'Robsessed' documentary: More interested in Pattinson or his fans?

robsessed_lI think we can all agree that Robsessed is a great title for a documentary about the Robert Pattinson phenomena. But my enthusiasm waned when I saw the art for the DVD, which is expected to hit shelves next month in time for the release of The Twilight Saga: New Moon. It’s not the slightly shell-shocked image of Pattinson: That amuses me. It’s the tag line: “Inside the life of Robert Pattinson.” According to a rep for the release, the documentary features people Pattinson’s worked with talking about his life, as well as “industry commentators” and “a couple of diehard fans.” Not the ratio I was hoping for. At this point — i.e. post-GQ cover story read along — I’m much more interested in the fans who consider themselves “Robsessed” than Rob. I want to go inside their lives. How does a man who’s given them only a few hours of entertainment come to fill their lives 24/7? How, in the age of the Web, when there’s constant updates on Pattinson, do they handle a day when there’s (gulp) silence? How do they decide they’re going to travel to a different city to try to catch a glimpse of him on set?

Contrary to the number of blog posts I write, I am not Robsessed. But I can tell you that any time I see a link on Twitter to a fan’s story of meeting True Blood‘s Alexander Skarsgard in Shreveport, where he’s filming Straw Dogs, I click on it. Yes, I’m curious as to whether the shirt he’ll be wearing in the accompanying picture is sleeveless or sheer (either is acceptable), but I’m even more eager to know what lie the fan told to an employee or family member to hide the real reason for her trip; how she determined the best time and location for a possible sighting; why she chose a particular outfit or opening line; who she dragged along with her and what directives that person was given. It’s like watching a TV show with great sexual tension — all about the build up.

Are you with me?

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  • Liddy

    There’s a documentary that’s been made about him? Seriously? That poor kid.

    • Dee

      No kidding. When he signed up, I don’t think he knew there would be so many people who think he’s actually Edward Cullen. There’s no other explanation for it.

    • kristen

      im a Huge Rob Pattinson fan amd i do always check the internet for updates on him but i mean come on give the dude a break, he just wants to live his own (private) life…

    • a

      At last, humane commentary! I agree with you, Liddy. Poor kid indeed.

  • Elizabeth

    It’s sounds like this “documentary” I watched on Coldplay…interviews from people who don’t actually know him about his life…not really a documentary

  • ErinN

    Now why do I think it’s pathetic to watch a DVD about Pattinson’s life or fans, but would walk over hot coals to do just that for Skarsgard? I know I sound like a fruitloop but I cant help it. Go ASKERS! LOL.

    • Mary Mary

      Me, too. I’d watch Skarsgard brush his teeth twenty times (and have–thanks Generation Kill!), but I can’t see where the interest in Rob Pattinson comes from. Even less so for his co-star Ms. Stewart.

      • Jamie

        The interest in Robert Pattinson comes from the readers actually picturing him as the famous Edward Cullen. Reading the books I have found that I did the same. Pictured (Rob) as I was reading. It is almost convincable that is who he really is. But in REALITY, it isn’t. It is just the character he plays. He is a TOTALLY different person in the real world. But I just imagine if I was him I would want my privacy instead of just about every chick in the universe screaming the name of the character that I played in a movie. It must be nerveracking. *Sympathizing*

      • Nan

        I am the other way around. It’s Rob that I dig. I don’t think Twilight is that good but I’ll read because it makes me think of Rob! I’ve thought Rob was hot since he first came on the screen in Harry Potter GOF and have loved him ever since.

    • Sarah

      AMEN! Skarsgard is yummy! Plus he’s an actual adult – bonus!

    • jodipo

      cause your judgmental and think your “better” than people who like twilight?

  • emily

    i seriously do love robert pattison and think he is a great actor! and twiligh tis my all time favourite film. i think this is a wonderful idea!!!

  • fred

    Skarsgard gives me the creeps. That lollipop head of his ewwwwww

  • Fana

    I’m sorry. He has changed so much because of hooking up with KS. He is no longer the bright light that he once was. I was so in hopes he would not let Hollywood spoil him.

    • katy

      I don’t see any changes in Robert, don’t know why you say that.
      is it because he don’t smile wen paparrazzi persue him everyhere?
      With is Fans is always very nice, they all say that.

    • jodipo

      while I dislike KS very very much, I dont think you can really blame her for Robs attitude lately… I think its more the media crunch and the obsessed fans that have made the poor guy become completely shut in and withdrawn. I even read something on MSN today where he said he may quit acting after twilight. All because of the fact that he never gets a seconds peace. That ticks me off.

  • molly

    give the guy a break seriously.

  • ariagirl

    For those of you who are complaining that he’s changed, guess what, it’s the media and some of his fans that has done this to him and to Kristen Stewart. If they would be left alone they would more open. Unfortunately, that’s probably been ruined forever. Bravo!

    • Kelsey

      Um, if it wasn’t for the media and his fans that you’re so eager to demonize, NO ONE would know or care who he was and he’d be just an unemployed guy who could play a guitar. It’s easy to criticize these people (and I agree, some of them are nuts), but people like Pattinson and Stewart literally rely on people like them and heightened interest to EAT.

  • Yelena

    I really think fame has gotten to him he just seems so arrogant. and yeah the only interesting thing about him is his alleged relationship with kristen. are they or aren’t they is like the biggest publicity ploy pulled off by them.

    • katy

      Yelena do you hang out with Rob to say that is arrogant, and there are far more interresting things about Rob, is Work for exemple; as an actor and as muscian, because he is a great musician to.

  • Karina

    I love Rob and I think he has the potential to have a great career…that being said, give him some privacy! I don’t want to watch an invasive “documentary” about his lives, or the lives of his fans.

  • tasha

    i luv u rob i am going to do a biography about u thts how much i luv u
    luv tasha ur bigersst fan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • paige

      you’re a pathetic little girl…

    • katy


      • Vousie

        You need to learn to spell
        it’s spelt TOO. Not to.
        grammar will help too.
        btw Rob is nice and funny, but people really need to give him and kristen some privacy.

    • notfeelingit

      You may want to take a few…Oh I don’t know writing, reading, spelling…etc classes BEFORE you attempt writing anything.

      And, I agree KINDA pathetic.

      Unless you’re 8 years old…Then, oh how sweet!

  • jonny cohen

    I have actually seen this biography and it is about Robert and the Fans! Its awesome!

  • Jene

    I just feel bad for him all around. yes, I like his movies. Yes, I think he’s cute. No, I don’t care what he ate for breakfast or where he is at this very second. Or this one. Or right now. How he has the patience for any of this is beyond me.

  • Sarah Johnson

    I think it is the best idea since sliced bread….I LOVE U ROB!!! I WILL BE ADDING THIS ON MY CHRISTMAS LIST!!

  • jennifer

    Mandi – I’m with you. I’m interested in Rob, but I am far more intrigued by Alexander Skarsgard. I think you’ve got a great idea to delve into the fans more.

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