Diablo Cody + 'Sweet Valley High' = Amazing.

Sweet-Valley-High-diablo-cody_lLast night, I walked to my desk, logged onto EW.com, and saw something that made my inner 10-year-old nearly jump up and hug the computer: Diablo Cody will be adapting Francine Pascal’s Sweet Valley High book series for the big screen. And honest to blog, this news made me as happy as a new set of Lisa Frank trapper keepers. And that’s not just because Cody is EW’s awesome columnist. No, because if I were to have anyone in Hollywood slap Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield on the big screen, I would pick Cody, regardless of her recent box-office disappointment.

Sure, anyone else in Hollywood could create a sure-fire hit with the adaptation by squeezing a blond wig on Vanessa Hudgens and producing a bland reboot that would excite the sub-10 set. But with Cody on board? I have a feeling this will be a straight-out nostalgia fest, which we Sweet Valley fans totally need. And speaking of nostalgia, here’s hoping Cody can find an actress in Hollywood who indeed is “a perfect size six” and isn’t forced to adhere to the recent changes in Pascal’s series. (Beginning last year, the Wakefield twins turned into “a perfect size four.” For shame!)

Who should Cody cast in her Sweet Valley film? What size six actress would make the perfect Elizabeth or Jessica Wakefield? (I’m stumped — there has to be some other young actress in Hollywood other than Hayden Panetierre who doesn’t look like she’s starving.) Lila Fowler? (My vote: AnnaLynne McCord.)  Todd Wilkins? (My vote: Johnny Simmons, if only because he did a truly wonderful job in Jennifer’s Body.) And is it sad that I can recite the first 10 books of the series from memory — Double Love, Secrets, Playing With Fire, Power Play… — but only the first four numbers of Pi?

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  • Stacey

    I love the idea. I used to read the series when I was a kid. Lost track of it over the years. But I loved it. And I do think she can give the series a movie spin. The dialogue could be amazing. Yeah, the casting could be complicated. I wonder if they will try to find a pair of blonde unknown twins for the rols of Jessica and Elizabeth. Since they would have to find two blonde actresses who look similar which could be hard. Lets hope Megan Fox doesn’t get the Lila role. I am bad at casting. So I will wait to see what happens…But I am intrigued.

  • kelsey

    Another question is, will it be an adaptation of one specific book, or an entirely new storyline? And will they hold auditions for twins, or will they do a split-screen?

  • Travis

    What about the Duffster? She’s been proving herself in indie flicks for the past few years, and she’s definitely a healthy and stable young actress (which is more than can be said for most of her colleagues).

    Sure “What Goes Up” and “War Inc” were kind of critical bombs, but they both are gaining a cult following and she got surprisingly good reviews.

    • Kate Ward

      I was considering Hilary Duff, Travis, but I think the only way this film can really be awesome is to get a star who isn’t even somewhat associated with Disney. She’s certainly turning herself into a respected actress, but she’s not removed enough from good ol’ Mickey yet.

      • Travis

        Fair enough. I’d just like to see her get more high-profile roles in studio films; several of her indie films, like Greta, look quite good but their in distribution hell

      • interesting

        i took a good look at her the other day and realized she’s probably one of the most underratedly striking young women in h-wood.

        when did that happen?

  • mscisluv

    I loved, loved all of these books…and I even ready the slightly-naughty college ones! I’m confused about the change to the size 6; do you mean the actual text of the books was changed??

    • Shannon

      They “modernized” the books and reissued them. Everyone has cell phones and wears Juicy Couture, and the twins are now size 4.

      • Jen

        That is one of the saddest things I have heard. What a statement about how our culture has changed in 25 years! I loved these books when I was in middle school in the late 80’s!!

      • lunaburning

        Actually, thanks to vanity sizing, an 80’s size six, is a modern size 4.

  • Sweet

    Question- will they be updating this or keeping it throwback?

  • Ughhh

    Diablo Cody is the worst thing to happen to Hollywood since Brett Ratner.

    • Chappel

      So true. If the media hadn’t fawned over her because she was a stripper no one would have ever heard of her.

    • Roy

      There are more worse things, you (bleep).

      • DW

        Yeah, I just hate all the clever dialogue and intriguing storytelling that Cody brings to the table. Save that stuff for TV, not movies!

  • Lynn

    So exited. Way overdue. They should cast an unknown. If we get a star than there will be too many expectations and they will probably suck. They should definitely incorporate the part of the series where Sam Woodford was killed in the car crash. I’m 12 again. Help me. :)

    • Suze

      Overdue? Am I the only one who remembers that they already made SVH for the small screen, many moons ago? And if we’re talking about twins, why is everyone suggesting a single person? Give some unknown twins a chance!

      • NB

        No Suze, I recall as well, in fact someone on youtube has given us all the opportunity to relive the magic of the series, lol. Still, if they could somehow put the Jungle Prom and “The Evil Twin” saga into movie form, my 12-15 year old selves would be ecstatic.

  • brandi

    AnnaLynn McCord, really? GACK! But alas I don’t have a good suggestion.

    • AngieLam18

      Agreed!! HATE HER. She is SO overrated. SHe can’t act and I don’t care what anybody says, that girl is fug. Lila Fowler was always portrayed with black hair in the books right? Well, I guess a DC-alum, Megan Fox comes to mind (though can’t really stand her), but how about someone else, like Jessica Stroup or Rachel Bilson?

      As far as the twins, it would be refreshing to see actual twins instead of like HP playing both sisters. But if we HAVE to go that route, how about Dianna Argon or Maggie Grace?

    • Rachel

      She is the worst actress!

  • robinepowell

    First off, why does it have to be one actress? Why not get two? Preferably twins.

    The books are still being written, wow!

  • Molly

    My inner 10-year-old is right there with you, Kate. I wonder if they’ll be able to find twins for this, or if they’ll have to go the Parent Trap route?

  • Meg

    For me, it kind of depends on what age Cody decides to set them at and to what age group they decide to market the film to. I think AnnaSophia Robb doing split screen would be a decent choice if they decide to skew younger.

  • Q

    Mandi Moore. Sure, she’s a little old, but she SCREAMS cute, happy, SoCal girl. She’d have to go a little blonder, I guess.
    And why are we even discussing anyone but Leighton Meester for Lila? Seriously.

    • jk

      Mandy Moore?? She’s almost 30, there is no way she could play high school. Nothing against Mandy that’s just a ridiculous suggestion.

      • Q

        I guess if by “almost 30″ you mean 25. Mandy Moore, born 4/10/84 – making her all of about 2 years older than the average gossip girl or 90210 cast member. you are a ridiculous suggestion.

    • Meg

      Wow, you’re right about Leighton Meester for Lila. She reminds me of the girl who played Lila on the tv show back in the 90s.

      • ash ash

        omg!! leighton meester would be a PERFECT lila fowler!!!

    • jk

      haha good comeback i guess. AnnaLynne McCord is 21, Jessica Stroup is 22, Leighton Meester is 22…besides I’m assuming they’re starting this film when the twins are pretty early into high school. Mandy Moore as a 14 or 15-year-old? I would imagine someone around the age of Dakota Fanning for these parts.

      • jk

        That was to Q, sorry. And Leighton is playing a freshman in college, she was about 19 when she started Gossip Girl and playing someone well into high school.

  • katy

    Oooh, that’s amazing! I hope they decide to go with a teenage and an unknown. And not someone trampy like those new 90210 strumpets!

  • Filmi Girl

    Can I nominate Tina Majorino for Elizabeth’s best friend Enid? She’d be perfect!!
    And please, please lets get some music from The Droids up in this movie!
    I think an unknown would be best for the main role – otherwise I would suggest time traveling back for Alicia Silverstone circa “Clueless.”

  • Kathryn Koo

    SO EXCITED!!! I read the The Middle School/High School/Univ series!! AND I watched the TV Show…which brings me to my point. On the TV show they cast actually twins. This route is better so they can interact with each other. It would be better if they use unknown actresses

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