'Weeds': The one with the breastmilk

Oh, Weeds. Weeds, Weeds, Weeds, Weeds, Weeds. Just when I think a season seems on track (this season!), or things vaguely make a little bit of sense within the show’s universe (continuity within the Esteban storyline!), or seemingly disparate plot points start moving towards each other (Celia’s financial woes and Doug/Silas’ pot store), you go and throw me for a freakin’ loop and a half. Total, spoiler-filled discussion of last night’s episode ahead….

weeds-breast-feeding_lPoor Shane, who in my head will always be Nemo. First the Q-tip in the peen, then getting shot? Someone’s having the worst day ever. It’s been sort of a bad run for Shane, what with his totally neglectful only parent moving him to Mexico briefly — and then back? — and barely ever going to school.

But for me, the bigger issue on last night’s episode: Nancy nursing Andy. You guys…no. This is not a thing! The second Nancy touched her breast at that tiki bar, I knew I was in for an awake nightmare, and boy did I ever get it. (For the record, I know breastfeeding is natural, and it’s good for babies, and it’s totally kosher to do in public, and etc etc, lactation vacation, etc etc.) Asking one’s former brother-in-law to suckle at one’s bosom — after not even trying to fix a broken breast pump — is jaw-droppingly outrageous, even for Nancy Botwin, queen of not having judgement skills.

I can accept the violence Nancy is party to as just part of the drug trade, and I can accept the lack of boundaries within the Botwin clan as just how California hippies do things or whatever. But come on, Weeds, we already know Nancy is both a maternal figure and a person of sexual interest for Andy: Must it be so literal? And narsty?

Are you with me, PopWatchers? Did that scene give you the squicks, and do you recognize my Friends allusion in the headline? Back a sister up.

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  • Josh M

    I gave up on “Weeds” after two seasons when I realized I wanted every character to die a painful, violent death. Especially the kids.

  • Jimmy

    i’m sorry but i found last nights Weeds to be Jenji Kohan at the top of her game. I cried laughing when she instructed Andy to not used so much teeth!
    I loved Doug and the Your Pretty lady’s exchange. And then my jaw hit the floor when the camera panned to show Shane all bloody.

  • friends

    “You guys come on, its the most beautiful, most natural thing in the world”

    “I know! But theres a baby sucking on it!”

  • paige

    you tell me you didnt die laughing when Nancy asked why he swallowed and he said because he didnt want to be a hypocrite… Andy is the sole reason that I keep watching Weeds and he hasnt let me down. But yea, the show NEEDS to end already. mary louise parker puts in excellent work but her character is increasingly unlikable and should really die in the end.

    • Ceballos

      Great call on Justin Kirk. Andy’s been the best thing about this show for a while, and he’s increasingly becoming the only good thing. I still watch the show and can enjoy it on its slapsticky merits (and because I may or may not be in love with Mary Louise Parker), but this show is definitely in the same boat as “Nip/Tuck” It’s no longer a serious show and almost running out of ways to be even more outrageous…it needs to end.

      • Weedies

        The only thing Justin Kirk is increasingly becoming is more and more annoying. There are no likeable characters on the show anymore. The series started with heart but is now cloaked so heavily in darkness it just makes me sad. Who can I relate to? I used to root for Nancy but it is not worth being friends with someone who treats her baby like she does.

      • Ceballos

        Weedies, I can see your point that the show is now “cloaked heavily in darkness” (it’s not a great thing when a “black comedy” forgets the “comedy”), but that’s why I actually enjoy Kirk.

        He’s the one actor who consistently makes me laugh out loud. If you want to talk about increasingly annoying, let’s talk about Kevin Nealon’s Doug. He’s always been a clown, but he used to make me laugh. Now I just kind of want him to go away because all he’s done for most this season is hold Silas back. Of course, you can say that Andy is nothing more than a clown too, but I’ve found this year’s emphasis on Andy failing to live up to Judah (in Nancy’s mind…in the mind of that crazy banker who made him pretend to BE Judah) and stepping up as a man interesting. I’d certainly say he (and probably Silas) is one of the few characters on this show who’s actually trying to grow.

      • Weedies

        Ceballos – I agree that Doug has been a one-note character for quite a while. I’m glad he’s been marginalized in the storylines a little bit because he is so stupid. I just get so frustrated with the selfishness of the entire cast of characters which makes it hard to watch. Yes it is a dark comedy but its characters should still retain some relatability and likability. Now my viewing experience is some laughs, some awkward, and a lot of what translates for me as screeching on a chalkboard.

  • bill

    Nah, it was hilarious.

  • eliott256

    I disagree, I thought it was hilarously awkward, the most i’ve laughed at weeds in a long while, but alas, the show still pales in comparison to what it once was. The move to the border kinda killed off the show imo.

    • jude

      Only person who’s commented thus far with whom I can agree. The move to the border definitely changed the show (for the worst, in my opinion) especially with the disappearance of former key characters like Conrad. This episode however was interesting. Now that one of Nancy’s family has actually been physically harmed, I think this is going to be an eye-opening experience. I have a strange cosmic feeling that somehow, with season 5 coming to an end soon, and the announcement of season 6, we may start to see it all come back together and make sense.

  • bunker

    They stole the breast milk suckage from an episode of Nip/Tuck from almost five years ago. Gina had to have Christian suck her boobs because she was lactating onto her dress at a party.

  • Jason

    Nancy and Shane enver moved to Mexico. When esteban first asked her to move in with him, she said she was not moving to Mexico. Esteban replied that he had a house near San Diego, where the Botwins are currently living. THAT is the house that Nancy and Shane moved into.

  • Henry

    I thought it was friggin’ hilarious! I was laughing so hard during that scene… once I got over the initial shock factor. Everything about Andy and Nancy in that episode was hilarious, from the early feeding disagreement to the boob sucking to the following masturbation discussion. Even the visit to the “LGBT clinic” for Shane’s yeast infection had both Andy and Nancy on their games.

  • ogi

    just cancel this crap. i watch it in self-hatred for wasting 30 mins out of my mondays. the show is unimaginative, senseless and, for god’s sake, it takes at least a week to get test results back for chlamydia or not. being that it’s the no. 1 std, it could have been a bit more realistic.

  • pop

    can’t believe how bad this show has gotten. It just seems unrealistic to me that esteban is a major dealer/ mafia etc and nancy is prancing around like evrything is ok. if he really wanted the baby it would not be hard to make her an dthe family disapear. it has just become unrealistic, there is no danger anymore. her and andy sharing a bed is lame. plus wehere did all of the beds go, because i remember when they 1st moved in the house w/ the grandfather there was space for everyone???
    even though shane got shot, it was in teh shoulder he will be fine.

  • CK

    This show is great because it does not follow conventional storyline structure and other conventions of American TV. It’s refreshing. We have a smart and clever execution of not-so-smart and not-so-clever (OK, out and out stupid and dysfunctional) family. I can’t wait to see what insanity happens next!

  • laylagalise

    It was just creepy! I loved ‘Weeds’ so much when it was Agrestic and Conrad, now it’s really fallen behind. First Shane masturbating to his mom’s picture , now this. Ugh, can we get back to the old “weeds” which was dark, but not completely bleak?

  • supasista

    After almost completing giving up on this show this season, I thought things had somewhat started to get back on track and then the breast milk suckling happened! I could not believe what I was seeing! Nancy, nancy, nancy. I am shaking my head at her character. I find she is the least likeable character on the show and spends most of the time looking totally clueless and dazed. What kills me is she is always surprised by every situation she gets herself in. Like Andy yelled to her, You ruin everything you touch!
    This show has completely lost direction and is a shadow of what it used to be. What’s the point of this season? The Esteban storyline is not interesting. Doug has turned into a loser schmuck, only good for laughs. The pot store storyline was just dull. Celia and Dean were funny together but Dean stealing the pot? Kind of a stretch I thought.
    I feel like the writers are trying to keep pushing the limits with this show but it’s getting detrimental to the quality of the show.
    And the reviewer is right, I thought the same thing. Why didn’t she try and fix the pump more? Get Andy to help? If it was out of batteries, get Andy to buy more, or even get takeout and go home!!
    Sigh is all I can say. I`m hanging on, hoping it all gets better!
    Nancy does nothing now, just sits around and mopes and feels sorry for herself (even more than usual). She`s not even dealing. What`s the point!

  • izikavazo

    I’m still loving this show. I’d rather see these character go in insane tangents rather than see them get boring.

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