Miley Cyrus rumored to be in 'Sex and the City' sequel. Say what?

We just can’t wait to see the women of Sex and the City again. But how do we feel about seeing the mature foursome on screen with teeny bopper magnet Miley Cyrus? It certainly looks like the risque franchise might flirt with the Disney icon — the young starlet is rumored to be making a cameo in 2010’s SATC sequel. (When asked if the rumors were true, New Line issued “no comment” to EW, but gossip sites like this are claiming to have confirmed the news.) Now, it doesn’t appear as though Cyrus will take on a vital role, but doesn’t this seem like a strange fit? (And not just because Cyrus isĀ  underage and a proud Christian.)

I know Miley is the hottest thing to happen to the pony-loving set in a great while. And I admit that casting her in the sequel — even just as a cameo — would have the same sort of nifty little time capsule effect the series had when they invited Heather Graham to cameo for two episodes in the early 2000s. But one thing I loved about Sex and the City was the series’ tendency to cast more under-the-radar stars, like Amy Sedaris or Molly Shannon. It seems odd that SATC would go so mainstream on us.

Anyone else kind of weirded out by the rumor? Or are you psyched to see the singer party in the U.S.A. with Carrie & Co.?

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  • angela

    YUCK. Why??? The less I see/hear/read about Miley, the better.

    • sarah

      that’s rude!

  • Brooke


    I just…ugh.

    This is it. The moment where SatC officially sells themselves out.

  • Allie

    who cares? miley is just making a cameo appearance. it’s not like she’ll be in the whole movie. christians can like “sex and the city” and it doesn’t mean they’ll go out and have sex, which is what kate ward seems to be implying. i wasn’t a fan of the show to begin with, so i won’t be seeing the new movie. i haven’t seen the first movie, either.

    • Chris

      I think the conflict comes when you have a show like SatC, which promotes am open and pro-active sexual lifestyle, and Main-line Christianity which promotes abstinence and No-Sex-till-you’re-married. Those two outlooks juxtapose somewhat.

  • Pslightly Psycho

    The only reason I’d go see SATC 2 would be to see Carrie & Co dismember Miley with various items found at Home Depot. Other than that, I couldn’t give a Mouse’s a**.

  • Nathan

    This is lame. SATC is so much better than Miley. And P.S. Heather Graham was only in one episode for about 5 minutes.

  • SHIZ

    That little chipmunk chic should stick to her tween loving, no talent singing day job…I’m glad the under 13 crowd has a little girl that they can idolize, but leave her out of the movie! It wouldn’t ruin it for me, but it would clearly be trying!

    • sarah

      Sure, Miley has made mistakes and taken bad pictures of herself…but nobodys perfect! I’m sure you have done something worse than Miley..give her a break I mean lots of people love her,She’s got a great personality,she’s good with kids. Shes also a teenager,you know the years we tend to mess up the most!

  • JD

    Noooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! I’m rounding up the gay mafia now. We’ll have none of this.

    • crispy

      Good luck with that. The gay mafia loves them some Miley. Or have you not seen Party in the FIP?

      • Jason

        Miley got the gays kicked out of Disneyland last year during Gay Days at Disney so she could have her sweet sixteen party on a day that was nowhere near her birthday.

        Trust me, there’s no love between us and her.

  • sciteach713

    Well, Miley did work a pole, so I guess a cameo in SatC 2 shouldn’t be that far of a stretch. This just really disappoints me…is she old enough to even see the movie in the theatre?

    • sarah

      give her a break please…she’s done nothing to you …only to herself. Just cause she’s famous everything becomes a big deal!

  • Richard

    Another camera hog that can’t get enough pub. This is one strange girl and seems like old Achy Breaky Heart needs to get her under control or she’ll be joining the group of Spears, Lohan, Hilton and those Kardashians.

    • sarah

      people make mistakes…have you never made a mistake? i’m not trying to be smart. But all kidding aside she’s a teenager…not perfect! If God can forgive her, why can’t you?

  • Chris

    Miley Cyrus ruins everything!

  • wysiwyg

    It’s amazing how far a last name will get you.

  • Ruby

    I second an Ugh. I don’t like Miley, feel like she’s highly, highly overrated. How someone that talentless and average looking (I’m not offended by her average looks but the fact that they go hand in hand with no talent irks me, like where’s the fascination coming from?) makes that much money is beyond me. I’d like her no where near SATC…but a cameo won’t kill me…it’s just not my preference.

    • sarah

      Are you jealouse of her? she does have talent! it’s NOT a big deal !

  • Jamie

    I am a HUGE SATC FAN! I saw that she was rumored on IMDB. This is THE WORST IDEA EVER!!! I really hope that Michael Patrick King has more sense than this.

  • Diane

    Come on-if Miley is making a cameo she’s probably going to be shopping and fight with one of the girls or a pair of shoes or something stupid like that.

  • wWoWw

    Seriously she does NOT need to be in this film. Her fan base isn’t even old enough to see what will surely be the R-Rated sequel. And a cameo as herself is just…just…ugh, it’s tacky. This is so not a good idea.

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