'Glee': Just say no to drugs (and to Ken!)

First off, I owe Cory Monteith an apology: When the guys’ Bon Jovi/Usher mash-up was released as a teaser clip and I criticized his dancing, I didn’t realize that the exhausted and Drakkar Noir-scented Finn was hopped up on pseudoephedrine courtesy of Terri, who took a one-episode job as school nurse to keep an eye on Will after Sue tipped her off that he has a thing for Emma. That would explain why Finn did a leg kick to “It’s My Life” (and since he shared the pills with the others, how that dude raised his body from the ground with no hands). It was all a part of Sue’s master plan: If you can’t take down the club, take down the man. When the principal found out that Will had created an environment competitive enough with his battle of the sexes glee-off for the newly complacent kids to turn to performance enhancers, he decided that Mr. Schuester was unfit to steer glee club solo. Cue Sue’s entrance as his new co-director. Genius.

So much happened in this hour that the musical numbers, though enjoyable, were almost an afterthought. Sue wasn’t the only one scheming. After Ken came to Terri to express his concern about Will and Emma (“Look at the two of us, you pregnant and me with psoriasis and one testicle that won’t descend — I don’t know who to feel more sorry for”), she suggested he propose to Emma. Even though I know Emma and Will can’t get together so early in the run, I thought he might say something a married man shouldn’t when she asked him if he knew of any other options she had. Matthew Morrison communicates so much with his tongue eyes. There’s a softness and a longing in them that I’m always surprised Emma (Jayma Mays) matches.

After Emma stood up to Terri and told her that Will deserved better, I was hoping she might have gone into that locker room to decline Ken’s sorta sweet proposal to keep her life clean of loneliness and sadness. I want Emma to be strong and know it’s better to be without someone for the right reason than to be with someone for the wrong one. But Terri had beaten her down and she accepted Ken’s proposal with conditions: She’ll keep her last name, they’ll continue to live in separate parts of town, they won’t see each other after school, there will be no guests at the wedding, and their union will be a secret. Only she told Will she’d said yes, to give him one last chance to tell her to say no. Who else was waiting for Will to sing a song after he walked away and looked back at her? What should it have been?

More questions: Is it wrong that I momentarily liked Terri when she swiftly dismissed Quinn’s attempt to get her to pay for doctor bills and maternity clothes now that she’s agreed to give her the baby? Whose delivery was better: Jane Lynch’s anytime she spoke as Sue (“Here I am, about to turn 30…” “You have to remember something: We’re dealing with children. They need to be terrified.”) or Chris Colfer’s as Kurt when he explained to the girls why they still had his allegiance (“They declined my offer to do their hair in cornrows, and all my artistic decisions have been derided as too costly because they involve several varieties of exotic bird feathers.”)? Were both sexes withdrawing from the competition — because winning isn’t fulfilling if you cheat — and Rachel throwing away the box of decongestants and getting back on her treadmill enough of an anti-drug message? (I say yes.) And since a winner was never announced, let’s choose one. Did you prefer the boys’ routine or the girls’ mash-up of Beyoncé’s “Halo” and Katrina and the Waves’ “Walking on Sunshine”? “If there’s two things America needs right now it is sunshine and optimism… also angels.” I vote for the ladies.

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  • orville

    Hilarious! I hope Jane Lynch selects this episode to submit to the Emmy committee. Her delivery during the journal scenes was insane.

    I’ll vote for the guys (even though I adored most of the girls’ dresses). Popping wheelies plus Bon Jovi? Classic.

    • tiffany

      To quote an 80’s track, “Let’s hear it for the boy(s)”. although i’m a little beyonce’d out, the jovi/usher reminded me of a much happier time of my youth!!!

      Didn’t that kid sound a like lot usher??!!!??

      • Susan

        The boys really did win, and they surprised the hell out of me.

    • Shasta

      Agreed! I vote for the guys, too. Plus, even though I don’t really like either of the songs in their mash-up, it sounded awesome together. The girls’ song didn’t feel like much of a mash-up.

    • JM

      Jane Lynch writing in her journal was the funniest thing I have seen in a long time.

      I vote for the girls!

      • Zan

        Loved this episode. Everything was spot-on perfect!! Sue destroying Glee club from this inside is a brilliant idea. Kurt, hope you get a boyf soon…
        And I vote two thumbs up for the boy’s song selection, and performance. Loved the costurme girls but the boys win this one.

    • D

      Boys win but I liked the girls’ costumes too.

      • michelekamay

        Me too I liked the boys performance (This ain’t a song for the brokenhearted…then a brokenhearted Usher doing his confessions *sigh*) but the girls one was very touching(I see your halo and I’m walking on sunshine *sigh sigh*)…and reminded me that I don’t have any yellow dress!Give the props to artistic team!
        Oh Will…When he walked away from Emma I was singing (for the second time this week) “Sha-la-la-la-la-la, My, oh My, Look at the boy too shy, He ain’t gonna kiss the girl”.
        Terri is severely mental and Sue was terrific as always. Kurt, Finn, Rachel, I love’em all!

    • Tookie

      Guys 100%!

      • susan

        Yes! The guys absolutely won!

    • Dubage

      Enjoyed both performances. The girls were hot, but gotta give the nod to the guys as I really liked that both Finn and Arite were leads and the girls was pretty much Rachel only. Plus as previously stated – wheelie pops? better choreography… lol

    • Callia

      Yeah, the guys did a better job, especially considering that they had a little less talent to work with. Plus, the girls threw theirs together at the last minute, and it kinda showed in the choreography.

  • Robert Jaffe

    The anti-drug message was easy and formulaic. People don’t just kick something that’s working, the way drugs chemically effect you is that you only see it’s positives when you get high. I found their “withdrawing from the race” bit condescending, as if people who cheat and win ever regret their choice. MALARKY. The shows cheesiness is getting to me. I don’t mind that it’s become a full fledged musical, I just want it to be one set in the real world (ie; dark{er}).

    • BlackIrish4094

      Dude, some poeple do cheat and win and indeed go on to regret it. Sometimes it is how you play the game. It’s a tv show, if you want the real world, leave your house, I watch tv to be entertained and this show does that in spades!

      • KJ

        Well said BlackIrish4094…I totally agree! This isn’t supposed to be “reality” and this surely is not some Intervention type show. It’s Glee…it’s great television!

      • Dave

        well said BlackIrish, if I wanted to watch something dark, I would watch the news!

      • Dylan

        Ditto BlackIrish. A sense of humor is necessary to appreciate Glee. And for those who don’t have one, this show may help you find it…if you let it.

      • Mac

        Amen BlackIrish! Everyone just chillax and enjoy the treat that is Glee! If “reality” is Jon/Kate crap, I’ll gleek out any day!

      • Em

        It’s not like they have to kick anything — they took one cold pill, for pity’s sake! Lighten up!

  • Lucy

    yay, a timely Glee recap!! I vote the boys and “Its my life!”. I was glad at the end when Will was disappointed with Terri. It was almost as if they want us to hate Terri. This show keeps getting better and better!

  • paige

    as much as I hate the character of Terri- I believe the actress did a hell of a job this episode by being a drug pusher (lol)… and as much of a monster she is, theres a little pity I have for her, knowing that she is slowly but surely losing her husband because she is such a monster but cant seem to understand how monstrous she actually is!… fascinating stuff.

    • Al

      I disagree. I feel no pity for her, only disgust. She’s the one bad thing about this show. LOVE Jane Lynch and the battle between her and Shuester is awesome. Terri and Will’s marital problems, gross and icky. Let her be hit by a bus and be done with. You can find other ways to keep Emma and Will apart- she gets married to Ken and can’t get divorced, they have a new no fraternazation policy at school the possibilities are endles. Shoot even have Terri be ain a coma after being hit by a bus- just get rid of Terri as a walking, talking, soul-sucking character!

      • paige

        I dont think you like Terri, Al…

      • jk

        Honestly, at this point Emma is bugging me way more than Terri is. Maybe it’s her asinine way of speaking or “woe-is-me” demeanor, but Terri has every right to be a bitch to her. And at least Terri knows she’s a terrible person, Emma thinks of herself as a victim/sweetheart.

      • D

        I liked Terri in this episode. She has a backbone!

      • Stephanie

        I’m with jk-Terri’s fighting for her marriage (in the only way she knows how) while Emma is very much flirting with a married man and accepting a proposal because she doesn’t want to be alone. I liked Emma in the earlier episodes but I was disgusted with her in this episode.

  • Sara

    They throw so many good lines in each show. “Rachel’s hot, if you don’t like boobs.” Jane Lynch over Chris Colfer anyday, and boys over girls. The girls’ choreography was too manic and they weren’t generally together.

    • Kim

      I liked that their dancing wasn’t perfectly in sync. It made their number seem happy and bubbly and well…manic. Which is apt because it was a happy, bubbly song. Plus they were hepped up on decongestants. The manic, exuberant dancing makes perfect sense. I vote for the girls.

    • kahuna

      They really do sneak the jokes in. They do it the way it should be done..and without a laugh track.

  • Jim

    I like this show, but I’m getting the feeling everyone likes it more than I do. I think the randomness of the internal monologues is distracting, the characters are all walking cliches, the pacing of the Glee Club itself is rather confusing (we’re not that many episodes in and it seems like several of the members have already quit and returned). That being said, the show is rather funny and doesn’t drag. I just think we all need to take a step back from the raving for a second.

    • Allyson

      Wow I have been trying to figure out a way to say how I feel about the show for a couple of weeks now, and this is exactly it. I really like Glee, but I do think that it is overrated. The characters are not as easy to enjoy as some other shows either. I have always loved Jim and Pam from The Office even when they messed up, but on Glee it is hard to truly like any of them except maybe Mr. Schuester and Emma. But Rachel is kind of despicable to me. She is not only obsessed with herself, but she puts down other people in the process. Anyway all that being said, I do like Glee, I just don’t love it yet.

      • Dave

        Then trot on over to The Office recap and rave there. Personally, I wish that show would disappear, it’s stupid, and the least funny show I’ve ever watched.

      • Katja

        But the thing that’s cool about Rachel is that she’s so obnoxious right now, meaning they have somewhere to go with this character. They’ve already made some progress with her, like when she realized she’d rather be in Glee with her friends than star in Cabaret. And there was something in last night’s episode that showed her lightening up and becoming nicer, though I can’t remember exactly what it was now. Maybe it was when she was being so nice to Quinn.

      • bootsycolumbia

        But she was nice to Quinn, who’s never been anything but mean to her. I like Rachel. She’s a little obsessive, but a decent person. Quinn needs a smackdown, pronto.

    • Sara

      I totally agree! The show is so entertaining that people tend to glide over the flaws – but like you said, the pacing is kind of weird (you can’t just create dramatic tension in one episode and then have it all resolved by the end of the hour!), the characterizations are off (I get that they want to show us the characters underneath the cliches, but so far that hasn’t worked), and the internal monologues are used so inconsistently that they’re distracting.
      Still, it’s funny and the musical numbers are entertaining.

      • Jake

        If you and Jim are so high-brow that you have to nitpick at everything from a show that is supposed to be nothing more than ENTERTAINMENT, then I suggest you watch something else. Things aren’t always that serious, you know. It’s a show.. it’s part musical, part dramedy – what else would you expect? If you want accuracy, go watch a documentary.

      • Jim

        I said I liked the show. I just think it’s more of a 7 than a 10 out of 10. It’s a good show, but it could be great. I don’t have to pretend it’s perfect just to be entertained by it.

      • Jake

        really? So you walk around expecting perfection out of everything?? I wonder if you feel anything but disappointment considering nothing in life is perfect, not even life itself. Dude! it’s just a a show…

      • Jim

        That’s not what I’m saying at all. In discussing the show with friends and such, the general opinion of Glee seems to more favorable than mine. There are a few things that bother me, and I listed them. That’s all. “It’s just a show.” Don’t get so defensive.

      • KWise

        Jim – I’m with you. I like this show a lot, but I do think there are some things they could fix (the pacing, the ridiculous character of Terri….). I don’t know why these other people are getting so defensive at every little critique. A discussion board like this doesn’t have to be ALL positive. Furthermore, I secretly hope that Hollywood producers troll these boards, like it’s a free focus group for them. So, I want my criticisms to be posted in hopes that they see them and can fix the things that numerous people dislike (i.e., kill off Terri).

      • DMG

        It is an entertaining show, don’t get me wrong – but MOST of the characters are ridiculous, not just Terri. Another example: the proposal and “acceptance” was sad and pathetic. I hope coach grows a pair really soon because Emma marrying him for “lack of options” is lame.

    • Anon

      While I agree the joining and quitting seems quite fickle, that’s EXACTLY what happens in high school. I can’t begin to say how many times people in my after school activities quit and returned over something stupid.

    • joybellone

      Yes they are walking cliches…that’s what is funny about it. The show isn’t meant to be realistic. It’s just good campy fun!

  • kt

    I would probably vote for the girls just because of their choreography was WAY more complicated and I liked the song. (I did find the Confessions lyrics especially poignant for both Finn and Puck though. haha)

  • Lise

    I’m going to commit blasphemy and say that I haven’t been able to stand Jane Lynch’s character or understand her appeal – until tonight. She had so many amazing lines, I was just riveted waiting to see what would come out of her mouth next! I think I’m going to pull out the “I always thought the desire to procreate shows deep, personal weakness” quote everytime I’m asked about having kids now!

    • D

      I laughed more last night than ever and I think it was because Jane had a lot of lines!

  • lauren

    the girls!
    hate terri but emma is a drip.

    • jk

      Thank you! I can’t believe I’m the only one who’s not all about Emma and Mr. Shue hooking up. We’re supposed to hate Terri, but at least Jessalyn Gilsig is entertaining to watch. The Emma character has gone swiftly downhill, and I’m not rooting for her relationship with Mr. Shue any more than I’m rooting for Terri’s relationship with him.

      • D


      • Kathy

        I agree! I thought I was the only one who’s not totally sold on Emma.

  • Scott

    It was a great episode – Jane Lynch rocked.

    I know it is a fantasy show, and I shouldn’t take it seriously, but I was really annoyed that taking 2 decongestants was portrayed like it was being high on meth. The amount of pseudoephedrine in a couple decongestants is probably the equivalent buzz of a cup of coffee, if that. They made it out like it was crack and therefore immoral. I hate that kind of illogical, unscientific moralizing.

    • Jake

      have you seen a hyperactive teenager on a cup of coffee or two? It’s like they’re on speed…

    • Dave

      Ummmm, Scott….in case you didn’t realize it, this show is a comedy and it’s fiction. IT’S NOT REAL! If you are looking for a show that is factual to a fault, maybe you should stick to the news and not watch entertainment TV.

    • Nee Nee

      I think that was the point. They could have used a real drug, but that wouldn’t have fit into the show. Glee is purposely off-the-wall and unrealistic. If you’re looking for a true portrayal of a drug problem, this isn’t the show for you.

    • Amy

      Anyone remember that episode of Saved By the Bell when Jessie took no-doze!? From the way they portrayed it, I thought she was on crack. But I digress….back to Glee.
      I liked both song mash-ups, but I found the boys’ performance more enjoyable to watch. The girls came off more rushed and frenetic. Watching the performances, you could tell something was off with all of the girls, whereas with the guys, Finn was the most noticeable.

      • Callia

        “I’m so excited! I’m so excited! I’m so… SCARED.” Teeheehe.

    • neici

      I take psuedoephedrine a on regular basis and it has never affected me like that. I must not be taking enough.

    • Rachel

      I enjoyed the episode and am split between the boys and the girls. Sue is fast becoming my favorite character.
      As for the pseudoephedrine reaction being unrealistic, I think it depends on a person’s body chemistry. Personally, taking 1/2 a no-doze will have me talking a mile a minute, pacing the floor unable to settle (and unable to sleep for at least 36 hours) – in other words, behaving exactly like Finn.

    • sunshine

      Actually, I can’t go anywhere near sudafed – it gets me so jittery I can’t function. If I take too much Nyquil the pseudoephedrine overcomes what ever is supposed to make you sleepy and I end up staying away and miserable all night.

  • brianm2

    I’m a huge fan of Glee and Jane Lynch, but the character is too detestable. I don’t think this is Lynch’s fault; there’s no nuance to Sue as written. The same with Terri. I love a good villain, but I’m not enjoying Sue or Terri.

    • D

      I think Terri has some nuance. Sue’s lines are so fantastic that I am happy as it is!

  • Amy

    Emma’s character is becoming less and less sympathetic. First, she acts as if her only options in the world are Will, Ken, or die alone. WTF??? Plus, not only does she “settle” for Ken, but she demeans him at every turn by reminding him over and over that she’s settling, and generally treats him like a doormat – and we’re supposed to root for her???

    • mscisluv

      Emma’s “dilemma” with Ken is so NOT a dilemma, it’s irritating. If you don’t want to be with him, don’t. She really is treating Ken like crap, and it seems like he’s the one that deserves better.

      • KJ

        Maybe a future storyline will be Ken finding the balls, descended or not, to realize that.

      • Kathy

        @ KJ — I almost spit out my coffee reading your comment… HILARIOUS!

      • orville

        Hilarious KJ! If they do that episode, they have to use that line.

      • Jennifer

        Agree. But at the same time, Ken isn’t a victim. He knows she doesn’t love him but he keeps pushing forward anyway. And he when he first asked her out, he used the fact that Will couldn’t be with her to do it. They’re both just coming off as obnoxious to me in this.

    • joybellone

      I think in the end she will not end up with either Ken Tanaka or Will. She is kind of rough on Ken but she has some serious issues that cause that.

    • JBW

      I think you need to give Ken a little more credit in this scenario. When he asked Emma out, he knew what he was getting into. He basically told her so when he asked her that he knew she had feelings for Will, but this is why he would be better. Again, in the last episode when she came into the locker room, she was telling him what she was ready for with the marriage and giving him the opportunity to say no if it’s not what he wanted. I would agree with you that Emma was just using Ken and wasn’t being fair to him, if she wasn’t telling him every step of the way exactly what she thought about everything. Do I agree that the situation sucks? Yes, but I don’t think that’s all Emma’s fault, either. Ken knows what he’s doing. Not everyone falls in love and gets married and gets their happy ending. Some people get married for reasons other than love, such as companionship and security.

      • D

        It is a textbook case of “settling”.

      • Stickbugs

        But Ken does love Emma. He told Terri just how much. That makes it very sad, because Ken wants to marry for love, but Emma is being cruel taking advantage of that.

    • KWise

      I agree that the Emma character is teetering on the brink of being totally unsympathetic. I hope they fix that – make us root for her and Will producers!!!

    • Molly

      I really like Emma, but Ken should be with someone who wants to be with him! He deserves better. I’m hoping Emma will find the truth about Terry’s pregnancy — via Quinn or another way.

  • Katy

    I vote for the boys…however this was not my favorite episode..too much Terri and not enough singing. I sure hope that they find a way to write Terri out. I wouldn’t even mind if she just disappeared without an explanation.

  • Aprilcot26

    Just when I think I can’t hate Terri anymore…and YAY to Emma for standing up to her (sort of). My vote goes to the boys.

    • jk

      How did she stand up to her? Terri manipulated her into doing what she wanted. And even though Terri is over-the-top and evil, can you really blame her for trying to put Emma in her place for blatantly hitting on Terri’s husband?

      • darkside

        I don’t think that she has been “blatantly hitting on” Will. If she was, I think that the writers would have been a little more obvious. Emma realizes that Terri is a snake and knows that Will deserves better. She didn’t say that he belongs with her, just that he needed someone else.

      • jk

        Are you serious? They spend all their time in the school together and she is constantly mooning over him. It’s very obvious that Emma wants Mr. Shue for herself, if not in the past three episodes, in the way she asked him “Do I have any other option?” when asking him if she should accept Ken’s proposal. The writers are making it completely clear that these two have feelings for each other. What else do you need her to do, straddle him in the teachers’ lounge?

  • mscisluv

    I loved both mash-ups, even if I never would have imagined those songs going together. I vote for the boys based on entertainment value, but the girls have it based on degree of difficulty (and cute outfits!). Also, why is it that poor Quinn never gets close-ups during the groups numbers??

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