This week's cover: 'New Moon' and our Fall Movie Preview

ew-cover-1061_lWith a new director, a new level of fame for stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, and a new set of washboard abs for Taylor Lautner, the second film in the Twilight series, due Nov. 20, promises even more swooning-opportunities for its fans. This week’s double issue of Entertainment Weekly places Stewart and Lautner on the cover, while revealing secrets from the New Moon set inside.

New Moon, a far different beast than Twilight, is steeped in heartbreak, focusing on the recovery Bella (Stewart) undergoes after Edward (Pattinson) breaks her heart and her new feelings for her friend Jacob (Lautner). Pattinson couldn’t be happier with his downsized role: “It was a stress-free job for three months,” says the actor. “All the pressure was on Taylor.”

There were some minicontroversies surrounding the set – director Chris Weitz replaced Twilight helmer Catherine Hardwicke, Lautner had to publicly campaign to keep the role of Jacob, and actress Rachelle Lefevre was replaced by Bryce Dallas Howard for the soon-to-be-shot third film in the series. Lautner ultimately secured the spot thanks in part to Stewart. “It’s completely understandable why they wanted to make sure he was right,” says the actress. “He was so young, 16, so I got it. But I knew he had [to do] it. Just because of how I felt around him.” And how did the Bella-Jacob best-friend chemistry play out on set? “We have that relationship,” she says. “It’s lamely cute.”

Taylor trained hard to bulk up for the role of the budding werewolf. “My body fat got so low that we actually needed to increase it a little bit,” he says. “My trainer would be like, ‘Go have a huge milk shake just so I can get a thousand calories into your body.’”

Stewart thinks the new film will be beefier, too: “[Making Twilight] was much more of a fight,” she says. “We needed to make something commercial but stay true to the book. We didn’t have enough money. It was all very impulsive, and that’s what I love about that movie…But I think New Moon is gonna be even better.”

For more on New Moon, check out our feature story and the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands Aug 14. And check back here tomorrow for exclusive photos from our shoot.

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  • crispy

    You have got to be kidding me.

    • paige

      are you really shocked???

      • crispy

        Honestly… I am! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised to see Twilight on the cover yet again. But it was just 2 weeks ago!

      • paige

        lol they deleted my last comment – i guess there was just too much vitriol for their taste…

      • crispy

        LOL I’m surprised half of mine don’t get deleted. Twi-tards are sensitive.

      • Snarf

        I thoughht I told you to take a hike. Seriously your like a bad smell that won’t go away. Shoo.

      • crispy

        I think you mean “you’re.” Idiot.

      • Corben C.

        EW has officially became “Twilight Fan Magazine with Some Mentions of Actual Good Entertainment”

    • hope


    • Phnam Ngyuen

      Please sombody has to be stopping these vampire movie with kids, even! I do not understand how the people love such things, vampire! Maybe I make movie with boogie man from the black lagoon or some nothing like that! Where are good movies from long ago, Casablanca! Sad, no more like these.

      • Jackie

        It’s not just about some of the characters being vampires, it’s the endearing love story that captivates people, both young and old. I mean, Stephine Meyer must have done something right to have millions of fans around the world, not even Casablanca has as many fans (no offense, it’s a good movie) =]

      • Todd

        Jackie, I promise you there are more throughly-written, endearing love stories with more dynamic/interesting characters, greater imagery, and more quality writing than Twit-light. Honestly, is it healthy that she is madly in love with a man based on him not eating her? He spends a lot of time talking about how he wants her, how he’s so tempted to kill her, and how unique her blood is, and Bella thinks it’s the hottest thing. The reason he can’t read her mind is because THERE ISN’T ANYTHING THERE.

      • Tiffany

        If you would read the series you would defiantly understand whatthe fuss is with this movie and Vampiers and it is also a love story so before you judge read it..

      • Todd

        Tiffany, I did read it; I don’t judge things unless I do so.

    • Heather

      Aww, Crispy. I just love you. You despise Twilight so much, but yet you read every article and post comments. I think you are in total denial. You probably have a Rob Pattz bedspread and read Twilight under it every night don’t you.

      By the way, two weeks ago was a Vampire cover that had EC in the background. Not exactly a Twilight cover.

      • Mariana

        You’re true about that, I don’t get the Twilight “haters” that keep reading the articles and videos. If it is so lame and horrible, why do you even bother reading it?????

      • crispy

        Oh, please. You can’t avoid the Twilight articles on here.

      • Daryl

        I like you heather! You make a good point…crispy and his snoty like bi***y friends probably do like twilight, but just want to be cool, so they act like that. doing that isnt cool!

    • ME

      I know this CRAP needs to go away IMMEDIATELY!!! I’m so sick of it! This issue is going straight in the trash can! I can’t take it anymore! EW is such SELL OUTS!! Of all the movies they could put on the cover…they choose this!!!!!!

      • Dominique

        LOL Of course EW are sell outs! Literally, the magazine sold out the week that the Twilight exclusive was on the cover. I was walking around with my copy in my work bag and this girl stopped me to ask where I got it because she hasn’t been able to find one anywhere. It’s a magazine, and they’re in the business of selling these magazines, and right now Twilight is EW’s dream come true in a tough economy. All they have to do is put a Twilight star on the cover, and boom, copies fly off the shelves, teen girls across the country go into a frenzy. Can’t say that I blame them. When there a lots of people without jobs right now, you can best believe that they’ll do whatever it takes to maintain theirs. Only words of encouragement I can offer: “This too shall pass.”

      • Daryl

        If you dont have anything nice to say DON”T say it!!!!!!!

    • Eric K

      Hey–I won a free t-shirt from EW for guessing the next cover being “Twilight.” You can’t believe the insight I had to use to pick that one!!!

    • ct

      PLEASE stop with the Twilight covers. It makes me want to cancel my subscription. Most of us readers are not 13 year old girls.

      • chuck

        absolutely right!

    • William

      Did Summit Entertainment buy EW or something? Seriously, EW, this is too much.

      • Daryl

        If you losers dont like entertainment because of twilight go in a room and screw yourself!!!!!!

  • panja

    Well thats one cover I wont be buying. They should have done a cover with Pattinson too. Give us the choice of which one we buy

    • morgan

      why would they do a cover with edward? New Moon is Jacobs book!

      • crispy

        I’m really looking forward to the Breaking Dawn cover… Jacob and baby Renesmee staring into each others’ eyes. The sexual chemistry will be sizzling.

      • taylor

        I know! Jacob is in it for like 300 and some more pages than edward

      • taylor

        @crispy its not like that! Jacob is not a pedophile and he’s not into nessie like that. gross

      • rpattzlawyer

        LMFAO @crispy – that was the funniest thing I’ve read all day. :) and @taylor… why do you think he’s waiting for renesmee to grow up… hmm?

      • Dani

        It’s not jacob’s book, it’t Bella’s book. And there’s a lot of Edward. In response to someone bellow…Jacob is in 230 pages while Edward has 190, approximetly of course. The only point is that it’s not Jacob’s book and it’s not just Jacob and Bella. Edward’s sceens are one of the most important in the book.
        But I understand this cover, I don’t mind it.

      • hahaha

        seriously? did someone just say something about jacob and renesmee and their sexual tension sizzling? okay, i know he imprints but she’s a freaking baby! i highly doubt there will be sizzling… let’s wait until she’s at least out of diapers…

      • ella fitzgerald

        crispy you are awesome

      • observer

        crispy you made my day. best comment ever. and that couple will ALWAYS be creepy.

      • Leslie

        totally agree!!! the movie sux compared to the books but taylor lautenr is amazingly hawt so……. and just b/c all of U hate twilight dosent mean theyre arent ANY of us! and how many months has twilight been on nyt bestsellers?? the tell me no one likes it.

      • casey

        edward is so much better

    • Snarf

      Say it’s not so! What will they do without your $4.50?

  • caro

    Failcob Lautner bores me. I cant stand any more abou his bulking up. He is such a boring kid.

    • Kate

      I’m sorry, but that is uncalled for. He put on THIRTY POUNDS of muscle to keep his part in this series. Could you do that? Two hours in a gym EVERY DAY for a YEAR?! I didn’t think so. Taylor has MORE than earned the respect and the publicity that he is getting, and I am only sorry that there are people like you who don’t get that.

      • Sabrina

        yahh! i totally agree. that shows that hes a dedicated actor. edward has 3 other books taht are mostly about him and new moon is more dealing with jacob and bella, so chill out people. and besides, why the heck would they use robert on this cover? cause hes suppose to be absent for most of the movie so it makes more sense for jacob to be on the cover with bella because this book is all about how bella and jacob’s bond grows.

      • KristiDeb

        He put on 30 pounds because he didn’t have the acting chops. I’m sick to death of hearing about his bulking up. Did he take acting classes?

    • Foxx

      THANK YOU KATE!!! One thinking & considerate person. Too bad there are so few.For the life of me cannot understand what all the hate for this kid is from. Because he’s beautiful, polite, hard working & scandal free? When I saw Twilite (b4 I read the books, BF took me kicking & screaming-NOOO) I didn’t understand what all the hub bub re:Cedric Diggory was all about. Decent looking but not swoon worthy. The character actually creeped me out but since its a vampire I thought he was supposed to. Anyway, when Jake came on the screen, I asked “Who’s the hot, caramel bunny w/the perfect teeth?” After she told me he played a major part in the rest of the series, that’s what prompted me to read the books & look forward to the movies. I gotta tell ya, if they recast the part, I wouldn’t care less about any of this. Sorry about the rambling-JUST SAYIN’

    • Team Switz

      You’re just jealous. haha

    • lycuricy

      caro, you are so right

  • mscisluv

    No one’s surprised that New Moon is on the cover (it’s sure to be the biggest movie of the fall), but the design team around EW sure has been slacking. Another mess of a cover.

    • Celia

      “BIGGEST MOVIE OF THE FALL?!!!” Please GOD tell me you did not just write those words…someone shoot me please! The world has come to an end. People actually think a movie about glittering vampires and puppy dogs will be a big movie! *barf*

      • Amy

        Celia, it IS going to be the biggest movie of the fall. It’s up to you to decide whether it’s the BEST but it’s definitely going to be one of the biggest movies of the fall.


  • alison

    I am sick of Summit shoving Lautner down our throats. At this rate I wont go and see the film.

    • Pam

      I’m not going to bother either, Jacob was a big part of the book but its not a Bella Jacob love story that they are pimping it to be.

      • shona

        If stephenie herself calls it a love triangle in new moon- i think she knows what she’s talking about somehow. And they are not shoving him down anybody’s throat- they are giving him the spotlight he deserves considering HE is the one doing all the work in this film, not robert. But by all means dont go and see it. im sure you’ll be missed terribly by everyone.

      • Team Switz

        Shona: HAHAHA! Great response.

        Taylor does deserve this. He worked hard for it. He has people who support him and to the haters – he’ll be laughing ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK.

    • KristiDeb

      It’s just really disappointing. No matter how hard they try, Taylor is NOT Rob and will never be that good. The more they shove Taylor down my throat, the less I like him.

      • Amy

        Actually Stephenie Meyer says it’s a love triangle in Eclipse, NOT New Moon. Summit ARE making the love triangle more prominant in the movie whereas in the book, it was just starting to form.

        It’s BELLA’S story, not Bella AND Jacob falling in love which is [the love story] what they’re making it out to be.

        Personally I’m not a big fan of Taylor (as much as he works out, he is never going to fit the physical requirements of Jacob -he’s supposed to be 6’7 but Taylor is only 5’10; he doesn’t look old enough, his voice is too ‘fruity’ if that makes sense, not husky like it’s meant to be; Taylor has worked so hard to put on muscles that he now looks way too overmuscled and kind of weird now) but I do think Taylor has worked really hard and deserves this like shona and Team Switz said.

        Therefore I’m Team Switzerland in this. Taylor deserves the spotlight because he has worked hard for it but Summit are making New Moon out to be something it’s really not. They ARE ‘shoving Lautner down our throats’.


  • needtocomment

    Taylor Lautner is the sort of cocky american kid thats a huge turn off. Then there’s his voice. Irritating very quickly.

    • Team Switz

      You need to get out more. Type “Team Jacob” into a browser. lol

    • lycuricy

      ha,ha that’s right

      • Amy

        I agree with needtocomment. :)

        Team Switz, Taylor is NOT Jacob, so why are you telling her to type in Team Jacob? They’re DEFINITELY not the same people – the Jacob in the book is very different to the Jacob in the film.



  • cham

    I;ll save my money thanks. If Rob was on it then I;d get it. So take that Summit and EW

  • Bellywitch

    Wow, lots in the Edward corner I see. lol

    Give the little guy a break. He’s doing pretty well acting wise for his age.

    • Brooke

      I agree, Taylor has worked very hard for where he is at…What has Rob done?

      • Kate

        I agree with Brooke. Frankly, Taylor is so Much more mature than Rob, and he’s only 17. What is Rob, like, 22? Taylor fought hard to keep his part in the movie.

      • jake

        ya tats true… taylor have done a great job… he is good

      • Nadia

        robert pattinson has been in many other movies, not just this one! everyone in show business works hard to get where they are! besides this movie is big for the both of them and they didn’t just get this movie handed to them!

      • Amy

        How is Taylor much more mature than Rob? That’s just an ill-formed argument.

        Taylor is a naive kid who mostly chooses comercial movies for kids (Cheaper than the Dozen and Sharkboy and Lavagirl) whereas Rob chooses movies where he’s challenged. He plays real characters with real issues. To be honest, I’m surprised that Taylor Lautner hasn’t been in one disney movie.

        Taylor has worked hard to get into New Moon but that doesn’t mean he’s more mature. He knew when he signed on to do Twilight that if they made a sequel, he would have to put on the muscles big time.

        Nadia is right. EVERYONE in show business – really, in any business – works hard to get where they are.


  • nerja

    Horribly bland and boring cover Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • stepbro

    I’ll give this a miss. Its bound to be all about how Lautner put on 30lb. He’s boring me to death.

    • Kate

      Really? Why do people continue to complain about Taylor putting on Muscle to keep his part. He didn’t whine or complain about the possibility of being replaced, he went out and did what he needed to do to keep his role in the series. He is a very mature person, and frankly he deserves every OUNCE of publicity and respect that he is getting because he earned it- just like he EARNED the role of Jacob.

  • whatever

    then…don’t read this article. Seriously.

    Team Jacob!

    • boho

      nice :) there are 112 movies to read about and this one made the cover because it has the most anticipation, news coverage, and biggest fan base than other movies coming out(whether you like it or not). So if you DON’T like the cover (haters *cough) then don’t read it. no big deal.

  • muse

    I wont be getting this – not only do we have the horrible Stewart but Lautner too. Give me a break. Its painful to look at.

    • Alex

      Omg! Shut UP!! It’s a magazine cover for goodness sake. It’s not the end of the world! People’s reactions just proves that all these little crazy twilight fans only like it for one character (Eddie or whatever his name is)they don’t even care about the others because the books suck. The whole fandom sucks. It needs to go away and it needs to go away quick!

    • Katherine

      Then close your damn eyes!!! No one said you had to look at it. Find something interesting to do with your life! Buy some other dum magazine

      • Alex

        since my other comment was removed. I unfortunately have a subscription…which I have had since 2006…BEFORE twilight ever existed. So it bothers me when all of a sudden EVERY SINGLE magazine I get from EW has the same exact crap on the cover. It’s a little upsetting. So excuse me for wanting to read/look at something that’s NOT that horrible, bullcrap, cheap “entertainment” known as twilight.

  • Judi

    Pug ugly. No thank you

    • Me

      hey pug ugly?pugs are super cute!lol
      i lke the books and I so think they did a great job on picking the actors ecpeally Bella kristen plays here very well I think some peps need to read the books again and watch the movie shes dead on

      everythngs great EXCEPT the change with Victoria grrrr
      viciously cruel…
      just wait till novembr comes there will be even more new moon slammed in our faces.YAY=D

  • PeterBilt The Nature Boy

    I’m a hater, i’m a hater of Twilight. Dumb cover

    • Alex


    • ME

      double agree

  • Grif

    Ahh they are hiding his grossly exaggerated neck. Clever.

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