'Glee': Which was the best performance last night?

I think last night may have been the best serving of Glee yet! We not only had fantastic guest appearances by recent Emmy-winner Kristin Chenoweth (Pushing Daisies) but also four friggin’ fantastic musical numbers. We’ll return to a standard recap next week, but today we thought it would be more fun to embed all four of “The Rhodes Not Taken”‘s performances so Gleeks (a.k.a. we) could have one spot to watch all the greatness. Personally, nothing for me can compete with “Somebody to Love.” That brought down the house and gave me chills. But I’m also kinda living for “Alone” and “Last Name.”

April and Rachel, “Maybe This Time”

April and Will, “Alone”

April and the Glee Club, “Last Name”

The Glee Club, “Somebody to Love”

Which performance was your favorite, PopWatchers? How much are you loving Glee?

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  • Callia

    Ooooh, tough choice, but I have to say “Somebody to Love” was my favorite. I’ve been waiting for them to do that song ever since somebody leaked a video the cast performing it at upfronts months ago!

    • Callia

      “Alone” is a close second, though. I’ve always liked that song, and I LOVED watching these two Broadway greats take it on.

      To be honest though, every single performance last night gave me chills! (I’m getting goosebumps re-watching them now, too.)

      • michelekamay

        I can’t agree more, “Alone” was the best. I love this song and the great chemistry between both nostalgic April(the fallen star) and Will(her longtime number 1 fan), singing their disarray about their 15 minutes of fame, blew me away. OMG, I’m in love with Matthew Morrison!
        I loved “Somebody to love” too! Mercedes is definitely not a “Kelly Rowland”, wow!
        I was glad to see Sue “the Rude” and Terri. Seriously? Those women are mental lol!
        Best episode so far! Great job, Kristin, I hope you’ll get a job soon!
        Glee! Glee! Glee!

    • Emma

      In general, I think the actress who plays Rachel is amazing. She nails the acting as well as the singing and doesn’t look like she stepped off the Disney conveyor belt.

    • Becca

      Somebody to Love was down right the best number so far. The rest were fantastic as well, but anything that can give me goosebumps and make me cry is awesome. There is a reason this is my favorite new show of the season!

      • Heather

        I’m glad I’m not the only one who teared up during “Somebody to Love” I watched it several times and teared up every time…

      • Susan

        Somebody to Love has always been one of my favorite Queen songs and it was awesome on Glee!

  • Miranda

    “Maybe This Time” was absolutely the best performance. Maybe the best, second only to “Don’t Stop Believing”. This particular rendition sent chills up my spine…. Not that the other performances weren’t awesome as well.

    • Laura

      I completely agree. I’m a huge fan of musical and that’s obviously where Kristen Chenoweth shines. The sing-off between the two was amazing. Especially since the song has such different meanings for the two singers.

  • AA

    Stupid Hulu.

    • Judith Light

      hate Hulu. Canadians can’t watch these clips. thanks EW. I pay for a subscription to your magazine but you always embed clips I can’t see!! Thanks for serving one of your loyal customers so well. :(

      • jb

        seriously? these are the only clips that are available. you think EW has any say over that?

      • Tony Danza

        Put a cork in it, Judith Light.

      • Ban the rude people


      • CanUK

        i agree with this chick, no one else in the world can see the videos except for the states, we pay just as much as you do for our subscriptions, you’re just being rude and inconsiderate, typical

      • atrenee

        So, is this a bad time to say that all of this web content is completely free for those of us in the States, anyway? I don’t subscribe to EW.

      • Kate

        I don’t get why Hulu can’t be viewed in Canada but it can’t and it sucks. It would be nice if EW recognized that and didn’t use it for the bebfit of all readers.

      • James S.

        Move to the U.S. Problem solved. I’m a genius.

      • Melissa

        All ya’ll Canadians, it definitely sucks you can’t see the clips. But hulu is the most reliable video source. Fox takes the clips off youtube so fast that by the time the article was up the video would be no good. This way the video is up for some people. And you can know what to try to find on youtube. The studio versions are usually on there at least.

      • Will

        Calm down, it’s not EW’s fault that Hulu doesn’t work out of the states so stop blaming them.

      • Jackie

        Paying a subscription for a magazine and going to a free website are two different things.

  • warped

    I loved them all but I think my favorite was Maybe This Time

    • Valley Girl


    • elr

      I love that song and they sung it beautifully. But I do think all lthe song were great. I’m loving this show more and more every week!

  • Emelye

    “Maybe This Time” gave me chills.

    • Via

      Ditto! They killed it!

  • Gretchen

    Definitely Last Name!!

    • sutherngurl

      yeah, I loved Last Name, Maybe This Time looked too fake for me to enjoy it

      • mscisluv

        Maybe This Time just didn’t fit with the rest of the show. And it actually fit Lea’s voice better than it did Kristen’s.

  • Via

    I thought Last Name was the best b/c it was so damn gleeful! But I didn’t like Alone, only because Will was basically doing backup on that number and I really was looking forward to those two doing a proper duet. I love the show, but overall I was a bit underwhelmed w/this particular episode. It kind of dragged along, and it didn’t help that Sue only had like one line (but what a helluva line it was). Kristin was great tho!

    • Josie

      I too was hoping for a proper duet and instead he was singing backup. Boo!

    • Mel

      if you download the actual mp3 is is indeed a duet, they cut will’s solo part out.

    • Via

      Thx, just listened to it and it’s perfect. Hate they had to cut it short tho.. time constraints and all.

  • Jason

    Maybe This Time was fantastic. u can’t get any better than Cabaret <3

    • Carly

      Totally agreed. LOVED Maybe This Time. Been playing it on repeat all day.

  • Amanda

    While I absolutely LOVED “Somebody to Love”, for me, it was definitely “Maybe this Time.” Both those women have such beautiful and powerful voices!

  • Luddite

    Well, Somebody to Love made me cry (happy tears, because it was so beautiful). But I thought Kristen and Lea did Liza proud with Maybe This Time. And while I don’t think anyone can sing Heart songs like Ann Wilson, I loved Alone. It’s kind of kitschy, but still so good. (I saw Heart at the County Fair a few years ago and Ann Wilson still sounds amazing. Like, incredible.) So, in answer to your question…I can’t choose. I loved them all.

    • Amy

      I agree. All of them were great and gave me chills.

  • Chris

    I think Somebody to Love was objectively the best, but I have a soft spot for Maybe This Time and I really enjoyed that performance.

  • K

    Loved, loved, loved Somebody to Love! I did think that Alone was great.

    • K

      Continuing that thought- the full length version of Alone (I found it on Youtube) is a bit longer and more of a duet.

      • Callia

        Yay! I was hoping there was a full-length version out there somewhere.

  • Ryan

    I liked “Alone” best.

  • Vonda

    Maybe This Time, hands down for me was the best. Wow! And it almost seemed like they didn’t lip sync that one?

    I love Queen and that is my FAVORITE Queen song… but I think Finn came up a little short on that song. The original vocals with Freddie Mercury, and even Rachel and Mercedes’ vocals, are so above and beyond amazing, that Finn paled in comparison and brought down the song a little for me. Still <3 him though. :-)

    • Robin

      Actually they had the timing off terribly between Kristin’s mouth movements and the words on “Maybe This Time.” But she sounded great!

      • Callia

        It’s off on Hulu, but it looked fine on TV last night.

      • Mel

        i also thought finn looked ridiculously awkward during the choreography of STL

      • Kristina

        Mel: I also thought that but I remember an interview he did and he says he is a horrible dancer so I forgave him. Plus he’s a hottie haha

      • Emily

        I actually liked that Finn wasn’t the best dancer. His character is still growing and improving as a performer, it wouldn’t be right if he suddenly became a fantastic perfect stage presence after years of football.

    • jen_s

      I found his dancing a little distracting too, and not in a good way.

      • Callia

        It’s kind of charmingly true-to-life, though. Into every glee club/musical cast, a few choreography klutzes must fall.

  • JJ

    It makes me a little sad that it’s so obvious that the singing is done via recorded tracks and not the vocals taped from the show’s performance. I think it takes away from what is going on when you can clearly tell it’s not them “really” singing there; it’s just a vocal tracked dubbed over. That being said-the songs are amazing and the talent is awesome! Somebody To Love rocked me.

    • Sara

      I hear ya. I wish they would tone down the overproduction – it takes me out of the scene when I know that it’s so obviously been recorded and redubbed and all that jazz.

    • Callia

      Acoustically, there’s not really any practical way to record the vocals live during the show. The singing IS done by the cast, but it’s done in a studio. Unfortunately, they’re overproducing it just a little. If they went for more of a raw sound in the studio, the big performance numbers would seem a bit more realistic.

    • Kristina

      If you type in “Glee at the Fox Upfronts Somebody to Love” on Youtube you’ll see a live performance, all acapella for the cast. It’s blurry and choppy but it made me cry the first time I saw it. SO GOOD!

      • Kristina

        from the cast.. not for the cast

      • Callia

        I saw that video before I even saw the pilot, and that’s all it took to make it appointment TV for me.

      • Beth

        That was awesome! Thanks for the tip.

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