This week's cover: The Beatles Invade Again!

EW-cover-1064_lWith The Beatles: Rock Band and reissues of all their albums hitting stores Sept. 9, it’s time for another Beatles revolution. This week’s Entertainment Weekly offers fans our guide to what’s new — as well as the 50 best songs the world’s greatest band ever wrote and a gallery of rare behind-the-scenes photographs.

Do you find yourself occasionally slipping into a Liverpudlian accent? Hankering after a pair of granny glasses? Arguing with your friends about the best Beatles songs of all time? Then you’ve got a condition called Beatlemania, and if you don’t want it to get worse, then stay in bed on Sept. 9: The eyes and ears of the world will once again be on the Beatles — and now their hands and larynxes will be able to join them.The reissues alone would be huge news, since the band’s albums haven’t been upgraded since their original CD release in the late ’80s. But if you’ve ever fantasized about actually playing with the Beatles, then Rock Band is equally drool-worthy. This installment of the massively popular franchise (more than $1 billion in sales and counting) lets you jam along with 45 tracks from all stages of the group’s career. It also offers previously unseen photos and never-heard audio clips of the quartet talking in the studio. Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono, and Olivia Harrison were intimately involved in putting it all together. “It’s very cool,” McCartney enthused to EW earlier this year. Now Rock Band seems set to turn an even younger generation on to the band. “I see people playing it and they look…completely funny,” says McCartney. “But I like the idea that it introduces kids to music.” Maybe Sept. 9, 2009, will soon be known as the day that the biggest band of the 20th century also became the biggest of the 21st.

For more on The Beatles, check out the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands Sept. 4.

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  • Konfide-N-Me

    UGH I can’t stand them.

    • Chris

      Well then thats too bad for you.

      • Dustin

        you….cant…stand…the…beatles? um…..are you retarded?

      • Connor

        Exactly chris.
        Take pity on them.

    • Lynette

      Then your taste in music must be really really bad

    • Marlowe32

      What are you – 12 years old? The Beatles are…were…and will ever be…the measuring stick by which any other band will ever be judged. It doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree…that is just a fact…and those of us that were lucky enough to have been around and learned about life with them and through them will always understand…and most likely like any other band that you’ve ever liked has cited The Beatles as a major influence.

    • J.

      Yeah this guys is completely retarded.

      • J.

        Greatest F-ing band of all time.

      • MiamiVice

        We Love y Beatles!!! oh yes we dooo! I get into a trance EVERYTIME i have my Beatles music playing, is totally addictive, it really is something that will never be out, not now not in the year 3000! Beatles 4 ever! 1964, i love u!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Corben C.

      just go listen to your Twilight soundtrack so more

    • wow

      ARE YOU ON CRACK? your music was inspired by the beatles. it doesnt matter wat kind of music it is, the beatles MADE it happen. ur a waste of oxygen on this earth.

    • Diane Carroll

      Anyone who cant stand The Beatles, needs to a) adjust the medication; b)start taking meds to get a grip on reality; c) realize you are so in the minority, its amazing!

    • David Willis

      Too bad! They were among the best ever; but different strokes for different folks!

    • tex

      you have serious problems

    • Tunedelicious

      Not retarded. probably just a rap lover (and we know how much THEY put into lyrics and melody…).

      • Well

        In rap’s defense, it’s actually *all* about lyrics. Maybe you need to expand *your* mind a bit.

    • boocat

      You are dumber than a spatula.

    • Stacy

      BWAH??? Even if you don’t listen to that type of music how can you not stand them??? What have they ever done to you. They gave the world a lot of great music and unlike music nowadays they will last the test of time.

    • Emily

      if you can’t stand the beatles, please 1) seek professional mental help and 2) wear tin foil on your head, so we know who you are!

    • Shawna

      Thank you, King of the Dumb Asses!

    • Bamboozle

      That sucks

    • scout

      Your loss. There are more of us out there who LOVE The Beatles and always will.

    • mitchell

      bitch!!! the beatles are better than your whole life!

  • crispy

    Poor Ringo never gets any love.

    • Mike

      Crispy, what are the Beatles doing on the cover when it should be Twilight? Twilight is bigger than Jesus!

      • Patrick

        You’re an idiot.

      • crispy

        Mike, I’m sure Twilight is next week’s cover. The director is probably releasing the footnotes to her director’s notes, or Robert Pattinson is building a really good BM.

      • Jennifer

        That’s awesome mIke. I just snorted coffee thru my nose.

      • Barry

        You’re a retard

      • wow

        yea u suck too. man, ppl these days.

      • FrankSF

        Thanks, Mike! My best laugh of the day!

      • Connor

        Guys, i’m pretty sure mike was joking. Calm down.
        But if he wasn’t joking:
        Go crawl in your crave you disgrace to mankind.

      • Diane Carroll

        Twilight sucks!

      • David Willis

        This is one of the reasons I no longer get this magazine in the mail. Too much coverage about Twilight or American Idol and not enough about other entertainment! I’m glad the Beatles are in the news this week!!!

      • Mike

        Thanks Frank and Jen, I’m glad some people got it! :-)

      • Cat

        Sheesh, am I the only one who got the reference? Good one Mike. ;)

      • Ness


      • Bamboozle

        LMAO, Twilight bigger than The Beatles, ya ok! How old are you? Or, how dumb are you?

    • erik

      What would you do if Ringo sang out of tune?

      • Stacy

        LOL good one. While I know that Paul and John wrote pretty much all of the songs it would’ve been nice to include George and Ringo. They were pretty great too!

  • Lisa Simpson

    While John is my favorite Beatle, and I love that picture of him with Paul, you really should have put all four of the lads on the cover. Yeah Yeah Yeah!

    • BruceMpls

      I’m pretty sure they only put John and Paul on the cover because the article is about the songs and John and Paul wrote almost all of the Beatles’ songs. George also wrote but usually only given one or two songs per album and while I liked his music, I don’t believe he had too many top hits.

      • Chris

        George had one top hit with the Beatles; Something.

      • JeanB


      • Red

        here comes the sun , while my guitar gently weeps those are huge songs he wrote

      • Meg

        George was my favorite…Here comes the sun is one of my all-time favorite songs.

      • Jen

        While my guitar gently weeps – one of their best songs – was George Harrison.

      • laylagalise

        George (as has been already stated) wrote some of their songs. He’s always been my favorite- both he and Ringo deserved to be on the cover (even if that photo is cute).

      • laylagalise

        *some of their best songs…

      • Kate

        I’m hoping that what we can’t see on the computer screen is a foldout cover with George and Ringo on the inside.

    • K

      It might have been a very cluttered cover if they tried to get all four on…it looks fantastic just the way it is.

      • mel

        No it is the Fab FOUR, not the Fab two. Poor choice EW.

      • kahuna

        Really? Um, it’s been done before. Sheesh.

      • Connor

        They should’ve had 4 collectible covers.
        They did it for Ryan Reynolds, why not the greatest band ever?

      • boocat

        I miss John Lennon…wonder what he’d be up to today…..

    • Chelsea

      What?! Paul and Ringo were my faves! They’re the best people ever. :D

    • Lucy (yes, that’s my real name)

      yeah, seriously, but this is one of my favorite portraits of John and Macca so I won’t complain much.

  • doopey

    Nice cover. I never realized the Beatles were a duo.

  • sina

    Like Prince said, that Rock Band game is horrible. Kids should want to learn to actually play the instrument instead of pretending to play it. Love the Beatles tho.

    • Chris

      Oh, didnt realize you couldnt do both…

    • Mike

      You should learn to actually try something before you judge it. And, stop the presses, some people can play both.

    • AJ

      Oh yeah, and they should just learn how to run around mazes and eat yellow dots, too.

    • Andrea

      Maybe they should also learn to really jump on koopas, collect the tri-force and kill aliens instead of pretending to…

      • PK

        The drums at least can teach some degree of coordination, and everything else can give you some sense of rhythm. I think that’s pretty helpful in learning an instrument.

    • Jennifer

      How many kids are learning to play instruments because they love playing this game? I bet it is more than you would think. It’s a fun game to play and it is turning kids on to so many different bands. Bands that they probably would have never discovered if this medium didn’t exsist.

      • Connor

        I agree. I got into Weezer, The Kaiser Chiefs, and Sonic Youth because of those games.

      • Mike

        Good call, Jennifer! Rock Band exponentially increased my appreciation for bands like The Who, Boston, Rush, The Cars, etc.

    • Heidi

      Slash from G&R/Velvet Revolver plays Guitar Hero. Playing these games doesn’t make you musically illiterate.

    • Rusty

      hmm i tried to learn the real thing but i couldnt find the green button

    • David Willis

      I’m just happy that the Rock Band series is helping to introduce more young people to great music!!!

  • EF

    Hey, where’s the fall TV preview issue?

    • David Willis

      That would be in TV Guide magazine

    • js

      Sorry Beatles, what a letdown to see that cover when I was expecting a big fat double issue.

  • Elizabeth

    I’m actually more excited about the reissues than the video game, but its 2009 and I should get hep to what the kids like, I suppose.

    And yes – George & Ringo should be on there too!

  • Mary Q. Contrary

    I love the Beatles, and didn’t growing up. My husband bought me Sgt. Pepper and Revolver on vinyl for my birthday one year, and I’ve been a goner ever since. George Harrison is by far my favorite Beatle, and I am incredibly disheartened to see only John and Paul on your cover. Not just because I’m a GH fan, but because I think you’re discrediting the influence and creativity that both he and Ringo brought to the group. Of all the current and former rock n roll bands ever, The Beatles most deserve the right to be pictured as a complete whole, rather than a fractured piece of themselves. Only showing Paul and John reinforces the unfortunately popular idea that it was right for them to break up, because the two of them were bigger than the band as a whole. Which is so untrue. Name one album of either John Lennon’s or Paul McCartney’s (and Wings) that has the same selling power and notoriety as any one of the Beatles’. That’s what I thought.

    • miche

      Well, Lennon’s “Imagine” and McCartney’s “Band on the Run” are pretty famous (though I prefer McCartney’s “Ram,” myself) but you’re right, those CDs are no where near as famous as any Beatles record. I LOVE this photo of John and Paul, and Paul is my personal favorite, followed by John, but I do agree that all 4 should have been pictured. Perhaps EW did this to stir a bit of controversy and attract comments.

    • Connor

      John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band is one of the most acclaimed albums of all time, and is arguably better than many beatles albums. Same with “Imagine” and “Ram” (slightly less with ram)

      • miche

        Personally I don’t think “Imagine” holds up that well. Has anyone listened to it lately? It sounds dated, perhaps thanks to Phil Spector. But “Ram,” which continues to be vastly under-appreciated by snooty critics, sounds amazing, like it was just recorded. I do think more people are starting to appreciate it. (I read one review that called “Ram” the “first indie album.”) Listening to it now, almost 40 years later, it sounds fresh, strange, and gorgeous. Just like Paul. I wonder if he would have recorded more albums like it had he not been so attacked by critics who seemed bound to hate anything he did because they preferred their rock stars to be “angry” and ranting like John Lennon.

      • Mary Q. Contrary

        You misunderstood me. I wasn’t trying to imply that Paul and John weren’t commercially or musically successful on their own. I was just making the point, and I think most will agree with me on this, that all four men were much better as a whole unit. Their minds worked well together, and produced some of my favorite music. I’m 24 years old, and mostly listen to indie rock and subversive “new” stuff. My top five bands of all time include The Beatles. “Ram” is a great album, and I agree very groundbreaking. But, I would still rather listen to Abbey Road or The White Album on repeat for the rest of my life than have to live without them. I don’t feel that way about any of the four member’s solo endeavors.

  • John R.

    There were four of them, you know…

  • Crystal

    While I agree that all four Beatles should be on the cover….that photo is hot enough to put all the rock guys out there right now to utter shame. If you excuse me, I have some drooling to do. Mmmm….pretty.

    • miche

      They’re stunningly beautiful, aren’t they?

      • Shawna

        I love this photo ’cause it’s artistic, just like the Beatles themselves were. I hate those early ’60s shots where they’re holding umbrellas, etc. It makes them look ridiculous, and that’s something the Beatles were NOT!!!

    • Lisa Simpson

      No argument there from me.

      • Amy


    • Kisha

      I total agreement with you. I have been watching a lot of The Beatles videos on Youtube lately and have been drooling over the guys. George was my personal favorite but they were all handsome.

  • Mr.H

    In commemeration of this Beatles revival I am on a one month Beatles only fast. if you would like to follow me on my quest check out my blog

  • Nelson

    The Beatles were pretty much a paradigm shift for rock music of any kind… before them it was pretty much the exception rather than the rule that rock musicians wrote and played all their own songs for example. The classic structure of the songs, the flowing melodies and elegant chord sequences have been covered, copied and dissected to death.

    Prince lists the Beatles as one of his influences and covers Beatles songs regularly in concert.

  • The Walrus

    Come on EW! No George or Ringo? What a joke! Why don’t you go back to covering vampires and let the real magazines take care of The Beatles.

  • Tom

    And Your Bird Can Sing is their best song – fact! And Revolver is their best album – also fact!

    • Lisa Simpson

      Actually, that’s opinion. Love them both, but “Ticket to Ride” is my favorite song and the album depends on my mood.

      • Tom

        Nope, fact. Go back and freeze-frame that first equation that Matt Damon works in “Good Will Hunting” and you will see also.

    • Marlowe32

      Excellent choice, Tom. Possibly my favorite as well – been trying to perfect that guitar riff for years and still can’t come close to John and George’s twin riff on that one.

      • miche

        Paul played lead guitar on this song (and bass). George played 12-string electric guitar. John played rhythm guitar on this.

      • Shawna

        Not to mention Paul’s bass line, jumping all over the place like a completely separate melody. Amazing.

    • Shawna

      THANK YOU, Tom!! I’ve always thought that “And Your Bird Can Sing” was waaaaaay underrated. That guitar riff is just awesome!

  • JeanB

    The perfect cover to honor a dynamic writing/composing team.

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