'Glee' recap: Acafellas bring down the house!

glee_lI didn’t think it was possible, PopWatchers, but I now love Glee even more! Last night’s episode may have even trumped last week’s season premiere. I mean, they covered Bell Biv Devoe AND Color Me Badd!!! How can you NOT love this show! Is it wrong that I kinda would buy an Acafellas album? I thought they were so adorable. And their renditions of “This is How We Do It,”  “Poison,” and “I Wanna Sex You Up” were actually really good.

But the thing that I loved most about this episode was that it gave the spotlight to characters who hadn’t had big moments yet. Matthew Morrison, for one, really came alive last night. He just showed what a charismatic performer he is. And hello Mark Salling, aka Puck. Or I guess I should say hello Mark Salling’s abs. Sweet mercy. I think it’s kinda hilarious that he joined Acafellas just to meet cougars.

The best was the burgeoning relationship between Merecedes (Amber Riley) and Kurt (Chris Colfer). First of all, Mercedes clearly has zero gaydar. Or as Rachel (Lea Michele)  so kindly put it, “He wore a corset to second period today.” At least she got a fabulous musical number out of it. Fox had already released “Bust Your Windows,” on Hulu but seeing it context was even more fun. The best moment, though, for me was the final scene between her and Kurt, when he finally admitted he was gay. It was so sweet and I actually teared up a bit myself. I’ve actually seen next week’s episode and this revelation becomes much more of an issue. Stay tuned, Gleeks!

This might reveal my almost-sad knowledge of pop culture but did anyone else notice that Dakota Stanley was played by Whit Hertford, aka the obnoxious kid in the beginning of Jurassic Park that Sam Neil makes cry? His scene in which he completely destroys all of the glee kids was bitchy and mean…and I absolutely lived for it!

Jane Lynch needs more scenes where she’s on a Stairmaster. It’s just such a great image. Also, love that she was in the Special Forces and is hellbent on breaking up the glee club because she needs a fog machine. She also needs more scenes with Emma — or “Irma” as she called her. Sue: “The way you use your mental illness to help these kids is really inspiring…and I’m SHOCKED you’re not married!”

Stephen Tobolowsky’s Sandy is also becoming one of the most reliable characters for great lines and laughs. The fact that he writes Desperate Housewives fan fiction is pretty genius.

How cute was Victor Garber and Debra Monk as Will’s parents? I’m especially a huge fan of Garber’s who looks adorable in bow ties. I only wish Garber had a chance to show off his singing voice. But hopefully he’ll be back for some more episodes.

All this and a Josh Groban cameo! It was a little random, but it’s all worth it for the scene when Groban was hitting on Will’s mom. “Josh Groban loves a blousy alcoholic.” Hilarious.

Kudos to Ryan Murphy, who penned the episode, and the other producers/writers for such an entertaining hour of television. Also for writing my favorite line of the night, courtesy of Emma: “They say it takes more certainty than talent to become a star. I mean look at John Stamos.”

What did you think of last night’s Glee, PopWatchers? Is it living up to the hype? Do you think last night was better than the premiere?

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  • Ken from Washington State

    I couldn’t believe what happened last night. I’ll never watch that program again. I can’t sing but I know I can sing better than the country dude that won. He will never make it in Vagus let alone a karoke bar. Barbara Padia should sue your organization. She’ll make millions in the future. He should go back to pluckin chickens!!!

    • Allan

      What a great testament to Wazoo education! Go Cougs!

    • Tookie

      I think you’re posting on the wrong blog.

    • KASPER


  • Ami

    I also thought it was better than the premiere and I love this show more than ever. What a blast from the bast listening to rendition of Montell Jordan, Bil Bev Devoe and Color Me Badd

    • Hollie

      Thanks, Tim, for reminding of some of my favorite zingers from the night: Special Forces, John Stamos … and let’s not forget “Who’s Josh Groban? Kill yourself!”

      Say Tim … are you going to come back to the Gossip Girl recaps ever? We sure do miss you.

      • mscisluv

        Tim, PLEASE come back to Gossip Girl!

  • Stacy S

    Absolutely brilliant episode! I def. thought it was even better than last week’s. There were several laugh out loud moments, all the musical numbers were fantastic, and I too teared up at Mercedes and Kurt’s conversation. Also the revelation that so many of the secondary characters can sing too was a delightful surprise for me (and I can’t wait to see Victor Garber come back for his song — you know it’ll happen!). This is such a fantastic show!!! Oh, and I def. recognized the “Jurassic Park” kid, though it took me a few minutes to place him. He still makes a great annoying bad guy. The scene where all the Glee kids tell him off by recalling inspiring misfits made me cry a little too. Loooove this show!!!

    • stephanie

      I’ll see your jurassic park recognition and raise you one: this guy played walter, the kid with ducklips that stephanie tanner made fun of on full house. booyah

      also, the show was pretty outstanding. I could NOT stop laughing through “I wanna sex you up”– and I definitely want an acafellas album! best show on tv!

      • carol

        I recogized duckface too,

      • Melinda65

        Ah…THAT’S why I recognized him! LOL
        I would definitely buy an Acafellas CD.

      • chelsea

        haha yesss!!! “call him duck face and kick him out!” you have got to love full house

      • GinaBallerina

        Thank you so much! I KNEW I recognized him from somewhere and I am a Full House junkie, so that has to be it! You’re awesome.

      • Josie

        Yep, it was full house that I recognized him from!

      • Nicole

        I have to add to the thank you’s for pointing out where we knew this kid from!!! It was driving me crazy last night, and now I don’t have to check IMDB. You rock!

      • GinaBallerina

        Oh, and any Full House fans offended by the John Stamos joke? That’s Uncle Jesse! Do you think that’s why they chose him for that joke, in honor of Walter?

      • jk

        I thought of Walter too! So embarassing/awesome.

      • Nee Nee

        Thank You!! I was racking my brain to figure out where I knew that face. All I could think last night was that he might have played a creepy kid in a scary movie at some point. Full House is where I remember him from.

      • Chris

        He DID play a creepy kid in a scary movie… it was one of the millions of “Friday the 13th” sequels. I’d have to go on IMDB to check which one, but I know he was in one of those.

      • BJohnson

        I hit up IMDB myself…he played the dream kid in Nightmare on Elm Street: The Dream Child. He was the girl’s child who kept dreaming while in the womb and who would help “kill” Freddie. I remember how scary that kid’s face looked when he was tricking Freddie…kind of how he looks now. Definately remembered Duckface too.

    • Tookie

      Thought last week’s episode was much better. More little laughs that you really had to be paying attention to catch.

  • Dennang

    Mercedes looked (and moved) gorgeous during her solo!

    • sydenyb

      ol girl was totally working it! I was totally envisioning her performing in a Beyonce like music video. especially the part where she’s like “ha ha ha ha’. Go ‘head Amber Riley!

    • Glass House

      She (and gay dude) was the highlight of an otherwise not so great episode.

      • Valley Girl

        Totally agree with you, Glass House…

  • sydenyb

    I was laughing so hard that I cried when Jane Lynch gave her mental illness line. I also think that Jamya Mays’s facial expressions are perfect. When she goes total fan girl when the guys are singing Poison I could not stop laughing.

    I totally thought this episode was great and it clearly showed how much Glee is not a high school musical type show but a witty, snarky dramedy in the same vein as Popular (one of my all time favorite teen shows). I think that the acafellas color me bad performance was genius and I especially loved how each character was totally perfectly put in a boy bad role. Like Matt Morrison as the lead singer talented JT, Mark Saling as the sexy bad boy, and then Cory Monteith as the sweetheart throb who stretches his arm out to the ladies with nothing but soul in his eyes because he’s singing to them. All in all this episode was amazing!!

    • sydenyb

      err that should read boy band role

  • Hawkfan

    Speaking of noticing people, wasn’t that Lauren from SYTYCD in the front row of Vocal Adrenaline?

    • kel

      yep it is her! she was also featured prominently in the 1st episode when they sang ‘rehab.’

      • sydenyb

        I gotta say that while Lauren wasn’t my favorite her season of SYTYCD, I love seeing her in Glee. She totally does have that star quality (like Kherington) that crosses over into TV/film.

      • D

        I noticed her front and center last night, but I did not notice her in the 1st episode.

    • kahuna

      Well jeez. Now I will have to go back and watch those episodes to catch Lauren. I’m always to see a SYTYCD alum featured anywhere.

      • Lucy

        agree! I recently saw the Mark Kanemura (from the season that Joshua won)performed with Lady Gag (not a fan) at the VMA awards!

      • ImStillToni

        @Lucy: I too saw Mark and just kept yelling “that’s REALLY Hawaii right there, not kupononimonia!” Mark was awesome – did you see him work his way down the stairs? I gotta agree, if I spot a SYTYCD alum I will rewatch rewatch rewatch. I love seeing those kids any and everywhere

    • Krista

      Yes, that was Lauren! I noticed her too!

    • Hollie

      Hawkfan? As in Hawkeyes? We crushed State last weekend.

    • Angie

      I spotted Lauren, too. If you visit SYTYCDism site, they have a clip of Lauren in the 1st episode of Glee posted.

  • Elizabeth

    Mark Salling reminds me of Robbie Williams a little.
    I enjoyed the show – I just almost died when they busted out Color Me Badd. I asked my roomate – who is a teacher – if they had any local boy bands lined up for their next PTA meeting.

    • Fizzygrrl

      I kept making the Robbie Williams comment myself last night, too! Too bad my husband had no idea who that was to be able to agree…

    • Danielle

      He reminds me of Robbie a LOT. I can’t help but thinking of Robbie when Mark is on screen.

  • JP

    I didn’t grasp how hilarious this episode was until i read it back. I was so enthralled with how good the nights performances, getting up and dancing around my room, that I didn’t enjoy the comedy. It was refreshing to hear so New Jack Swing period. This is a great show I hope they win an Emmy next year.

  • Chris

    I was a little worried after last week’s episode, but now I’m back on board. LOVE THIS SHOW!!

  • JP

    The New Horizons performance was sick I didn’t think we’d see them again.

    • Hollie

      It wasn’t New Horizons, it was Vocal Adrenaline.

  • Rachel

    Did anyone else think that the words ‘confidence’ and ‘guts’ were WAY overused in this episode? After a while they totally lost their meaning to me.

    • mscisluv

      Yeah…Glee isn’t much for subtlety.

    • Allan

      Yes – incredibly heavy handed like all the rest of this show. Not loving it.

  • Debbie Downer

    And for the second week in a row I was disappointed. Wish that Rachel would have sang another number but Mercedes was great. Too many mistakes, or lines thrown in with no logic. SOme examples, when the fruity dance teacher told the kids to get out of the way. They wereon the sidewalk! Dad was at the Hanoi Hilton? When. He went to college and then to work. Now he is going to law school. Did he telepatically take LSATs. He told her she would have a baby in 6 mos. She never said how far along she was pretending to be and she clearly was not “showing”. Why was Linens and things guy in the teachers lounge? This is just to name a few. It just ruins my enjoyment. I love the music, but if that is the only thing that is good, get rid of all the other stuff you throw in to make it an hour show, or write better.

    • carol

      After Glee getting in trouble for inappropriate material at a pep rally, I thought choosing “I want to sex you up” for a PTA meeting wasn’t the wisest choice. Especially with students in the group.

      • carol

        I meant the group not the show, loved the numbers though, for me they make the show worth watching.

      • Glass House

        Yes, I agree. Unfortunately the writing is not on par with the music and the talent.

      • nerdy Hope

        I think that was the point. :-)

      • Glass House

        Which is why I agreed:(

      • nerdy Hope

        Glass house my comment was for Carol not for you so please don’t be upset.

      • GLass House to Nerdy Hope

        No problem. Sorry I misunderstood. But I still disagree with your next comment.

      • nerdy Hope

        Hey Glass house. No problem. That what the comment section is for. I am just so happy that people are discussing this show. The show brings me such joy. I’d rather discuss this than something that is going to bring me down. :-)

    • Kal

      Howard, the Sheets N’ Things employee was in the teacher’s lounge because he brought the cake to welcome back Anri (sp?). Terri was supposed to bring the cake, but she was at the store doing inventory because Howard “can’t count to thirty.” (One of the funniest lines of the night!)

    • nerdy Hope

      You have read way too much into it. He did not say she was due in 6 mos. Since I am not in the writers head like you I will speculate. He could have just meant it will be more real by that time. Did he say he was starting law school or college? Somethings also don’t have to make immediate sense. If they explained every tiny detail not only would it be boring it would be long and boring.

      • Glass House

        He did too. YOU are reading too much into it. I just listened to what he said. He said he was starting law school at night. Hey, if you like it fine. That, and a lot of other things bothered me too. That’s why I agreed, the singing is what makes the show.

      • Laura K.

        She was pretending to be far enough along to know the sex…which is farther than three months, as far as I know.

      • mscisluv

        I thought you wouldn’t know the sex until at least 4 months…

      • ono

        With modern equipment, an ultrasound technician can determine gender usually by ~12-14 weeks, with an accuracy of 80%. People aren’t always showing at that time, especially with a first pregnancy.

        But really, the point is to raise the stakes in her fake pregnancy cherade. Will and his parents’ reactions are not all that surprising. Will is completely ignorant about pregnancy, so he’ll believe what his wife tells him, and back when his parents were pregnant with him, the technology was much less advanced, so they’ll take her word for it, too.

      • gd

        yeah, this plot point is kinda stretching it. I mean, how stupid can a guy be to notice that his wife isn’t pregnant? Where is she hiding her feminine products now? this episode supposed took place over two months (at least will’s wife took two pregnancy tests) and she isn’t starting to show yet? I mean, i’m willing to go with it for comedy’s sake, but come on!

      • ToLaura K

        Actually, I am an ultrasound tech. I have seen boys as early as 8 weeks. There are also test done at 9 weeks which can tell you too. But dad wad not a doctor so I doubt he would assoc weeks with age. It was a small gaffe.

    • j

      couldn’t agree more!!! so much random stuff!!!

      • paula

        I want to like this show, but I think it’s just trying to do too much. Too many subplots, too much randomness, too many gaping logic issues (yes, I know logic isn’t the point in a musical, but still…you can only stretch credibility so far before it becomes completely unrelatable). Also: The actor playing Finn isn’t talented enough to pull off the role of “shockingly talented jock.” he’s not a great singer nor dancer.

      • Tookie

        Didn’t you see the previews for next week when her sister fits her with a fake belly?

    • To Debbie

      You were looking for reality- REALLY? I mean the shop teacher sawed off his thumbs and was back in school! This show is a fantasy, sit back and enjoy- go with the flow. If you are going to look for complete logic, skip the show and watch the music on Youtube. Part of the reason I love this show is how ridiculous so much of it is. (BTW- Dad said he was going to night school for prerequisite courses- since when do you need to take the LSATs for those?)

      • really

        He said law school!!!!!!!

    • Tarc

      Um… you need to Google ‘surrealism’.

    • ldkfj

      Will’s dad said that he was taking pre-requesite classes for law school. So I would presume that he has not taken the LSAT’s yet. Also–Howard was in the lunch room because Terri was supposed to deliver the cake (which was awesome btw) and she sent him instead.

      • aj

        because he can’t count past 30

      • recyclelady

        There are no prerequisites for law school. A BS or a BA of any sort suffices. (good scores on the LSAT is a whole other thing!!!)

    • Jen

      If you’re going to critcize the show this much at least watch it carefully. Sheets & Things guy was in the teacher’s lounge because he was delivering the cake that the wife had made because she had to take over doing inventory for him because he can’t count high. Did you miss that whole exchange? Maybe the show goes over your head. I could disprove your other comments too but I won’t waste my time.

      • to jen

        Actaully you can’t disprove the other comments because they are correct. And when querying why he was in the teachers longue, I guess they should have really said, why didn’t he seem to work. In the lounge by day, rehearsing by nite. Eh, who cares.

    • Jen

      And speaking of writing “better”, what is telepatically? You mean telepathically? Maybe you are just not very smart. Also, even though I saw I wasn’t going to waste my time, you are bothering me: The Dad said he was taking prereqs, you don’t need to take the LSAT for that (again, you are obviously not catching all the exchanges). He could have been in the service before he started school. The wife could have told the teacher how far she was along at a time we didn’t see, we don’t see everything. Of course it’s a conversation they would have had, just because they didn’t show them saying it, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. The get out of my way was supposed to be funny, stop taking things so literally. And not every pregnant lady shows at three months, I started showing at 4 1/2. Stop reading so much into it and just enjoy it, or don’t watch.

      • sonja

        Thanks Jen. It’s a fun show just enjoy.

      • D

        There is a little something called “continuity” and people get paid for this function because if it is not in place, it takes you out of the story. Thankfully the law school issue was at the end of the program.

      • to jen

        “Even though I saw”. Hilarious Jen. And sorry, but no father in law would make the 6 months comment at random like that. That’s O.K. you can defend thw show all you want. I was disappointed. There were a lot of mistakes. Jen, when writers throw in random comments like that, it is cheap. Sorry, my expecatations are higher. And the fact that you would see a typo (or spelling mistake, but actually a typo) and correlate that to writing skill shows your ignorance.

    • D

      The part about law school annoyed me. In fact, I don’t even think there is such a thing as “prerequisites” for law school other than maybe a college degree and lsats. No way he could have taken the lsats, applied and heard back in the time frame of the show. I do love the show in general though. That was just sloppy.

      • Yes

        There are prerequisites for law school. Depending on what you did for your bachelor’s degree, there are undergrad classes you might need to take. I’ve had two friends go back to law school and they both had to take them.

      • CG

        No there are not prerequisites to law school. My son is preparing for his LSATs right now. What do you mean “go back” to law school? Anyway, he said he was going to law school. So overnight he just figured he would get in. Really. Step up the writing.

      • T

        There are not any prerequisites for law school. I went to law school … all you need is a college degree and the LSATS. When he said that I looked at my husband and said “um…what prereqs”.

      • westcoastfan

        When I decided to go to law school, I went to the one closest to me to check it out. I could have enrolled the same day, even though I hadn’t taken the LSAT yet. It wasn’t a very good school and few of the graduates passed the bar exam.
        I decided to go to the best law school that had an evening program, so that I could take the bar in any state. It was highly competitive and definitely required a high LSAT score-no prerequisites other than a BA or BS.

    • Sara

      The guy from Linens and Things came to deliver the cake that TERI was supposed to deliver, for the teacher who lost his fingers in woodshop. In other words, she sent someone to do it for her and didn’t come through for Will.

    • Beth

      If you had watched the pilot, you would know that Linens N Things guy was a teacher who got fired and hangs out in the teacher’s lounge because he has nothing else to do (except for the fan fic!)and it’s technically not within so many feet of the students…Personally, I’m all for media that makes you suspend your logic a little bit. So what if not everything minor falls into place? Isn’t that what musicals are all about? No one breaks out into song randomly in real life, but we love it! Anyone agree?

      • Beth

        OK, I’m correcting myself..I got too riled up and thought you meant the teacher who was shopping in Linens in the pilot. But, as other have explained the Linens employee was sent to the lounge on an errand. I humbly admit my mistake. But I still stand by my point that it’s about fun.

  • Melinda65

    I had just watched The Music Man, so it made me smile to see Debra Monk–Marian the Librarian’s mother–playing opposite Victor Garber, who was Mayor Shinn. And Josh Groban is funny, even if he does speak in the third person (or maybe because of it?) P.S. It’s “blowsy.”

    How hilariously inappropriate was it to sing “I Wanna Sex You Up” at a P.T.A. meeting? And Will was right, Sandy in the group makes it creepy. But I’d like to know why Puck thinks it’s nerdy to sing in glee club, but fine to sing in an a capella group with middle-aged men.

    Poor Howard. And did Quinn actually grow a little in this episode?

    • Glass House

      HAHA Of course it is “blowsy”. Tim, do you know what the quote means:)?

    • joules

      Yes, Tim, the word is BLOWZY (also spelled BLOWSY) meaning 1 : having a sloppy or unkempt appearance or aspect : frowsy or 2 : being coarse and ruddy of complexion.

  • Ben

    I side with my wife and think that this was the worst episode thus far. The pilot and first ep had a lot more music and dancing than this episode. It was kind of boring.

    • Lucy

      I wasn’t blown away with the episode until I came here and read the comments. I was looking for awesome and now I realize this episode was quie good! It’s fun to read different points of view.

    • D

      Bingo! We have a winner here! Though I did laugh out loud several times at the scripted stuff, the music numbers were not quite up to par with other episodes.

  • jcarla

    When I saw the cake for the shop teacher, my first thought was “I hope it’s on the Cake Wreck website tomorrow”. Then the eating of said cake made my jaw drop even further!

    • Elizabeth

      Yes! My thoughts exactly. That cake was perfect for Cake Wrecks.

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