'30 Rock' dream guest star: Paul McCartney or Rob Pattinson?

Only a few more weeks until 30 Rock‘s Oct. 15 premiere. But how in the world can we cope without it until then? By picking some dream guest stars, that’s how! Sure, we’re all lizzing in anticipation for guest spots from the likes of Betty White, but Alec Baldwin told People on Emmy Sunday that he’s hoping a specific star will stop by Jack Donaghy’s office: Paul McCartney.

Awesome choice, no? Baldwin’s daughter, Ireland, disagrees. Instead, Ireland suggests a guest star of her own: Robert Pattinson. So who would we rather see flanked by Grizz and Dot Com? (You know NBC would need TGS‘ hard-working bodyguards for these guest appearances.) A musical legend, or a blood-sucking legend-in-the-making? Here’s what I think: Why not both? After all, these two have plenty in common: They both have — or had — the ability to make lusty teen girls faint, and are, in Mugatu’s words, so hot right now (thanks New Moon and Beatles Rock Band!). And with 30 Rock still needing all the viewers it can get, why not let Team Edward — and straight jacket-wearing members of Beatlemania 2009 — race to the remote?

PopWatchers, make your choice: Would you rather see Paul McCartney or Rob Pattinson guest star on 30 Rock?

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  • kellen

    rob pattinson is overrated, ugly and dull. all things 30 rock is not.

    • strickens_girl


    • taylor

      I totally agree! Pattison is a waste of time.

    • Bernie

      i definitely agree with you.
      choose paul instead.

  • cg

    Why Paul MCCartney of course. He is still the one after all these years. I wonder if any band can ever compare to the Beatles-I have not heard of any that have had the old and the young as captivated for as long as they have-Long live the Kings of Rock.

  • rocknmovies

    Rob of course! He is young, tall, dark and handsome. McCartney is old, was more cute than handsome when young, a true legend but has not done anything worthwhile in years. Don’t live in the past.

    • Matt

      You apparently were not at coachella this past April….

    • Jeff W.

      Are you serious? What a stupid thing to say McCartney is arguably the single most important living rock legend – an possible the greatest rock musician of all time. To make lazy, stupid statements like “has not done anything worthwhile in years” just demonstrates how ignorant you are of his ongoing contributions to music. I’m pretty certain that 40 years from now nobody will be talking about Rob Pattinson.

      • Bukes

        Make that 40 months. Seriously, f*ck Twilight and this bizarre/pathetic obsession EW has with it.

      • amj

        Well I would give Rob more credit than this but I agree, don’t insult a living legend like Paul McCartney. Cannot we just like both of them?

      • richard

        “f*ck Twilight and this bizarre/pathetic obsession all fat teenage girls with unrealistic expactations have with it.”


    • Angela Harris

      Really? Paul McCartney hasn’t done anything worthwhile in year? So you’ve never heard of the great band Wings? Never heard of his fight against land mines? The fact that he was knighted? His new band, the Firemen? His last 2 albums which were fantastic? The fact that he still drives girls wild?! Paul McCatney is a living legend that far more people love and respect all over the world, not to mention he’s a stone cold fox!!

    • Taylor

      You Suck ,You Know?

  • Morgan

    Paul McCartney. Hands down. He’d be great and if any show could get him, it would be 30 Rock.

    I honestly don’t know if Pattinson is enough to bring in enough viewers to make a huge difference with 30 Rock. And the bigger question is, would they stay once he wasn’t there?

    • amj

      Paul would certainly bring on more laughs! Paul is a pop culture icon but then again I can also see a funny scene in my head of Liz following Rob around like a lost puppy. Funny stuff.

  • Chris

    How about somebody else Entirely:

    Christopher Walken
    Jennifer Coolidge
    Bruce Campbell
    Gary Oldman

    or how about Michaela Watkins, since she’s no longer on SNL cuz Lorne decided she’s “too funny” for it.

    • dave

      Chris, I think Jennifer Coolidge on 30 Rock is probably one of the greatest ideas ever! Tina Fey, are you reading this? Get Jennifer Coolidge to guest star on your show!

    • amj

      Agree with Jennifer Coolidge and Bruce Campbell would also like to see:

      Jane Lynch (could be a relative of Jack McBrayer’s character)

      Richard Simmons (for some reason I see real humor here–exercise program for the writers maybe)

      Paula Abdul (she is free right now and she could choreograph a scene for TGS, can you imagine her and Jenna together…!)

      Michaela Watkins could be a great new writing intern or love interest for Jack McBrayer’s character…

    • pop

      gary oldman would be amazing.

  • Lindsey

    NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO Robert Pattinson. His untalented and greasy self needs to stay away from 30 Rock.

  • Nathan

    Yo Paul McCartney and Robert Pattinson, I’m really happy for you and Imma let you finish, but Carrie Fisher had the best 30 Rock guest spot of all time!

    • dave

      Agreed! “Rosemary’s Baby” is one of my favorite episodes.

      • amj

        agreed, loved that she was willing to do that part!

  • Nathan

    McCartney will be on the show for sure, he’s pretty good pals with both Alec Baldwin and Lorne Michaels.

  • Eve

    Rpattz is great, he’s very self-aware and a great actor… and I say that as a complete twilight hater. Bun honestly, come on, a choice between Robert Pattinson and PAUL McCARTNEY?
    Paul, all the way.

    • olivia

      If he was self-aware, he’d know he wasn’t a great actor.

  • JOJO


    • amj

      I keep seeing all these 30 Rock haters and I am shocked. The show is so intelligent, witty and extremely funny. The guest appearances are some the best ever shown in sitcom history. I just am flabberghasted every time I see 30 Rock hating. Have you ever watched it? The “Reunion” show was one of the funniest moments on television last year.

      • amj

        Oprah Winfrey, Elaine Stitch and Jennifer Aniston were all great. And the few episodes were Jack goes to work for Homeland Security just brilliant!

    • Michael Schaeffer

      Baldwin isn’t a hasbeen. What’s your problem anyway?

    • hobo

      2 thumbs up!!

  • pop

    bob newhart!!

  • Jeff W.

    Who the hell is Rob Pattinson? The correct answer is always choose the Beatle.

  • steph

    uh does rpatz have comedy chops? pretty sure the only laughs he’d get from me have to do with that constant hair tweaking

  • dave

    Please no Robert Pattinson. I don’t want to look at his ugly face and his greasy hair on one of my favorite shows.

  • mib815

    if u say patinson then you dont exist

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