'90210' recap: Important lessons about the homeless ... and French tabloids

If there’s anything that goes on at West Beverly High, it’s important learning. So in honor of this week’s particularly school-centric episode, here are the five things we learned on 90210 this week:

1. Adriana’s into Teddy, whether or not she wants to be. Yes, she’s fantasizing about those tennis arms wrapped around her, which simply makes for hotter dreams than thinking about the unconditional love and emotional support Navid gives her. Sex really does ruin everything, doesn’t it? Worse still, she chose her acting career over Navid, going to an audition for a pilot — which she got — despite his pleas that she keep herself sane and out of showbiz. The upside? Adriana felt so close to him (translation: totally guilty about her feelings for Teddy and going back to acting) that she finally decided to relieve him of his virginity. Yay, Navid?

2. Navid’s now footing the bill for Dixon’s love life. As if his girlfriend’s wandering fantasy life weren’t bad enough, Navid has also been spending his credit and emotional capital on Dixon’s dalliance with hot older deejay Sasha: Dixon was getting couples’ massages courtesy of Navid’s credit card and was still zipping around in Navid’s porn king dad’s Lambo while Navid was stuck covering for him at school and with dad Principal Wilson. The good news: Dixon’s got to be close to his comeuppance now, having accidentally revealed a trunk full of porn to Sasha when the car got a flat. He explained it away, saying selling dirty movies was how he made his money and promising he had no other secrets, but it’s only a matter of time once the Lambo porn stash is found, you know? A suspicious Sasha then spied him coming home and hugging his mom at the door. As her friend said, “Who is that white woman and why is she hugging your boyfriend?”

3. Annie’s owning her craptastic life … at least for the moment. She went from depression to acceptance in this episode, mocking the guy who told her in the hallway that he’d gotten a mousepad made with the image of her sext. It seemed she’d be strictly in bitch mode from here on out, except …

4. Remember that “homeless” guy she ran over and then forgot to check on (that is, left to die by the side of Mulholland Drive)? He managed to somehow leave $100,000 to West Beverly in his will. The mechanics of this don’t really matter (he had money but was crazy, but was a big fan of West Bev when he was a student there, whatever). The point really was that the incident was still haunting Annie, and, in fact, creeping ever closer to her and allowing people to say pointed things such as, “The person who hit him and left him on the side of the road was the piece of garbage.” It also brought Homeless Guy’s kind-of (?) cute, misfit-ish nephew, Jasper, suddenly on the scene, being interviewed by Silver for the Blaze and causing Annie all kinds of guilt. Still a little hard to tell how to feel about him. I liked when he said to Silver during their interview, “You’re that crazy chick! Mentally ill chick. Seriously, I loved that movie you made last year.” But I can’t tell where things are going between him and Annie yet — or where I’d like them to go. She kept getting weepy around him and apologizing to him, which seemed to tip him off that she may have more connection to the case than a passing sympathy. But when they hung out later looking at the stars together, he seemed like he might truly be into her — or just setting her up. Hoping the latter. Someone ought to be smart enough to put this together already.

Even better, though, this incident started to reveal the cracks in Teddy’s all-around-nice-guy image, like when Silver asked to interview him — remember, he stumbled on the body afterwards — and he made fun of the homeless — or “abode-challenged,” as he cracked. Silver was annoyed with him then, but even moreso once she happened upon him kissing Adriana, though she’s yet to tell anyone about it.

5. Jen was in the French tabloids? Because she was married for a month to a French baron? I mean, of course she was. Then naturally Liam just happened to stumble upon this information, which is as ridiculous as a homeless hit-and-run victim dropping $100K on West Bev, but this is 90210, so let’s go with it. Liam tried to use the info to force her to fess up to Naomi about sleeping with him, but Jen chose instead to tell Naomi about her French scandale. Ah, but the joke may be on her, as that crafty Liam secretly recorded her saying to him, “Naomi will never believe that we slept together.”

What did you think of this week’s 90210, PopWatchers? Will Adriana slip and cheat on Navid with Teddy (again)? Will things get better or worse for Annie? How much longer before Dixon’s found out? What’s more problematic in your life — secretly rich homeless men or French tabloids?

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  • bhm1304

    Every single scene in this episode was a cliche riddled mess or unoriginal ideas. Why don’t they just cancel this pile of crap and get its awful lead, Shenae Grimes, out of the business?

  • jdawg622

    loooooooove this show!! keep the juicy, yet cliche, storys flowing. It all looks so pretty now too. :D

    • Mary Q. Contrary

      Yeah, the show is loads better this season, visually and creatively. I don’t care if it’s a cliche. And I have to say, I totally have the hots for the new kid Jasper. I think he’s a great match for Annie, and they had actual chemistry. His looks are a little more unconventional, but they could be the new Dylan and Brenda. I hated Annie before, but now that she has a sharper tongue and a bad attitude, I’m totally on board!

  • NYLA

    Newsflash to bhm1304: Hating the new 90210 is sooooo last season. Get with the program and fall in love with the HOT MESS that is 902.0. I loved last nights episode and can’t wait until next week. I’m officially anticipating 90210 more than GG on a weekly basis. Way to step it up CW!

  • Brooke

    Yes, it’s cliche-ridden tripe but you know what?

    It’s fun, mindless entertainment too, and after a long day, it’s nice to kick back with something this ridiculously cheese-juicy.

    • PMD


  • Em

    The only reason I watched 90210 was because I heard about how Annie is a hot mess. I hated the other plots as I have no interest in Naomi or Liam or Jen or Dixon. Silver mayber, but she looked silly in her fedora-ish hat. I loved that Jasper guy. He is going to mess with Annie so much or be a really interesting character. Bring it on.

  • Sina

    The whole Dixon storyline is stupid. When did him and Navid become so cool that Navid is willing to pay for all this. I’m sick of Naomi’s funny talking mouth. Something is wrong with that woman’s mouth when she talks especially when she tries to talk sexy. UGH. Sick of Annie but that nephew boy got cute eyes. Once Annie began whinning again, I started hating her again. I like evil Annie.

  • Danny

    its addictive trash nothing more, at least its not as preachy moral as the original.

  • Rebecca

    Sooner than later Sasha will find out about Dixon, I’m glad Dixon isn’t used in safe mode, he is a H.S. kid he should make mistakes, and something tells me this him/DJ SL has a twist coming. Navid boy does he have some issues, girlfriend & friend, Jen is a bitch, I’m sorry but she is & I love her, Silver this past week wasn’t a standout but good none the less, Annie’s been great in season 2, Jasper is such a creeper, can’t wait to see that.

  • Valley Girl

    What I learned is that after watching the first season, I couldn’t take it anymore after the last two episodes. It’s off my DVR list – alas!

  • lexx

    This was good episode. There is something mischievous about Jasper. Could he have killed his uncle. I see that Annie is falling for him which is horrible because she should be with someone way hotter. I also like Annie with backbone and hope she continues to battle it on with Naomi even after the truth is revealed about Jen. Speaking of Naomi this chick is really sixteen because she is completely oblivious to her sister’s manipulations. Adriana totally got down with Navid which is awesome. Teddy is a douche. Dixon is retarded and he was a fav of mine last year, but he is totally acting like a teenager and being selfish by thinking of himself. Overall 90210 is fun to watch and I think the show is pretty original for its time.

  • 90210 fan

    I loved this episode!! Definitely starting to see Teddy is an a-ss. Dixon just annoys me! What a lying sleaze.

  • JC

    I think Jasper either A) knows that Annie was involved in the death and is trying to get close to her to confess or B) thought she was really sympathetic and used it as a chance to get close to her to make a move on her.

    Either way that plot could be good.

  • sherlock

    Kay, so for the most part I adore this show. The only downside? Annie! Her face sort of gets in the way of everything, and she comes off as a whiny bizotch. Even before hitting the homeless guy she was far too ‘poor little old me’ for my tastes. All the other characters are so unique and defined, she seems way out of place in the show. Could totes do without her.

  • Prodigy

    Whats the only thing worse than a TV show about one-dimensional, airhead bimbos and brainless, waste-of-space meatheads who any respectable person wouldn’t urinate on if they were on fire?

    The mouth-breathing idiots that watch it.

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