Mel Gibson in 'Edge of Darkness' trailer: Are you ready to see him back in action?

Hard to believe it’s been over seven years since Mel Gibson starred in a movie (seriously, not since 2002’s Signs). Of course, the Aussie star has been up to plenty in the meantime, but we won’t get into that right now. The important thing is, he’s back. But do you still want to watch him?

The trailer for Gibson’s brand-new conspiracy thriller Edge of Darkness just leaked today, and it puts the actor back in full-on Ransom mode: After witnessing the murder of his daughter, Gibson’s character, a homicide detective, uncovers a sinister government plot that put her in harm’s way. And then…he starts breaking stuff. Windows. Noses. You name it.

I’ve got some qualms about Mel’s Boston accent, but otherwise it looks like Darkness could be a taut, Taken-style thriller — especially since Casino Royale director Martin Campbell is at the helm. Check out the clip (below), and then let us know what you think. Could this be Mel’s big comeback? Or is he just on the edge of failure?

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  • anonymous

    Yay! Seeing that I realized I’ve missed Mel Gibson. I hope it’s a good one!

  • michaelsacal

    How about a movie starring Adam Godlberg as the Hebrew Hammer beating Mel Gibson into a pulp with a giant hammer?

    • jaime

      Now that’s a movie I’d pay to see!

      • Luigi Sperduti

        Tell Adam Goldberg to make a good movie. Mel would knock him the “f” out. Mel’s the best just deal with it

      • Luigi Sperduti

        How about Adam Golberg make a good movie first BCuz Mel would knock him the “F” out Mel’s the best so just deal with it.

    • Isembard

      Can I reserve a ticket now?

    • Sugar T*ts

      And if there’s a sequel, my group would like a shot at him too.

    • Hammer This

      You mean like the butt-kikn he gave that storm trooper in Saving Ryan’s Privates? I particularly like the realism he brought to his death scene….

    • ClearEyes

      Time to get on over it, boys. Why not mention how he was crucified for a year before he RELEASED his movie. Where, my dear, is the apology due him? Morons.

  • jaime

    It looks exciting, but I’ll never be able to look at him the same way again. Maybe I’ll enjoy the movie, but I’m certainly do not support him and I’ll probably laugh if it flops.

  • harry

    I can’t wait for this!!!

  • Marylynn

    I’ll watch it. It was upsetting what happened with him. If you judge the performer then your not going to have a lot of entertainment. Save the judgement for the man.

  • Tom

    Looks great, it will be good to see him back

  • Film_Fan

    I’ve been drunk more times than I could honestly remember. And not ONCE did alcohol ever turn me into a racists.

    I will never support Mel Gibson, just as I will never support producers who drug & rape 13-year old girls. When Woody Allen raised a daughter and then promptly married her the instant she was legally old enough, his work permanently left my consideration.

    Bottom line, I REFUSE to financially support degenerate scumbags. Life is just too damn short and precious to waste on trash.

    • Marc

      Amen to that. Mel Gibson is an unforgiving jerk.

      • Marylynn

        I can honestly say I’ve never met anyone that has at least one point said something racist against someone else. I’m betting the majority of people are the same whether they admit it or not. I’m not saying what the guy said wasn’t wrong or hurtful because it was. I am saying I’m sure you and your friends have at one point made some kind of derogatory remark about blacks, whites, spanish, jews, gays. I’ve read quite a lot of these comments not only by readers but by the writers of this magazine. I’ve also said stuff that I wished I hadn’t when I had been drinking. I find it more upsetting that he was drinking and driving. Your just wasting your time with all the hate. Talk about unforgiving jerk…

      • Luigi

        Whatever I have abunch of jewish friends and they say are people relly still talking about his Rant. People it’s over it happened 5 years ago.

    • S F

      Thats ridiculous, he slipped up, get over it, if the media followed any of us around, we too would “slip up” on occasion, the guy obviously isn’t a racist, he works in hollywood, he has to work with many races of people.

  • Denny

    I do not approve of Mel Gibson’s anti-Semitic tirade at all, but he plays a big-screen ass-kicker like no one’s business. While his regrettable behavior should not be overlooked at all, he never raped a 13-yr-old girl like Polanski did, yet many in the Hollywood community cry foul at his detainment. By the way, I’m a huge fan of CHINATOWN and a liberal, not a Glenn Beck-style right-winger. I just think there’s a weird double standard here. Gibson may be a jerk, but he’s a jerk I’d want on my side in a barfight.

    • Cassie

      I agree with you 100%. Roman Polanski is a great director but what he did was inexcusable. Also Spencer Tracy was a raging alcoholic who had a long time affair with Katherine Hepburn yet I love his movies. If you look at an actors personal life to determine whether you watch their movies then I think you would miss out on some really good films.

      • McCoy

        I always wonder why no one ever mentions Polanski’s traumatic childhood. He spent WW2 hiding from the Nazis and suffering abuse and deprivation. He couldn’t speak for several years after the war. I don’t believe this excuses later actions but I just think it explains why he might be a bit messed up.

  • Mike

    Working in Northampton, MA (where some of the scenes were filmed), I enjoyed spotting locations I recognized and walked by every day. The source material for the movie was already pretty stellar, so I’m concerned this won’t hold up, though it looks like a pretty good thriller.

  • Colin

    It was ironically humorous to hear him say “Decide whether you’re hangin’ on the cross or bangin’ in the nails”, seeing as his biggest and most personal movie was The Passion Of The Christ.

  • Cassie

    I enjoy Mel Gibson’s movies and look forward to seeing this one. I am not the kind of person that looks at an actors personal life and determines whether I would watch their movies or not. If I did than there would be a lot of movies I would have not watched. Many actors, some of the greatest, did some pretty bad things in their personal lives but it doesn’t take away from their ability to entertain audiences. Their personal lives are just that.

  • Paul

    Taken style, wow I didn’t know Taken was the very first film like this ever. It looks like it could be some fun, I love Ray Winstone, he’s always fun to watch.

  • Peter

    Mel Gibson is a Holocaust denier and an anti-semite. Shame on anyone who pays money to see this lunatic in a movie. He’s absolute scum.

    • Marylynn

      You don’t really sound that much better than him. Just sayin…

      • Warda

        Marylynn, the difference between Peter and Mel is that Peter is voicing an opinion based on one individual’s well-documented actions, and he has made his personal judgment call accordingly. Mel, however, voiced his rather uninformed and drunken opinion about: millions of people (about most of whom he knows nothing), and a well-documented historical event that has largely been denied only by nut cases. “Absolute scum” may be a tad harsh of an assessment, but I don’t think that based on that comment alone you can really put Mel and Peter in the same camp.

    • MartinSA

      I don’t think he’s denied the Holocaust. And I don’t think he’s anti-Semite (Semitic isn’t just specific to the Jewish people) as he is anti-Jewish or at least when he’s drunk (which may or maynot include beliefs in vast conspiracies).

    • Luigi

      He’s not a holocaust denier what Crack are you smoking. Quit being a hater cuz he’s the most provacative yet powerful film maker in Hollywood. He was wrong what he said we all know that. But Redemption lies with us all. He is not an anti semite he was just drunk and said bad stuff.

  • Nick

    I am intrigued that you did not mention that this movie is a remake of a very highly regarded BBC thriller, also called Edge of Darkness, made in 1985. It was also directed by Martin Campbell. I find it hard to imagine that it can be bettered – it’s well worth hunting down on DVD.

  • Warda

    Public figures have made all sorts of stupid mistakes, and to me most of them fall under the category of Not-My-Business. As several commenters have pointed out, if you hold a grudge against every actor that does something dumb you’ll never be able to watch anything. That said, both Mel Gibson and Tom Cruise have crossed the line for me, and I’m done with both of them.

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