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'Sesame Street' takes on 'Mad Men'

The long-anticipated Mad Men bit on Sesame Street is finally making its debut:

Alas, no Joan or Peggy, but “good work, sycophants” is so on-the-nose I’m going to die.

I declare this a successful Muppet adaptation. Are you with me, PopWatchers?

Jessica Alba 'Meets the Fockers': Le sigh

As we reported earlier today, Jessica Alba is set to join the third installment of the Meet the Parents series. What’s that I hear? A collective groan? I couldn’t agree more.

Considering Alba’s career choices as of late (i.e. The Love Guru and Good Luck Chuck), I can’t imagine she’ll be bringing in the laughs. It’s a risky move for a film that has already has high chances of becoming an epic fail, though not in the box office sense. No, it’ll probably fare well in that department. But, judging by the slapstick route the sequel, Meet the Fockers, took, I doubt this three-quel will be as sharp and so-awkward-it’s-funny as the original.

Need a refresher? Here’s a 30-second version of Fockers (the way it should’ve been made, if at all):

So PopWatchers, what do you think of Alba’s casting? And how do you think this sequel of a sequel will fare?

'Grey's Anatomy' picks up 'Everwood' alum

Sarah Drew is set to scrub in on Grey’s Anatomy, apparently as one of the Mercy West docs heading to Seattle Grace thanks to the merger. Drew, best known as the awesomely uptight Hannah from Everwood and as Kitty (Salvatore’s wife) on Mad Men, is venturing back to the Shonda-verse after a stint on Private Practice last season.

I’m wild about Drew and hope she can make the leap to Grey’s regular — she has the emotional eyebrow-cock thing down like nobody’s business, and she might be just the actress to get me back into the show. Seriously, watch the cry/smile at the very end of this. It belongs at Seattle Grace:

But! Where are all the dudes, Grey’s Anatomy? Where is the romantic subplotting and the scheming and the will they/won’t they? Everyone’s all coupled up, and I miss the romantic relationship shenanigans that brightened the often freakishly sad patient stories.

What say you, PopWatchers? Do you miss the sexytimes tension as much as I do?

Lauren Conrad's book heading for the silver screen

Lauren-Conrad_lFirst Lauren Conrad was a regular high school student. Then Laguna Beach made her a reality star — and then The Hills made her a “reality” star. Next came L.A. Candy, her best-selling YA novel about a teen-turned–reality starlet, and now, through the great, squealing beast of a machine we call show business, L.A. Candy is being turned into a film. There is no spoon, you guys, nor apparently an end to our fascination with one Ms. Lauren Conrad.

Topics far less interesting than the artificiality of manufactured reality and celebrity have been turned into movies: for example, sports events. But I’m curious how even a filmmaking master will be able to turn my favorite part of the book into a compelling scene: “Scarlett poured a cup of coffee, black, into her favorite mug, which said: COGITO, ERGO SUM, her favorite saying by her favorite philosopher, Rene Descartes.” Well? I’m hoping Darren Aronofsky takes this on and turns it into a bizarre meditation on the nature of voyeurism and fame. Dream big, etc etc.

Seriously, though, PopWatchers, I will totally see this movie. Will you?

Photo credit: Chris Hatcher/PR Photos

Paul Shaffer: Slipping F-- words into 'SNL' way before Jenny Slate

Paul-Shaffer_lNobody would want to be poor Jenny Slate, tripping on an F-bomb on her very first Saturday Night Live episode. But she’s in good company: Paul Shaffer thought his TV career was over when he committed a very similar gaffe, subbing a “f—ing” for a “flogging” in a Medieval-themed 1980 sketch, the first such utterance in SNL history. “It went really well in the dress rehearsal,” says Shaffer, who details the incident in his forthcoming memoir We’ll Be Here for the Rest of Our Lives. “So well that I added extra ‘flogging’s until there was finally just a totally slip. I went white. When it was over, Lorne Michaels came up and said, ‘You broke down the last barrier.’” Of course, Shaffer managed to go on to a robust career as Letterman’s longtime bandleader, so Slate could very well be just fine (unlike the more unfortunate circumstances of Charles Rocket and, to a lesser extent, Norm MacDonald). “When you put someone on live TV, you are trusting them,” Shaffer says. “In her case it was obvious she did not betray that trust on purpose. It wasn’t like I was trying to get noticed by yelling out an obscenity, and I don’t think she was either.”

Photo Credit: Mark Dye/PR Photos

Emmy Rossum and Zach Gilford: Double 'Dare'

OMG Matt Saracen what is going on!? The trailer for Dare, starring Emmy Rossum, Zach Gilford, Ashley Springer, Ana Gasteyer, Sandra Bernhard, and Alan Cumming, is now online, and as far as teen-sexuality-coming-of-age stories go, it looks good!

(But seriously, Matt Saracen, go back to Julie.)

I don’t know if I can wrap my brain around Gilford as a bad boy, but I am willing to try. What do you think, PopWatchers? Truth or Dare?

TLC's 'King of the Crown': Meet beauty pageant expert Cy Frakes

Tonight TLC debuts its reality series King of the Crown at 9 p.m., starring beauty pageant expert Cy Frakes. The 12-episode series follows Frakes and his team at the Columbia, S.C.-based Gowns and Crowns as they work their pageant magic on various young women. One of their clients is Caitlin Upton, the 2007 Miss Teen USA contestant whose geography answer became a YouTube sensation, who shows up in tonight’s premiere. The fabulous and funny Frakes stopped by EW’s offices for a chat about business, beauty, and butt glue..yes, butt glue.

EW: How did you become an expert in beauty pageants?

FRAKES: I’ve been in the pageant business for 23 years. I think it’s just been kind of a metamorphosis over time. I directed pageants and then I produced them and then I was an emcee. And for a long time I was a judge. Over the years, I saw the girls changed but the mistakes they were making didn’t. I decided I could help these girls be better and stronger contestants.


Clip du jour: Bert and Ernie get lost in translation

It’s one thing to ape Madonna videos or replace Tony Soprano with a restless Yakuza don. But certain cultural icons should be considered off-limits; and Bert and Ernie exist well inside that no-fly-zone. I know this because I’ve seldom felt evil breathing down my neck the way I did while watching this wackadoodle Japanese spoof on Sesame Street‘s answer to the odd couple.

When I was a kid, watching Sesame Street in its first season on the air, Bert and Ernie inhabited the safest, coziest bedroom I could imagine. They were not shrill Benny Hills in clown makeup talking about touching “female staff’s butt.” The other crime, as you can probably tell, is one against comedy.  It makes me so angry, I want some kind of revenge, but that’s impossible since I adore japanimation, especially the fanciful poetic stuff for kids, like My Neighbor Totoro and Ponyo by Hayao Miyazaki. How about you, PopWatchers — What’s in your cultural do-not-fly zone? And is there anyone out there who finds this Bert and Ernie bit funny, intentionally or not? If so, please translate.

Older actors playing young: Have you been fooled?

If you’ve been watching the new season of 90210, then you’ve probably noticed Beverly Hills’ newest piece of eye candy, Teddy Montgomery, played by Days of Our Lives hunk Trevor Donovan (even his real name sounds like a soap name). Besides edging in on Navid and Adrianna’s love life, West Bev’s new guy is also entangled in Annie’s hit-and-run mess and will probably get even more involved, if last night’s episode was any indication.

A few weeks in and he’s already deep into the high school drama, which seems pretty standard for a former soap actor, but a quick IMDB search revealed that Donovan is way too old for these school time shenanigans. He’s 30 years old–turning 31 on Oct. 11!

I know older actors go young all the time (Gabrielle Cateris was 29 when the original 90210 debuted), but Donovan’s example sticks out to me. Perhaps it’s because he was locking lips with a not-even-21-yet Jessica Lowndes on last night’s episode, or maybe it’s because he looks so obviously more grown-up (see: chiseled looks) than the rest of the cast.

Either way, it makes me wonder how these 30-somethings like being around younger actors. Do they feel totally superior to their presumably less-experienced counterparts, or does it not matter, because it’s Hollywood, where youth is king anyway?

Have you noticed Teddy’s older-than-thou looks? Who are some other older actors who’ve played young? Which were believable and which were so bad they took you out of the  story?

Photo: Jaimie Trueblood/The CW

'The Vampire Diaries' This or That: Is the leading vamp Stefan or Damon?

Vampire-Diaries_lLike millions of others out there, EW’s resident vampire-obsessor Mandi Bierly and I have been swooning over The CW’s The Vampire Diaries since it launched just a few weeks back. Love the dark moody nature, the little details, like the fact that the town is called Mystic Falls (spooky!), and just the general creepiness of it all!

But folks, my heart is struggling with this quandary: Stefan or Damon? Yes, I’m asking you to weigh in on yet another very frivolous question in EW’s fledgling ‘This or That’ series.

I love both Stefan (Paul Wesley, left) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder, right), but for different reasons. Stefan, of course, because he’s that good-guy vampire (a Bill type from True Blood, if you will) who wants to have a normal life and find love. He’s earnest and sweet. And that face, those eyes! He’s too damn cute.

And then there’s Damon, the bad-guy vampire (an Eric type from True Blood, if you will) who steams up the screen when he’s there — not just because he’s hot, but because he’s kinda nasty and mean, too.

Cute vs. hot. Sweet vs. nasty. Stefan vs. Damon. I’m totally on Team Stefan, if only for those adorable, shadowy little crinkles at the corners of his lips. PopWatchers, who do you choose? Vote in the poll below and sound off in the comments section, too!

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