Vampire popularity blamed on young women wanting to have sex with gay men. Discuss!

vampire-love_lEsquire has an interesting theory about the success of Twilight, HBO’s True Blood, and The CW’s Vampire Diaries: “Vampires have overwhelmed pop culture because young straight women want to have sex with gay men,” Stephen Marche writes. “Not all young straight women, of course, but many, if not most, of them.” Among his support statements, the following analysis of Twilight‘s Edward: “[He’s] a sweet, screwed-up high school kid, and at the beginning of his relationship with Bella, she is attracted to him because he is strange, beautiful, and seemingly repulsed by her. This exact scenario happened several times in my high school between straight girls and gay guys who either hadn’t figured out they were gay or were still in the closet.” Had Marche wanted to, he also could’ve pointed out that on True Blood, telepathic Sookie can only be intimate with a man (Vampire Bill) whose lustful thoughts she cannot hear, and on Vampire Diaries, Elena knows that Stefan has been hiding who he truly is, that he’d sworn off women for quite a while, and that he cooks and journals. (Marche could also have mentioned that True Blood‘s Eric gets his hair highlighted and enjoys solo candlelight baths, for that matter.)

When I first read the essay, I wanted to flat-out shoot it down. But then I remembered that I’m someone who’s said “I’d like a man who’s just to the left of gay” and “I know I’m really into a guy when I fantasize about watching Golden Girls with him.” (It’s a turn on to watch him appreciate vocal, funny women and their friends.) So maybe I can’t call total bulls—. What do you think? Are, as Marche suggests, young straight women attracted to vampires because they’re dangerous — see: their ability to kill through draining or incredible sex — yet safe? They are, after all, at first unattainable and then ultimately fictional; we can mute their desires (Bill) or hinder their powers of seduction with an herb (Vampire Diaries‘ Damon) or code of conduct (Eric). Does the fact that we constrain them — and have a preference for sensitive souls (Edward, Stefan, Bill) or bad boys with a heart that only one woman can touch (Damon and Eric) — turn them metaphorically gay?

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  • Karen

    LOL, I’m not a fan of vampires, but still, I think this article is ridiculous.

    • daisyj

      Ditto. Could care less about the vampire craze, but I think the much more obvious theory is the one that’s been put forth before, about women liking the idea of someone who is dangerous, but at the same time safe (i.e. Edward won’t sleep with Bella because he loves her too much, or whatever). This sounds to me more like another phenomenon; the tendency of guys to ridicule any man (or group of men) liked too much by women as “gay,” for reasons that are probably rooted in their own psycho-sexual dissertation topic.

      • monica

        amen to that daisyj! i don’t think there’s anything gay about a guy who can have any woman he wants. lol

  • Melanie

    Hmmm, I have always said that I wanted to marry a gay man…and who doesn’t love vampires?

    • Emma

      I want to scream “Bullshit” but I just can’t. I mean, I am in love with more gay celebs than straight ones now (Neil Patrick Harris, Adam Lambert) so who knows? Maybe girls do dig gay guys.

      • Jane

        Hmmm.. i wanna say that too, but some guy gays are just awesome. :D weird…
        And i’m 100% straight female.

  • Sioban

    Are you kidding me with this? This is ridiculous even for EW.

    • michelekamay

      It’s from an Esquire’s writer actually but still, this is crap.

  • Mel

    He’s just jealous, maybe he is gay or can’t get a date with a girl that is why he has to write about the hot vampires getting all the girls.

  • kelly

    What utter nonsense. Just trying to push the gay agenda…..

    • Blair

      Yes, we have an agenda. You are the smartest!! You are on to us!!

    • gay agenda

      do you have a copy of the gay agenda? i was wonder what was up next. if anything that is utter nonsense here, it’s your comment.

      • gay agenda

        whoops, i forgot to proof read. i guess i was too concerned with pushing my gay agenda.

    • Kevin

      Do you have the minutes for last week’s gay agenda meeting? I was getting waxed at the time (literally…not metaphorically…although, that would’ve been nice too).

      • laurie

        Does the gay agenda come with a synopsis or brief for easy reading?

      • thesnitester

        Will we be discussing the agenda at next weeks meeting? I’ll bake cookies!

    • jim

      Our secret devious plan is to have the same legal rights you do. Scary, huh?

    • J

      Ah, yes, the gay agenda – to take over the world and make it fabulous!! Watch out Kelly, they might try to give you a makeover!

    • lauren

      Oh yes. The “gays” really want young women to want to have sex with them. exactly correct.

      • lolsanity

        Oh corse, because, thats what gay means…
        *stifles laughter*

  • Maisy

    Mandi I have to agree with your assessment. When I read the blog title I was saying to myself, “oh come ON” but then, as I read through, it became more plausible with every line.

  • Eric

    I know a couple of ladies who go for gay guys. Doesn’t mean it is what ALWAYS happens, but I can tell you it does happen.

  • Jym

    I’ve been saying this for YEARS. Not in connection with vampires, but the fact that many straight women LOVE gay men and HATE straight men and what does that have to say about straight men. Think a little deeper and you will see the point. Also, everything gay men did 10 years ago, straight men do now….where do you think the whole idea of “metrosexual” came from….I think this is an interesting idea and should be delved into a little deeper.

  • harry

    This article makes a interesting point!

  • Rebecca

    Wha…huh??? Is this for real? Wow. The things people come up with…

    • Katie R

      I think the idea of a vampire is attractive not because of their effeminate qualities but because of their masculine qualities. They’re in control, they kill to live, they’re dark and dangerous. I think “Twilight” popularity can be blamed on women wanting to have sex with gay men, but actual legit vampire shows and books don’t emphasize that.

  • sheba

    It’s probably not far off the mark, except, why did they limit it to young women? I feel so left out. :(

  • Kerry

    Mel, I totally agree with you!

    I’ve been a vampire fan almost from the day I was born, my mother is, too. I don’t think that insinuates that we want to have sex with gay men.

    Vampires, male or female, are mysterious and dark and bad, something most of us are attracted to in some way or other, gay or straight.

    I think the Esquire writer is just trying to make some men feel better about their women being into the current vampire craze.

  • Stacey

    Well I think girls want vampires because they are so different from the typical guy they encounter. They are dark and mysterious. Looks don’t always come into the idea since I don’t believe Bill (True Blood), Edward (Twilight) and Stefan (Vampire Diaries) are that sexy. I love them with their respective true mates. And the chemistry is fantastic. But sexy, not really. Althoug Stefan is getting there for me. But, really it’s because they are usually dark and mysterious. That is why woman want them so much. Given what they typically see in their home town, vampires offer something unique to the table.

    • Silv

      I agree with the “dark & mysterious” factor as well, and add that the idea of “being pursued” by a vampire, of being seduced or “overcome” by a vampire may add to the whole attraction. Gayness never entered into MY mind, it’s more a seductive “gotta have you” thing coupled with the danger factor, like playing with fire. Girls have gone for bad boys for centuries after all.

  • Kerry

    And when men in a relationship find out their woman is attracted to TV character or celebrity, isn’t it just typical for them to say, “Oh, he’s gay!” I get that all the time! The only one my husband doesn’t say that about is Brad Pitt.

  • Rae

    As a straight women, I have never ever wanted to have sex with a gay man whether he’s real or imaginary-a vampire. The vampire appeal for me and probably for alot of woman is that vampires are the ultimate perfect men, the good vampires that is. Take one character for instance-Edward Cullen, his entire existence revolves around keeping Bella safe and happy at all cost. What straight women wouldn’t be drawn or attracted to a man like that even if he is imaginary. My attraction to a male vampire does not lessen my appeal for a straight man or heighten my appeal for gay men, so Marche please give your insecurities a rest.

    • Mel

      I agree the vampire men (since they are a lot older then normal) actually act like men and not like the men and even young men out there, now they have no manners they don’t hold door or anything like that. So yes I can see why women would want that, they will take care of you an act like a gentlemen. There are not many gentlemen left and forget about how the kids are being raised now, they don’t even know what gentlemen means.

      • Fridge

        Totally agree. The male vampires in books and movies come from a different time when men treated women different, when men acted like gentlemen. Plus, these guys have been around and are definately going to have the maturity factor going for them–something definately lacking in most men you’re around these days. I am a HUGE vampire fan and have been for years and I’ve never made any kind of connection of vampires being the supernatural world’s version of the gay man. Nope, I just think women like the mysterious and the intriguing. Esquire, stop over thinking it.

      • JJ

        You’re probably just hanging around the wrong type of men :P

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