'Spider-Man' spin-off 'Venom': A poisonous idea?

venom-Gary-Ross_lAccording to today’s Variety, Sony is prepping to make a Venom flick — you remember, the bad guy Topher Grace (and a whole mess of CGI) played in Spider-Man 3 — to be written and directed by Seabiscuit‘s Gary Ross. I find myself wondering: What’s a worse idea, Venom or Elektra 2: Sai Anything?

Venom is popular in the pages of Spider-Man comics, and has been for years. But with Spider-Man 3 being universally criticized as the weak link in Sam Raimi’s trilogy, and Venom being a chief instrument of that lameness, I can’t help but puzzle at the wisdom of spinning off a whole movie based around a character audiences didn’t seem to care for in the first place. Of course, this will be a reboot, one that refashions Venom/Eddie Brock from the ground up, with a new actor (since Grace is heading to the jungle for Robert Rodriguez’s Predators). And Ross is a solid filmmaker, who must’ve wowed the Sony brass with his rewrite for Spider-Man 4 to put him in line for this gig — otherwise, how else to explain the leap from equestrian elegy to costumed fisticuffs? — but I’m just not feeling it.

I don’t care about who Eddie Brock was that made him so eager to give himself to a puddle of alien goop. I don’t care to see him refitted as the tragic hero — because that’s what’ll happen, as we’re in Hollywood, and they don’t make movies starring the villain. Yes, I know the key to a good Big Bad is that they have to believe they’re doing the right thing; that in their heads, they’re the hero of the story. Doesn’t mean I need to see that story. Can’t we just let bad guys be bad guys?

What do you think? Is Venom a good idea, a bad idea, or a bad idea you’d still be willing to pay to see?

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  • paige

    I am very much a Marvel geek and I think this is a bad idea… Venom shouldve never been in the 3rd Spider-Man movie to begin with- so to make a whole spin off film about a boring alien symbiote seems pretty superfluous… didnt we know all we needed to know about Venom in Spider-Man 3??? There’s so so sooo many characters in Marvel U. that I am surprised theyre going with this one… but its apparent Sony has no idea what the hell theyre doin since it was their idea to put him in Spider-Man 3, apparently against Sam Raimi’s wishes…

    • Rob Grizzly

      I agree that this spin off isn’t necessary. But there’s a lot of blame to go around for what happened with Spidey3. Personally, any director who doesn’t “understand” Venom shouldn’t be making Spiderman movies at all, IMO. He’s the one who decided to make Parker emo. The producers knew fans wanted Venom. Raimi wanted…The Sandman? Lame. And then he decided Sandman really killed Uncle Ben? what the heck was he thinking? The producers inclusion of Venom is the one good thing about Spiderman 3 if you ask me.

      • paige

        In movieland, I prefer Sandman over Venom anyday… But yea, having sandman be the one that killed Uncle Ben was stupid… I dont think Venom is necessary at all in understand Spider-Man and he couldve not existed in the films…

  • Stephanie

    He’d have to be more violent than he was in SM3. I thought that Venom was not portrayed to the best of his ability. Seriously, we are talking about an alien life form that is one MEAN SOB!

    • Brad

      If they would have had Vin Diesel as venom in SM3, not skinny little neighbor boy eric forman and given a better back story as well as not having tophers face pop out every 5 seconds to try and talk tough then it would have been a lot better. Sorry for the runon.

  • harry

    burn this one right uot of the box!!!

  • jordan

    terrrrrible idea

  • I-Man

    Just Sony trying to get as many Marvel movies as they can before Disney start releasing their own Marvel movies. Coming Soon Disney’s X-Men School Musical 3. ;) Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine singing about mutant art class. -Shudders-

  • JRWolfe

    Why reboot Venom when his origin was told so well in Spiderman 3 ? Topher Grace was god as Eddie Brock. The problem with Spiderman 3 was too many villians and a rewrite of the death of Uncle Ben.

  • Chaz Winterbottom

    Well they remade the Hulk and the Punisher and that worked out well so…oh wait…never mind.

  • Matt

    It’s a terrible, terrible idea and it will never, ever happen.

  • DavidJ

    Ugh. I’m not even sure I want to see another Spider-Man movie, let alone one featuring Venom.

  • Rob Grizzly

    Firstly, how do you go from hulking manly men like Arnold Schwartzenegger, Carl Weathers, and Jesse Ventura to…Topher Grace?
    As with Eddie Brock, why do people keep thinking Topher fits this ‘huge dude’ mold?

    And I agree that Venom in no way needs to be humanized or made sympathetic. He’s a heartless villain through and through. An animal. While I didn’t hate Spidey 3 at all, and Venom is my favorite Spidey villain, the optimist in me (what little there is) hopes this is the ‘proper’ Venom story that Sam Raimi should have done right the first time. It will be interesting to see if they make this movie without Spiderman (as Venom’s origin is directly related to the wall-crawler) or who the ‘villain’ might be. The only option is really Carnage, otherwise it would have to be Spiderman himself?

  • Snarf

    My head hurts. Also heard they’re planning on making Venom an anti-hero. Bad move.

    • Nathan

      Venom was n anti-hero for a while in his own comic book series, Venom: Lethal Protector. That’s where they are getting the source material for this movie, not his forays in Spider-Man comics.

    • matt

      venom was an anti-hero in the comics as soon as he started getting his own limited series.

  • Cleo

    I loved Venom but Topher Grace playing him was a horrible idea. If they made Venom they way they did in the comic book then this is a wicked idea. But Venom would have to be violent, nasty, distasteful and played by someone who is at least 6 feet and 200 lbs. They could even add Venom’s spawn who was even more evil then Venom. Read the comic books Venom was not boring nor was Eddie Brock he just got deflated in Spiderman 3.

  • krayzeman

    It wasnt the Venom character that was the problem in the last Spider-Man movie it was the lame story of Peter Parker dancing and too many villains to concentrate on(Goblin, Sandman AND Venom). The producers FORCED Venom into that movie because thats what they THOUGHT the audiences wanted to see. Raimi didnt like the character and to just thrown him into the mix was an idiotic idea. Venom’s story should have been a Spiderman movie unto itself not just thrown in at the last minute to try to please audiences. That was the mistake because Venom is a GREAT Spiderman villain. Venom is NOT a character that need his own spinoff.

  • bedc01

    Yeah I love the fact that Sam Raimi hated VENOM and in retaliation made him as boring as he could.. well he succeeded

  • Curt

    I think it would be a terrific idea, **IF** they let Venom be as irredeemable as Sabretooth was in the “Wolverine” movie. They don’t need to make all badguys be fallen or flawed goodguys. We don’t need more Punishers or Magnetos. We need more Sabretooths, Venoms, and Carnages! Dexters are amusing; but Sylars are FUN!

    • paige

      might as well make a Thunderbolts movie…

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