'The Office': Will you love Jim and Pam's wedding...'Forever'?

Jim and Pam are married! Leave your thoughts about The Office wedding here, P-Dubs, before checking back tomorrow morning for our longer recap. (UPDATE: Click here for Tanner Stransky’s complete Office wedding recap.) Would you have hired a professional to take the mental pictures? Was Oscar’s incredulous “Him? Him?” a shout-out to Arrested Development? What’s the deal with Smart Cars? DID YOU CRY? (I am crying.) So many questions!

***Really obvious reminder alert*** There will be SPOILERS in the comments section (and FYI, there are a few in this week’s Sound Bites video, embedded below), so click at your own risk. And if your lunch is especially pungent, maybe have it in the break room. That is all.

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  • Rachel(A_Redhead_Thing)

    I cried! It was so so sweet!! It was definitely a classic Office episode. I like that they eloped, it seemed right. I especially love that it was silent.
    However, I now know too much about Andy’s scrotum.

  • Elisa

    Ahh totally cried. Love Jam so much!

    • Alex P Keaton

      This show is terrible, can’t wait for 30 Rock – an actually funny show, the office can no longer be called a comedy – it has degenerated into a lame dramedy – they try to force this drama on the audience, totally artificial. The best couple with actual chemistry was Sam and Diane and no two have ever recaptured that magic.

      • Judith Light

        Sam and Diane? You’re still chewing on that peanut? From 1984? I didn’t see any more “drama” in this episode than ever before. Since season 1 there has been a minor amount of Jim and Pam “drama” as you put it. Most of the episode was hilarious. Dramedy? What’s wrong with you? I couldn’t stop laughing the entire time until the final 5 minutes when I cried.

      • Audrey

        LOL that wedding was two decades ago… And I’m pretty sure “Cheers” was a pioneering dramedy, what with all the focus on that couple’s ups and downs. Let’s give Jim and Pam their moment in the sun (or the falls)!

      • Brett

        Alex you simply have no taste. That is all.

      • hello1

        haha 30 Rock an actually funny show??? Please if it weren’t for The Office, 30 Rock would have been cancelled 2 seasons ago!!! NBC wanted to save 30 Rock so they aired 30 Rock after The Office so 30 Rock can keep there audience. The Office has more viewers

      • dbrown1225

        30 Rock is funny, but uses too many throwaway lines and half the cast is playing themselves. Also, they only strive for laughs, nothing deeper, which The Office does.

        The Office clearly has a Simpsonsness to it, while 30 Rock has a Family Guyness to it. And that is not a compliment to 30 Rock.

      • debi

        r u nuts? all i could think while watching last nights show was how funny it was and how lame 30 rock is in comparison…laughed out loud too many times to count! loved it…

      • Sandra

        Yeah, that beginning was sooo dramatic.

      • Eden

        i hate you alex and you have someting wrong with YOU. SAM AND DIANE?!?!?!?!?! REALLY!!!!!! EFFYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Jane

        alex, why are you commenting here? go away.

    • Cassandra Jones

      What are you doing here, Alex? Here’s where we wish the happy couple all the best. I love The Office and the looks at a small city, not New York, and the people who live there. Take the A train to New York, Alex, and let us enjoy this show. I think Phyllis is my favorite. At work, we were trying to guess what Michael was going to do. He was very sweet, in his own twisted way, trying to help. Of course, Pam was driving one of her coworkers to the hospital the night before her wedding. The writers did a good job of capturing how weddings drive the couple crazy until they want to bolt, which Pam and Jim did. Good planning, Jim! You did her proud.

    • Mike Seaver

      Hey Alex P. Keaton, pretty sure Family ties was a dramedy. And 30rock will have the same storyline every episode. LIz is a loser, tracy and jenna are dumb.



  • mm

    I was about to give up on The Office but this episode was one of the best in a long time. A+

    • Rachel

      Me too! And I agree, I am back in love with this show.
      The whole thing was great except for the opening scene. I said “is this real?” out loud to an empty room. That was way too gross-out. But everything else was fantastic. I love that it was Jim and not Michael who messed up the toast (at first, anyway). And Andy’s scrotum…Kevin’s hairpiece…Dwight’s hookup…the scene after Pam’s veil ripped and she called Jim. Sigh.

      Yep, I cried.

  • Clayton

    Such a fantastic episode. It hit all the right notes comedy- and romance-wise. Kudos to the writers.

  • Sailor

    Spoiler Alert! I loved it! I cried! I laughed! I knew they would do “Forever”! The only thing…Michael and Pam’s mom….nooooooo!!

    • kimmer


    • John

      Fortunately that woman wasn’t really Pam’s Mom. We haven’t seen the real Pam’s Mom since Season 2. I’m in denial. Do not like the new actress/characterization.

  • Andy

    Well, it was awesome to start with barfing scene. Who can argue with the hilarity of Andy’s dance mishap? The shock of Dwight scoring, and not being interested. Then Jim’s sweet sweet gesture. The falls, AND giving the family/friends what they came for? A nod to Youtube and ending with Kevin ‘cooling his heels’ and Michael’s conquest? CLASSIC AWESOME OFFICE! period.

  • queensgirl

    Honestly, I thought it focused too much on the guests, and not in particularly amusing fashion.

  • Erin

    Kevin’s Kleenex shoes were such a conversation piece! And I know way too much about Andy’s scrotum.

  • tr7

    what was the name of the song at the end?

    • Anonymous

      Forever by Chris Brown.

    • Brendan Jones

      Yeah, what was the name of the song at the end?

  • kd bart


  • RememberMe

    Great episode!

  • Molly

    “Plan A was marrying her a long, long time ago.” I wasn’t crying before that, but I am now.

    • Willow02115

      I love Jim! And loved they had a plan c. So adorable, and that is a classic episode!

    • Kristen

      That made me cry too!

    • Becca

      This was such a great episode. It’s about time!!! I loved everything about it (I guess with the exception of seeing michael go in the room with Pam’s mom!!) This was a great episode and for sure one of my favorites! Well worth the wait for one of the cutest couples on TV.

    • GinaBallerina


  • Joslyn

    I loved Pam resting her head on Jim’s shoulder and Jim glancing at the camera – it called back to the first season when she dozed off on his shoulder in the meeting (Diversity Day?).

    • Lo

      ah! i was totally thinking that! could jim make cuter faces?

    • Sue

      I’m so with you. Jim’s loving looks just make my heart melt and the last look I did the hand on heart with the girly sigh.

  • Dory

    I loved the episode. The real wedding under the falls was so sweet.

    • Gian

      Travswife, March 6, 2013 at 3:01 am What a great place to spend family time! In adtidion to their fun mini golf and attractions the laser tag is my favorite! Big enough space and plenty of things to hide behind We always have a great time

  • Kaye

    Yeah, I totally cried. But I also laughed A LOT. Honestly, I’d been losing interest in the show since around Season 4 but have stuck with it. And I feel like this episode made my loyalty worthwhile.

    As someone who’s watched since the first episode of season 1, I was pulling for PB&J before I even got my first car. Now I’m about to graduate college. Watching tonight really felt like watching my friends get married.

    The episode was everything I could have hoped for — an absolute disaster that worked out in the end. The getting-married-twice thing was similar to HIMYM, but I loved the cutting back and forth between the boat wedding and the dancing. Andy’s storyline was easily my favorite. But everyone was perfectly in character. I’m even starting to like Erin now!

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