Which TV shows are you breaking up with this season? (I'm dumping 'Grey's Anatomy' and 'Masterpiece Mystery!')

Inspector-Lewis-Greys-Anatomy_lWith the fall TV season getting into full swing, my DVR has gotten bloated and a little bit crampy, kind of like the way my stomach felt the last time I went to an Ethiopian restaurant and forgot to bring my willpower. But since that cherished little machine next to my television can’t be cured with a roll of Tums, my husband and I were forced last night to get out the scalpel and make some painful cuts from our “Series Recordings” list.

Our first elimination? Grey’s Anatomy. (See above use of the word “scalpel” as foreshadowing!) All summer long, several of my friends tried to convince me Shonda Rhimes’ medical drama had recovered from its “Izzie having sex with ghost” ridiculata. And yes, I know the show’s writing team explained away said phantasmal nookie with a brain tumor. But for me, Grey’s has become the kind of show I watch more out of habit than actual enjoyment. And the old “I’ve followed these characters for five seasons: I can’t give up on them now” mindset just isn’t working. Which is why I am reluctantly skipping tonight’s season premiere, and all but the occasional episode that follows it. Miranda Bailey, I’ll miss you most of all! (BTW, Grey’s loyalists, check out our gallery of the show’s 15 Memorable Cases.)

Also getting the boot at Casa Slezak is PBS’ Masterpiece Mystery!, thanks to the peculiar lack of suspense and middling writing on recent episodes of Inspector Lewis and Marple. Oh sure, all those British accents classed up my trashy summer lineup, but with Southland, Medium, and The Mentalist all returning to the schedule, Mystery! is going the way of the overly inquisitive heiress in an Agatha Christie novel. Please don’t dust for prints. Thank you.

How about you, PopWatchers? Are there any series getting the “Dear John” treatment from your TiVo this month? Share your eviction lists — and your reasons why — in the comments section below. (I suspect we might take your best answers and create one of our jaunty EW.com photo galleries!) (Also: Don’t break up with me on Twitter…follow me instead @EWMichaelSlezak!)

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  • susan

    I just dumped The Mentalist from my DVR season pass. I love the male lead but the writing for the last 3 episodes last season was just awful. They dumber down the show to an unwatchable level. Too bad. Looks like they won’t miss me though! And Parks and Recreation got the boot; I chose Survivor and Bones for that time slot instead. Amy Poehler is not as interesting to watch as Tina Fey.

    • John

      Tina Fey isn’t on Survivor or Bones.

      • J

        with DVR – time slots are meaningless.

      • amj

        time slots are not meaningless if you can only record one at a time.

      • whatevs

        She means because Tina and Amy both come from SNL and she probably watches 30 Rock, and thought that P&R would be equally funny.

      • Jennifer

        Please, the meaning of that statement should have been obvious.

      • C

        Why don’t people READ and make sure they understand what it is they read before making dumb comments?? This happens ALL too often, oy.

      • Lynn

        Who said that she was?

    • Luddite

      Tina Fey also isn’t in that time slot – I think the point (if I may, susan) is that she’ll go back to NBC for their 2nd hour of Thursday night programming. I might do the same, depending on how good FlashForward is.

      • Kate

        No, she means that she isn’t going to watch Parks and Rec (which stars Amy Poehler) and instead will watch 30 Rock (starring Tina Fey).

      • Emma

        the first half hour has been okay.

      • Lucy

        wait…is this a comment blog about tv shows or susan’s comment? too funny!!

    • Bobby

      That’s too bad. I was thinking of giving up on Parks and Rec too, but last weeks Parks was by far the best one yet.

      • Ryan Ray

        The gay penguins one? That was hilarious! Amy was so good in it

      • Andrew

        That it was, this season is off to a great start already!

    • Dave

      i’m with you on “grey’s”…i watched the first 30 minutes last night and just had enough of the wailing and gnashing of teeth…i just don’t care about these people anymore

  • sarahp

    I broke up with Grey’s last year, and I don’t miss it. I still read the recaps every now and then, and I find that satisfied me enough not to go back….although I admit I might tune in tonight for George’s funeral, because back in the day, he was my favorite character.
    I don’t think I have any break-ups scheduled for this year yet. House and I have an on-and-off relationship, but I really liked the premiere, so it’s safe for now.

    • RE

      i want to break up with grey’s but i really like the christina/owen pairing

      • Marti W

        Ditto that. I could watch a whole hour of Chandra Wilson, Sandra Oh and (the guy who plays Owen). The rest? not so much. Oh, and James Pickens,

      • Jen

        Kevin McKidd plays Owen, and he and Sandra Oh are amazing–almost single handedly keeping that show going, with an able assist from Sara Ramirez and new cast member Jessica Capshaw. I could watch hours of just Cristina and Owen in place of getting bogged down in the mess that was Izzie and George.

    • Mickey Z.

      I broke up with “Grey’s” after Cristina and Burke’s NON-wedding, when Derek and Meredith broke up for billionzth time, and george and Izzie, who had a wonderful relationship as friends, mucked it up with love and sex.
      Tuned back in the last hour of the season finale, felt emotionally raped by the show, and also vindicated (B/c Derek and meredith and their lame-o NON-wedding)… Good riddance to bad rubbish…

      • Jenn D

        Well said, Mickey Z! The only way I’d tune back in for that show is if it promised that every last character would spontaeously combust. the end.

      • Michelle

        I dumped Grey’s in the same moment as your first Grey’s break up, that was it for me

      • michelekamay

        I agree! I dumped Grey’s after Burke departure. I heart Chandra Wilson and I hope she will have her Emmy next year but Grey’s means nothing to me since a while now.

      • anya

        1)izzie having sex with (ghost)denny
        2)taking isaih washington off the show(even though he apologized)
        3)christina & burkes non wedding…burke no longer there…
        4)izzie & george
        5)callie & haun
        hope the show recovers,the last few episodes of greys this past season was improved.

  • adam

    Heroes – I’m over that mess of a show.

    • Tim (@rural_juror)

      Me too. Deleted that crap 10 minutes into the season premiere. Just awful.

      • paige

        I got rid of heroes on my DVR last season and then i saw it was recording the season premiere and i deleted that too! I dont miss it and I dont care.

      • RyRyNYC

        I TOTALLY DID THE SAME THING… I was looking at my “Scheduled” list and deleted Heroes the night before its premiere… and I don’t even watch anything else on Mondays… I also broke up with CW’s Americas Next Top Model… canceling Privileged killed my desire to support that sh*tty “newtwork”

      • ugh

        I was done with heroes after the second season. I still check up on it every now and again to see where the story was going….wow. I’m really glad i didnt waste any more of my time with that crap

      • ks

        Totally agree-I really tried watching the series priemer, but it is just not there for me anymore.

      • J. Baker

        Damn you Heroes. I wish I knew how to quit you.

      • a.b.

        I’ve fallen for The Big Bang Theory and since they moved it back, Heroes is going to have to go.

      • RandyD

        Agreed on both: Heroes jumped the shark while Baig Bang Theory has quietly become the best sitcom on television.

    • Chris

      yep, it’s Hero’s for me too. I just can’t watch it any more. It was so good in the beginning (season 1), but now…not so much. Plus there are other better things on at the time its on and my DVR can only do 2 shows at once.

    • mscisluv

      Yep! Bye bye Heroes…you never recovered after first season finale.

      • superso

        ITA and i’m even finding that i almost feel like not being friends with some of my friends anymore because they still watch ‘heroes’ and rave about how good it is still – does that make me a horrible person or what?!

      • Adam

        Yep, Heroes for me as well. I actually bailed on it after the split in season 3. 24 was in the same timeslot, and that wasn’t even a fair fight. Until they get rid of that annoying Hiro guy, I am done with that show.

      • Lacy

        Giving up Heroes and Grey’s as well. So over this two shows.

    • lauren

      YEP. Peace out Heroes. SO good in its initial season. deathly boring in recent episodes- not even worth a quick tivo fast forward through.

    • Jackie

      Heroes for me too. I’ve never quit watching a show like this before but I couldn’t even be bothered to pretend to be interested this season. I’m also reluctantly (please don’t judge me) giving up Supernanny but only because they’ve moved Smallville to Friday and I already have Dollhouse so somebody had to go (sorry Jo-Jo).
      Oh and I’m enjoying Inspector Lewis. Not as good as Morse but it’s a small piece of England and I enjoy watching it.

      • Nathan C

        Heroes got the boot from me about midway through last season and I’ve never looked back. Parks and Recreation, House and Dollhouse got it from me this year. I wanted to like Dollhouse, but just can’t bring myself to do so. It’s either not dark enough or too light hearted for it’s subject matter, I can’t determine which.
        Parks and Recreation definitely deserved the boot after last season, i.m.o. House, while still good, just lost the allure it once had with me as a medical drama.
        I’m still trying to juggle watching The Office, 30 Rock and Community against Supernatural on the W.B., but I think the Winchesters will inevitably win out on that one. Season five of Supernatural has proved more exciting than The Office and SNL, thus far.
        Without Heroes, Monday nights now are clear to watch Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother. Got to love that!
        Glee was added to my must watch-list this season and my only appointment television on Wednesdays, and when Chuck returns, I’ll be back to watch that on wherever it’s scheduled on NBC. Otherwise, not any new concepts that are really floating my boat on any other networks this season that I want to tune into.

    • Jenn

      Me too. I could only take so many seasons of, “We know last season was bad, but wait till you see this season!”

    • ktbear7476

      I broke up with Heroes last year but my husband continued to watch. I quietly deleted it from the season pass list but then NBC aired 75 promos during football & he said, “Hey, are you still taping Heroes for me?” Damn you NBC!

    • Christi

      Heroes for me too! Last season was too dismal for me to care about the premiere. I still feel guilty about missing it. I have a feeling it will get awesome now that I have stopped watching…

    • Jaimie

      I can’t let go of Heroes. We take a break every now and again but we’ll never break up. Same with House except I love House just on at a bad time.

    • Joel

      Me too. I’m tired of being disappointed.

    • Mike

      I absolutley agree – that show is an out of control mess.

    • Mike

      Ditto. I had DVR’d the entire last season and deleted by accident. My accident made me realize I didn’t care anymore. Maybe next summer I’ll go for a 2 season Blue Ray rental. then again…maybe not.

    • Amy Leigh

      I recorded the season premiere, but I have yet to watch it b/c I’m just not that interested. I may give it a final shot, but if the storylines are as terrible as last year then it loses it’s season pass.

  • bob

    Heroes. Over and done with. I really with my fiancee would dump Grey’s and Private Practive, it prevents me from recording Community

    • Mike

      do you get Prime Time on Demand? Community is available the next day. It’s a life saver!

      • amj

        you can also get it from fancast and Hulu.

      • Lucy

        lol! I just posted a comment that I missed the 2nd episode to Community to watch the season premier of CSI which couldn’t keep my attention. Won’t happen again.

  • J

    I have been enjoying Inspector Lewis, but couldn’t get into the Marple and Poirot. Unlike everyone else, I dumped True Blood. First season was awesome, and the second season was a disaster. Yuck!

    • Em

      I just watched both the first and second seasons of TB, and I agree that the second wasn’t as good as the first, BUT – I’m hoping that the third season (hopefully with a mojo-revived Lafayette and more Eric) will be back on track!

      • Anthony

        Two words: MaryAnn. Forrester. TB Season 2 = winner!

      • Em

        Yeah, MaryAnn didn’t really appeal to me; I guess that’s why I liked the first season better. This season seemed a little too focused on her, and I didn’t particularly enjoy her storyline. But I know a lot of people did, and I’m looking forward to the next season!

    • DW

      J and Em may want to check into the mental ward alongside Dr. House, ’cause they’re both nuts.

    • Maiv

      I sorta get the TB dump. I love it, but the episodes after Godric’s death have majorly sucked. I’m just hoping that the next season will reign supreme once we get back to vamps and werewolves. Screw maenads!

    • Mike

      Less camp and more serious/scary story-lines and I will stick around. More Eric. His part of the show is always in the right vein.

    • mkaffeine

      I, too, really enjoyed ‘Inspector Lewis’ again this go-round — especially the increased focus on Sgt. Hathaway and the relationship with Insp. Lewis. And you can’t beat Alan Cumming’s intros!

    • cathi

      can’t get into inspector lewis. not nearly as interesting as morse. joan hixon was my miss marple and the successors just aren’t the same. saw season 1 of true blood on dvd can’t wait to see season 2.
      stoppped watch gray’s when izzie saw dead people and the season opener hasn’t given me a reason to change that decision. nip/tuck was exorised a couple of years ago, but i still have hope for heroes

  • Kathryn Koo

    Heroes..I’ve finally cut the cord

    • Q

      Same here. It was kind of sad: I watched the premiere of House and didn’t even think about Heroes. It just didn’t occur to me, unlike previous seasons when I got geeked up for it. I finally watched it on Hulu when there was absolutely nothing else on and my queue was empty. I wasn’t excited about the return or angry at the quality of the episode… I was apathetic to the whole thing, which probably speaks more to how far the show’s fallen than anything else.

  • Em

    No decision yet, but after watching the first 30 minutes of the Heroes premiere, I think we might have to have A Talk. Hey – I broke up with Lost last season – I’m not afraid to do it!

    • Renee

      Wow, you broke up with Lost before its last season? You must have really, really, REALLY hated Season 5. Me, I can’t wait for Season 6!

      • Marilyn

        I too am waiting for Jan for the start of LOST’s last season. I wonder what happens now that the bomb has gone off. Anyway I will drop out of Heroes and House and will look for other shows.

      • ugh

        how can u break up with lost after last season?!?! it was so good!
        it was end of season 2 to midway through 3 that we had our hardships, but we got through those times and our relationship is better than ever. i luv my lost :)

      • Lucy

        I’m with you Renee!

    • April

      Lost? Really? This is the last season – you can make it. You should reconsider.

      • amj

        I dumped a year ago and figured I would go back when it’s over and watch on DVD.

      • Jen

        Lost has sucked for 2 years now. They clearly didn’t have a plan in mind so they just kept adding more and more characters and messing with the time frame. There are more freaking people on that island that supposedly no one knows exists than in half the small towns in America. That show jumped the shark ages ago.

    • mscisluv

      I thought Season 5 of Lost was pretty darn good (we almost broke up after Season 3). If you’ve kept up with it for this long, you should definitely hold for the last season!

      • RK

        I hated the finale for Season 5, but I’ll watch the last season.

      • jae

        Broke up with Lost couple years ago but got back together because of the Writer’s strike! lol Nothing else was on! So glad too cuz it rocks again.

    • PMD

      WOW! That is the most ballisiest move ever!!! I don’t know whether to applaud you for your courage or feel sorry for you for missing out on the secrets of Lost.

    • Jackie

      My head is still spinning from this comment! I thought last season of Lost was one of it’s best. I have never even contemplated giving up on Lost – even through it’s Ana Lucia and Nikki & Paolo phase. I am stoked for season six!

      • bootsycolumbia

        Me, too. I’m quietly going nuts waiting for January, to see how everything plays out.

      • Bren

        During that phase, “we were on a break” but I’ve been a diehard fan since they blew my mind at the end of season 3.

    • Jeff W.

      LOST??? It’s the single best show on television. You missed a terrific season!!!

      • jd

        Get over you losers. The Best Show on TV? It’s had us by the short and curlies for years — I broke up with it a few years ago and don’t care AT ALL what happens to those dopes.

      • Lea

        Lost blows now. It’s blown ever since the stupid island started MOVING. And True Blood is a ridiculous mess of a show. I tried to get into the first season but I couldn’t get past the piss poor acting and the absolutely horrendous accents (no one, I repeat, NO ONE sounds like that in Louisiana, let alone the South). I don’t mind the fact that I miss either of the shows one bit. I have better things I could be doing an hour.

      • hanna

        Well, sorry jd, guess us “losers” enjoy a television show that actually challenges the viewers and gives a sort of epic storytelling with mysteries that cannot be answered in one season.

      • Mike

        jd. Mush mouth.

      • Cooper C

        In defense of jd: the start of season 3 was really shaky, almost Heroes-esque in terms of the degradation of watchability. And then there was the one where Kate went to all that trouble just for a model airplane. But those were the low points. Lost has since gone on to become one of the most compelling series in the history of television. The writers’ ability to change the game in ways that surprise even those who have read thousands of stories is remarkable. Since ABC makes so many episodes available online, it’s not too late to reconsider. The series caught a second wind with “Not in Portland” season 3.

    • Lost Rules

      You pulled a Palin!

    • Jaimie

      WOW really? I love lost I can’t wait until it comes back and don’t know what I’m going to do when it ends.

    • Aces High

      Are you serious?? But season 4 and 5 were sooooo good… 0_o

  • squiggles

    I dumped Greys Anatomy a while ago. Do to too many new shows on Thursday nights, I bumped survivor off my dvr and will instead watch in OnDemand.

    • Julia

      Grey’s lost me around season 3. Now I’m still hooked, hoping it gets better. I made the break – after last night’s terrible premier, I deleted the show from the DVR. That’s it for me. It reminds me of when Seinfeld got lame – it was hard to let go, and then – not so much!

  • Stephie

    I can’t dump any of them!! I have trouble letting go I guess. I watch *deep breath* Gossip Girl, Heroes, House, Castle, DWTS (everynight!), Trauma, Melrose Place, The Good Wife, Modern Family, Cougartown, Eastwick, Glee, ANTM, SNL Weekend Update, Parks & Rec, The Office, Community, 30 Rock (fav), Vampire Diaries, Flash Forward, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, The Mentalist, Ghost Whisperer, Brothers and Sisters.

    whew! Most of them I have to catch online. Any suggestions on what to cut? I’m praying shows get canceled so I can have some free time!

    • PMD

      Wow your list almost matches my list… But even with the few of your shows I don’t watch I have a few of my own! And I hate cutting out shows, so this season I just decided I would not watch a few shows… But then I broke and recorded them anyways or caught them via hulu.com. Good luck though it is really hard for tv addicts to break up with shows. I am still feeling kind of guilty for my break-ups – Grey’s and TBL for sure. I am still debating about Eastwick and Heroes.

      • Diane R

        You could add HIMYM and The Big Bang Theory-they make me smile

      • Marie

        I would dump “Parks and Recreation.” I have never been very impressed w/ it but watch because there’s nothing else on and I am all about sitcoms.

        I also suggest ousting “Cougartown.” I changed to “Glee” after the 1st 10 minutes. NEVER watching it again! It’s up to you though.

      • BilbrosB4Hos

        I thought CougarTown was very funny! I love Glee too.

      • amj

        I actually really like CougarTown too!

    • Jackie

      Oh yeah – I dumped ANTM this season too. Just couldn’t handle it any more.

      • Stephie

        Yeah not to mention Cowboys games and I’m losing my DVR in a month! I don’t think CBS is showing The Mentalist and Ghost Whisperer online yet. I guess they think only old people watch CBS and don’t know how to work comps?

      • Jessica

        Yep, me too! I hung in for what? 13 seasons? But I just couldn’t handle it anymore. Tyra’s ego is just out of control. It stopped being about the models a long time ago. Now that it’s going up against SYTYCD, I was happy to give it the boot.

      • JeffreyMixed

        OMG I thought I would be the only one.

        After last season (where I can’t even remember who won) I was thinking “this show is really played out”. Then, after I heard Tyra fired Paulina as a judge I decided to take it off my DVR. I cannot take Miss Jay anymore and have no more patience for Tyra’s “smile with your eyes” criticisms. The ONLY person that could help this show now is Janice Dickinson – BRING HER BACK!

      • Lindsay

        yeah, dumped antm about 2 seasons ago… ‘short’ models doesn’t make the show any more entertaining…

      • Jennifer

        agreed. I couldn’t handle Tyra anymore. I have since deleted her from my life and feel great!

    • James

      I think it’s time for re-analysis, Stephie. That’s way too much TV…25 hours a week?!? I barely have time to fit in House, Lie to Me, Fringe, and some football…and 24 in the winter.

    • daryl

      Um… *wow*. The world outside your house: it’s your friend.

      • Lea

        ^ This. Seriously, I hope you people don’t have children. Poor kids probably haven’t eaten in years.

    • jk

      FlashForward hasn’t even premiered yet and Modern Family and Community have each only had one episode. How do you know you’ll “watch” them?

    • ugh

      I’m really interested in how Community turns out. I want it to be one of my regulars, but its too early to tell. Parks and Rec was recently inducted into the regular list after that last episode. good stuff

    • Bren

      I don’t know about cutting, but to make your Mondays even more complicated you could add Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother. Trying to balance those with my love of Gossip Girl/One Tree Hill/Castle means my Mondays are never boring! :-)

    • Amy

      I’m currently separated from Two and a Half Men…I figure I can always catch it later down the road. On my DVR season list-HIMYM, Big Bang Theory, 30 Rock,Glee, America’s Next Top Model, New Adventures of Old Christine, Degrassi (hah!), The Office, Scrubs (new ones to come and reruns,), Saturday Night Live, and Weekend Update Thursday, oh and when it comes back American Idol… I have no life…plus I watch old series as well…I’m watching ED right now…I’m thinking of hooking up with Modern Family…what do people think?

    • Valley Girl

      Wow, Stephie – seven of yours are on my list, lol.

      Definitely In: Mad Men, Dexter, The Good Wife, SYTYCD, Glee, Skins, Vampire Diaries, CSI, Dollhouse, Ugly Betty

      In for Now: Project Runway, Eastwick, The Mentalist

      Out: Heroes (missed to many to catch up), Grey’s Anatomy, all HBO until True Blood returns

      Close to being dumped: Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, 90210 (yawn), Melrose Place (waiting for Josie Bissett to come back). For me, ditching these CW shows will free up time for occasional PBS and hockey, lol. Good luck!

  • John

    Heroes too is gone for me….but as God is my witness I will never leave Grey’s. Love Miranda, Mer, and all the MCHotties.

    • Mel

      I can’t break up with Grey’s either…. if I made it through season 3, I can make it through some temp. ghost sex!!

    • Sara

      i will always be a greys fan! i could never stand to say goodbye to mer, lexi, izzy, or christina, and of course mc dreamy and mc steamy! but i will say bye bye to private practie…. i loved addy on greys but she just kinda turned rotten… also i dont really like house or heroes anymore.

    • superso

      i’ve been saying all summer long that i was going to break up with grey’s… but then i just added it to my DVR right now. argh!

  • squiggles

    UGH- *due to, sorry bout the spelling

  • Steven

    I wrote Heroes a Dear John letter after I fell asleep half way through the premiere.

    • rach

      I fell asleep too! I was losing interest fast last season and the premiere pushed me over the edge. My husband won’t give up on it though…

  • Jess

    Also dumping Grey’s due to its feeling like a chore to watch. Plus too many other great things are on Thursdays (Bones, Fringe, Office, 30 Rock, Community, etc).

  • Nick

    I’m keeping Grey’s because it really improved quite a bit towards last season. I’m giving Heroes another couple of weeks.

    I’m not really breaking up with anything this year, but I’m having a lot of trouble with log jams at certain hours. I wish I had UVERSE, but then I’d have no life recording 4 shows at once.

  • Em

    Also – I’m putting Project Runaway Judges on notice – bring back Michael and Nina or it’s over!

    • justjack

      I’m with you on this one! WHERE IS MICHAEL???

    • April

      I’m with you. I saw the first episode of the new season and decided that it didn’t deserve a season pass on my DVR.

    • lauren

      Third that- PR quite boring this season. Michael and Nina and their quips are entertaining. I fast forward to the runway, watch, judge for myself and see who gets kicked off. PR in 15 minutes= all i can handle.

    • M

      I have been out of the country for so far this season…WHO IN THE HELL has replaced Michael & Nina?!?!
      Ugh. Lifetime ruins everything.

    • lydia

      I keep waiting for this season to catch fire. I’m not going to give up, but I do feel like I keep waiting for it to really get going. As long as Tim is there, I’m okay with rotating judges. I actually like that some other points of view get in there.

    • E

      I was so disappointed with “Mystery”, except for Inspector Lewis. I miss the wacky former Miss Marple and the scripts for Poirot were gawd-awful boring. They need to find something completely new for this series-

    • PR Fan

      Em said it! What happened to Michael and Nina??? No one trash-talks apparel like MK.

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