Kanye West on 'The Jay Leno Show' tonight: Will you watch?

leno-kanye-west_lIt’s certainly a big day for Jay Leno. Not only will he attempt to launch the first-ever, five-nights-a-week talk show at 10 p.m., but he’ll have first crack at Kanye West, the dream killer who interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech during last night’s best-ever Video Music Awards.  Jerry Seinfeld is scheduled to be Leno’s first guest on the couch, but if the former Tonight Show host is smart, he’ll go mano-a-mano with West before he performs with Rihanna and Beyonce’s husband, Jay-Z, during the hour-long show’s music segment. Better yet, bag the Seinfeld chat and put the musical acts on the spot, Jay! Oh, what a lively roundtable that could be!

Ratings for tonight’s show were already expected to be respectable; the lookee-loo factor is a given, since the svelter Leno will attempt to provide a comedic alternative to the darker (and ratings-challenged) dramas that typically run in the time slot. But now they could potentially blow the roof off Nielsen, especially since public sentiment against West is colossally strong. Viewers may want more from West than an ALL CAPS APOLOGY on his blog.

So what do you think? Does the promise of a West appearance make you want to check out Leno?

Photo Credit: Leno: Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

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  • John Davis

    Had no plans to watch and its a sure bet I will not watch now.

    • c boyd

      Yes so jay can blast him !!!!!!!!

      • Amy

        Jay, invite Taylor Swift on so that Kanye can apologize to her face. I say put him in a dunk tank and let her humiliate him! C’mon Jay– this is a golden opportunity for you!

      • ladysahra

        Lol i totally agree

    • Khan Spear-Asee

      Man, I cannot believe y’all are not seeing this. Kanye and Jay are in cahoots. It was planned all along, man. Read between the lines. Kanye don’t care about Beyonce. He picked an easy target in Taylor to create controversy. And it worked. Gotta respect him for that. Wool. Over. No eyes.

      • Cheshire

        maybe after all where was security? And if MTv was so mad at Kanye ( they kicked him out ) why didn’t they cut that from the show? Answer he gave the award their one controversial moment I bet Taylor’s album sales and youtube views just went up because of this along with Kanye’s profile

      • Lori

        Right you are. I smelled a rat from the beginning. But I couldn’t figure out why Kanye would put himself out there like he did. Now it all makes sense. Well played, Kanye and Jay

      • leo

        I thought the same thing but not about respecting him. He’s a publicity whore the worst of his kind and he scared/hurt a young (gifted) artist. He’s too much of a coward to have picked a stronger target. Taylor will have a career way longer than him, trust. He just wanted to ride her coattails to the newswire. What a jackass

      • smervine

        Respect what? You’re crazy! Respecting anything about Kanye is wrong!

      • Laura

        Kanye has done this now for the 3rd or 4th time… This is not a set up…

      • Lou

        Wish he would have picked on Madonna or Pink – each of them could easily take him down.

      • Dr. Ritchie

        it’s pretty obvious to some people, but then again Americans get caught up in emotion and don’t think logically. the average american won’t even consider that this was a publicity stunt….it’s propaganda dummies duh

      • Matt

        We do get caught up in emotion… that’s why Jazz music was cultivated over here… exported to you unemotional Euros.

      • Jami

        On Tuesday, Taylor S. said on the View that no one in Kayne’s camp had contacted her. The guy didn’t even send flowers or write a note or make a phone call. To me, that showed his complete lack of sincerity. The fake Jay tears, the fake apology — more manipulation from Kayne — and it’s wearing thin.

    • alvin

      i do plan on watching some of Jay Leno’s show tonight and I surely do hope he would knock some sense into Kanye West. he has no class at all.

      • ladysahra

        For real he was 100% out of line

    • BMW

      @ Pat yes Kanye is an idiot. We have all realized that since his outburst in 2007 but to make a comment such as yours we all see who the racist is. What the heck is wiggers suppossed to mean? Educate yourself. So ignorant.

      • info only

        wigger is a really nasty word that is a combination of the word white and the worst word ever.

      • Matthew

        Worst word ever? GIVE ME A BREAK! A word is only a word! You can be weak and cry about it or you can grow a pair (men) and get over it.

      • Paul

        So lets put the crazy outburst a side, I think Kanye has a point. Beyonce produced the best video of the year.

    • Boat Guy

      Pat just got swift boated by BMW. West is a racist, and I’ll hold it to him. I’m sick of this one way revolving door on racism. Kind of like how NBC calls tea baggers racist for expressing themselves.

      • Dora

        I dont know if Kayne is a racist, but just a slap on the wrist for prior outbursts, and this is what the people get.

      • Reneee

        Teabaggers are racist. Kanye is too. One does not cancel the other.

      • Emmy

        Hmm, maybe it’s because HOW they are expressing themselves. You can read the signs, right? I could give you examples, but the rules here say to keep it clean/appropriate, and a lot of those teabagger signs…well, are not.

      • Krsity

        Stop calling someone racist.YOu are making an issue out of something that is not the issue.

    • smervine

      Shame on Jay Z for not standing up……

    • Mark K

      Jay Met You at Detroit auto show,I’ve worked there 15 yrs,,I know.got to sit on the “BIG BIKE”
      Did You get a dog at Layfettes???

    • michele

      used to watch sadly we a re white we wont watch anymore why didnt jay tell kanye no way???

    • zac

      ha, exactly…Leno wins…Swift’s career is propelled to another echelon…Beyonce is so classy for bringing Taylor back out….oh and Kanye, yea, he’s still the most demanded producer and hip hop artist so I don’t see how any one loses here.
      I can’t believe everyone is so easily manipulated…it’s scary…I’ve always felt that humans had an obligation to society and to mankind, to be educated. It’s ironic that the person who most of you are upset with and name-calling is actually so much more intelligent than you…in fact he’s controlling you, you are his puppet. He says, “dance clown”, and you dance. Don’t be a puppet america, let’s get smart.

  • Sharon

    I’m not watching that jerk (West, not Leno). Sorry Jay, maybe Tuesday.

    • Just call me AL

      I thought Jay Leno would make this show appealing to everyone. Not watching – sorry Jay – your guest choice in Kanye West is not appealing more like appalling based on what happened on that award show. Thought you and NBC has better class than that, my mistake to believe that

      • Dan

        Much like when Hugh Grant got busted with a prostitute the night before he was to appear on Leno’s show, yet still came on and was able to somewhat redeem himself by publicly admitting to being an idiot, West will come on, admit the same thing, and again apologize. He’ll get at least a bit of positive publicity after cumming off as such an jerk, and Leno gets the free publicity from the appearance and then the news clips of West’s apology that will be played over and over in the next couple of days on the shows and websites that follow such things.

        Of course Leno is going to have him on.

      • AL

        lol, you think jay went clamoring to get kanye on after the incident? it happened last night, im sure kanye’s been scheduled to appear on the show for weeks now… not that your confidence in NBC’s class should be restored; your’s is just a silly comment

      • joyce

        yeah, Kanye, Jay Z and Rhianna have been scheduled for this show for quite some time. Don’t blame Leno for this…

      • Adrian

        Good for you miss perfect. Throw the first stone at Kanye even though he just made Taylor even more popular than ever. Get a clue on how smart the man really is.

      • joe

        uh ur an idiot, leno and nbc booked the guests and acts wayy before yesterday so how can you fault them. and he was only to be a musical performer.

    • un-wRAPPED

      Bummer of a birthmark Jay. Hope it heals soon.

  • Rock Golf

    Leno just lost this potential viewer.

    • Nikki

      But he gained so many more!

      • Eric

        Exactly. I’m watching!

    • sdm

      I’m a Leno fan and I can’t wait to see Jay put KW in his place the jerk.

  • paul

    I wasn’t going to watch, but after that outburst! I’m definitely watching! We watch fake dramas for fun. Why get mad at a real one? Everybody got more attention for what Kanye did…Taylor should thank him because she looks like America’s sweetheart, Beyonce looks like a saint, and Kanye well he’s still Kanye!

    • Diggity

      What does this have to do with anyone being racist? What are you talking about crazy?

    • Jack

      Thats whats up.. Kanye will always be kKanye.. We still gonna Love him.. He just speaks his mind he just doesn’t care . Its the EGO mixed with the Hennesey. Thats a strong drink. Almost strong as Cpt. JackSparrow. , however not strong enough . If he was drinking that… shiiiiit.. It would be a different scene on stage.. Go Kanye West you still our boy who kills every line on each remix he does. Oh and you guys know thats the truth

      • ann

        Uh I don’t care how good he is as a rapper, he wouldn’t have liked it had someone done that to him. Particularly when he tried singing without autotune. I mean someone could have really embarrassed him on that one and no one did because no one wanted to be that mean to him. He should treat others with equal amounts of kindness.

      • D

        Truth? Yea right. Kanye has a few good beats but his rapping is abysmal. Guy almost ruins “Swagga Like Us” and would have if it weren’t for Jay, Tip and Weezy. Besides, just cuz he speaks his mind doesn’t mean he’s not a punk, which clearly, he is.

      • snickerdoodle

        DJ Cheff–I actually believe you do work for him. Given the fact that you can’t spell or write a cohesive sentence, You’re exactly the type that would work for that loser..

      • Ken

        Kanye is a goon, and I wouldn’t watch *any* show that he appeared on. He was widely known to be a tool way before this most recent incident.

      • Kristin

        Kanye is a self absorbed ego maniac. If you people would to a proper search and really read the interviews he’s given, you would see that he thinks he is THE best rapper, artist, and person ever. I have never seen a more ignorant, racist, rude individual in my life. And PLEASE, his music is largely pointless and sucks large. Please don’t put him on a pedestal merely because he is a celebrity. No one is exempt from morals and decent behavior in public. Grow up Kanye!

      • jheitman

        djcheff you sound like someone who would trample women for the rice at a refugee camp. $$$$ aint class
        You are a real turd.

      • blairmare

        What you meant to say is that YOU THUGS, like him will always love him. I bet you neither you or that monkey know what indoor plumbing looks like.

      • Big Tatas

        There are pics of him on Mediatakeout and Bossip with his ho in one hand and the bottle of Henny in the other. Kanye was just lit. Who has’nt said or done something stupid when they were twisted? I totally agree with you.”Blame it on the Goose blame it on the Henny”

    • ugh

      the race thing is NOT ******* PRESENT

      Kanye listens to rock more than he does rap! Theres is no racism going on here. He was just rude.

      but paul, that is what ive been thinking all day!

      • Krsity

        Thank you for saying that.

    • Anita

      Paul, you said it best. Taylor looks good, Beyonce looks great, both won awards and at end of it all, love him or loathe him, Kanye is still Kanye.

      • Prodige

        I agree 100%
        This boosted Taylor’s career
        This boosted Beyonce’s image
        and it boosted Kanye’s reputation.
        Win Win Win!!!

    • Jennifer

      dj cheff: was that not a racist comment you just made? I don’t know about everybody on this blog but I do know that you Sr. is a racist.
      So, if the man is racist for exerciseing his constitutional right to freedom of speech, then we all are racist.

      • Annie Maldovitz

        Moron! You can’t even spell correctly.

    • Christiebarbie

      You are so Right! And Jay Leno just capitalized on the whole ordeal. I smell set up too! And you better believe Taylor was involved. I know Kanye, Beyonce & Taylor knew that Beyonce was to receive the Best Video Award for the Year. This was a total set up. Don’t blast the individuals for a well thought out money maker.

  • darla lindsey

    i was planning on watching the show tonight until i found out kanye west was on. what he did to that young girl was horrible. that was her moment and not his. he is always showing his butt and it is time for him to learn his lesson and we should show him that by not buying a single cd of his.

  • heather

    my mother use to say you can’t expect anymore than a grunt from a pig. That is exactly what this man is

    • Kia

      and it takes a jerk face like you to take sympathy on a spotlight stealing idiot

    • Kia

      shut your face dj cheff – what does that stand for – douche jerk…

    • Claudia

      No,dj cheff, it doesn’t take a pig to know a pig. How more stupid can you get?

    • The Minority Report

      dj cheff;

      Your comment:

      This is not where your getting racist or maybe socio-economic, is it?

      Not sure what demographic your targeting here with the “Green Card” comment but, I think you lost your ability to effectively argue the “racist” comment you originally posted.

      Very questionable intentions with your choice of words.

    • James

      To dj cheff – defending your cash cow – nice employee – and I’m sure you are going to tell your “boss” everything that was said on this blog – power to the people – let your “boss” know what the public thinks of him – have him address the issues of being a jerk tonight on Leno – if in fact you do have his ear – nice thing about blogs – you can be “anyone” you want to be and have complete freedom to be as potty mouthed as you want – maybe you should think about getting away from controversy if you want your career to go on…

    • snickerdoodle

      “it takes one to know one?? Really?? Is elementary school out already?

  • Jaumby

    I was going to watch tonight, but there is no way that I will give Kayne West any attention.

  • vja

    Jay and Kanye = 2 acts of desperation. Jay is desperate for the apology card’s lightning to strike twice. Kanye is just plain desperate. No, I won’t watch. Send NBC a message that 1 show, 5 times a week is lazy programming and that Kanye should not be supported in any size, shape or form. Don’t watch!

    • orville

      In Jay’s defense–Kanye was already scheduled to appear before the big hissy fit.

      • vja

        If Jay had any courage … he’d cancel the booking.

      • orville

        True, very, very true.

      • Mike

        Exactly why I wouldnt watch now – lookslike it was a set-up. Either Jay knew about it or Kanye did it for the hype. Wont watch if he’s on…

      • Kia

        oooo – conspiracy theory – for ratings — wow who woulda thunk that

      • Diggity

        Jay didn’t know about it- he’s had Kanye booked for a long time. But nice try.

      • vja

        I think Kanye was the second gunman in the grassy knoll.

      • Harvey Lee

        and lettuce not forget that Kanye eats babies. with ketchup, of course.

  • Jim

    Enough is enough, Kanye is inconsiderate jerk with no respect for other people, so I have no respect for him and won’t support anyone I have no respect for. I used to like some of his music, but I will never buy/own anything that is tied to him one way or another. Unfortunately, that also means I won’t be buying Jay-Z’s new album since he helped product it. I won’t be watching Jay Leno’s show neither with him on it. I’m sure Leno will keep him because of the potential ratings, butI guess that is all that matters in show biz.

    • Jim’s Horse

      Hey Jim – get off me.

      • Kia

        Jim’s horse – THAT WAS LAME – get creative at least….

      • Kia

        talking out the horse’s a$$ are we now …. nice to see that you respect people – seeing that you must be ashamed of your given name – I’m not so DEAL WITH IT.. car company took my name – I had it first..

    • Jamie

      I will not watch anything with Jay-Z or Kanye West. They have shown two much racism in the last few months. I felt really sorry for Taylor Swift, what a great girl with a mature attitude she has had to deal with. Kanye is an uneducated idiot. Need to ban his music!!!!

    • charlene

      yes kanye is a piece of …..what a jerk. Why is he in the music business in the first place – he has no talent. He is an embarrassment to black people like myself

      • Politico Chick

        The fact that you let one man’s actions reflect emotions of an entire race means that you are an embarassment to Black people. Black people have been through much more than a rude rant by Kanye West. When was the last time you were informed of a white person being embarassed by something another white person did i.e. Lady Gaga’s ending to her performance?! Black people should stop being afraid of what the world thinks of them, because the truth is nobody cares. Kanye embarassed Kanye!

    • Bob Jones

      Enough is enough! I have had it with these mother ****** snakes on this mother ****** plane!

      • Richard

        Thats Gold!!!

    • etherweet

      dj, can i get the hook up with your label? i’m in a mostly black band and we suck as much as kanye.

    • kristy

      what a jerk….well better summed up as a “jackass”..i agree with that one!! it doesnt really matter if he did it for publicity or not. WE are not here to judge. there IS a judge for this one…and NOT on the face of THIS world. i would hope that nobody would fall for his publicity stunt & have it backfire in his face. he deserves NO recoginition for this stupid childish act!! way to go taylor….hopefully next time you will not be interrupted by pure stupidity:)

  • orville

    Why should anyone watch? It’s not like the pertinent bits won’t be played to death on the news, the entertainments shows, and I’m sure there will be clips right here on PopWatch bright and early tomorrow for those who care.

  • Cali MJ Fan

    Sorry, I LOVE Jay Leno… but I’ll start watching tomorrow. I think Jay should join Donald Trump and the rest of the music industry in boycotting all this Kanye!

  • N

    While I think what Kanye did last night was disrepectful… how do we forget so soon all the other things CELEBRITIES have done that have been disrepectful. I guess cheating on your wife/husband is a respectable trait, right? I mean come on people; jump off your high horse and stop these boycotts. Do you guys really want to get into all the RESPECTFUL (sarcastic) things Donald Trump has done? You are all so easily influenced by the media – brainwashed!

    • Retired

      I don’t forget. I do not watch anything Trump puts on. I do not watch anything Hasselhoff in on. I will not watch anything Kanye in on.

      Instead, I chose to watch Discovery or History or The Learning Channels.

  • Pathetic Kanye

    Boycotting Leno.
    Boycotting Leno’s advertisers.

  • Jamie

    BOOOOOOOOOOOO! If Leno was a stand up guy he’d keep Kanye off the air. the last thing that windbag Kanye needs is more air time. But just like the media to throw gas on a smoldering fire. Talk shows are now media, not talk shows like they used to be.

  • N

    especially you MJ fan… Michael was so respectful of little boys right???

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