Here's what the 'Halo' movie would've looked like, if the 'District 9' director had his way

As rumors float around the Internet about Steven Spielberg’s interest in making a movie based on Microsoft’s massive Halo videogame series, it’s worth taking a look back at what Neill Blomkamp — the director of the full-of-awesome District 9, and Peter Jackson’s handpicked choice to shoot the long-aborted Halo flick — would’ve done with the material. Lucky for us, the seven-minute short Blomkamp made to show what it’d look like is still online…

Not that I don’t think Spielberg could work magic with HaloSaving Private Ryan meets War of the Worlds comes to mind — but Blomkamp seems to have had it all figured out.

What do you think? Spielberg or Blomkamp? Or neither? Heck, should there even be a Halo movie, or is it best left on a gaming platform?

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  • Nerwen Aldarion

    Spielburg is a better director so I’ll trust his judgment, I would LOVE to see a Halo movie but I have to wonder if it can even be done since Master Chief is such an ambiguous character. That being said wasn’t this movie short showed at E3 a couple of years ago?

    • Brian

      Yes the trailer was shown at E3 but the project was aborted after

  • Resen

    I’m both nervous and excited. I have always believed that Halo would make a good movie; and Spielburg would definetly be in his element with this one. ON the other hand, it will be difficult to stay close enogh to the series to please the fans and be original enough to stay interesting. For me, its a 50/50 shot. either it will be up there with Lord of the Rings, or it will be down there with that Godzilla remake. Only time will tell.

  • KR

    Halo always felt like a movie to me already. Heavy mythology, good storyline, great action. Although it borrowed a lot from the Aliens franchise. I think this looks like it could have been great. I like the visceral quality to it, but I would have loved to have seen a bigger budget, and I’m bummed that we didn’t get to see the master chief.

    • Ceballos

      Blomkamp’s version looks very impressive, and Steven Spielberg is obviously nothing short of an all-time great, but KR actually touched on who would make the best director for a Halo movie in his or her response.

      Since Halo borrowed so heavily from the Aliens franchise, I think James Cameron would certainly be the man for the job. Hey, now that he’s making full-length sci-fi movies again, why not? (though I realize he’d never jump from something as massive as “Avatar” to “Halo”)

  • Steven Awalt

    Your article and question you pose at the end totally miss the point of these rumors. If they bear out as fact, Spielberg (currently, based wholly on the rumor from IESB) doesn’t intend to direct a “Halo” film; he plans — again, according to nothing more than rumor – to develop and produce the property for DreamWorks. That would lead to him hiring a director for the potential franchise-making first film. Big difference there, so your whole question of Spielberg directing it versus Blomkamp is absolutely pointless in the face of this hearsay.

  • Paul

    eh…the story for the game sucks. So it would be hard to make a movie from a bad story.

    • Alec

      Spoken like a true PS3 owner. Story is the best thing about the game.

      • Cory

        From the prospective of a person who doesn’t have the patience to beat up on munchkin-sounding critters for a good majority of time, I will admit I have not played through an entire Halo game. However, from what I have experienced of anything Halo related, Halos’ strong points are the hopeful predictions of humanity’s technological (perhaps even societal) progress and the universe surrounding it, as developed by the peripheral stories detailing the totality of the situation. The games themselves appear to have the weakest representation of that story, having a level of depth that can only really be appreciated by pre-pubescents. The Blomkamp/Jackson shorts were the first time I realized that Halo could be about something more than annoying sounding aliens that, for some reason or other, all speak English. I will perhaps give you a better opinion of the game series if you can convince me that this game doesn’t feel like the happy medium between Star Wars Episode I and II, thus leading me to actually playing it all the way through and not while I am playing it at a friends house.

        Story is not the best thing about the game. The comfortable combination of multiplayer/graphcis/sound/gameplay’s easy-to-start-plenty-to-master functionality, i.e. the actual game experience, is the best thing about the game.

        (See how I didn’t mention anything about any allegiance to PS3 or 360? See how that made me appear non-jingoistic and yet somehow rational?)

  • paige

    I was under the impression that Spielberg is producing or executive producing as he did with Transformers… I dont see why him and Peter Jackson (who are both working together on Tintin) cant produce together and have Neil Blomkamp still direct it. Other than that, I know nothing of Halo but I do know that there has yet to be a good movie based on a video game…

  • Master Chief

    Where’s Master Chief and Cortana? Don’t think this would make a good movie…why mess with a good formula? The game already has all the elements so why would anyone agree to screw with it? Need proof I am right? Look at EVERY single game based movie…they are all eyeball rapes.

    • Chris

      And the majority are done by Uwe Boll. Let’s see a competant director helm one of these and see what we get. So long as movies based on video games come with low expectations, all we are ever gonna see are crappy movies. Blomkamp seems like he actually gives half a damn, and I’d be interested to see what he could pull off.

    • John117

      Why do you all say Master Chief won’t be in it? Did you not watch the short? The marines were fighting on the battlefield waiting on arrival of Master Chief. That flaming ball in the sky was the ship Master Chief was on, and fell to Earth (hence the smaller flaming ball coming off of it)

    • Bosox204

      What do you mean where’s master chief? If you watched the video at all…that flaming ball in the sky, falling to the ground…that was Master chief…

  • harry

    Bloody Hell!!!!

  • KOZ

    I think Spielberg is great don’t git me wrong I just think Blomkamp could bring something different to the table for the Halo movie.

  • Will B

    I vote Blomkamp. He has peter jackson on his side. Look how well The lord of the Rings series was adapted to the big screen. Its no contest. Personally i think steven lost his good touch. James Cameron would be the best for it!

  • Oscar G.

    I’m actually glad the Blomkamp led Halo movie didn’t come through as he went on to make a much better movie than the Halo movie could have been.

    • Wrinklefighter

      Pretty strong opinion considering one movie has yet to release and the other doesn’t exist.

  • Keanen Shaw

    Well, Neil is out of the picture, so it’s not like we have much of a choice. I suppose Spielberg would be great, in that case. I don’t understand why some people don’t want to see a movie made of this at all- who knows, this could turn into the next Star Wars.

    • Thunder

      You’re loser.

  • Timmy

    Nice trolling Paul. Halo actually does have a good story, its just some people like to think they can be “cool” and “rebellious” by purposely disliking something popular. I believed from the start that Halo would make a good story. Like others have pointed out, it is a rather theatrical game to begin with.

  • Timmy

    Heh meant to say Halo would make a good movie… :-P

  • Wolf Zero X

    I think Halo would be a great movie period. Either director would do fine. There is so much untold story, so much more than can be shown that there is a lot of material they can get creative with and still be in the timeline. As long as they dont go do something stupid, like changing the height of a spartan (around 7 ft) or changing what the grunts breath (methane) there isnt to much the can screw up without diliberatly trying to change something. I will say Neil looks like a good candidate to me. This little short movie looks very good and I’d like to see what he could do with a bigger budget.

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