'Hell's Kitchen' season finale: What'd you think?

hells-kitchen_lPopWatchers, here’s your venue to cheer or vent about tonight’s Hell’s Kitchen season finale, during which Chef Ramsay selected _____ to become the Head Chef at Araxi Restaurant in Whistler, British Columbia (don’t worry, West Coast viewers, I wouldn’t dream of spoiling the winner; the comments section, on the other hand, is fair game). So, my Kitchen patrons, what’d you all think? Did the right chef win? How terrifying was it to see Robert return to the kitchen? And I, for one, marveled at how deftly the show’s editors were able to ratchet up the tension, ultimately crafting a finale that was more enthralling than it had any right to be. PopWatchers, were you likewise entertained? And will you be returning to Hell’s Kitchen for Season 7?

I’ll be posting a full recap Wednesday morning (UPDATE: Hell’s Kitchen recap is live), but for now, have at it below (and, again, West Coasters, don’t read the comments if you’re trying to avoid spoilers).

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  • Jerry Dyson

    Great Show loved the ending

    • Melissa

      Also wondering why Amanda and not Tenille. How do they decide who comes back for finale? Also somebody please tell me who won. Direct tv sucks last two minutes locked up on dvr AGAIN!

      • Krikettt

        I thought the same thing about Tenille. My kids said that maybe she was busy and couldn’t come back. Who knows?

      • FrankSF

        Dave won.

      • EdB

        Dave won, I felt that Kevin sabotaged Ariel and she should have been there instead of Kev, Glad Dave won. Where was Tenille?

      • Laura

        Dave won! Yay! My DVR does that too.

      • djr

        If you program your dvr on TIVO to go 5 minutes past the hour you will not miss important endings likely to be on all the reality shows. Please read your dvr guide

      • WIll

        You DVRs have a chip in it that lets networks control what you record. The same thing happened to me with a panasonic DVR. Did Fox kill the last few minutes for recorders?

    • BABYJAY310


    • laurie

      way to go Dave!!!!! That’s just tooo kewl…. He did it all season with one arm.

    • ramie

      Where in the Hell was Tennille on the final show?

  • Cassie

    I was happy with the results – HK can do no wrong – but couldn’t stop wondering WHY Amanda was back and not Tenille?

    • Chicky

      I wondered that too Cassie…where was Tenille??

  • Michelle L.

    I’m so happy for who the winner was! Person totally deserves it!

  • dara

    who won? i missed it!

  • Chicky

    I thought Kevin should have won!! I liked Dave but he doesn’t seem to have as much to offer!!!

    • ed pardy

      not once was dave up for or even mentioned for elimation he deserved the win

    • Sue

      I absolutely loved Kevin and he never got yelled at. Neither did Dave. But Kevin was a darn good chef also and he had a heart. His last meal menu was beautiful and awesome and I thought all along he would win. Dave seemed to play the pity pot. I hope Kevin does well wherever he goes. I just adored him.

      • Mattie

        Kevin did get yelled at. Dave is the only one who never got yelled at. I picked Kevin and Dave from the very first show to be in the finale. I also knew Dave would win. If he is that good with one hand image what he could do with two.


      • Anne

        Kevin did get chewed out once – the rice fiasco for the risotto a few episodes ago. So as far as I know, Dave remained the only one to never get yelled at, plus he did the majority of the competition one handed.

      • milop

        Kevin should have won because he is the better chef and I feel has better leadship qualities. His dishes are more elaborate and edgy whereas Dave’s are basic. It’s not about who gets yelled at, it’s about the food and leadership.

      • frani

        I agree. I liked Dave but thought he whined throughout the whole show. Sorry to see Kevin lose

      • debbie

        You must know Kevin personally or something. From a tv viewer’s perspective, Dave NEVER used sympathy to try to get ahead. Sure, he complained occasionally, most people couldn’t even take the pain he did. BUT he NEVER used it as an excuse for poor cooking. Kevin is a pompous ass.

      • Big Mike

        No way. Kevin had an attitude that came and bit in back. He could not control his people as he couldnt control himself. He didnt know what he was doing. He choked. Anyone that says he know he’s better that the other and will definitely win, will always lose. Dave was ok too, but thought when he lied about mushroom showed alittle of support for his help.

  • Jeremy

    Rediculous! I was happy to see the two guys in the finale, but seriously, Kevin was by far the better all around person. Very disappointed in the outcome. Leads me to believe it’s more about ratings than actual ability; or they really misled the viewers the whole time.

    • Susan

      I agree. Thought from the beginning it was going to be Kevin. Thought he was the better all around choice.

      • Jilly

        Kevin was an arrogant ass the whole time saying he would win from the start. Dave cooked the whole time with a broken wrist, in pain. Who knows how much more talent he has with both hands. He was nice and never up for elimination. Face it Kevin screwed up in the last challenge by trying to be arrogant and make a fancy menu that noone could cook correctly.

      • Chris

        Obviously he said he was going to win. You need to have a ton of confidence in a competition like this. Plus, they’re chefs. Clearly you don’t really know any chefs if you think they’re humble people. Look at Gordon…in one of the episodes he was asked by a kid if he was the best chef in the world and he said yes. Arrogant? Absolutely, but he’s a chef. It’s part of what they do to survive in such a cutthroat industry. If you don’t have the utmost confidence in yourself, why should anyone else?

    • ed pardy

      really?, kevin was on the chopping block , dave wasn’t, dave won more challenges so the actual ability you mention was with the winner

      • Henry

        No, Kevin was not on the chopping block and neither was Dave

    • Crystal

      I agree. I thought Kevin should have won the competition. If Amanda hadn’t been completely incompetent he would have finished service way ahead of Dave. As it was, even with Amanda’s endless screwing up and his “complicated” menu he still rocked. His quality control was better than Dave’s as was his leadership ability. Dave was an _ss of a leader and lost my respect because of it. I thought for sure that he’d lost when Chef Ramsey chewed him out during the final service. I don’t know what Chef Ramsey was thinking in choosing him as the winner.

      • Mattie

        You are wrong. They edit those things to make it look like it does for ratings. Dave deserved to win. Kevin is a pompous ass and I am glad he didn’t win. I guess you could say Dave won with one hand tied behind his back. Har Har.

      • Khristina

        You need to get your head out of your @$$ Mattie.

  • Kristi

    so i switched to Biggest loser and missed the winner….who won? Please help!

    • princepa123

      You did by NOT watching it. BTW….Dave so deserved to win HK and I am delighted to learn it.

      Kevin was an arrogan a@@, who was mean spirited and turned on Ariel and would have stepped ON and OVER his so called “friends” for the power.

      Not a leader. Dave, great guy, great chef.

      • Chris

        Friends? What do you think this is, a love fest? It’s a COMPETITION.

  • Laura

    I love Dave, and I’m happy he won!

  • helene

    very happy with the outcome but totally bummed that the highlight of the season – Tennille – wasn’t there!

    • whowhatwhere?

      Tennille, the “highlight of the season?” I must be weird because it seems strange to me that so many people in thei forum seem to like Tennille…she irritated the hell out of me. Her attitude was poor often times and please, can somebody tell me why she insisted in yelling at the camera EVERY TIME she had face time with it?

  • Chrissy

    How come the 2 finalists didn’t split the kitchen and decorate either side?

    • Jeremy

      Because they wont be decorating the Araxi, just head chef at it.

    • Mattie

      I was wondering that. Plus last season they got to prepare a dish that got to be part of their menu in their new kitchen plus they got to cook in that kitchen.

    • happytam

      I’m glad they didn’t waste time on that aspect of it. I always thought that was the most boring part of the finale. Hopefully future finales will focus on the menu planning and actual cooking.

    • CatWhit

      Also, it costs money, and Ramsey got hit hard by the market drop. Did anyone else notice there was no $250,000 signing bonus this season?

  • Randy J. Barnes

    Absolutely rediculous…Kevin hands down is the best leader with great ability…He executed a far more complex menu and should have won. Boo!! Very disappointed. Shame on you Ramsey.

    • Mike

      True. Kevin’s menu was amazing and his imagination for great dishes seems very high. This is the one season where HK did not choose the best chef as the winner.

    • Sue

      Do I agree with you! He has the maturity and the discipline. Look how Dave was yelling at his people like a jerk and made two mistakes at the pass. Kevin caught the mistakes and then he switched the two chefs jobs and they did well, and then he stopped yelling at the girl and used pschy and it worked being nice to her. He did say he was going to win and he almost did. Ramsey, alto Dave was good also, I do not believe he could handle a hotel like that. I hope Ramsey gets Kevin in somewhere.. He was my fav..he did hi class dishes, great presentations and apparently tastes also and he wasnt afraid to take chances. Dont forget he had two broken ankles too!!!

      • ktwolf

        Chef Ramsay suggested to Kevin that he “make some changes” in the kitchen before it was too late. It wasn’t Kevin’s idea make the switch.

  • Steven O’Reilly

    I think chef Ramsay dropped the ball this time, Kevin was the most professional chef of the two and was surely better at leading a kitchen and out classed him too. Although Dave is a good cook, He’s a bumbling idiot!

    • sparkles

      Idk is sabotaging your team a sign of professionalism? Kevin was an asshat and wouldn’t deliver freakin scallops for the other chef. He was a selfish bastard also wanting Dave to drop out because of his arm as he was Dave was his biggest threat. Kevin also forgot to plate items 2x this episode and another episode!!! Can you imagine if he serves the olympic committee at Araxi and forgets a certain item! There goes the restaurant’s rep. I’m glad Dave won as he was the better person personally and professionally. Also if you eat at Whistler noone wants California cuisine in WINTER Canadians and I’m pretty sure Olympians want comfort food. I know because I’m Canadian and I’m going to attend the olympics and visit Dave’s restaurant.

      • sosgemini

        Yeah, i’m in total shock that people are defending Kevin. He forgot the freaken mole. LOL

      • Vancouver Island

        Insinuating that Whistler has a “winter cuisine,” is ridiculous.

        I’m Canadian too, and I don’t go looking for an asshat California cuisine in California either. I’m pretty sure the Olympic committee is hundreds of people, who WON’T be eating there anyways unless it is free.

        Ramsey is totally predictable halfway through every season I’ve watched. He finds a young guy to be his pet, and to fuss over.

        Ramsey prolly picked an unkempt greasy haired dirtbag because he figured that’s what half of Whistler is all about. The other half with money are the ones that buy the restaurant food. The poor ones are renting 10 to a room for $1,500/month on a good month.

      • Khristina

        Yeah- because throwing things around, screaming like a banshee and kicking the garbage cans in order to be just like Ramsey is SO “professional”. Ugh- Dave didn’t even begin to match up to Kevin in talent. Poor choice (IMO) of a winner this ear.

      • Mattie

        You Canadian people are stupid. Dave deserved to win and I am happy he did. Kevin was a jerk, thought he was better than everyone. I would rather eat at Dave’s resturant.

      • Khristina

        Mattie- I must say, you are the stupid one. Every single chef from every single season has boasted about being “better than everyone”. Kevin wasn’t any more of a jerk than Dave. Idiot.

      • Julia’s child

        I am so happy about Dave’s win. He’s the better person and the better chef.

      • Crystal

        So Kevin forgot to put the mole on his dish. Big whoop. I recall an incident where Dave couldn’t describe a dish he made. I find this to be a far worse problem for a chef.

  • Chrissy

    Nah I mean like remember last season Paula decorated in a gold theme and Danny did a theme with stuffed fish on the wall. Was it not in the budget this year? I would have liked to seen how Kevin and Dave would have decorated.

    • Anna

      Last season they were opening their own restaurant so Ramsey wanted to see what they would do. This season, they’re going to an already established restaurant so decor is of no concern – more so just excellent cooking skill.

  • Faye

    I am so disappointed in the results. The better chef did not win. Is it all a farce? Do they really get that great job? is that why the weaker one was chosen? because they don’t get it?

  • shema

    wow!!!!!!! kevin shouldve won, he was the better person. don’t worry kevin bigger things will come your way

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