'Melrose Place' recap: Mommie Dearest?

melrose-place-recap_l[1]It’s week two and the mystery is gone…maybe. It seems Melrose 2.0 has rushed to a few reveals in the second episode without letting characters, and their seedy pasts, reveal themselves more slowly. Oh well, Melrose Place was never about subtlety.

In addition to seeing more of Auggie’s abs (thank you, opening shower scene!), we also learned more about his post-AA bedroom romps with Sydney and about a pre-sobriety bar fight in which his then-girlfriend died and Auggie killed a guy in self defense.

The other big Sydney revelation in this flashback-rific episode was that Violet had told Sydney she was her mother. If it’s true, that’s not exactly a shocker (they’re both redheads, and Violet had stolen that photo of Sydney in the first episode). But I’m hoping that the theory is just a little too neat – maybe Sydney’s denials will turn out to be true (Kimberly was also a redhead on Melrose 1.0!). At least we got to see Violet go a little cray-cray and drop the innocent act. Likewise, Ella got Violet out of those horrible jean shorts (no, not in that way) and into a hot dress to land a hostess gig at Coal (the new Shooters), where she can more easily make googly eyes at Auggie.

Thank god Violet is starting to show her true colors, because Riley and Jonah’s colors seem to be beige and ecru. They may provide the show’s sense of normalcy but they’re also way too boring right now. The newly engaged pair had a pivotal talk about their jealousy stemming from opposite-sex friendships, but made up too quickly and were all smiles. And don’t get me started on how she sorted through his Lucky Charms – that is NOT the stuff of a nighttime soap, we need rat poison in the Cheerios!

Lauren thankfully showed a little more moxie this week – taking on another client, and putting him in his place when he thought their romance was getting real. But, Lauren, we thought he looked a tiny bit like Gerard Butler – don’t hotties get some kind of discount on services?

The fabulous Ella still stole the show — promising the PR firm’s new boss she’d land a new client “bigger than Zach Quinto’s eyebrows” — and using her camera phone to cleverly expose a certain English actor. Although a dozen pear martinis couldn’t explain her hideous toga-meets-superhero white dress and half-boots ensemble.

Best line of the night? Surprisingly not something from Ella but from the Coal manager who dissed Violet’s frumpy wardrobe by saying, “Honey, you’re not catering a wedding at a Holiday Inn.”

What did you think of episode 2? Think Violet really IS Sydney’s daughter or is that too easy? How long can you wait before Sydney’s murderer is revealed? And who else wants to see more of David next week?

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  • razor

    To be honest I wish they would have slowly revealed that about Violet if it were true. If it’s BS than I guess it’s okay. But for something if real than it’s too soon and will definitely make the story move along too fast. It better be revealed at the 13th episode or by the end of the season or something. It was better than the first because we got to see the DARK side of Violet I think it’s good that she acts all innocent but has that effed up face when something becomes suspicious. David is boring so no more of him next week.

    • Amy Leigh

      I don’t think Sidney was lying about never having a child. Unlike a man, we women can’t be kept in the dark about something like that. If she is someone’s daughter from Melrose 1.0 then it could be Kimberly. She had that same level of crazy in her eyes that Kimberly always had.

  • Tommy Marx

    I am continuing to love this reboot, although I really wish they had gotten a better actress to play Riley. My favorites by far are Ella and Lauren. My favorite scene was when Ella’s new boss revealed that he’d gotten the English actor to sign with the company. I like seeing her being taken aback occasionally (although she should always rule in the end). Genuinely loving this show!

  • Danny

    I thought the second episode was awesome! I just hope the ratings improve, I don’t think people are giving the show a fair shot. The flashbacks were amazing this week, it gave us a lot of Sydney which is what I wanted more than anything. The daughter revelation was sort of spoiled for me by an online source but it was still captivating to see Sydney’s reaction. Maybe Michael switched the test results? That’s the only thing I can think of. I like that shes a little psycho, the show needs a psycho more than anything. Her midnight pool expeditions showed us that she is a little bit insane by pretending to be her dead mother. Ella showed some Amanda sized moxie and Auggie is increasingly intense and sexy. David needs to get naked to make him more interesting. I didn’t think the pilot was that great but this episode really excited me, Lauren’s cold demeanor to her John…it was firing on all gages tonight. So many intricate relationships. This show better not get cancelled mid-season, give it a chance to get a following CW!

  • Mary Q. Contrary

    We heard that Josie Bissett will be coming back. My money is on Jane as Violet’s mother, considering she did do a DNA test, and there’s no way Sydney is actually her mother, as they’ve revealed this soon that that may be a possibility. No, I think they’re going to “shock” us later in the season with the fact that Jane is Violet’s mother. As for Auggie and Violet, well, I’m no Ashlee Wentz fan, but I actually picked up on some sexual chemistry between the two. It will be an interesting pairing. I could actually see Violet meshing well with David, though. We’ll see. I think they need to drop Ella’s thing for Jonah. It seems unrealistic and forced. Also, I’m just gonna put this out there, but how about Riley drowns in the pool next? Not only is she super boring, like Wendy said, but she’s also extremely annoying. And I’m being serious when I say that I don’t actually think Lauren will stay past this season. I think she will be the next Dustin Milligan. Just sayin.

    • Mavis

      Jane was adopted.

      • GeeMoney


      • Max

        So, since she was adopted, she cannot share the same DNA as Sydney.

      • MrE

        She can share the same DNA if she was also adopted and is Jane’s real sister. This is tv…. ANYTHING can be explained (or forgotten or muddled) to suit the new storyline.

      • mre

        Sydney & Jane could share DNA if they were both adopted from the same parents. Besides, this is tv….. ANYTHING can be explained (or forgotten or muddled) to suit the new storyline.

      • Kim

        I watched the original series, and Syd’s parents adopted Jane and had her, so biologically they are not related, and therefore could not share the same DNA. Just thought I’d throw that out there..

  • Cory

    I really like this show so far, and though a lot of secrets are being revealed, it should keep the show from getting boring. My favorite scene was Violet’s flashback; I loved how, as Sydney denied her, Violet’s expression changed and her voice dropped, and there seemed to be a quiet rage beneath the surface. I though Ashlee did really well with that scene. Overall, my favorites are still Ella and Lauren, but I’m like every character except David.

  • Mandi

    I don’t think Sydney is Violet’s mother. Sydney seemed genuinely surprised and her refusal seemed sincere. And Violet looks straight up crazy. I’m glad the show isn’t playing hide and seek with the reveals. Shows are rating based and have to grab people immediately.

  • Max

    There’s gotta be a connection with Sydney and Violet, due to the DNA test, but wouldn’t Sydney know if she had a baby? ha. Unless Syd is just lying, to avoid it. But maybe they are sisters? We’ll see what backstory comes to light.

  • Matt

    I’m really hoping that Violet is Kimberly’s daughter instead. Maybe born while she was away getting that major head scar??

  • Amy Leigh

    I like this show so much better than 90210 especially since there are characters that I actually like on this show. I wouldn’t be sad at all if they broke up Jonah/Riley. In fact, I’m hoping they further develop Jonah/Elle and Auggie/Riley. I like Lauren, but it’s pretty obvious that the sweet person that she was in the pilot episode will not be who she is at the end of the season. As for Violet, every week I’ll be wondering if the crazy is about to come out in full force. Meh, on David. Good episode overall.

    • Rebecca

      I so co-sign this, don’t know about Ella/Jonah she seems a bit too much for him. I love Jessica Lucas, she’s a great actress, but from the get-go the Jonah/Riley thing for me was a snoozefest. I mean literally it was too cute, too good, too quickly fixed, now I did notice one thing Auggie & her have ridiculous guilty conscious chemistry. If Auggie can play the homewrecker here & they have to develope that slowly, then we can finally save the Riley character. I mean com’on the teacher & the chef doing things behind her future husband’s back, his friend. That’s Melrose.

  • Michael

    I am loving this show more and more!!! Definitely has original Melrose potential! I do not think Violet is Sydneys’ daughter. When Sydney first appeared as a guest star in season one of Melrose 1.0 she was like 19 or 20 because she wasn’t old enough to drink, so yeah I guess she could’ve had a child as a teenager. It would be more of a Melrosian twist if VIolet were Kimberly’s child. Although Kimberly was barren thanks to Michael, so Kimberly would have had to have given birth to VIolet as a teenager of 16 or 17, becuase she was Michael’s age. That would be such a cool twist considering in last night’s flashbacks of Syd in AA, she mentioned she started to drink because her first husband married her only because she blackmailed him and he loved another woman (actually two, Kimberly and Jane).

  • Justin

    Excellent episode. This show is turning out to be fantastic!

  • D.B.

    Whats with the hating on Riley? She’s awesome! I’m comparing Riley and Jonah to Billy and Allision and I gotta say I love the former better. I like all the characters and with better promoting I think this show could be the biggest show on the CW.

  • Jason

    I hated the Riley casting from the get-go. Nice girl, fine. But not needed here. Her character on 90210 was much more interesting.

    The whole Riley/Jonah story is a total snoozefest.

  • Valley Girl

    Well, the episode certainly LOOKED so much better, OMG! And then there was light! As if someone flipped on the switch, thank goodness, bc last week everything was so dark, honestly, it was troublesome and really cheapened the show.

    I suppose it’s possible that Sydney COULD have had a baby before she came to wreak havoc in Jane’s life. But then, do we even know who David’s mother is? The thought of two mystery spawn from characters in the first series is annoying enough. Aren’t we on overkill already on adoption storylines (Dan/Lily’s mystery child on “Gossip Girl,” Harry/Tracy’s mystery child on “90210, Peggy giving up her baby on “Mad Men,” Adriana giving up her baby on “90210,” Dixon’s origin on “90210” and Peyton’s origin on “One Tree Hill” a ways back and on and on). It’s like if folks are out of ideas, let’s throw in a pissed off or troubled adoptee.

    Am looking forward to seeing Josie Bissett again, but not sold on this series yet – not interested or endeared to any of the characters.

    • Gael

      @Valley Girl
      i LOVE that you just listed (knew) all the adoption storylines. you’re awesome.

  • John

    Violet took a strand of hair from a brush… Maybe it was an old brush of Jane’s.

    • Really??

      That’s a bit of a reach. Not to mention, Jane’s hair was blonde…

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