'90210' recap: Zipcode for splitsville

Breaking up was the thing to do on tonight’s 90210.

The headliner, of course, was the Adriana-Navid split, which was sad to watch. I know, I know, couples have to break up to keep things interesting on TV; but I felt for them. They were good for each other. She dropped it on him quickly, in the middle of dinner, which was at least more humane than sneaking around with Teddy. Navid, of course, took it hard — so hard, naturally, that he had to talk it out with the guys, like they do now usually about 15 minutes into any given episode. This time, the bro-bonding happened at Liam’s. Navid hugged Dixon, hard. He told and retold the breakup story: “I was like, ‘Maybe I’ll get the shrimp …’” (But what I was really wondering was: What is Liam building and hiding under that tarp? That’s starting to get to me.) Adriana took the other route, immediately texting Teddy to inform him she was single, and beaming when he texted back the ever-romantic: “So when R we hanging out?”

Jen was continuing to keep things cool with Ryan, though I hope this liaison leads us somewhere soon — God willing, to one of her diabolical schemes. (Though I worry this is just one of the writers’ ways of keeping Mr. Matthews vaguely occupied; the adult story lines haven’t caught up to the kids’ this season.) Granted, I did like when Eduardo called and she purred, “He needs to know I’m not always available to him.” Two birds! Now she’s not available to Eduardo, and Ryan’s intrigued/incensed/challenged. She’s a dating strategy genius.

In the dating strategy idiot category: Annie! So the guy who took naked pictures of you that got texted to the entire school wants to hang out. What do you say? Annie once again went and made herself stupidly available, falling for it when Sext Guy said of Jasper, “Guy’s a psycho. Pulled a knife on a guy last spring.” (Well, she’s an idiot, but we also know Sext Guy is going to end up being right. Right?) Annie started ducking Jasper, taking Sext Guy’s advice. Then she actually went out with Sext Guy — Jasper saw them and followed them, and wouldn’t you know it, saved her from being date raped by him. Then later we saw Jasper pull out a knife to scratch up Sext Guy’s car, so we know the knife isn’t a complete fabrication. As clichéd as the saved-from-date-rape bit was, I must admit I’m a little flummoxed as to where this is going now: Has Jasper been onto Annie the whole time, and is he leading up to exposing her as the one who killed his uncle? Is he making some kind of film verité work (remember last week?) with her in a starring role? Or is he just a weird stalkery guy? Or does he just really like Annie? (Unlikely, but possible.)

Kelly finally resurfaced to continue acting fluttery around Principal Wilson and avoiding his request to have lunch. (Am I the only one feeling like they might be heading toward phasing Mama Wilson out? She barely ever shows up, while he’s going out on the town with Ryan to be his “wingman” and drown his sorrows? And who were all those hot girls dying to get with Ryan at the bar if it weren’t for said wingman? He’s not that cute.) Kelly also showed up just in time to try to stop Silver from reconciling with their recovering alcoholic mom, Jackie, who now has breast cancer. Jackie wanted Silver to move back home, but Kelly reminded us that Silver is actually bipolar. Totally wiped that from my memory of last season — they’ve made these characters look and act so differently this year, I feel like that was some other show that got canceled.

Jen announced she’d no longer be living with little sister Naomi — “just while I figure out this divorce thing. … You don’t need me around spending all your money and bringing you down.” Then she concocted some sort of scheme that involves her buying one of Eduardo’s horses — I don’t trust it. But I prefer her manipulating people to get money, so this better go somewhere hideous fast.

And, finally, Adriana realized she’d made a terrible mistake dumping Navid. Just minutes after she was kissing Teddy (to an old-timey Cranberries song, presumably for the original 90210 fans watching) on the beach, he was saying, “Relationships just aren’t my thing.” Ouch. Later, Navid, of course, went to his good buddy Teddy for advice about Adriana, and guess what! Secrets aren’t his thing, either, because he spilled about making out with Ade. So even though Naomi talked Adriana into trying to win Navid back – “it’s Navid, not George Clooney” — Navid was having none of it. Awww.

What did you think? Are you happy or sad to see Adriana and Navid split up? What’s Jen up to this time? More importantly, what’s Jasper up to?

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  • Jenna

    first! lame!

    good ep. jen is a bitch but i love. annie has the best storylines this season. adrianna deserved it. dixon’s storyline is stupid

  • Laim

    I really hope they upgrade Teddy to a series Regular. I’m really bored of Ryan and am counting down the days untill there is a pupil teacher relationship story, what else is he there for?
    Also what happened to the funny? the past few episodes have been full of laughs and drama while this was a little bit depressing. I don’t cound Ryan and the Principals bar escapades as funny, just lame the dad can’t act, hes always a mix of creepy/incestuous around Annie and he has no chemistry with any of the other characters. He needs to go.

    • Brihann

      Thru the whole ep I just kept thinking how creepy the principal/dad is getting. He seemed like he had dropped acid or something before every scene he was in. WTF?

      • lbj

        Yes, insufferable. I fastforwarded through that bar scene. Actually, any scene involving Ryan (only in 90210 does a guy like that attract that many girls!?) or the principal.

  • mom_of_2_kidz

    What about the last scene when Principal Wilson called his wife “Kelly” and she snarled at him!

    • soni b

      I think something happened between Kelly and Principal Wilson (maybe I missed it?) … why else would Kelly be avoiding him like that and why would he be saying HER name.

      • Amy Leigh

        B/c he likes Kelly in more than a teacher/principal kind of way. Kelly’s getting that vibe from him which is why she’s avoiding him. I’m interested to see where they go with this.

      • IMo

        nooo shes d 1 dat likes him REMEMBER d season 1 finale wen dey wer high

  • jenn

    All of the adults, including Ryan, need to go. No one cares about any of them. As soon as Dixon and Annie graduate, we’ll never see any of them ever again. And while I like the Cranberries, that song choice was so completely random with all of the “new, hip music that appeals to teens” that’s usually the soundtrack. I am eternally grateful that Annie is interacting with as few people as possible this season. Maybe she can move back with her parents to Kansas. And Dixon’s old lady girlfriend is a loser for taking back a child who made a complete fool out of her. Seriously, his youth and immaturity showed when he thought that he could lie about his crazy-young age and any woman would be so enamored with him that they would forgive the fact that he’s only SIXTEEN YEARS OLD! What idiot man is writing these characters?

    • IMo

      I know rite how old is dat sasha again nd cant dat b classified as rape

  • GS

    I am LOVING the show this season! Although I hate Jen and wish she would get stepped on by that horse she just bought. I want to know what Liam is up to and I hate that Navid and Ade broke up. Teddy looks way too old to be in high school but he is making much needed waves. Jasper is creepy. You can tell Annie is just desperate for some attention to be with him. That should be interesting in the future.

    • Felipe

      agreed. Teddy is over thirty in real life. How long can he pull of being in high school? And as much as Annie is annoying she is the only believeable character. well believeable in the sense that she will always make the dumbest decisions.

  • Sina

    I don’t know what the show is doing but they need to hurry and end this Jen storyline. Her frog lips gets on my nerve everytime she talks. Liam needs to hurry and expose her. I was so happy Navid didn’t take her back and happy that old man Teddy told him the truth. It is very stupid for that girl to still be with Dixon. That little boy looks 16! Sick of that teacher Ryan. I don’t know what he got against razors but he better make up with them. I miss Naomi and Liam. They need to hurry and get together. Like Anne with the crazy boy. She just better hope he doesn’t burn down her float :)

    • Sara

      I know, Jen thinks she’s SO hot, but she’s such a f*ckin bitch! By the time Naomi finds out Jen’s lies, Naomi will be broke and working at McDonalds. Where are Naomi’s parents? Did I miss something? And why does Jen keep referring to her as a “trust fund baby”? Didn’t Jen get any of that money. I bet she’s not even Naomi’s real sister. I seriously am going to stop watching if they keep Jen going with lies upon lies, she needs to get exposed. LIAM!! You were supposed to do that a long ass time ago!

  • jesse

    teddy is the oldest looking high school kid ever..i actually have taken a 180 turn on Ade. i actually enjoyed navid being a virgin and still being respectful to Ade. to sleep with him out of fake lust for teddy was just wrong so i think she got what she deserved. i cant believe i just commented about 90210…

    • Amy Leigh

      LOL Was the guy who played Teddy the only actor who auditioned for the part? He looks almost 30. At least Jason Priestly and the rest of the cast of the original looked young even though they were way older than 16.

      • teendramawhore

        Trevor Donovan (Teddy) is 31. Michael Steger (Navid) is 29.

      • Dee

        Whaaaaa?! The guy who plays Navid is one of the only ones who looks to be the appropriate age!

  • Amy Leigh

    I enjoyed last night’s episode even though my favorite couple broke up, Ade/Navid. I’m sure they’ll work it out so I’m not too worried about it. I knew the Teddy thing wouldn’t last so now that Ade/Teddy was a non-starter, hopefully he won’t be around much longer. Maybe he and Jen can ride off into the sunset on that horse she bought never to be heard from again. I actually like Annie/Jasper. He’s different from all the other guys and I think he knows what Annie did but will end up liking her so he won’t go through with whatever he had planned. Plus the guys they make look like psycho’s don’t always turn out that way. Oh, and I’m looking forward to the Naomi/hottie college guy storyline.

  • Ryan

    Love that Kelly was back and her old self rightous self. Loving Annie this season but wish the whole hit and run drama would be finished. Maybe she can have just one more and put us all out of our misery and run Jen over!

  • Kimmy

    I think Jen needs to be found out soon. What was Ade thinking? I guess she wasn’t. I want more Liam and Naomi. When will Annie get a clue or is that impossible? The Dixion story is lame.

  • Angie

    ‘Navid’ s/b worried because the character isn’t very interesting by himself. Teddy and Liam are the only 2 guys that are intriguing and all the girls are different enough to have their own plotslines. I do think the show is better this year.

  • rachel

    how stupid can naomi be…stop giving jen $, and write out the stupid check to the attorney! i get jens a bi!ch, but continuously stealing/using ur lil sis for money is pathetic…y did liam delete the recording, its beyond time jen gets hers, and liam/naomi get back together

  • NE

    90210 is in serious danger of getting permanently deleted from my DVR. It is BORING and STUPID so far.

    And what is up with everyone’s stupid hats, sunglasses and nicknames this year? Is this 1990 again?

    • Dee

      Dixon is the worst fashion/style offender by far. His hair this season looks straight out of “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and the hat from a few episodes ago was highly suspect.

      • Sina

        OMG! Thank you for mentioning Dixon’s hair. It is horrible. That “box” style went out in 1991. And those hats he wears are a little “How you doin”. And don’t get me started on those sweater vest. It is the Fresh Prince. Dixon is Will and Carlton mixed together.

  • Marilyn

    Poor Rob Estes! They’ve made him such a buffon. I know I’m “older” but sorry, Rob Estes is HOT and much better looking than Ryan. I do not like where the Principal Wilson/Kelly storyline is headed. The parents were much more interesting and integral last year. I even miss the grandmother! Ryan actually had an interesting relationship last year with the narcotics cop. Where’d that go? Why is he falling all over himself for Jen? Is she really THAT worth it? *Sigh* Naomi, your sister is living off of you and you just keep handing her money. And then Eduardo just “gives” her a horse and you don’t put that together? No wonder she’s not going to get into the college of her choice. Pretty cold of Teddy to spill that info to a “hurting” Navid. I know that Navid was looking for answers regarding Adriana, but that was cruel of Teddy (even though it’s true). Liam used to be so much cooler. They’ve neutered him and now he is just pretty lame. BUT all in all, I enjoyed the episode. Still shows a lot of potential and I feel like almost anything can happen.

    • Love Rob Estes

      ROB ESTES IS SO HOT. He needs better storylines. They should have a Harry/Kelly/Ryan love triangle. That would sweet.

  • IMo

    Teddy lied He sed adrianna kissed him wen it was d othr way around
    i mean 1st he ruins silver and dixon now navid and ade

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