishing schedule to revolve around yours.

      • Nicolars

        Agreed. I’m tired of people whining about “spoilers” when the episode has already aired.

    • Steve

      Here Here – this spoiled it for me as well – have been traveling and missed last 2 episodes THANKS EW!

  • Rich

    Dude..why did you spoil the episode in your headline..a lot of us wait for the weekend to watch these shows.I don’t want to have to avoid EW for days at a time..please no more

  • Oh, get over yourselves

    It’s not like they started posting spoilers Thursday night – y’all had a full day to get caught up and plenty of ways to do so. Why should the rest of us have to wait on recaps and “PR Talk” just so EW doesn’t step on your precious toes?

  • Pete

    Couldn’t agree more. If you don’t want to take the chance of having your favorite TV show “spoiled,” why would you come to EW.com?

  • MamaCat

    Oh for the love….quit your grinchin.

    Shirin got SCREWED big time. Ya, her dress wasn’t all that but, it was not that bad.

    Christopher needs to grow a couple and quit his bawlin. The last 2 episodes he has had the most gawd awful designs and yet he is still there. Don’t get it at all.

    Did someone drop a house on Irina’s sister? Seriously little girl, take that “tude” down a couple of clicks.

    Just my 2 cents

    • life’s not fair

      I love Christopher just the way he is. He’s sensitive and I think that’s beautiful. Plus he’s a hunk. That helps too.

      • seras

        no, sensitivity does not mean going to pieces and sobbing in the face of constructive criticism.

      • Tarc

        Christopher is sensitive *and* a hunk, but bawling on film when things don’t go your way is completely unprofessional. Christopher needs to man up – seriously – or we won’t be seeing his work in the future. A thick skin is a requisite for his industry.

  • Rachel

    I CANNOT BELIEVE SHE GOT KICKED OFF. Christopher’s looks have been off for WEEKS!

    Shirin’s look was not good, I get it. But Christopher’s has already happened, numerous times!!! This season – with Epperson and Ra’mon and Shirin leaving so early – is just not up to par.

  • M

    Sara Bareilles, I’m going to miss you on the show!

  • TV_Pete

    I thought that Shirin was as cute as a button and I enjoyed her being on the show. I thought she showed more promise early on the show.

  • Vicki

    I kinda understand why Christopher is still there – he won the first challenge, and when he’s “on,” he really nails it (I think). Problem is, he hasn’t been “on” for quite some time. The less deserving of the two is certainly Logan. He’s completely lacking a discernible point of view, and his stuff is consistenly middle-of-the road mediocre (and he twice got away with fug pants – TWICE!). Good designers who happen to have a bad week (Epperson, Shirin, Ra’mon) are getting the shaft by the in-and-out flux of judges. PR is about a BODY of work, not just what happens to wow Lohan, Longoria or Aguilera from week to week. I can’t see me ever giving up PR for good – unless they lose Tim – but I’m sorely disappointed.

  • Lauren

    People, it’s very, very simple: if you want so badly to not be spoiled, stay away from the internet until after you’ve watched the show.

    • Elizabeth


    • C.J.

      No. I still want to use the Internet even though I haven’t had the time to watch the show yet.

      • Tarc

        Well, then you’re going to get spoiled. It’s just the way it is, and clearly the site attracting readers is more important financially to the website than a few tardy whiners. I don’t particularly agree with that, but that’s the way it is these days.

  • A

    The judges are definitely making some errors this season. Must be the Lifetime switch. Or maybe that there is a completely different mix of judges each week. Logan and/or Christopher should definitely be out by now. It’s getting to the point where I can’t even watch PR anymore. Heidi Klum, you’re out.

  • Michael

    I agree this week with the elimination. The dress was a bad idea. Not good for the stage. More of a red carpet item. I was shocked that Ra’mon did get eliminated so early. He had one bad week and the other weeks he was almost on top every week. I agree the judging has been different this year. I can’t believe some of the designs that are winning this year. I believe Logan will make it to the finals. They always have a storyline for him about how “hot” he is. Lifetime is using that every episode it seems. Even the models seem to love him. I hope he does make it to the finals though. I like his stuff.

  • Kanna

    Some good people have left this season. I just fast forward to the end to see the final outfits and who goes home. The show is not the same or with the caliber of designers as in past years.

  • Kellee

    This show has went downhill this year. I refuse to watch PR anymore this show has nothing to do with Fashion it is more like a popularity contest. Logans and Chris sucks big time they should have been eliminated weeks ago.

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