'Eastwick': Did you find it bewitching, or should it be burned at the stake?

witches-eastwick_lCongratulations, Eastwick! ABC’s re-imagining of John Updike’s novel (and the film that followed) has earned a season pass on my DVR. Granted, this was not that difficult since it’s up against CSI: NY and The Jay Leno Show, but I found the series premiere entertaining nevertheless. For starters, Rebecca Romijn is (one of) the most likable models-turned-actresses out there. As the money-strapped free-spirited artist/widow Roxanne, she gets to wear her hair curly and sport fabulous accessories, which makes her even more appealing. She also gets to have sex with Kyle XY‘s Matt Dallas, who plays her current boy toy/wannabe boyfriend. Nice to see Dallas and his bare chest again, but I’m not buying them as a couple, or even bed buddies. Maybe it’s because Romijn appreciates a charismatic man in real life and I’m transferring that to Roxy, but I think Dallas and whatever his character’s name is (I’m not getting attached) are too reserved. Actually, I know they are, because the wish she made in the fountain that helped summon the mysterious Darryl Van Horne to the seaside village of Eastwick was that she’d meet a man who “gets her” — and buys $50,000 worth of her art before they hit the Egyptian cotton sheets. Her power is having visions, which came in handy when she needed to save her daughter from date rape.

Lindsay Price (Lipstick Jungle) and Jaime Ray Newman (General Hospital) complete the coven. Price is Joanna, an underappreciated (except for her breasts!) reporter at the local paper who says the most inappropriate things anytime her longtime crush, handsome-but-slightly-geeky-’cause-he’s-wearing-glasses-you-see photographer Will (Estonian model-turned-actor Johann Urb) speaks to her. (A vibrator joke — yay 10 p.m.!) She wished that she’d be able to get what she wants by finally having the confidence to ask for it — a promotion, a real assignment, a lip-lock with Will. Darryl has already taught her that she can use her eyes and voice to get men to do whatever she wants. She had no problem asking her boss for the money in his wallet (I would’ve felt guilty about that) but balked after she instructed Will to kiss her. She wants it to be real. Ah.

Newman is Kat, a nurse and an overworked mother of five — or six, if you count her husband (Jon Bernthal). She wished that someone would finally take care of her, which Darryl has decided to do by providing her with a fancy New York divorce lawyer. Her gift appears to be the ability to freak her husband the eff out. After she said the earth would have to move to get him off his hammock, the earth moved; when she said he had no spark, he got electrocuted.

That brings us to Darryl. He’s rich, he’s bold, and he’s hot, but I can’t help wishing that he was played by Chris Noth (who is over on CBS’ The Good Wife). But I do believe that Paul Gross (Due South), apparently one of Canada’s most popular actors, will grow on me. He doesn’t seem interested in doing a Jack Nicholson impersonation, which is a good start. And I definitely started warming to him when he threatened to kill Mr. Grabby Hands if he ever touched Roxanne’s daughter again.

So, what did you think of Eastwick? (If you missed it, and you’re in serious procrastination mode, the pilot is embedded below.) Will you keep watching because you liked the show and wonder what else Darryl will awaken in the trio, or because you don’t like CSI: NY or Jay Leno? Maybe you won’t keep watching at all. Share your opinions in the comments section below!

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  • Al

    I watched this because I adore Paul Gross. I enjoyed it and will watch again, but I do think the time slot is important. If it was on Thursday night, I would have to Hulu because there is way too much happening tv-wise that night.

    • elr

      Tell Me about it! What makes it worse for me is that I work Thursday nights and don’t get home til 9 (if I rush).

  • Heather

    I was a fan. I really liked the character Kat. I am a big Jack Nicholson fan, so I was surprised I actually liked Darryl. It seems very interesting and since it has no competition, I’m watching. But my overflowing DVR could take the time slot.

  • Keisa

    I really loved the show, although it did remind me of Charmed. The way they discovered their powers, 3 coins hitting a perfect trifecta in the air, etc. But I did love that the crazed woman from the movie whose husband killed her with the fire place poker (can’t remember the character’s name) was also the crazed woman in the hospital. I hope it stays on, I will definitely be watching!

  • Jaye

    I agree! I was prepared to think it sucked (like Cougar Town DID), but was actually pleasantly suprised. It made me miss Gilmore Girls though, I read it’s filmed on the same lot???

    • Alexandra Diaz

      no wonder that small-town vibe looked and felt so familiar… definitely Stars Hollow!!

    • colleen

      I thought that the store Rebecca Romjin’s store looked alot like Luke’s diner!

  • jen

    I thought it was horrible. I thought the characters were all a little forced, especially Paul Gross’s Darryl. There is no chemistry between him and any of the three leading ladies. Definitely not on my must watch list!

    • Juliasp

      It was okay not great. Rebecca’s character was funny and fresh. Didn’t get that Darryl guy. Was he supposed to be the Devil?

    • leo

      I thought Darryl had chemistry with Rebecca Romjin…not so much with the others. And I like Paul Gross as ‘the devil’ or a warlock or whatever – playful but sophisticated and just the right hint of a huge temper judging by the way he talked to the would be date rapist. That said, Chris Noth would have been perfect for the role, maybe have more presence and chemistry with all three than Paul…too bad he was already taken by ‘the good wife’.

      I found it watchable but I’m not betting on it lasting the season, honestly.

  • Jay

    Dont agree on this one.

    total snoozefest if you ask me.

  • jfms777

    I am not thrilled but it is tolerable. And what’s so wrong about CSI:NY? It’s been on 6 years.

    • puh-lease

      so the length of time a show has been on has something to do with how good it is? uh. ok. do you have any thoughts of your own? a lot of people don’t really think too much of the CBS procedurals

    • Anu

      totally agree with puh-lease. A show’s ability to stay on air is not an indiciation of quality. Especially when you think of the shows that struggle/get yanked: Chuck (at least it’s still around!), Pushing Daisies, Veronica Mars, Freaks and Geeks . . . .

      • Mel

        Exactly, How many good new shows are killed before they get a chance so that the networks can keep recycling the same show over and over. I Loved the original CSI and even engaged in CSI miami, but how many murders can you watch be solved in 60 mins. Castle, a good, new detective show at least has put a different spin on murder. Eastwick, so far has my interest. I will continue to watch till it no longer does. I am craving a new and interesting dramas and so far am willing to give it and castle the benefit of the doubt.

  • Dana


    • Babs

      I agree. I thought it was a total stinker.

  • Rachel

    I really liked Eastwick. It did have parallels to Charmed (but I loved Charmed). I will definitely continue to watch.

  • Kayser

    The thing that ruined it for me was the guy playing Darryl. Agree with Jen, no chemistry with the ladies and kinda…meh. I don’t see a bright future…

    • BP

      And his hair was AWFUL. That older-man-dyed slightly red shade was BAD.

      • Brian

        Must be my TV, I totally missed the hair colour thing… maybe because I was actually enjoying the show and not trying to find lists of faults…

  • swthompson

    I thought it was much better than most TV adaptations of movies– perhaps because of the people behind the scenes.

    • Brian

      But it’s not an adaption of the film is it?? Isn’t it a follow-on a generation or so later with a similar 3 women?? more of a sequel to the original book?? Or did I totally miss something??

  • clinton

    I don’t watch hour longs. I was too lazy to find the remote after Dancing with the Stars and I really liked what I saw. The first ep of in new show is just establishing some interest and it worked. They did great casting really great men in the supporting roles for this eps. I loved the guy who got struck by lightening when he was on “The Class”. The guy playing the devil was interesting enough I went to ABC, got his name and googled him. I have never done that before which either means they have something or I made a mistake I haven’t made in years which is liking a brand new show only to watch it get axed. lol

  • Bridget

    I wasn’t a fan in the beginning of the show. Towards the end it was better. I’m going to tune in next week because of some of the familiar faces and because in the preview they mentioned Johnny Depp. We’ll see if I keep tuning in after that.

    • Brian

      Could be because one of the characters is ‘supposed’ to look a little like a Johnny Depp wanna-be with the hair and ‘beard’??

  • Carrie

    I really liked it – which means that it will be cancelled midseason. With the incredible loss of Pushing Daisies (RIP), I need some whimsy in my nighttime watching and this seems to fit the bill. Jaye – The town square is totally Star’s Hollow!

    • Rose

      That’s too funny, I said the same thing! Almost every show I like gets cut in it’s prime… Oh yeah, will watch Eastwick this week…

  • Lillian

    Totally entertained! I turned it on expecting to let it play in the background while I did things around the house but found myself totally engrossed. The characters are all very likeable and I am now wanting to see what happens next week. Very fun hour of tv!

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