Bryan Singer and 'X-Men': You CAN go home again

Bryan-Singer_lThere’s a German word called schadenfreude, which has no direct translation into English but means something like “taking joy in the misfortune of others.” Now, I’m not saying that’s the Deutch wort that was floating through director Bryan Singer’s head when X-Men: The Last Stand — directed by Brett Ratner, who stepped in after Singer left the X-world he started to make Superman Returns — premiered to scorn from the fan and critical communities, but it’s only human to take a secret joy in getting empirical proof that one is the best at what they do. Especially if what they do is making X-Men movies — and, so we’re all clear, X2: X-Men United is one of the best superhero movies ever made.

So it’s good news that Singer is in talks to return to the world of Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), Professor X (Patrick Stewart), and a bunch of other interchangeable young mutants — I say that because Jean Grey and Scott Summers are dead, and you know Halle Berry isn’t coming back for a fourth attempt at giving an Oscar-worthy standing-in-the-background performance. While I wish Singer had gotten to close out the Dark Phoenix storyline in a manner that didn’t suck, I’m curious to see what he takes on. Will it be the next Wolverine flick? The still-simmering Magneto origin story? X-Men 4 — which, one can only hope, would feature the Hellfire Club (because what everyone needs is more superheroes in corsets)?

Does this bode well for the X-Men franchise? Or would new blood be a good thing?

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  • Lamar

    “X2: X-Men United is one of the best superhero movies ever made.”

    You’re joking, right?

    Dreadful movie. Not as bad as X3, but still, dreadful.

    • Tim (@rural_juror)

      X2 is a fantastic movie, second only to The Dark Knight IMHO.

    • John

      You’re of course entitled to your opinion, but you’re going to find yourself in the minority on that one.

      • Rene

        Indeed everyone is entitled to their opinion but Lamar is NOT in the minority. X-2 was not ‘one of the best superhero movies ever made’ by any measure. Singer had some lucky shots but X-2 and Superman Returns showed he was a one trick pony.

    • Sara

      X2 was fantastic. I would love Bryan Singer to come back to the fold.

    • no one

      x2 wasn’t as good a “movie” as the Dark Knight, But thats why he said “one of the best” ones. Because it is. And actually yes, according to polls,box office returns, and critic and fan base, x-2 WAS and is one of the best. Very little room for arguement here that doesn’t involve JUST your opinion

    • Ira

      Lamar must be one of those fanboys who either want nonstop action in a movie or thinks no other superhero movie compares to Dark Knight.

      There would be no Iron Man or Dark Knight if Singer hadn’t done what he did with his X-Men movies. He saved the superhero movie from the toilet it was in. He was took it far more seriously and was more respectful to the X-Men than the actual comic books had been.

  • mel

    Yo, Brent Ranter, Imma let you finish, Imma let you finish; but X2: X Men United was the best X Men movie of ALL TIME!!!

    • mel


      Yo, **Brett Ratner**, Imma let you finish, Imma let you finish; but X2: X Men United was the best X Men movie of ALL TIME!!!

  • angelique

    YAYAYAY! X Men 2 is one of my FAVORITE movies, and yes X Men 3 was horrible.

  • MWC

    If nothing else this will occupy Singer’s time and save us (for a little while anyway) from a poorly executed Superman sequel. X2 was Shakespeare when compared to Superman Returns.

  • Wes

    Mel, are we really still doing the Kanye thing? Still?

  • Isaac

    X4 doesnt sound like a good idea for so many reasons.

  • Nicole

    Schadenfraude is a song from Avenue Q, lol.

    • John

      Yup, sure is. And a very real thing.

    • Matt

      That didn’t make you laugh out loud. Can there be a moratorium on sentences ending in “lol” for absolutely no reason?

  • Tim (@rural_juror)

    Can we just pretend X3 didn’t happen? Singer already did something similar with Superman Returns.

  • DJ

    The second one was the best one! And I liked X3. I don’t know why everyone dogs it so much.

    • Chris

      Cuz it was an inarticulate turd with a weak script and horrible plot choices.

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    I hope that if they do make another X Men movie it will mean redoing the first one and bringing out how the trilogy should have ended. (and please oh please don’t turn it into the Halle Berry show again!)

  • john

    its SCHADENFREUDE … you spelled it wrong … dude fail

    • Brea

      It’s spelled “it’s,” not “its.” Third grade spelling fail!

      • Chris

        grammatic irony:
        When a person correcting someone else’s grammar, spelling, or general intelligence makes a grammar or spelling mistake themselves. This does not count if the person has intentionally made the mistake. The phrase comes from “dramatic irony”, but is not actually a form of irony.

  • Kat

    I didn’t like X2 that much, but I loved the first one! I would really like them to bring back Anna Paquin as Rogue and make Rogue into the strong, sassy woman she’s supposed to be! Maybe the cure doesn’t work so well… I mean, Rogue is supposed to gain more powers!

  • harry

    more cow bell!!!!

  • Blue Silver

    All 3 X-Men movies were awesome! People rag on “X-3″ because Brett Ratner directed it! “X-3″ delivered the action that the first 2 built up! You want a horrible comic book movie–see “Elektra”!!

  • Blue Silver

    ….and welcome back Bryan Singer..hope you direct “Wolverine 2″!!

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