Taylor Lautner pulls out the stops, possibly a groin, for EW's 'New Moon' cover shoot

We’ve heard that Taylor Lautner would like to do an action movie. Now, we might cast him in one. Check out the move he busts at the 0:24 mark in the video below, shot while Lautner and his Twilight Saga: New Moon costar Kristen Stewart were posing for the cover of EW’s Fall Movie Preview on stands Friday. Two words: Gymkata remake!

While his biceps remain curiously clothed throughout the video, the clip does hold other charms: Slo-mo shots of Lautner pouncing like a cuddly ninja kitty through a field, his reaction when Stewart tells him “You need to grow into your cojones,” and Stewart noting that someone offscreen is going to die.

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Who’s more worthy of an inappropriate crush: Shirtless Jacob in the New Moon trailer or leather jacket-wearing Lautner in this video? Poll after the jump! If you need more convincing to vote the latter, look for our gallery of exclusive photos from the shoot tomorrow.

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  • Yesenia

    This kid is adorable. I wasn’t a fan of the book but I would watch this Taylor in just about anything.

    • Leigha

      Nice footage
      Love when you guys have access to certain footage its great

  • Jonathan

    Do these constant fixations on how much everyone wants to get it on with Taylor Lautner on this site and others bother anyone else? He’s a 17-year-old kid. Why doesn’t EW and other sites talk about a teen queen’s body like they do Taylor Lautner? No writeups about how you guys want to get it on with someone like Demi Lovato or Selena Gomez? I’m starting to get a little weirded out by the Jacob/Taylor Lautner coverage myself.

    • Sam

      I too am a little creeped out by it. At least Pattinson is over 21.

      • Kate

        You people DO know that not every one who looks at these sites is a forty-year-old lady? Teenagers LIKE to talk about Taylor- yeah, he’s seventeen, and it’s a little creepy when thirty or forty year olds talk about it, but for some of us, it is perfectly okay. Sheesh.

    • Ben

      Look at the nearly 800 comments (last I checked) about Miley. It gets talked about. When the Olsen twins were nearing 18, there was extreme coverage of how beautiful they had become.

      • John

        I was just ABOUT to mention the Olsen twins! Remember the “countdown to 18″? Now THAT was creepy.

      • Bryan

        Man, I don’t understand these females. The Olsen twins aren’t the images in my dreams, guys. There are far more beautiful women around…Scarlett Johansen, Halle Berry, Famke Jansen…oh, AND THEY’RE ALL FRAKKIN’ LEGAL

    • paige

      I dont know if you know this but it is perfectly OK to be a female pedophile.

      • paige

        … at least according to Ms. Bierly it is…

      • Snarf

        Paige – take a hike.

      • Sarah D

        He’ll be 18 soon enough ; )

      • jane

        Ew. It’s not ok. He’s still a kid

      • About Taylor

        Well You know what Taylor will turn 18 in 4 more month to go ( that mean he will turn 18 in December) when he already turn 18 he can date older what he want to.

      • Ericka

        Taylor will be 18 in Feb not Dec. He said so hisself.

  • soph

    tbh I was never a Jacob fan in the books…but I think Taylor will make his character more likable. I really want to see a Pattinson/Stewart interview but I guess we won’t get one until Eclipse at the earliest.

    • Cheye

      I was thinking the same thing.

  • l

    I’m glad you’re featuring Kristen Stewart, but Taylor L. doesn’t have half the appeal (or buzz) that Robert Pattinson does. What gives? This is an issue I’m skipping, sorry.

    • GS

      Totally disagree. Rob looks dirty all the time. I still pictured someone else as Edward when I read the other 3 books after I saw Twilight b/c he just is not hot enough to justify the character description in the books. I pictured someone besides Kristen Stewart too. But always Taylor when thinking of Jacob. He’s perfect for the role and is 10 times as appealing. And I’m 37 saying that.

      • Niña

        I 100% disagree. Of course NO one can look as perfect as Edward is described, but Edwards personality and charisma only ROB can portray.
        Rob is 100% more attractive then Taylor.
        Not to mention that Taylor is a KID.
        Stop being pedo’s ladies!

      • Taylor

        This is to GS.Ew,he is young enough to be your son.You are a female pervert.

    • Huh

      I’m not in the hardcore Twilight fandom, but Taylor does have the appeal and buzz moreso than Stewart. In fact out of all three Rob, Taylor, and Stewart she has the least amount of buzz surrounding her. I still think she should have been recasted than Victoria. Whereas Taylor and Rob is what majority of female viewers are going to see.

      • Sonia

        Althought I respect your opinion, I can’t help but answer your post.
        Kristen Stewart IS Bella. Period. Nobody could embody Bella better than Kristen!!! If they were to recast her, I can assure you that a lot of fans of the saga would very strongly react… And I would be one of them!
        P.S. Have you ever watch one of Kristen’s movies? She is a very talented young lady! I must not be the only one to think so considering the number of movies in which she’s been cast, the praises she received from the people working with her (I mean, Sean Penn must know what he’s talking about, don’t you think?) I really admire her as an actress!

  • Me

    I like Taylor, but sorry Im sick of the kid, becasue summit is triying so hard to make me like him even more, and that make me dont want to see you.

  • Angela

    I believe all the Buzz about Robert Pattinson is due to the fact the fans of the book were totally against him playing Edward until the movie can out and he did a good job. Taylor makes Jacob more likable because in the book I always felt the charator was very annoying. Like Crush annoying.

    • Susie

      I don’t know about how Rob did such a good job on Twilight, his acting was more forced then anything else.The only reason I watched it was because I’m a fan of KS. That was the worst acting on her part then I’ve ever seen in any of her other movies.

  • amy

    I think Taylor is Jacob. He’ll totally be able to pull the character off!

    I’m getting really sick of people bashing Taylor saying hes not Robert – Obviously!!

    Jacob and Edward are two total opposites therefore the actors protraying them will need to be different.

    personally i’m looking foward to new moon and jacob black (taylor).

    im 21 – so not a silly little fan girl letting off steam haha!!

    love ya taylor, your gonna be fab! :)

    • akane

      totally agree!!! I DONT know with people are talking all time about robert is more handsome to taylor. First: they are different person. Second: the both are handsome in different way.Third: do you understand they are acting, right?i s just a job, men!!They are person like us,you cant be so critic with taylor(if you do that you can see the difference to book and real life!). Finally, taylor is just a kid, i know, but you can`t denied, he is hot!!!

  • Jeffrey Bryan

    I’m sooooo going to jail.

  • kris

    wat are cojones?

    • arelis

      cojones are balls

    • mell

      nooo, cojones are like, guts, like bravery kinda

      • Jaz

        Cojones is Spanish for balls.

      • sheila

        No- they ARE balls. And she is totally rude for saying that. I don’t like her attitude at all.

  • Tyler

    Kristen looks amazing! Honestly, I didn’t vote for Taylor as Jacob in New Moon but he’s kinda growing on me (very slowly). He needs to stop being too much of a people pleaser, it looks contrived sometimes. But he’s a nice kid.

  • suzyquzy

    I’m glad TL is getting a cover,
    but I have read all the books.
    I am not going to get emotionally
    invested at all in that duo.
    Most fans want more of the main
    chemistry generator and less of
    the friendship. It will be
    interesting to see what gets
    left out of the movies.

  • Jennifer

    i love him he kinda reminds me of my husband…when we were in high school which wasnt so long ago…im 23

  • Suzie

    I’m so tired of this kid, he tries too hard and he’s not remotely attractive. Well done, EW. Another cover I won’t buy.

  • Chicago

    I’m a subscriber, so I am pleased I’ll have this issue for my Twilight collection. But I am sick of Summit trying to shove Jacob down our throats. I like Taylor, I’m looking forward to the movie but the Twilight saga is a love story about Bella & Edward, not Jacob. We should have a Edward & Bella cover as well.

    • Tiffani

      Yes, the Twilight Saga is about Bella and Edward. However, New Moon is about Bella and Jacob and how he becomes important in her life. New Moon is Jacob Black’s story, not Edward’s.

      • Jennie

        Actually, all the books are BELLAS story.
        More so, the books are about Edward and bella. Always have been, always will be.
        New Moon is when the two deal with the pain of being apart and the ecstacy of reunion.
        Edward and bella- that’s what it’s about.

  • Allison

    Stewart seems very comfertable in this interview. she doesnt seem as awkward or twitchy as usual.

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