'District 9' sequel seems inevitable

district-9-sequel_lLike lots of you, I saw District 9 this weekend, and while I was not quite as gung-ho about it as everyone else seemed to be, there’s no way around the fact that D9 is destined for a sequel, ASAP. The rest of this post contains spoilers, so if you don’t know your prawns from your pieholes, perhaps save this to read at a later date.

So: Part Two. I mean, duh, right? Director Neill Blomkamp told us he’d be up for it, saying “I would do anything to go back to the world of District 9 again. Or District 10.” Well, as long as you mentioned it, Neill…

D9 sets up its sequel perfectly: Christopher (which seems like his slave name; I wish I knew what he called himself) says he’ll be back in three Earth years, so, ta-da! I’m hoping Wikus would then have to decide if he even wants to change back into his human body — maybe at that point humanity will seem so depraved and cruel he won’t want to reenter the species. (And perhaps Tania will want to go Shrek-style and transform into an alien body as well, thus reuniting the pair. I’m just spitballing here.)

I’m also curious how D9 (or 10) feels from an alien perspective because so much of the movie focused on how it looked to outsiders: violent, chaotic, and brutal. But we know there’s platonic and parental love, that there’s individuation and expressions of identity (see: Christopher’s red vest), and some pretty sophisticated science. What’s the atmosphere like on the inside? Is there a social justice movement afoot? Native alien culture? Despite the rampant xenophobia, is there an assimilation faction? Yeah, the alien weapons are cool and everything, and presumably the MNU-led arms race would continue in D10, but that’s by far the least interesting part of the story to me. I’m assuming this traces back to a BSG obsession, but maybe I’m just a lover and not a fighter.

What would you want to see in a sequel to District 9, PopWatchers?

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  • PeterBilt The Nature Boy

    Vanessa Hudgens, Megan Fox and me=Greatest movie ever made

    • Bryan

      Agreed. lol

  • paige

    the alien with the bra was hysterical

    • blogfester

      Yes… Indeed… It was filled with madness while running around wearing the bra.

  • The Dude

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I expect what we’ll see in a sequel is a total sell out, the prawns will find ways to breed and end up turning the movie into a cheap rip off of Aliens with the prawns essentially overrunning the human population. Justice or cheap excuse for lots of explosions?

    What I’d like to see is something more along the lines of Chris returns home to find that his homeworld has abandoned him and his brethren leaving it up to him to do anything about the situation. More of an isolation story about being abandoned by your own people, basically echoing the District 9 story just from the Prawns perspective instead of the human one.

    • The Dude

      The dude– agree that it would cheapen the whole thing, but I would like to point out to you that they’ve already been breeding. The final number in district 10 at the end of the movie was much higher than the total in the beginning.

      • irvin

        the population had risen to 2,500 and rising, Christopher is returning to earth not expecting so many maybe, but alot for than what we are told at the end.
        Either way i think both parts will somehow be worked into the movie. Well thats what i think

      • Alex

        It was 2.5 million prawns in District 10. Originally, about 1.8 million were residents of District 9 before the evictions began.

        Also, people need to stop picking about the smallest details. It sci-fi. Suspend belief a little. This movie shouldn’t be nitpicked in that regard. But its themes should. This movie is just sheer brilliance, through and through. I want it to get one of those (ridiculous) 10 Best Picture noms come February. Fingers crossed.

  • Minvike

    I want to know two things:
    1. How did the humans understand Prawn language and vice-versa? I am assuming they just chalk it up to spending 20 yrs together and learning to understnad each other – fine I can accept that BUT
    2. If the ship was out of fuel with no way to power it up or do anything, HOW WAS IT ABLE TO FLOAT OVER THE CITY FOR 20 YEARS?!?!?!?!

    • frankie says relax

      it’s sci-fi, chill out

      • Sally in Chicago

        If anyone remembers the Matrix, there was so much of “what about this? and what happened to that? and how did that happen?” but it was an entertaining thrilling sci-fi movie.

      • Minvike

        Just b/c it is sci-fi, doesn’t mean it can’t be intelligent. And for the most part, it was VERY intelligent and well written. And b/c it was so well written, it made those two glaring omissions (IMO) stand out that much more. Especially when both questions could have easily been addressed with a throw-away line or two.
        As for the Matrix: Yes a lot of people had a lot of questions after they saw it, but that was only b/c they didn’t understand it. All of the questions people had about the movie WERE ANSWERED in the movie (the original that is). Some people just couldn’t comprehend it. The two questions I had for D9 were never addressed (at least that I noticed on 1 viewing).
        True, sci-fi doesn’t always have to make sense. But GOOD sci-fi does.

    • The Dude

      Some things were left out on purpose. We weren’t told why the weapons wouldn’t fire for humans, it was speculated but no real reason was given. The bottom line is that we don’t understand their technology so why would they waste time trying to explain something that wouldn’t further the story along at all?

      • Steve

        They explained the weapons – it was biological! What more explanation was required? Seems like a safeway to safeguard the prawn’s pets or whatever, no other lifeform can operate the weapons and accidentally blow their heads off.

      • Blia

        They did mention in the movie that the alien weapons will only work with the Prawns DNA…. It went by so quickly so watching it again may answer some questions…

      • The Dude

        To Steve and Blia:
        They speculated that the weapons were somehow linked to biotechnology of some sort but they really didn’t know. If they knew how it was done they could have found a way to circumvent it. So again if they couldn’t figure out the weapons why would they waste time trying to figure out the much more complex ship?

      • moonwalker

        hei,the alien weaponry is made like that due to they have been to war against other aliens so weapons not can be used against them on batle filed,very smart,human tech is also going this direction but we still not have made it,but there have been talk about making weapons for fingerprints to make them start,thats a litle off samesame school.Chris is high up in chain command,he is not just captain he is not research he is military,they maybee just have been to war and was on way home.look at the details in film,its there.I want to jump litle to reality,planet earth have had visitors many times,if universe reflect earth a litle then 60 percent off alines are predator asses and we should serously stop screaming out in space,or send things about our selves that can be used against us,iff we have had visitors then its the good aliens and we are extremly lucky and when our culture will accept others then they will appera,because they not want to be gods,even though they have pretended be4 for making human progress,they want friends and allies,nd maybee its even humans but way out in evolution,maybee they even made asteroid crash for 65 million years ago because this earth was filled with predators and no way intelligence can survive,then they bombarded it with all they have.when we can make brain transplant with stemm cells we will have more lives and designer bodies and age will climb to many lives and distance in space will shrink,please,2012 its not the end.when we start this evolution kicks in and we go to be the mental human and we can be children off the stars.Its not the end,its just the beginning,our generation have 80 percent chance in becoming the first extremly old planetwalkers.Have nice life all,and remeber it life thats important,only this.
        bye from ex military

    • Steve

      No-one said the ship was out of fuel, but their ship which could activate the tractor beam was out of fuel and they required the fluid to boot up their miniship.

    • Amy

      Good questions!

      -Also, Christopher was clearly NOT like the other prawns — who exactly was he? What was the heir achy?

      -Did all the other prawns know that Christopher was coming back in 3 yrs? Why weren’t they more upset the ship was leaving without them?

      -I wanna see that Father-in-law get his! The director kept him alive for a reason.

      • Blia

        Amy, you raised some interesting question that I didn’t think about!! I did forget about the father-in-law. He most definitely will be in the sequel! I can’t wait! I hope they do make it right away. I can’t wait two or three years!

      • lizzz


        i want it to come out soon too but remember, rushing is not conducive to good work!

    • burke

      “if the ship was out of fuel with no way to power it up or do anything, HOW WAS IT ABLE TO FLOAT OVER THE CITY FOR 20 YEARS?!?!?!?!”

      The ship was out of fuel but not out of power. Think of it like a car. A car has a battery and gas. If the car runs out of gas it can not go from point A to B but the battery will still work so the lights, the radio, and so on will all still work. Same thing with the ship it could hover and use the computers but it just could not travel anywhere without fuel.

    • Walley

      Solar panels or other internal power for the basics and the mothership could be more like a cargo trailer and the smaller craft the semi-rig. The Fuel was for the semi’s engine.

      • Xenobiologista

        I seriously don’t think that liquid was fuel at all. If it was just a chemical source of chemical like petrol/gasoline how do you explain it turning Wikus into an alien? And the volume of it is way too small to power even the command module unless you’re talking about nuclear fusion. I think it’s a biological/nanotech fluid that either transports or contains data that’s necessary for the ship computers to work, similar to how the weapons only work when operated by an alien.

    • ForestOfBlasphemy

      Because it doesn’t need fuel for anti-gravity

    • Tex

      I believe the ship was basically abandoned after the humans forced their way in. Brought all the prawns down to D-9. With that being said – that’s why the ship was stationary, no one to operate it. It probably wasn’t out of fuel, there just wasn’t enough for them to leave earth and head back home, which is why he needed the fuel it took 20 years to get.

    • EricTetz

      “1. How did the humans understand Prawn language and vice-versa?”

      I don’t think you can justify that. There might be a handful of humans and aliens who had bothered to learn each other’s languages, but it certainly wouldn’t be everyone. I think those are one of those things that you simply have to grant to facilitate story telling.

      “If the ship was out of fuel with no way to power it up or do anything, HOW WAS IT ABLE TO FLOAT OVER THE CITY FOR 20 YEARS?!?!?!?!”

      Anti-gravity requires very little fuel, or a different kind of fuel, while interstellar jumps require much more. Duh. ^_^

      • Kyle

        If you remember in one scene where Christopher said it would take 3 years to turn the main human back into human. He said: “Wait how many clicks was that? I thought you just said 3 years.” So I imagine they learned their language by the prawns clicks like brail but with voice. And you can tell they still have trouble understanding.

      • Corin

        I’m pretty sure that learning an alien language would the same as learning an ‘alien’ language on earth. Its just a matter of communicating, if both species understand english/prawn language then they can communicate in each others languages. – certainly not everyone understands it though.

    • Byrd

      Wally’s probably the most correct on the fuel / mothership question. Without the command module, the ship would just hover in default mode – like a trailer without the semi to haul it around. It wasn’t “out” of fuel – it was scattered when the command module fell, which is why they were able to collect it. The real question isn’t the fuel, but WHY the command module / semi fell to earth from the mothership / trailer – good grist for a sequel as well.

    • Will

      I think that the mothership wasn’t out of fuel, it’s just that it couldn’t be flown away because of the piece that detached. So once Chris is able to connect that missing piece that fell off, he can control the ship.

      • moonwalker

        okay,ready for some real high tech now.
        The ufo is the best wessel for inerty free flying if made correct it can move any direction instantly,you make center core off fusion reactor and make chnnels in top and bottom,and 4-6 to the outer rings,then just open the channel and ufo fly any direction,please understand these types off wessels are not research they are not turists,its military wessels else there would be no need for instant movement in any direction,iff you have fusion core then you also need to make magnetic fields for protection in space like a planet but also for using to make anti gravity on planets,its not so hard to make we can do samesame,almost,these engines can run in eternity,but like in districh nine fucion engines have their limits so maybee this is some sort off antimatter they make and they use this for main propulsion to max speed,so it can fly,but need this to fly really really fast.hope you understand that this is the direction we go on planet earth,they have already learned this to us by showing their wessels.
        Wee humans are so lucky,more than we think.

    • Kimchi

      The little alien used a relay to beam up the ship, since it happened to crash land right underneath it. Remember that the little guy is often underestimated throughout the movie, and it is shown he can fix things.

      • Kyle

        No, remember the mothership moves a bit before the tractor beam.

      • moonwalker

        think off this,todays fusions cores are made from hudrogen and think what happens iff you make core off something that can take antimatter and you pump this in the fusion core,then it go ballistic and the propulsion will climb form using ordinary fusion propulsion to fusion core antimatter propulsion,i dont know how close you get to light speed,because not even researchers today know about these things i invent,ive seen planes for ufos and many other technolgy,i usely laugh off the low level off vison in them.theres only 1 plan made he is british and this design is a super joke,its more a scam to make people belive that we not know,but we doo,he make fusion core only in bottom and designs like these or others are just made for make people go wrong way.
        High tech is secret,and there will always be manipulations out there.

    • Tony Tran

      I’ve got an answer for your second question: “If the ship was out of fuel with no way to power it up or do anything, HOW WAS IT ABLE TO FLOAT OVER THE CITY FOR 20 YEARS?!?!?!?!”
      – Do you remember the 3 prawns digging up heaps of trash to find that one machinery part just to get the fuel out of it? This connects to the incident where they filmed something falling off of the mothership. The piece was small, yet contained enough full to power up the mini-aircraft. So, therefore, the ship was practically made of fuel.
      – My question is…How did the Suit get powered up? Possible that there was fuel in it already… -

      • Corin

        uhh.. the mini-aircraft was what fell off the mothership before, remember when Wikus said “you’ve been hiding it down here for 20 years?!” The fuel could have come from various machineries that came from the Prawns living in District 9. As for the suit it would obviously require less power than the mothership, as the fuel for the mini-craft was also used to power the mothership (which is why he said he can’t fix him now he needs to use the fuel to get home).

      • Kyle f

        Yeah there was probably already fuel in it, which just stayed there because the humans that posessed it couldn’t use it

    • Zacktastic

      For the most part, it was an intelligent script. I have a solution to the hovering space ship with no fuel… It needed fuel to be able to get out of earth’s atmosphere, and according to Newton’s Law(s) of motion, an object at rest stays at rest… so the aliens must have known a way to negate all forces such as gravity and centripetal force to keep it in accordance to Newton. And the aliens must also known about wireless electricity (see TESLA) and possibly used our atmosphere like an AC current to negate the gravitational forces….

      Now that’s sci-fi, boring… but still..

    • dave

      remember the aliens plugged into the ground

    • R

      The big ship may not have been out of fuel, it just didn’t move because the command module fell out, and the command module was out of fuel and unable to oiperate the mothership

    • Kyle f

      Maybe the alien ship defies gravity at any state. This would mean that it can’t move anywhere unless fueled, but it still will remain where it is

    • Butter

      Maybe that is just how the ship works — it just hovers when it is in “park” mode and can never really land. Passengers probably have to shuttle back and forth using smaller vehicles, kind of like a big ship that cannot really dock very near the harbor because the water is too shallow. You think that makes sense?

    • Dave

      Actually at the beginning it showed that the prawn understood us, not visa versa. Wikkus only started to understand after the transformation started. Could be a form of genetic memory common in crustacean and insect life.

    • J.M. Sullivan

      I’m sure this is coming a bit late, as I didn’t get to see the film in theatres, but to answer your question anyway: The mother ship was not out of fuel. Just the small transport ship (to reach the mother ship) was out of fuel. And as for the language thing; after 20 years they only seemed to understand bits and pieces of what was being said. There was no fluency anywhere.
      Again, I apologize for this coming so late, but I felt compelled to answer.

    • Willie

      The mothership was not out of fuel. Perhaps due to advanced technology it was in hibernation mode. The small ship buried under shack was out of fuel. They needed the smaller ship to reach the mothership. How else would they have been able to reach the ship since they were like slaves in a concentration camp?

    • Willie

      After two decades I assumed that because of the interaction between humans and aliens they were able to learn each other dialect. That part to me was simple to understand.

    • srk2040

      I don’t think the movie said the alien ship ran out of fuel, they just said the alien were in bad condition without food and medicine. So I’m guessing they ran out of food and since no food can’t go anywhere. Probably lacking any type of star trek replication technology.

  • Yo Bee

    NONONONONONONONONONO!!! Just fine the way is.

  • Yo Bee

    Now that I think about it…… Still no. Good Science Fiction should leave you thinking and wondering. It would be a total sell out as stated earlier. I am sick of these sci-fi movies that are all wrapped up in a little package ala Speilberg’s Monority Report. Great story great idea, then it gets closure within the last 15 minutes. Just like Vanilla Ice going Platnium – ridiculous.

    • Sally in Chicago

      I kind of agree. Look what happened to the Matrix.

      • t3hdow

        The Animatrix shorts were actually kind of cool, and managed to expand the scope of the original movie without weakening the core story. Unfortunately, the same can’t be stated towards the sequels.
        I hope the District 9 sequel aims more towards Animatrix quality, since the follow up is inevitable at this point.

    • Dave

      The problem with writing is trying to close. Its better to leave people guessing and coming up with their own ideal endings. Very few people are ever satisfied with the ending given to us, as it is never the one we want to see. Kudos, if he can resist the monetary pull of closure and just move on to the topics that can be addressed with such an unique idea. So many views to be explored yet.

  • CH

    Sigh. I was afraid of this. Sequels so rarely match their predecessors, and this was such a brilliant movie. A friend and I were lamenting the inevitability of this earlier; talking via email, I noted, “Just watch: Christopher Johnson will suddenly have an interspecies love interest with Megan Fox while the president (played by Dennis Quaid or Vin Diesel) tries to push him back to where he came from.” My friend took it a step further, arguing it would be like ‘Transformers 2′ in that “Chris Tucker will voice one of the sassy-talking aliens who has learned to talk by watching TV reruns.”
    We should just brace ourselves.

    • Maes Hughes

      THe difference here is that Transformers could have ended and been completed. District 9 is open-ended and ready for a sequel. Christopher’s promise to come back in three years as well as Wikus continuing to leave presents for his wife show that there are many issues left unresolved. Also, 2.5 million Prawns are still stranded on Earth.

      • Dave

        True, but the writer said that this was a stand-alone story. He wants to return to the universe, but has no plans on it involving Christopher or Wikkus.

  • Season

    The question is what happens to Wikus when he’s turned back into a human. He’s considered a traitor and a terrorist. He’s actually safer staying an alien.

    • Blia

      Hmm… never thought about Wikus being safer as an alien.

      • Maes Hughes

        I still think he would change back, even if he had to run from his own people. He wants to be with his wife, and since his emotions seem to run him, he would probably change before thinking about it anyways and take the consequences later.

    • bryan lawrence

      but remember he could be vindicated because his former co-worker is awaiting trial for unconering mnu’s plot…which was illegal.

  • Irina

    I think it is possible that cure for Wikus will be cure for the rest of “aliens”. Think about it, they were found in very poor condition on the ship – perhaps their own planet took all infected human species and sent them off to space to die hoping to survive that way. They ended up on Earth, Christopher is going back “to save his people”. I think it is possible “prowns” did look similar to Wikus before he contracted the infection.

    • Abby

      the aliens were starving, not infected with a disease

      • Bryan

        then why were they even brought down to Earth when we could have just dropped food to their ship?

  • sara

    I was just talking about how I couldn’t understand how they could understand eachother. I wouldn’t be able to understand the mumbles and grumbles of alien language, it’s so weird-sounding. Maybe only the MNU employees could understand like Wikus. I liked the ending how they showed Wikus as a alien making things for his wife…very cute in a weird way

    • Maes Hughes

      Think of how we came to know the native americans’ languages. We may not have communicated well right off, but well enough to learn what each of us is saying to the other

      • Tee

        the thing is wikus didnt understand chris at first. When he was issueing the eviction to chris, chris was talking very educated to him and asking why was he being evicted. Wikus was talking as though he felt chris was just simple and was just basically arguing with him for harrasment

  • drew

    I would imagine the sequel would be about punishing the human race, or at least the governmetn that allowed the atrocities to happen in the first place. There could be some really good social commentary to mine from this premise. Plus, more humans popping like water balloons.

  • Gurudatta

    I would like to see Christopher come back for Wikus and for the rest of the prawns. The prawns return but this time but they seek revenge on the humans. The fate of humanity will depend upon Wikus working with the prawns to not kill the humans. As the only human-prawn succesful transformation he is the key to the human destiny.

    Also how about the possibility that Christopher comes back and decides to transform all humans into prawns. Then Wikus must try to stop the prawns.

    When Christopher returns District 10 would be no better than District 9. The MNU is destroyed but another organization has taken over, no better than the MNU. They continue their illegal gentic tests on the prawns. They eventually succesfully find a way to transform a human into a prawn. But there goal instead of weapon control is to create the “Queen B”. To manipulate all the prawns for financial gain and use then for warfare. A human controlled prawn army to take over the world.

    Let me know what you think.

    • Bryan

      I’d rather see Predators come down and take them all on.

      • Parker

        I agree with the Predator idea.

      • moonwalker

        they were returning from war against another xenofobia alien race,thats why the weapons only can be used by them selves.I hope that the alines that they were fighting against come to earth and attack uss,and then chris returns with another alien armada and they start to help humans anyway because actually we took them all down and gave them possibillity off survival an intelligant race would take this in mind.But then we have humans under sige from scary mary alien race and humans now get help so we get massive alien war on planet earth.Chris`s alien friends bombard earth with huge secerity domes over citys and we have alien space wars and humans and all,all over,this is more en epic than just a sequel.

    • Blia

      Ooo…. lots of cool ideas for the sequel. I do however want more action! More ships fighting! More alien guns! But that would be cool if they were able to transform humans into prawns and use those prawns for warfare to rule the world!!!

      • moonwalker

        just think off the movie where humans and prawns stand side by side and fight against the most scary creature in the universe,something like from alien 1 movie,think off all the heroic and all they can make on scenes,it would be a god movie i think,and humans would get to respect others more than just from their looks,because iff they were fighting the most scary creatures,then they are not just dum animals,we all just have diffrent ways and need to try work things out,for all.like in reality.
        Chris is not just military captain,he is some sort off higher up more like nobles,nobody nag him even though they all know he is boss,nobody salute him,nothing,he is super high in chain command,look also how his kid are allowed and hwo he from small already know their tech ,these types are samesame as our old knights familys and our children form high class.okay due to human progress,now this is almost everyone that knows how things work a litle,so actually our civilisation is more progressed than theirs and they have had more difficultys and it have taking more time to get to high tech,due to the lack off middleclass or middle structeres.the social structures dont se harsc all prawns have extremly free will they have noo whip or anything they tlak and have nothing to pin them down,i guess most off them are man and not many girls,but they have,so its more like a litle old barbaric structures with high level off freedom for all,but still extremly high respect for the leaders,so much that they dont say or do anything to make things bad,all have high understanding off their place off being.

  • Bryan

    Neill Blomkamp said he was waiting to pen a sequel if the movie did well? That’s a little troubling. District 9 didn’t impress me nearly as much. It’s The Fly meets Cloverfield meets a mediocre plot at best. Why didn’t Christopher just drop a ton of alien weapons down to his alien brothers still stuck on Earth? Why didn’t he use the tractor beam to care ANYONE else along with him. 3 years? That means the craft is traveling faster then light…so how could they not have planned to carry extra fuel with them to begin with if they were making a trip that long in the first place. Oh..and why is it in the trailer we see one of the aliens getting interrogated and that clip NEVER shows up in the movie. That’s classic bait and switch, and NO it’s not cool. The movie isn’t horrible, but it’s definitely not Groundbreaking. I could have written something better.

    • Skip

      Okay Brian put your money where your mouth is. I want to read a screen play written by you that is better than district 9. You can’t because if you could than you’d be doing that for a living instead you make asinine comments about how tallented you are without ever intending to back up your claim, so lets see you write a screen play better than District 9.

      • Bryan

        I’m already working on it sir…I just need someone like Peter Jackson to fund me. LOL

      • Skip

        I won’t hold my breath. As the closest that you will probably ever get in to the movie business is complaining about them at places like this.

      • Bryan

        Hmm…you should see my website sometime. USATODAY had some nice thigns say about me and what I think about Hollywood. lol But I’m not going to stoop to plugging myself on EW’s site.

      • Skip

        I wanna see your web sight just so I can see first hand what a literary genius that you are. What’s your web sight called partypooper.com

      • Eddie

        yeah Bryan, link your website and the USATODAY link please.

    • GGG

      Uh Bryan… I’ll answer your 2nd question:” Why didn’t Christopher just drop a ton of alien weapons down to his alien brothers still stuck on Earth?” What would it have mattered if he did? The prawns already had plenty of weapons… they didn’t appear to use them. They just traded them for cat food. Maybe they weren’t smart enough to fight… One of the narrators in the documentary part said they all appeared to be workers who just took orders. Perhaps Christopher is one of the “smart ones…”

      On a side note, I hate when people can’t just recognize a unique movie when one comes out. “It wasn’t worth they hype” “I could have done better” … it’s like some sci-fi geeks are only satisfied if the movie stays in their own quiet little circle. I’ll bet Bryan didn’t like this movie because it went from “indie” to “commercial” in one weekend.

      • Charles

        One of the themes of D9 appears to be how humans believe the aliens are less intelligent. This is meant to mirror how whites felt blacks to be less intelligent. I find it hard to believe that the show is based on the aliens being less intelligent than humans for that reason. They clearly had weapons, but how useful would they be when outnumbered 1000 to 1? Adding more weapons would likely start a war that they could not win. Moving to District 10 may be based on ensuring a minimum safe distance around the compound should it become necessary to nuke it. Any uprising could very well lead to extermination. Christopher wants to take his people home, not avenge the wrongs that have been inflicted.

    • Maes Hughes

      From what I remember, the prawns on the ship were nearly all workers from a caste society that is relatively aimless without higher leadership. Christopher to me is just one worker, and his immediate instinct in escaping would be to seek a higher caste. This could lead to an interesting dynamic in a sequel where Christopher would return, but with leaders that do not regard Christopher’s advice or promise to Wikus as important.

      • Xenobiologista

        Christopher is very obviously NOT just another worker. He (or “it” since they’re actually monoecious, according to a video on his blog) is a lot more intelligent, for one, and for another, the actions he takes in the movie point toward him feeling responsible for the safety of the others.

        It’s possible that Christopher did start out as an ordinary worker but metamorphosed into a leader over the years. There are plenty of examples of Earth animals that change caste, sex, size, etc. in response to social or environmental triggers. However, the fact that he knows how to fly the ship suggests that he had had some kind of command or at least technical role earlier.

    • J.D. Karlowich

      Bryan, do you just go to the films to bullshit and make a big deal about a film that is groundbreaking and well made? This was a breat film and I agree with Skip, I don’t think you know what you are talking about. I am a huge film buff, go to a lot of films, carefully discuss them with my friends and dad, and I also am planning on going into the film business, but I think about films more carefully and don’t make ridiculous comments. You should cool it and understand that District 9 is another master sci-fi film, just like E.T., Minority Report and Star Wars. Neill Blomkamp is a good future for him.

    • Tyler

      “Neill Blomkamp said he was waiting to pen a sequel if the movie did well? That’s a little troubling. District 9 didn’t impress me nearly as much. It’s The Fly meets Cloverfield meets a mediocre plot at best. Why didn’t Christopher just drop a ton of alien weapons down to his alien brothers still stuck on Earth? Why didn’t he use the tractor beam to care ANYONE else along with him. 3 years? That means the craft is traveling faster then light…so how could they not have planned to carry extra fuel with them to begin with if they were making a trip that long in the first place. Oh..and why is it in the trailer we see one of the aliens getting interrogated and that clip NEVER shows up in the movie. That’s classic bait and switch, and NO it’s not cool. The movie isn’t horrible, but it’s definitely not Groundbreaking. I could have written something better.”

      Here i am again.. Correcting Bryan who doesn’t understand a movie and has to ask to many questions. First question “Why didn’t Christopher just drop a ton of alien weapons down to his alien brothers still stuck on Earth?” Well I’m not sure if you saw what happened during the movie, but as soon as any aggressive aliens came into play they were killed. SO dropping down weapons to aliens that ALREADY HAD WEAPONS would do nothing, but possibly get more aliens killed(remember the zappy guns, and mechanical suit?). The aliens already had guns. The problem was as soon as they tried to do anything they were instantly killed. Also I’m not sure if you had your eyes closed or something, but the alien Chris obviously did not want to harm humans. If you recall in the lab room he said i thought we were not going to kill anyone( Right as the human alien hybrid was blowing someone up with the zappy gun). Why would Chris also drop his weapon. The second he saw what was happening to his fellow alien he was stunned, but never was he angry, and never did he even show that he wanted to kill humans. If he wanted humans dead he would have shot humans. He obviously had no interest in hurting humans, so why would he give a bunch of weapons out to start a fight that he doesn’t want to happen. Next question “Why didn’t he use the tractor beam to care ANYONE else along with him.” Did it really look like he had time to just start randomly picking people to get on the ship. I’m not sure if you watched the movie, but the humans were shooting rockets at him as he hovered up. Secondly did you not notice the opening where the ship went into. It was obviously shaped and made to just pick up that ship. i doubt he wanted to sit there and start randomly picking up random aliens that would just be shot while floating slowly in the air.Next..”3 years?” This isnt even a valid question. Next.. “That means the craft is traveling faster then light…so how could they not have planned to carry extra fuel with them to begin with if they were making a trip that long in the first place.” Your not so bright are you? You ask to many questions without thinking about a possible answer. I feel its like this. When they started the flight they obviously had ample fuel. I’m sure in the sequel it will explain what kind of problem had occurred to explain why they didn’t have enough fuel to just fly away, but then that also is not correct.. they did have fuel. They just couldn’t use it for some reason. How do you think the ship flew away at the end? Did Chris clap his heels 3 times and poof it worked. NO he freaking searched for 20 years to find enough fuel to get back to the ship, and safely fly away. Next ” Oh..and why is it in the trailer we see one of the aliens getting interrogated and that clip NEVER shows up in the movie.” Your complaining about this? I guess you don’t watch movies to often. This has happened in many movies. Many movies show you parts that are not in theaters. When the DVD comes out it will most likely come out with DELETED SCENES. Next.. “That’s classic bait and switch, and NO it’s not cool. The movie isn’t horrible, but it’s definitely not Groundbreaking.” Hmm you try so hard, but yet you have so much to learn. You call it bait and switch, but i consider it advertising(means a good way to draw you in for money). Also not sure if you realized this, but it was a movie, and movies are made to make money. Why not temp the customer a little, and leave them a little unsatisfied. Then you will come back asking for more. Its pure basics. Next… “I could have written something better.” That’s funny because if you could right something better you would have by now. Also if you can write something better prove it? Get a book published, make a webpage, or do something other then complain. In the end it was a Movie…Next time you watch a movie try to understand it a little…

      • Lulz

        Tyler, it is easier for people to read what you type when you actually use proper language mechanics.

    • Lulz

      Bryan, I can see you wish this film had been done by a fool like Speilberg that answers everything for you so it isn’t necessary for you to have thoughts on your own.

    • Rob

      Bryan, If the characters of every story did what they “should” then Movies would be 15 minutes long, TV shows would be done 3 minutes, and books would never be more then 1 chapter in length. Good story telling doesn’t require that all questions be answered, all problems be solved, or all character do what you think they should do. You claim you could write a better story?….well your lame questions and obvious suggestions prove otherwise. You’re to simple minded to write a better script.

  • Bryan

    …oh yea, and why is it District 9 is separated from the rest of the world by lame fences? And how is it that drug lords are even allowed to be within the confines of District 9? A world organization would have either left them all on the ship or made some huge Area 51 compound to keep them reigned in. Those aliens would never even see the sun in a more clever script. Grr….it could have been great…it simply isn’t.

    • GGG

      Bryan, have you ever seen a refugee camp? In photos? On a documentary? Just google it. That’s what they look like.

  • Bryan

    …oh yea…lol…and why is it all the aliens seem to be dumbed down scavengers when Christopher was the only one to know what was going on? Was he the captain? Why did it take him 20 years to make fuel out of crap around District 9? Wouldn’t the other aliens help him if they knew they could return to the ship quicker? Instead of humanity simply saying, ‘Go the hell home!’ wouldn’t some humans actually help them make their fuel in exchange for information about their weapons work? Even the dumber aliens would have cooperated with the MNU for catfood. No…Sci-Fi does not have to make sense, but GREAT GROUNDBREAKING Sci-Fi DOES HAVE TO MAKE SENSE. It can’t be like an episode of lost where there are more questions than answers left at the end.

    • Blia

      Hmm… You have some great questions! I just want the sequel to have more action scenes and more aliens destroying the human race.

    • GGG

      Bryan, the movie was only two hours long! If all the explanation you require was in it, nobody would have seen it. A movie can make sense without answering every single question that pops into your brain. What is the point of going to the movies – ie. going somewhere that obviously isn’t real and doesn’t always make sense – if you’re just going to criticize it and try to rationalize every bit? Sorry you hated it so much… Is there any movies that meet your high expectations?

    • Tyler

      “…oh yea…lol…and why is it all the aliens seem to be dumbed down scavengers when Christopher was the only one to know what was going on? Was he the captain? Why did it take him 20 years to make fuel out of crap around District 9? Wouldn’t the other aliens help him if they knew they could return to the ship quicker? Instead of humanity simply saying, ‘Go the hell home!’ wouldn’t some humans actually help them make their fuel in exchange for information about their weapons work? Even the dumber aliens would have cooperated with the MNU for catfood. No…Sci-Fi does not have to make sense, but GREAT GROUNDBREAKING Sci-Fi DOES HAVE TO MAKE SENSE. It can’t be like an episode of lost where there are more questions than answers left at the end.”

      Well this should be fun!! First the aliens that were “dumbed down Scavengers” were most likely social rejects or something else from their home world. In my opinion maybe the mother ship was filled with prisoner aliens who could care less about going back to prison? Who knows watch the sequel when it comes out. Now why was Chris so smart? Some aliens had to be smart. Do you think those zappy guns just appeared? Some aliens must know how to engineer their own technology? DUH!! Then the next question why did it take him 20 years to get fuel from trash? First of all he wasn’t making fuel from trash. He was searching for AN ALIEN ITEM THAT HAD FUEL IN IT!! Why else would he tell the other alien looking through trash to ignore the human technology, and just search for alien technology.. Next question. Why didnt the other aliens help him? Well this is obvious. Why would he get other aliens to help him. How many aliens do you think would have fit in that tiny little ship? If you were in a prison camp would you try to sneak out all the prisoners only to get caught quickly, and die? I would hope not. The next silly question about why wouldn’t humans help them to get fuel in exchange for weapon information/technology? Wow its like you didn’t even watch the movie. It was painfully obvious that the alien technology was so far advanced that any fuel source we could give the aliens would not be able to do anything. Secondly you ask why wouldn’t the aliens teach us about their weapons for fuel? Well besides the fact that humans could offer no help with the aliens fuel needs anyway. Why would the aliens ever teach a primitive species to use weapons beyond their comprehension. Would you go to the zoo and give a chimp a gun in exchange for some useless crap it has that can not help you at all? Im not sure exactly why you are asking all these questions? 90% of what your complaining about could easily have been answered if you truly understood the movie. I have a feeling you must of went to the movies with your mommy(im assuming your to young to see an R rated movie by yourself), and expected to see a Sci-Fi movie where everything was spoon fed to you. No good Sci-Fi movie just hands you an answer. You have to find it. Watch the movie AGAIN when your older, and more mature. That is the only way i can possibly see you understand this movie.

      • b. lawrence

        AAAAAMMEEEEN BROTHER!Because all the great classics from the original day the earth stood still to episodes 4-6 SW’s left you asking questions left you wanting more but that’s not what makes them bad, that is makes them great!

      • aaronomus

        Jeez, it’s pretty obvious to me that the aliens were NOT any less (or more) intelligent than humans.

        The talk about the caste system is clearly an erroneous hypothesis by the humans, who have only seen how the aliens behave when they are oppressed and downtrodden. IMO the aliens are psychologically very similar if not identical to humans. If all the humans and aliens were reversed in this film (human refugees on an alien world), it would have all played out the same way. Look at all the occasions in history where one group is oppressed by another: group A sees group B as inferior unsophisticated beings, and group B unwittingly moulds itself to the role given time, and things remain this way until group A is ready to accept group B as equals. The aliens’ vulnerable condition at first contact accelerated this process.

        Christopher is an exception not because he’s merely smarter than most aliens, but because he’s smarter than most people, whether human or alien.

        Imagine if the ship were full of colonists, perhaps heading toward a world that at great distance they believed to be uninhabited. If something went wrong, the colonists wouldn’t know the first thing about how to get their craft working again, but Christopher would if he were the pilot, or some other member of the crew. And, like humans, imagine being that pilot and trying to rally a million disperate oppressed hungry colonists who are so desperate for food that they’d trade their weapons for a few square meals.

        District 9 was a movie of humans acting like humans and of aliens acting like humans. A refreshing take on sci-fi, and I hope for more of the same from District 10.

      • Adrian

        Tyler, spot on, i don’t know why you bothered answering his questions, was it to shut him up?

    • Adrian

      Bryan, did you even watch the damn movie ? stop asking such retarded questions. it may not have been EXACTLY what you wanted in a sci-fi film, but it was SO much better than a lot of the other crap coming out these days, it was a gritty, more realistic and way more thought provoking look at the genre and i think it should be praised for it.

    • Ella

      Bryan, the humans not helping the aliens and scorning them WAS the plot. That was the point of it. They were treated like crap and misunderstood, and one man was able to actually get their point of view. He didnt write it so that the humans would help, or anything. Theres a struggle. I just wish you would get that.

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