Quelle horreur! Lindsay Lohan's disastrous Paris debut

ungaro-lindsay-lohan_lYesterday in Paris, the fashion world got to see what the famed, if fading, couture house Ungaro looks like when Lindsay Lohan comes aboard as “creative consultant.” The reviews are now in … and oh là là, mes amis, they are not jolies.

Style.com called the collection, which was designed by Spain’s Estrella Archs, “a bad joke of a fashion show,” while the New York Times busted out the claws and compared Lohan’s new gig to “something akin to a McDonald’s fry cook taking the reins of a three-star Michelin restaurant.” (Oh hell yeah!) According to reports, by the time Lohan and Estrella did the meant-to-be triumphant smile-wave-and-bow at the end of the show, editors from key fashion publications had already fled. Applause was scarce.

One look at the pics from the catwalk and you can see why. The collection started off okay, with a strapless mini dress in Ungaro’s signature fuchsia, only to degenerate into an absolute merde-tastic mess comprised of high-waisted harem pants, bandeau tops adorned with hearts in the cleavage area, and a series of jackets and blouses that floated open to flash sequined pasties. Uh-huh. SEQUINED PASTIES. Stay classy, Lindsay.

In the Times article, Ungaro CEO Mounir Moufarrige admits that his main goal in hiring Lohan was “to generate publicity.” (Also known as a publicity stunt.) But mon dieu, a reaction that can be best summed up by a body noise can’t be what Monsieur had in mind. What’s puzzling is why he thought Lohan was the right person to reinvigorate the brand in the first place. She might be obsessed with fashion, but she’s hardly been synonymous with impeccable style — much less proven herself capable of overseeing a couture label like Ungaro. Earlier this year, the self-tanning maven starred in a much ridiculed spot for the mass-produced Euro brand Fornarina. Isn’t that more her speed? Even when she guest judged on Project Runway this season, Lohan offered little in the way of actual fashion savvy. From what I recall, she mostly sat there and scowled. Oh, what I’d give to hear what Nina Garcia thought of Lohan’s Ungaro misfire. I’m guessing it’d be something along the lines of: “Lindsay, I question your taste level.”

What do you think? Is Lohan’s inauspicious debut at the Paris shows the sartorial equivalent of her last movie (that’d be Labor Pains) going directly to TV? If the acting roles are drying up and now she’s striking out in fashion, what is Lohan to do?

Photo: Estrella Archs and Lindsay Lohan; Photo Credit: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

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  • Maiv

    I’m sad that a once promising young actress is now turning into….this

    • Marie

      Did Lindsay get collagen? Either way, she looks like someone in her 40s, and not someone in her 20s. She needs a new stylist. And I agree…it’s sad that she went from cute/adorable in Parenttrap/Mean Girls to this.

  • Mellie

    Hmm perhaps she can reach for an actual goal in life? An education perhaps? Acting classes at the very least? So far she’s only been able to show women how to not exit a car in a short skirt and why celebrity rehab is a joke.

  • GGG

    The pasties were shocking – not in a good way. But the mini dresses in white, fushia and orange were perfect for a spring show… It was bad, but not THAT bad. No one is expecting her to be Dior…

    • elr

      Why did all the dresses have to be mico minis? It seemed that the hemlines kept getting shorter and shorter. And I can’t even talk about the pasties….

  • Tyson

    Wow, the 80’s are making a comeback. The slicked back hair of the models reminds me of those Robert Palmer videos, and the bold patterns look like something from Bill Cosby’s famous sweaters.

  • Nicole_keewatin

    Her show was fine, I was looking at her idea for clothing and I liked her stockings and I can’t even wear a pair of them myself, but I thought looking at what she has to appeal to women and teenagers is close to what most young people wear any way, and if a woman had a really good body and wanted to do a new look, she has some quality ,,A ZEST! People love it, shove it up, every one will just want more any way, GOOD JOB!!

    • dahlia

      This comment makes absolutely no sense. It’s like one of the messages at the bottom of a spam email!

      • Marie

        It started out okay, but deteriorated into crazy, incoherent wording…..kind of like Estrella Archs and La Lohan’s clothing line! LOL

      • Janiqueuoa

        You are so right. This like very good observation from you. In reference to before comment. It start out good and then oh what is happening with sentences? Nicole_Keewatin have need to learn how write in proper English.

  • JenD

    That Aladdin getup was awful, but I thought some of the dresses were cute. My biggest concern, however, is the obvious starvation of the girls wearing these clothes. I just want to hold them down and feed them cookies. Sadness all around.

    • fancypants

      i know models are supposed to be very thin, but those girls looked like they were starving! i mean tyra banks, heidi klum, gemma ward, kate moss, iman, gisele, etc… famous models look fantastic, but not like they’re starving. you’d think the women i just listed were overweight if you compared them to the models in the ungaro show!

    • MRT

      Right on target!

  • me

    I am so sick of hearing about this girl. I wish she would just sink into obscurity already!

  • jb

    Those models were butt ugly.

  • coco

    the fact that this girl just got to waltz into this, while thousands of fashion and design students everywhere would KILL for this kind of oppertunity…oh it makes me so mad.

    • Kiwi

      Had to give you an “AMEN” ! So true and I was horrified when I first heard about this as well as the digust I felt over Miley now “working” with Max Azria. It is appalling that these no talent(in terms of fashion), no style celebutards get these kinds of opportunities when people with true talent and skill can’t get a break.

  • Karina

    Lindsay Lohan may not be my favorite person, but I don’t like this whole “knocking people when they’re down”.
    This is a girl who clearly has severe emotion issues…why not cut her some slack?

    • Karina

      I meant “emotional” issues.

      • RubyBaby

        Karina, she can be openly judged because she accepted a high-profile position in a once-respected Paris couture house, having little fashion industry experience. Fashion /design school graduates, or even actresses or models with more style, could have been hired. There have been other stunt-casting appointments in the fashion world before (Stella McCartney was widely considered this at Chloe, but then she had been to St Martin’s whereas Lindsay has not) but this was only ever going to be a one-hit publicity hit for Ungaro before everyone’s interest would go elsewhere . Not the best long-term marketing strategy.

        The clothes, btw, are uneven. There’s been alot worse on catwalks worldwide but it’s hard to see any coherent fashion-forward influence that Lohan’s involvement has brought. She aint no “Kate Moss for TopShop” so far.

      • Kiwi

        LOVED your comment of “once respected couture house”. I fear that will aptly fit Max Azria’s collaboration with Miley as well. I find it sad that so many designers feel the need to bow or kow-tow to celebrities when it used to be the designers that set the tone and the styles of the day.

  • MinaK

    Mix review so far from what I’ve read even People mag. think the same/some postive review from Paris journalist and some bad one from wwd but style.com let it pass at the end of article(Ew left it it out of course)in case U didn’t know Victoria Beckham review is far more worst that this.

    Simple Analogy
    Ungaro show = BigBoxOffice/summer movie like Spider-man
    critics hate it but who cares money is all that matter

    ps. don’t worry about Lindsay at all she just wrap her film with Robert De Niro with all this movie and big Paris Fashion house I’m jealous her death. Duh!

  • Fran

    I agree with you completely Karina! It’s like people want her to fail. Why? I loved her acting in earlier years and wish her well.

    • drama17

      I kind of agree with you here. She’s such a talented actress. To have played two characters in The Parent Trap at age 11 is amazing. But I’m really disappointed in her. She’s wasting her talent and ruining her career with partying and drinking. Hollywood won’t wait around to welcome her back with open arms. She needs to clean up her act.

      • Dylan

        I agree and would love to see an earlier version of LL (she was also great in Freaky Friday). Looks like that ship may have sailed though. Maybe she’ll learn from this experience and figure out what she wants to do. If Brit can make a come back, there’s still hope for LL.

  • Pslightly Psycho

    I’d still set that firecrotch ablaze. He he he.

  • izikavazo

    Whoa! This is the first time I’ve seen Lyndsey’s new lips. Whew.
    But in all honesty the only fashion I know of is from the amateurs at Project runway and even I can tell that this collection is terrible. The tight ponytails didn’t help.

  • King Harvest

    She’s not talented at all. Have you seen her recent movies? She actually benefits from not working because most people don’t realize that she grew up to be so bad.

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