'Glee' recap: Kurt comes out a winner!

glee-104-preggers_lFirst off, has everyone downloaded “Somebody to Love,” which is performed in next week’s episode of Glee? If you haven’t, then stop reading this right now, open iTunes, and get at it! I’m already obsessed with it and have it in steady rotation on my iPod. I was actually blasting it in my EW office until I was asked to turn it down.  What can I say? My Glee love is loud and proud.

My one complaint about last night’s episode was that it didn’t really have any big singing moments, aside from Rachel’s audition with “Taking Chances.” It was mostly dancing which is fun but I crave some Glee power pop like “Somebody to Love.” I guess I’ll just have to wait until next week.

But the Glee topic of the day HAS to be Chris Colfer, who plays Kurt and gave a star-making performance last night (as well as delivering a helluva cover of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”). I sorta relate to this character since, as a child, I once performed a poolside routine of Madonna’s “Vogue.” With my two female neighbors, Kelly and Molly Welsh. In front of our respective parents. Luckily, I was not wearing a sequined unitard.  But how cute was it when he started jumping and waving at his dad (Mike O’Malley) at the football game?

While completely ridiculous, the big “Single Ladies” football number still managed to make me smile. What is it about that dance? It never gets old!

Colfer’s scene at the end with O’Malley was really quite touching. For a series so broad, it was nice to have a quiet, sweet moment like that to anchor the whole episode. And who would have thought that Mike O’Malley, star of the horrible Yes, Dear, could be such a good dramatic actor?! His best line: “I’ve known since you were 3. All you wanted for your birthday was a pair of sensible heels.”

Quinn’s pregnancy is an interesting twist but I kinda hope it doesn’t play out too long. I’m not sure Glee needs a baby.

I definitely hate Terri. She’s so annoying and beastly. How does she expect to get away with this? Also, this whole taking Quinn’s baby plan is not exactly surefire. Did she break into Quinn’s car? If you got in your car and some crazy lady was sitting in the passenger seat, I’m not sure you’d want to discuss prenatal vitamins with her.

And I also don’t really feel that bad for Rachel. Am I alone here? She’s being totally unreasonable. It was nice to finally get to hear Tina sing, too. Plus, what high school has a dance studio with ballet bars? That’s a classy set up!

Sue and Sandy are kind of the best villains ever. Or the villains with the best wardrobe. I laughed out loud when Sue stared at Sandy’s doll collection and said, “Isn’t this just lovely and normal?” Jane Lynch should submit this episode for Emmy consideration. Sue’s nightly news segments were genius: “Yes. We. CANE.”

Having the football team dudes join glee is definitely a good idea. I like where the producers are going with this.

What did you think of this week’s Glee? Did you want more music like I did? What do you think about Terri’s pregnancy scheme?

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  • Michael Hiscoe

    This was the first episode I saw. I loved it!

    • Zan

      1. Tonight’s show was great. Loved the “dancing helps with sports” story-line. Nice to see Kurt make new friends but we didn’t need two back to back episodes of Kurt ‘coming out’. It seemed natural with the SHOWMANCE epiode but not with PREGGERS.
      2. How can Terri pass-off Quinn’s baby as her own if Terri’s 4-5 month’s preggers and Quinn is only about 5 weeks? I hate this story-line!! Of course Finn will find out the truth, drop Quinn and run to Rachel.
      3. Are the writers really implying that Will has not hugged his wife or tried to feel his baby kick over the last 4-5 months. Please don’t make Will this naive.
      4. Why not hook up Terri and Puck and get Terri preggers for real?
      5. Please get rid of the creepy, pervert teacher (Sandy). It’s not funny that he takes advantage of kids. I like that Sue now has a partner in crime to help ruin Glee club, but this guy is the wrong partner and find it disgusting that he’s around children. It would have been much better of Jane blackmailed the principal, or the teacher with no thumbs into running the rival musical-theater program rather than forcing him to rehire Sandy.
      5. Loving the Ken Tanaka/Emma romance and how it irks Will. Keep it up!!

      • Zan

        Gosh, I forgot to thank the writers and producers for pulling together TV’s most talented cast, and giving them something great to do!!!

      • Chris

        Great idea hooking up Terri and Puck. I’ll bet that’s where this storyline is headed.

      • KWB

        Zan–completely agree with you! First, it bugged me that Finn would actually belive that floating sperm in a hot tub could impregnate Quinn. Seriously, stupid high school kids or not, that is just not physically possible. And, how could Will not know by now that Terri is faking?? Unless they literally had zero physical contact in a few months, he would/should have figured it out by now. I hope they resolve all of this pregnancy stuff ASAP! All the lying and cluelessness reminds me too much of a “Three’s Company” episode. And, I love Rachel and her beautiful voice, but she is not the only member of the club who can sing, and her extreme persistence was a tad annoying last night. She is coming off as so selfish, that the character is turning into an unsympathetic brat. Hope that changes in the next few episodes…

      • allie

        Totally love this show and HATE both pregnancy story lines. Now I missed the first episode and some of last night’s but i got the vibe that Quinn and Puck had a fling at some point.

      • allie

        one more thought – Will couldn’t feel the baby kick yet -too early. But she would be getting a bump.

      • Flyer

        Zan, those were GREAT observations! Another reason I’m not on board with the whole “Teenage mom gets pregnant but lies about the father, then gives the baby to a married woman, who intends to use the kid to fool her husband because her own pregnancy didn’t work out” story – which is where it seems like we’re headed – is because I’ve been watching this script play out for the past too many months on “Days of Our Lives.” (Yes, it’s a guilty pleasure. Sue me.) The storyline is bad enough on a soap opera – it’s NOT fitting for a show of such incredible talent and high quality as “Glee.”

      • mscisluv

        Also, has Will not asked to see any of the ultrasounds of his own baby?

      • Chris

        Maybe the whole point is that it’s a terribly thought out plan that has no chance of success but she’s so desperate to produce a baby somehow that she doesn’t care. Of course it’s going to blow up in her face. But it’s going to be hilarious to see it happening. And as for Quinn’s whole lie about the cause of her pregnancy thing, you would be surprised how clueless some highschoolers are about this stuff. I’ve met people who think some very untrue things about sex.
        And hands down, Sue’s closing monologue / news segment was the best moment of the season so far. “I’m tired of people saying I have this disease or I was in that tsunami” Genius. She has the Emmy in the bag.

      • TJ

        Wasn’t Sandy Ryerson falsely accused of messing with a student? I thought Rachel had reported him as revenge, but that he was actually innocent.

      • Emily

        Maybe it’s just me, but I still can’t help but think of Groundhog Day everytime I hear “Ryerson.” Stephen Tobolowsky is hilarious (you know, along with everyone else in the case).

      • Maiv

        I found the Finn-believing-he’s-a-father believable (for this kind of show, anyways) b/c he’s the kid who didn’t know that you could check books out of a library…I also thought it was weird that Will hasn’t felt or seen the bare belly of his wife either. Not liking this part of the plot as well. I’m not liking the Rachel’s #1 story line either, but I don’t mind it too much b/c people like her in real life do the exact same thing that she’s doing.

      • Mark

        oh, shut up. Your homophobia is clearly visible. He didn’t molest anyone, you idiot.. Rachel did it out of revenge but your homphobia will not let you focus on that fact.

      • Eden

        I personally think the character of Sandy is hilarious. It’s not real, and it adds more laughs to the show. I love that he and Sue teamed up together and I can’t wait until future episodes to see more of them. I loved Sue’s line “Isn’t this just lovely and normal?”

        I also LOVE Kurt! He’s halarious! And his dad, “All you wanted was a pair of sensible heals.” Priceless.

      • Chris

        Emily, I like your comment. None of my friends caught on that he was NED Ryerson in Ground Hog Day.

  • danielle

    um my high school had THREE dance studios each with bars.

    • dancin

      I hope you mean barre, not bar. Or maybe you went to a very unusual high school?

      • Karen

        My high school had a small dance studio too

      • Ushuaia

        Actually, bar and barre can be used interchangeably. :)

      • Kizzy

        Actually, “dancin”, both are correct, “bar” is American english, and “barre” is the King’s english.

      • ger

        Kizz, I think you mean “bar” is American and “barre” is English (couldn’t resist)

      • Mu-shoo

        I thought the British called them pubs.

      • Katja

        OMG. Mu-shoo for the win.

      • Tara

        Best string of comments ever!!! :)

    • thesolidwoodflooringcompany

      you are such a show off, man .

    • Maiv

      Kids in my high school dance team just danced in the cafeteria with pull-out mirrors lol

  • sherika

    this was hilarious, jane lynch is awesome and the kurt character(awww), can’t wait for next week, not sure i like the whole pregnancy thing but i’ll give it a chance, keeps getting better!!!!!!!

  • danielle

    umm my high school had 3 studios with bars and we were a public non performing arts school.

    also, hated the single ladies in the football scene. ugh.

  • JayNYC

    Are you *sure* that was Chris Colfer covering Single Ladies?!?

    • Dennis

      Maybe he was just referring to the dancing?

  • Kaylie

    I am so hooked! However, I missed having the music numbers this week! I can’t believe this whole Quinn-pregnancy thing. I really hope the truth comes out soon or I’ll be pissed. Same with Terri – she needs to get punched out for what she’s doing. lol..So caught up!

    • sutherngurl

      Terri and her sister are some scheming heifers

      • Luddite

        Yep, but I’m okay with them for the moment, if only for their use of the phrase “boy howdy.”

      • Callia

        Yes! WIN for “boy howdy.”

      • eden

        haha. yes they are. Ryan Murphy is a genius with tone and blending genres. Black comedy high school musical soap ? Who knew that could work so beautifully?

    • Tookie

      I have been waiting for “Somebody to Love” since they previewed it three episodes ago! It better be in next week’s show. How dumb is Finn that he thinks Quinn could get pregnant in the hot tub? But he also didn’t realize that the library let you borrow books. I teared up during the scene at the end with Kurt and his dad.

      • Callia

        Finn’s dumb. That’s already been established with “she had to have her… uh… prostate removed” in the pilot. Actually, it’s one of the things I like about Finn. He’s dumb but sweet. Kind of a himbo with a heart of gold.

      • Chloe

        Finn believing Quinn (OMG I just got that their names match!!) isn’t that far-fetched to me. I graduated about 3 years ago and let me just say that there are a LOT of misconceptions about sex… I’ve heard everything about 100% being able to get pregnant from oral sex to the gender of the baby depending on whether or not the girl was on top during sex. No joke.

      • Jane

        When I hit puberty my mom told me I couldn’t take a bath anymore because my brother’s semen in the tub might get me pregnant- and she was a nurse. When it comes to sex, people get crazy.

  • Az80sGuy

    It was an okay episode, but I agree I missed the singing. And Jane Lynch could read the phone book and it was extremely funny. That woman is comedic gold!

    • Oboe

      If they do big production numbers every week, it will get old quickly. Besides, so many people were complaining about the big production numbers being overly staged and this week we got beautiful but realistic singing from Tina.

      • to oboe

        I just want more singing. Um, like Rachel singing a song. Not necessarily a production number. And it will not get old quickly.

      • gd

        No, I agree. It could get old. This episode was my favorite by far, without any big singing numbers. it still had great “moments” though. and the pacing felt right for once.

      • it

        No, I disagree.

    • Randy Jackson

      I have the whole phone book cliche copywrited dawg!

      • Katja

        Hahaaa…Randy, sir, you are the first thing I think of when I see that phrase being used. :)

    • Kimmy

      Jane Lynch is so funny. I agree she would make reading the phone book hilarious. She is a comic genius. I love Sandy too. They had the best lines in last night’s episode.

  • Ryan

    I assumed the scene when he set up his iPod at the very beginning of the episode that the writers were telling us that it was not a cover.

  • Chappel

    I thought it was a great episode… other than the writers having no idea what a “delay of game” penalty is in football. The tone of the episode was much more serious than the others and it will be interesting to see how they resolve the different subplots.

    I’m still wondering who will be the first person to stand up for Rachel when someone throws a drink in her face. I think that might be the point in Rachel’s life where she learns to trust other people.

    Rachel’s desperate drive for success is being played out well and they are doing a good job of showing how she alienates people with her too intense focus on her own career. Lea Michele is doing a great job of making her character sympathetic at the same time making her so thoughtless.

    Poor Rachel… she is going to have her hopes dashed to bits again and again until she learns to have respect and empathy for other people. She might be as good as she thinks she is but she is her own worst enemy.

    Kudos to everyone involved.

    • Nick Boettcher

      Wow a smart head on the nail comment just had to give snaps

      • to nick

        OUCH!!! It’s nail on the head.

      • Mark

        please… his Opus put me to sleep! Less is more, people! Less is more!

      • greg

        Since when is three paragraphs an opus? Talk about short attention spans!

      • mmex

        An opus refers to music–I think you mean “epic”.

      • Mark

        lol mmex..

        as in: epic fail?


    • Ref

      delay of game, illegal motion, etc.

      • marie

        Yea, and all of that with 1 second left in the game? LOL

    • Tookie

      It also bothered me that they didn’t call a delay of game penalty.

      • mscisluv

        It would be hilarious if they did that all the way to the championships and THEN got a delay of game penalty.

      • AngieLam18

        Um, delay of game, illegal formation, illegal man in motion, offsides…I was rattling them all off to my husband as we watched. LOL. Good thing it’s a comedy about singing and it doesn’t really matter…

      • Callia

        I thought they were doing the dance while the TO was still going, but I wasn’t paying a ton of attention.

    • Billy

      A couple of things in addition to the delay of game. 1 – If a kicker ever took 3 seconds to do a little dance he would be lucky not to get carried of the field in a stretcher, and 2 – For a qb who is supposed to be good enough to get a scholarship, that was really an awful pass he threw to a wide open receiver. I know it’s not a fooball show, but c’mon

    • Michael

      I agree that she does pull off the sympathy votes even though she is overly driven and neurotic.

      I disagree with the recapper in that I have MUCH sympathy for Rachel. It’s hard enough to be a social pariah because you are a little excentric. She’s had drinks thrown in her face, has been called a TV, the “thing” and man hands by Quinn and company and can’t be loved by the popular boy because he doesn’t want to face the razzing he’d received were he to date someone of her status. To top it off, she’s denied solos in Glee because she pissed off Will who is trying to apply a sort of misguided idealism to a setting(HIGH SCHOOL) that doesn’t work by those rules at all. What’s someone like Rachel to do, a social misfit who can’t succeed even in a place where she should so easily succeed? Will has not been a good mentor to this girl at all. Giving Quinn a solo was the ultimate slap in the face.

      • Nina

        Yeah, but she also has to realize that she can’t always have the solo. When you’re in a music group, you have to let others shine, that’s the way it works. Rachel’s being unrealistic to think that she can always have the solo.

  • Dennis

    Is it too early to call “Glee” next year’s Best Comedy Emmy Winner? Probably. I don’t care though…four episodes in and it’s already a weekly can’t miss event for me. Each episode improves on the one preceding it and I can’t wait to see where it takes the audience.

    • Amy

      I wholeheartedly agree. Glee just keeps getting better and better. My one caveat though: I initially loved Ryan Murphy’s Nip/Tuck, but after a couple of seasons, the storylines became too outlandish and I tuned out. I hope Murphy has learned from that show and keeps Glee on this wonderful trajectory.

      • GGG

        Good parallel between Glee and Nip/Tuck… I felt the same way. Obsessed in the beginning but turned off in the latter seasons.

    • Stephanie

      I feel like it has a better chance at the Golden Globes-Emmys may not appreciate it.

    • cranky


    • EstherIng

      I like the show too, but it’s not ready to top “30 Rock” or “The Office” at Emmy time!

      • CH

        The show is already way ahead of “The Office,” but it has some laps to make before it passes “30 Rock.”

    • jk

      It will be nominated at the very least. Hopefully it’ll get some acting nominations/awards as well. Jane Lynch FTW!

    • Becca

      Totally Agree – I am loving this show MORE AND MORE, and the football team dancing to Single Ladies?? YES PLEASE! I got my husband who played high school football up to watch the dance as well. I can’t wait until next week!

  • Alissa

    I thought this episode was excellent. I wasn’t a huge fan of last week’s [I know, I know], and while I kept waiting for the big singing moment to happen, I loved any and all scenes with Kurt and actually cheered him on to come out at the end. I think Rachel is being unreasonable, but I also understand her frustration – she’s the best, everyone knows she’s the best, and when you’re as driven as she is, it’s hard to see how she doesn’t deserve the best parts.

    the Quinn-Puck-baby storyline totally surprised me, and I approve of it, except for the obvious loopholes with the Terri-baby scheme. how is Quinn going to hide a pregnant belly with her size and those cheerleading outfits she parades around in? doesn’t Terri think Will might find it odd when they have a baby at the same time as Quinn, despite the fact that Quinn’s about a month and a half behind Terri’s fake baby? won’t Will find it odd that Quinn is babyless at the same time that he acquires a baby? what about when Quinn eventually tells someone about Terri, or when Finn finds out she’s not keeping it, or when Puck finally tells someone the truth? also, how did Terri get in her car?!

    • Liz

      I’m really hoping that Terri’s whole plan backfires on her in a BIG way. Because you’re right, how the hell is she gonna make this work? She can’t, and I can’t wait to see when all hell breaks loose. :)

    • Really

      And how can they have a baby at the same time when one is 4 months and one is less than 2. I guess they don’t have good math student there.

    • Valley Girl

      Yes, I definitely liked last night’s episode better than last week’s. The part with Kurt and his dad at the end was poignant… Aw….

      Dunno how that pregnancy scheme for Terri is going to pan out.

      Looking forward to Kristin next week!

    • Karen

      Here’s what bothered me. Does her husband not see her naked AT ALL? For NINE MONTHS????

      • it


    • jason

      i don’t even care about the terri thing, when she’s on i zone out, then come back when she’s gone again. and if jane lynch doesn’t get nom’ed next year, i’m gonna be VERY angry

  • Laura

    Uuuuuummmm like, I guess that means every public school in north america can afford three dance studios with ballet bars?

    God I love this show, and can’t wait for Kristin Chenoweth next week! :D But yes, I wish there was more singing.

    • marie

      YES! I can’t wait for Kristin Chenoweth. When I saw that I actually squeed out loud! Exclamation point!

      • EstherIng

        Kristin was sure begging for a job when she won her Emmy! Glad she got something, even though she pushed for “Mad Men.”

  • Bonnie

    I really liked this weeks episode and the dancing was hilarious. but i miss the singing. I miss Rachel and Finn singing together.

  • jb

    I dont’ feel sorry for Rachael at all…thats the point of Glee Club, is that people TAKE TURNS with solos, one person singing the solos all the time gets boring and creates resentment.

    Also loved Kurt in all his ladyfabulous glory!

    • Melinda

      I like where they’re going w/Rachael’s character. She’s behaving and reacting just the way an adolescent girl would. Her epiphany will unfold and it will be a joy to watch, no doubt.

      • Rod Johnson

        Keep her in plaid short skirts too. Tent-pitching goodness!

    • Shasta

      I think they’re going to bring Rachael’s dads into the plot at some point. And it will shed some light on why she’s kinda nuts. Even if she enjoys performing, she was obviously pushed pretty hard into all this.

  • Stacy

    More of Glee Club singing, not just a couple of solos (although anything Lea Michelle sings gives me chills…) more Emmma, and less baby daddy/mama drama and this show would be as close to perfect as we can hope for today.
    I actually sympathise with Puck. He may be a jerk-y cougar bait, but he really did want to own up to being the father of Quinn’s child. Come to think of it, so did Finn.
    I loved finally hearing Tina sing, too.

    • Al

      Yuk- I think Puck is a total d-bag. If it wasn’t for the fact he looks like Robbie Williams, I would turn Glee off whenever he was on. He and Terri should hook up, they are birds of a feather…..

    • Melinda

      I was a little confused about what was bugging Puck. I get the feeling that he’s pissed about Quinn messing w/Finn’s head. I think he’s going to blow her cover sooner than later.

      • Shasta

        Did you watch the episode? Puck is the dad and he wants to take care of the baby cuz his own father walked out on him. And I’m sure he’s jealous of Finn. That Quinn would choose a “good” guy like Finn over him, even if Finn’s not the real father. I like Puck, he’s funny. Although the weird mohawk is creepy.

      • Callia

        Puck’s a softy under all that bullsh*t. I think he actually cares about her. And Finn.

      • Melinda

        Yeah, yeah, yeah – I know, he’s the father. But, he seemed to be protective of Finn. I was getting that he didn’t like what she was doing to him. That’s the dynamic that I’m watching to play out in the next few weeks.

      • OvenMitt

        I get it. Quinn sees Puck as nothing more than a “Lima loser”, but in lying about the baby’s paternity, she’s actually creating another “Lima loser” in Finn. Which is very cruel, and pointless. Her rep will be shot when people see that she’s preggers anyway, regardless of who the real father is!

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